How Have I Waited so Long & Life Happens on the Hills & I Got Them!

I have a new Skye update for you and you can find it HERE! How is she six months old already?


I had the crew with me for 1.81 miles of my run yesterday morning.

Andrew had to leave early for a shift at the hospital (he is in the NICU for this rotation) so I started my run on the treadmill once he left and made it 4.19 miles before the girls were up.   Isn’t it funny how it was hard to get Brooke up in time for school this past year but now that it’s summer she wakes up so much earlier all on her own?!

IMG 2346

I’ve excelled in the side of parenting where I take the kids to do fun things but I definitely need to teach them how to work better and to find the reward in hard work.  It’s one of my summer goals so the three of us (Skye hung out in the jogging stroller) weeded the yard for about an hour while listening to the Greatest Showman (music motivates Brooke big time).

IMG 2352

We worked and then we played at the pool.

IMG 2360

We will be doing this a lot over the next few months.  Also, I didn’t realize Skye’s bathing suit was on backwards until I was changing her back into her clothes.

IMG 2373

Our next stop was the running store and Brooke got in some yassos on their track.  She did them in jelly sandals which made it extra impressive.

IMG 2383

I bought some OOFOS (these ones)!  My feet are already happier wearing them around the house.  During the summer I’m either in flip flops outside or walking around the hard floors in our house barefoot so I’m just going to be wearing these around my house now.  Treat your feet to a pair.  They feel amazing, like you are walking around on clouds.

IMG 2385

I had a big salad for lunch and then I grabbed one of these for a snack.  Have you tried the nut butter filled CLIF bars?  If not, do it soon.  Also, this reminds me that my brother in Kentucky HATES peanut butter.  He doesn’t even like it combined with chocolate or in cookies or anything like that.  I feel bad for all of the good stuff he is missing out on.

IMG 2387

Brooke was over at a friend’s house for a few hours so I had a little time to get some things done while Skye napped and then hung out with her on the couch.

IMG 2415

And then we walked over to pick up Brooke.  Her friend lives .75 miles away but I am positive it is actually faster to just walk there than to get Skye in the carseat and drive there.  Brooke decided to join her in the stroller rather than scooter home.

IMG 2424

When Andrew is gone I have zero desire to make anything for dinner since he is gone and we end up eating cereal/toast/fruit/popcorn/whatever is easy.

IMG 2426

He got home and still jumped on the treadmill for a 4 mile run after being gone for 14 hours.  That is dedication.  I can’t wait to see how he does at his half-marathon in a little less than two weeks.  I was going to be running it with him but we don’t really have anyone to watch Skye that day since you have to leave at 3:45ish in the morning to get to the race.  The same thing is happening for St. George.  So we decided he will run the AF Canyon 1/2 Marathon (the most amazing 1/2 marathon) and I will run St. George and he will choose another marathon to do.  This way the person that isn’t racing can take over middle of the night feedings the week of the race so the racing person can sleep.  Someday we will run races together but until then, we will cheer the other person on at their race and switch off.

IMG 2430

I have to go ahead and thank Kim for letting me know about Lauren Fleshman’s podcast.  Between my love for Lauren and my love for podcasts… I’m really going to be looking forward to new episodes each week.   I listened to episode 7 yesterday and she said this about her return to running after both of her babies—> “and really it took until 8 months postpartum to feel like me again.”  So maybe in 2 months I’ll start feeling more normal again?  It was really nice to hear from such an incredible runner like her that it took her time to feel normal again too.

IMG 2398

I’ve got a tough hill workout to get done today so I’m reminding myself of this below picture because life happens on the hills.



Don’t forget… I’ve got Skye’s 6 month update HERE!


Have you ever tried Run Gum?  I saw some at the running store and would love to hear your thoughts on it!  Are there any supplements that you take race day/hard workout day that you think help?

-I love Sports Legs and Beta Alanine and I really do think they help but I haven’t taken them in forever because of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  You can see all of my favorite supplements in this post (along with links on where to get them)!

IMG 2384

Anybody else HATE peanut butter?  What if it is in baked goods or combined with chocolate?

-I personally like almond butter better but we eat a lot of peanut butter around here.

Any foods that everybody else seems to like that you hate?

-This is kind of a stretch but I don’t think I like toppings on my pizza anymore… I LOVE cheese pizza and I do not want anything else on top unless it is from a fancier type of pizza place.

 Do you wear shoes inside where you live?

-Normally rarely but now my oofos will be on my feet.

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I want to try run gum!
I hate mayonnaise….it is the most disgusting….ugh….
And we dont wear our shoes inside….I like being able to lay on the ground and feel like it’s super clean. But when i house sit i always wear my shoes in their house…..don’t want to step on a dog accident barefoot!


I agree about mayonnaise but when I am pregnant… I LOVE IT. It’s so weird. Have a beautiful day Loribeth!


