Skye’s 6 month Update!!

Skye has been with us for half of a year now and I can’t believe it.  It really has gone by so fast.  I’ve got just a few updates along with many pictures to share with you today!

*The funniest thing in the world to Skye is when one of us sneezes.  It cracks her up… even when we do fake sneezes for her.  If you ever see us around doing fake sneezes, now you know why.

IMG E8582

*She still wins at staring contests every single time.

IMG 9936

*Her leg rolls are developing

IMG E0901

*Drooling is a big part of our days right now.

IMG 0876

*She loves to go hiking with us.  Being outside is her favorite and the bouncing from Andrew walking makes her so happy.  We use this pack and bought this shade cover which we really recommend to keep little ones comfortable/out of the sun while hiking.

IMG 0534

*Another favorite activity for Skye= the bath.  She loves being in there and splashing around.  One morning she put her hands like this while she was taking a bath.  Just kickin’ back and relaxing.

IMG 8654

*Brooke is always very generous with sharing her blanket with Skye.

IMG 8797

*Skye has now rolled over from her back to her front.  She has done it a few times but really this girl just wants to be sitting on our lap.  She wants to be seated in a way that allows her to see everything going on in the house especially the kids running around.

IMG 0266

*Her pacifier is life now.  Why she all of the sudden she started loving it at 5ish months I am not sure but it’s really nice for situations like the car, plane or church.

IMG 0210

*She continues to hold her tear drops in a little spot right below her eyes to remind us that she was upset even after she has calmed down.  It’s a bit dramatic if you ask me;)

IMG 1794

*She has started to be very interested in other babies now!  I’m sure glad that as adults we don’t introduce ourselves by sticking our hand in the other person’s mouth.  I’m very glad that Skye has a little girl cousin that is just three months older than her.  It will be fun to watch their friendship over the years.

IMG 1704

*Skye is so interested in our food!  She has let us know she is more than ready to start to eat what we are eating.  She is grabbing at it and staring at it with her full attention!

IMG 0659

*Avoid Mastitis.  That was a pain I would not wish on anyone.  Luckily, I was able to get the antibiotics started right away and I was feeling so much better about 1.5 days later.

*Brooke styled Skye’s hair.

IMG 0702

*Every now and then, Skye will give us a little wave.  If we do it to her she will sometimes copy us!

*Her blue eyes… they are even brighter whenever we are outside.

IMG 1388

*Skye loves her blankets.  For some reason we just have always brought one of these little blankets with her everywhere she goes and she loves moving her little hands all over it and sometimes she’ll move it to rub on her cheeks.  There have been a few times that she will be fussy and we will hand her a blanket and she calms down… it might just be a coincidence but who knows?!

Also, she loves chewing on her blanket too.

IMG 1452

*Sleeping is hit or miss at night.  With traveling and maybe a bit of teething (although we don’t see teeth yet), we still don’t have an exact schedule.  Some nights she will sleep through the night or have long stretches of sleep, every now and then we jump in the car and drive her around to calm her down and sometimes we are getting up 2 times a night with her.  We have done a bit of sleep training and the pacifier definitely helps her to soothe herself back to sleep.  We will just keep working with her and enjoy every hour of sleep that we get along the way.  She is taking awesome naps.  Usually she takes one nap in the morning from about 9-11:30 and another long one in the afternoon.  Sometimes she takes a short little cat nap in our arms right before dinner too.

IMG 1333

*She is a huge fan of rice cereal, sweet potatoes (I’m very proud of this one) and carrots but looked at us like we are crazy people when we gave her green beans.   Oh and she also hates bananas.

IMG 1307

*She has started to become more and more interested in toys (and chewing on them) lately.  This one is her favorite so far.

IMG 1949

*The humidity in Illinois brought out even some more craziness in Skye’s hair.

IMG 2003

*This little scene melted my insides.  I love seeing them love each other.  It makes the harder parenting/step-parenting moments easier when this kind of stuff is happening too:

IMG 1924

*I’m very much loving this summer with her outside of me because she is so fun and also because I felt so sick last summer during pregnancy.  Pregnancy is hard ha.

IMG 1655


We need a high chair for Skye, any recommendations?

When did your kids get teeth?

