GO Time, Tangents & Strength Comes from Workouts, Not leisure…

It has been 4 years since the last time I raced a 5k… here goes nothing!  My coach told me that the goal is to feel ‘painful but powerful in that final mile.’  After a few weeks of great track workouts, I am excited to see what happens today.  Hopefully, I won’t go another 4 years again until I race my next one ha.

Wearing some of my favorites:  Garmin, socks, sports bra, shoes, shorts (similar), tank.

Monday started off with 6 miles @ 8:33 pace.  I woke up very happy to not have a sore throat (Andrew started antibiotics Sunday morning for strep throat so hopefully we are in the clear now))!

IMG 7345

6 miles, shower, Skye up and ready to come with me by 6:50 in the morning to go get Brooke!

IMG 7341

I’m very grateful that Brooke is always excited to go be with her dad when he picks her up and then excited to see me and come home with me afterwards.  It’s probably because she has done this since she was 1.5 years old and is just used to the schedule that we have set up.  I will say that she was definitely more excited to see Skye than me this time ha… she gave her about 48 kisses.

IMG 7350

Not a great picture but I wish you could see how excited Beretta gets when the kids get home after being gone for a few days.  This picture was right after she jumped up on Brooke and gave her a big lick.

IMG 7354

We got in some time with Knox before he left with his mom (I desperately need my planner to keep track of all of the back and forths over here).

IMG 7371

Andrew got in a lot of sleep—> this sickness wiped him out but he started feeling much better in the afternoon.

We were out and about getting some things done and one of those things included grabbing lunch with a good friend of mine.  It was Skye’s first time meeting her.

IMG 7381

We went to Cubby’s (another favorite Utah restaurant of mine) and I usually get a salad there but the burger with bacon and bleu cheese was just what I needed.  Maybe a little extra iron yesterday is just what I needed to take off a few seconds for my time today.

IMG 7375

Brooke’s artwork made me very happy during lunch.

IMG 7383

Then we picked up the race bib for today.

IMG 7393

“Pain You Enjoy.”  <— this reminded me of something that Andrew sent me the other day.  Runners really are super humans.

IMG 7399

Later on we had my niece over for a few hours.  I need my sister to write a book on how to raise kids to be so ridiculously kind and helpful… this niece of mine played with the girls nonstop while I got a few things done.

IMG 7397

Dinner (more pizza… 3 days in a row), early bedtimes and playlist creating took up the rest of our day.

IMG 7412


I’ve got a few tangents for you today!

*Just a mountain biker jumping over the Tour de France riders.

*Shelby Houlihan took 26 seconds off of her personal best in the 5000m and finished in 14:34—>  A new American record!  PS her average pace for this= 4:41.  Crazy.   I’m going to channel my inner Houlihan today.

Screen Shot 2018 07 22 at 1 14 08 PM

*Horse back riding lessons are not a once a week thing for Brooke, it has turned into a lifestyle for her and I love it:

IMG 5718

She is also trying to make it a part of Skye’s lifestyle.

IMG 6366

*Did this goodness yesterday and I was reminded how hard it is:

Picmonkey image

*My mom is the best and always has the best advice.  The other day I was struggling with something going on (nothing to do with my little family, don’t worry:) and I loved what my mom had to say back to me.  These hard things that pop up throughout life, that is the stuff that makes us strong.

I’m not afraid of the workouts because I want the strength.  I’ll remember this today when I feel like quitting:

IMG 7171


How often do you do core work each week?  

Anyone with blended families… what is your schedule with your kids?

-With Knox it is 50/50 and with Brooke she is usually with her dad for one weekend each month.

What race do you think was the most painful for YOU?  

-I remember the Tucson Marathon being by far the most painful race I’ve ever experienced.

What is your workout today?

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Go kick some major tail today, Janae!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS! You’ve put in a lot of tough training and are more capable than you even realize. I’m cheering for you!

I’m off to do a Tuesday tempo workout. I’ve been incorporating circuit strength training into my post-workout routine usually four or five days out of the week. I don’t always do isolated core stuff, but I do other things that engage the core, and I always make sure to keep my abs tight for everything I do. It’s really helped!


I try to go to the gym once a week for a bodypump type class and/or yoga. The friend that goes with me is on vacation, I made it last week on my own, fingers crossed for tomorrow. We’re having a heatwave, last night it took me a long time to fall asleep. I was outside for my run at about 8.30. It was 10 minutes warm up, two times 3 minutes easy pace with a minute walking in between and then four times 2 minutes a bit faster pace with a minutes walking in between, 10 minutes cooldown, 5,5 km in total. It went well, I think I could’ve pushed a bit harder, but I’ll save that for cooler weather. After coffee my daughter and I ran some errands in town, now some me time with the sewing machine. I hope you have a great race!


I’m back!

I’m glad you didn’t get sick. I think running makes our immune systems strong so thank heaven for running. I swear anytime I think “oh no I’m getting sick” I remember all the running I’ve done and think that I have a better chance at not getting sick.