What foods do your littles love and NOT love?

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We have this one and love it so far!


That one looks AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing Kate. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Awww, love this post. I can’t believe she’s six months old already. Thank you for sharing your family’s life with us.


Thank you Patti for your comment and for following along, it means a lot to me. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


We felt like both the kids started teething at 3 months but the older one didn’t get any teeth until 10 months (and we truly believe that the later they came in the later they are falling out ) but my son got a tooth at 7 months and they weren’t the typical first ones – they were both upper and the side ones – he looked like a Jack O Lantern for Halloween (and he’s going to cost us a bundle in dental).

He loved, loved, loved sweet potatoes – he got the orange nose from 7-10 months. Neither kid liked any green purees.


THANK YOU for sharing what happened with your two kids! That is really interesting about your son getting his side ones first! HAHA about the orange nose… I think I have that too. Have a wonderful day Jessey!


She’s adorable! I don’t usually comment but I wanted to give you my suggestion on a high chair since I loved mine so much. It’s a travel highchair that, since you are out and about as much as I was when mine was tiny, you will use EVERY DAY. It attaches easily to any table (but be careful of glass-topped tables unless they’re that thick glass) and folds up into a carrying case so we kept ours in the back of the car and seriously used it constantly. I gave one to my brother and he even used it as the daily high chair in their house because they didn’t have a huge place — so it can be multipurpose! It’s Ingelsina brand and here’s the link:


THANK YOU for commenting Sarah! That seriously looks perfect for us…. and it would be so nice to have at our counter too. We also have a small area so this is perfect. THANK YOU Sarah. I think she will like being next to the kids too!


I second the travel booster high chair. We loved ours and it converted to a booster once my girls were ready for it.

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster, Elephant Love

We have one similar to the one above if the link works.


Baby Bjorn high chair.
Loved having 2 posts today. Reminder of how much I wished we lived in the same city while raising these littles.


I’m in Illinois and the humidity is definitely real !! Hats and pony tails is the only way to go. No hair product on earth will conquer this. That picture, of the 3 of them of from above in the blue shirts….oh my. Sweetest picture ever. I love it.


So I have 5 girls and by far the best high chair I have ever bought it the cheap $22 one from Ikea. It cleans up so easily and man you could even take it out back to hose it off. It is super cheap and super great! It clicks together so easily and so you could take it anywhere. I had a nice wood Eddie Baur one and sold it because I could never keep it clean. There were way to many places for food to get stuck and I felt I was always scrubbing it. Anyway, Ikea all the way!


FIVE GIRLS… HOW FUN!! Okay, I was wondering about that one and you can’t beat $22!! THANK YOU SARAH!


Second the Ikea Antilop


I third the ikea high chair! So easy and simple. The insert cushion is great while they’re little. . Alisa I have the same hiking pack and we clipped a little mirror that’s attached to a little retractable cord( it’s like the cord a work card is attached too, does that make sense?) and then the person holding the baby can see or check on the babe whenever.


Everyone says they have the best high chair, but they’re wrong…because I have the best one! It’s a joovy nook. It’s so good. Looks good, folds up easy and tiny and it’s super easy to clean which is VERY important. And for cleaning under the high chair…that’s what dogs are for!


I wish the comments let me post a picture. Whenever I see Skye she reminds me of my own baby! It freaks me out! Mine is 4 months old, though.

As far as highchairs we used the Stokke and it was great and we are going to use the same one for new baby. They are expensive but built to last. We used it with out first until he was 2 and now his sister gets to use it :)


Hi Janae! I have a 10 month old, and we use the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. LOVE IT. Buy the tray to clip on it. I washes up really easily, and we love having Jack at our table with us. We also have a ‘real high chair’ from our baby shower, but that is still sitting in the basement unopened. (I really should try to return it.)

Jack’s first tooth showed up around 7.5 months! Getting those first few teeth were rough, but now when he is teething, life isn’t so dramatic. (Rightfully so..I can’t imagine a sharp blade sneaking through my skin.) And right after these first two teeth came in, he became an amazing sleeper! Solid through the night with no formal sleep training. I think it had to do with eating a lot more solid food and a lot less super fast digestible breastmilk. I’m convinced breastfed babies are worse sleepers. We tried the sleep training thing, and it was just a nightmare.