Have fun with the temple to temple!


Horseback riding with cents on the bikes? Like, do you feel the burn?


Good luck today!! I can’t wait to hear how amazing you did ?
I try to do core work 3 times a week. There was a time I was doing it every other day! I need to get back to that!
The most painful race I’ve ever done was this crazy night run through LA. The concept was cool, running through LA and up to and around Dodgers stadium, but OMG the hills!!! They had us run up and down every stinkin’ hill around the stadium… It was insane! Slowest half marathon of my life, but I did it!
Today’s run is just a quick and easy 3.5 miles ?


I think we do the same schedule with my bonus-daughters that you guys do with Knox. We have them every Wednesday & Thursday night and every other weekend. example. this week we have them Wednesday through Sunday night. but next week just Wednesday night and Thursday night. so its exactly 50/50 and this way no one goes a whole week without seeing each other. except for vacations during the summer. the schedule seems to get changed up a bit then. hahah.

I have to run 4 miles this evening. i am in week 8 of Chicago Marathon training. last week i was in a funk so i missed 90% of my runs. :( . Time to get back in the groove this week.

Good luck today on your race!!!!


Good luck today!!! I know you will rock your 5k!! Love, love your mom’s advice about workouts making you stronger…so true! My workout today was an hour on my spin bike to prepare for my long run of 16 miles tomorrow (probably on the treadmill because we are in the middle of 48 hours of rain, oy!) Can’t wait to hear all about your race!


Hi. I read a lot of exercise material looking for anything to help me out on my journey and found myself captivated by you and your family. I just wanted to let you know that it was a very pleasant start to my Day . Thank you very much and put some extra hugs and kisses in your nice families lunch.


Hi! Good luck on your race!

wanted to say I’m sorry you couldn’t breastfeed your sweet little girl as long as you first wanted to. I know you were eating lots, but with all you run (5-6 days is a lot.. a LOT LOT, And while some can run that much and produce enough milk many cannot) I think you need way more fuel than your imagine to run that much AND successfully nurse. I have twins now almost 6, and a 3 year old girl. I nursed all, zero formula, for 18ish months. I’ll tell you what, as someone who loves to run… I didnt until I was finished nursing. Even WITHOUT running I needed 4,000 calories a day, to nurse 1 baby. For 2 I needed 5-6k.. not kidding. Add in running and that woulda been sooo taxing in my body I woulda needed more.

Just some food for thought, no pun intended ?, incase you have another baby and want to make it more of a priority. No big deal to me how you feed your babies, formula, nursing, we each make our own decisions and all of those are just fine! I just know you had it as a goal of yours… and in my experience you just needed more rest and more food. totally do-able. But if you dont want to or even if youd rather get into running sooner in lou od nursing longer than ignore all of this!

Cant wait to read about your race!


I hope your race went well this morning!! I’m transitioning between jobs right now so I’ve been getting in major mental workouts along with physical! Running has been a way to maintain my sanity. I remind myself that the most difficult things are usually worth it in the end!
Toughest race for me – Vegas half because I got injured but told myself to finish anyway…not something I will do ever again!


I saw you at the race this morning, but it was about to start and I was juggling my circus of kids and I didn’t want to distract you. ? But I hope it went great for you, I’m sure you rocked it!! We were definitely in the “slow and steady” category…my 4 year old kept saying, “We’re doing this just for fun and not to win, right mom?” Hahaha. Right, buddy! ? I’m also running the Timp half on Saturday, maybe I’ll see you there!


AHHH GINA!!! I wish we could have talked! That is so great that you had your kids with you… your 4 year old is AMAZING!! I hope I see you on Saturday… good luck and enjoy the rest of the holiday!


Good luck with your race! (also thanks for the post about rotating shoes! I have to buy some still but I feel like it will help me strengthen my ankles and be good for marathon training to have multiple pairs). I have not done core work in a while but have been meaning to start again so I will have to try your plank workout tonight! I didn’t quite finish my workout this morning because I had to get to dance practice and then work, but I got in some quality speed while I had time and even though I didn’t finish I keep telling myself about my running account deposits – even if they aren’t as many miles as I think I should have they are still good to do. :)


Hey Janae,
just catching up on your latest posts when I actually should write my thesis, so gonna keep this short: your Mom is one wise woman and please cherish that you have her in your life on the daily! I’ve already lost both parents (when I was 24 /28) and what you have with your family is SO special, you’re one lucky woman :)
(Whoops, I think this was my second comment overall, have been a long time reader from when you still were pregnant with Brooke, but didn’t comment often, but this post somehow triggered me writing a response)
Have a nice day!


i should do core week at least 2x a wk, but i have been slacking and doing 1x a wk. mostly b/c my body was aching a lot. i should have eased into it maybe? time to get the strength stuff in gear…!

a race is painful for me when i don’t put enough work into it. which has happened – it’s painful whether a 5K or a half marathon. ugh the worst!

a short 3 mi recovery run for Tue…! super short

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