Skye is so beautiful! And she definitely looks like Brooke in the second picture down with her little jean jacket.


My exclusively breastfed baby, who is 13 weeks today, started sleeping 8 hours/night at 6 weeks when I moved him out of our bedroom and into his nursery and 12 hours/night at 8 weeks. We started working on good sleep habits as soon as we brought him home from the hospital. I read a lot of sleep books, but the one that I found to be the most concise is the good sleeper by Janet Kennedy. I never woke him to feed him, but I understand that sometimes you do if there is a medical reason. He now goes down between 6:30 and 6:45 pm and I go to get him up between 7:15 and 7:30 am. In the beginning he went down for a nap every 45 minutes in his crib in the nursery. Maybe we just lucked out, but I like to think our regimented approach to sleep at least helped:) I have two friends who followed the same approach with their breastfed babes and they slept through the night at roughly the same age.


I loved this post so much! She is so adorable and I loved all the tidbits she’s going through! My twins love the paci, too, and the pedi said it was easier to transition than their fingers. We had to cut the ends until they couldn’t use it anymore when it came to get them off.

Since we had twins and money was a little tight at the time, we opted to buy a booster chair (link to one below) instead and loved it because we were able to travel with it to others’ houses and restaurants. It got them used to sitting to eat and then “reading” books after if we were at the restaurant. Have a great day, Janae!


The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair!


We have the Blames from Ikea and are still using it (my daughter is almost 3 but petite). I love it because it is simple, cheap, and easy to clean, but it looks like it may have discontinued it because it’s out of stock everywhere :-( We also had a blow up cushion to use with it for when she was little, but I don’t see that on the website either.

Our daycare used the Antilop and they are simple and easy to clean, too!


She’s so sweet and happy! I love the pics of her in the backpack carrier. Bet she likes being up high and able to see everyone/everything.
The pic of the 3 kids together is EVERYTHING!!


So cute!! What a happy baby!!

My youngest also thinks sneezes are hilarious. He has started fake sneezing, and then cracks up when we say “bless you.” So cute!


Hi Janae! I have a 7 month old who also loves sweet potatoes!! We have this high chair

Love how easy it is to clean!


great photos and stories of Skye! can’t believe she’s 6 months old already!


Skye is really smart to have figured out early in life how gross bananas are! =)


I don’t have kids, so I can’t give you any advice….but just wanted to tell you how freaking adorable she is! I cannot believe it’s been 6 months!


I really recommend the cheapo IKEA one, it has an inflatable insert for when they’re little (/when they’re bigger but you want to minimise how much food they can get onto their laps). We try to eat out in places with this high chair and this high chair only. It really is so good.


IKEA high chair!! You won’t regret it! Adorable family you have! You are doing a great job mama!


We love our high chair! It’s the oxotot sprout highchair. One handed tray removal is key!! It’s so helpful. And it’s easy to clean, easy for kids to climb up when they’re a little older. I’m so happy we got it! It’s not cheap but in my opinion so worth it! My daughter is almost 3 and still in it.

We started my daughter with avocado and she loved it! My son is only 4 months but I think we might start him with the same! We also did steel cut oats which my daughter loved!


Skye is so cute! My daughter is 7 months and I can’t believe how time is flying! We have the ikea high chair and it is great so far. I do have a question for you though – how does Skye do with naps on the go especially when you were traveling? Does she fall asleep pretty well on her own or do you have any special tricks :) ? Thanks!


I don’t have any children but I’m fortunate enough to be an aunt & godmother! Several of my friends have sworn by the Merlin sleepsuit for their little ones struggling with sleep. Everyone is different but I thought I’d share just incase someone in your inner circle also had luck (and some extra sleep) with it!


The $20 ikea one. Simple, perfect. No fabric. You can get a little pillow to put around her until she’s sitting solidly enough in it. Had several and it is best one!
Is it just me or does it look like one of her eyes is forward and the other pupil a little off? Just in case, I mention this. She is gorgeous.


My son is 3 1/2 months and we have a similar blanket that has always been with him (unintentionally in the beginning) and I swear it calms him down now if he is fussing or overtired.

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