I use run gum in a few situations. Before very early morning workouts, I use some to help me wake up and get going. I also use it for an extra boost on really hard intervals or very hard, short racing where taking in normal fuel like Gu, etc would be too hard on my stomach. (Of course I go into those workouts/races with enough fuel in my muscles from the previous day, I just don’t have extra energy to spare for digestion during a super fast race)


I am going to try it now… thank you for sharing this! I want to try it out to wake me up for the hard workouts. Have an amazing day Victoria.


I used to be obsessed with my little jelly shoes when I was a kid! I still remember what they smell like! That plastic-y smell brings back so many memories hahaha.


I know exactly what you are talking about!! Maybe that is why I always buy them for Brooke?! Have a wonderful day Laura!


I don’t like chocolate or pizza. Well, I don’t like marinara sauce, so I can handle pizzas that don’t have that on them.

When I’m at home, I am constantly in slippers! I had HORRIBLE plantar fasciitis years ago, and now I typically don’t like to walk completely barefoot anymore. Plus, there’s something about a cozy pair of slippers on your feet that just makes everything better. :) Hope you have a great day, Janae!!


I am just so happy about your latest news:) Send me any chocolate that you get! Thanks Natalie, you too!


Hi Janae! We have hard wood floors too and I have feet with issues that require orthodics so I have always worn flip flops in the house. I also have some for guests as well because I have bad allergies and we don’t wear shoes in the house. We have ‘inside’ sneakers for workouts. :) I can’t get my husband and kids to use flip flops indoors for the life of me though. BTW, I had a dream about you last night and just so we’re on the same page, we are now friends. Haha! Have a great day, Janae!


AHHHH WE ARE FRIENDS:) I’m so glad we got to hang out! Come to Utah next. I hope you have a wonderful day Marie!


So I know those flip flops are marketed for runners. But I’m a runner and a PT. When wearing ALL flip flops you have to grip the sole w your toes causing your plantar fascia to tighten as well as your gastric/soleus. I’d cautious against these. Nothing wrong w barefoot , it strengthens the foot !


REALLY?!?! Oh no…. what about the ones aren’t flip flops? Are those helpful?


I just got the same Oofos you have. I’ve been battling PF for a year or so and finally am doing better and I LOVE these shoes. I work from home so these are what I wear ‘to work’ every day! So comfy. : )


PF FOR A YEAR… I am so sorry about that Cindy! So glad you are feeling better! Keep me updated on how your PF is doing and have a beautiful day!


I hate peanut butter – although I will have a Reese cup like once/year…but is that even real peanut butter in there? My husband can eat PB by the spoon full and it makes me want to gag just watching him.

I also hate tomatoes. I can eat them if they are diced very small and in something like salsa, but not alone.


Hahaha yeah I don’t think it is even real peanut butter! Well, at least your husband never has to worry about you eating the last of the peanut butter. That is interesting about tomatoes and I will agree that I do prefer them smaller in other things vs a slice of tomato alone. I hope you have a great day Amanda!


I love the Cliff nut butter filled bars but then started wondering why was I paying more for a smaller sized bar when I could literally just put nut butter on top of whatever cliff bar I wanted! Bonus then you can also sprinkle chocolate chips on it :)

I didn’t start to even begin to feel “normal” till 8-9 months, then it was after 15 months until I felt like me again. We had a tough road with sleep and it really does affect you more than you realize. I still struggle with a little bit of anxiety and feeling my emotions WAY more than pre-pregnancy, at 23 months later! I’m still nursing so I really do think that plays a big part in these feelings.


Hannah, thank you so much for sharing with me your experience and I am so sorry that you are still struggling with anxiety. It’s nice to know I’m not alone with this though so thanks for telling me. And brilliant idea of just adding pb to your normal cliff bar… and chocolate chips:) I hope you and your little one are doing great today. WE NEED SLEEP!


I do not like shrimp or sushi.

While I was in it, it was fine, but looking back I did not feel like myself until 1 month post breastfeeding. I fed her for the year, so that means 13 months after giving birth.

I kinda need some of those sandals.


We found our one difference… shrimp and sushi! Good to know what I’m experiencing is normal. Thank you Erica. I hope your day is perfect!


Sometimes I need to be careful what I am comparing my current running/responsibility too as well. I mean remember teacher summer break where all we had to do all day was run lots of miles, eat huge salads, take a nap, and find some dessert to replace all the running cals.
Have a great day too!!


They say couples eventually grow to be more like eachother. I think he gets his dedication from you! It’s grown on him :)

Also why don’t you get a baby sitter for Skye just for that half marathon?


It’s hard to get a babysitter at 3:45 in the morning:) I also don’t feel comfortable leaving her yet with anyone but family and the only person that will be around then is my mom and she broke her wrist so we are just going to switch off!


I have been wanting to try run gum, but I haven’t yet. Maybe soon I will? The humidity and heat here in ATL is just SO MUCH, and I am realizing that even though I run pretty short runs, I need something to keep my mouth from feeling so salty and so gross from all of my sweat.

ALSO I am wanting to try Oofos sandals. I get a great employee discount at the running store where I got a part-time job (and I will keep this when the school year begins, too, I think…), and I have heard so many good things about them.

THis morning I ran 3.1 miles. I was not as slow as I was in my 5K on Sunday (where I was beating myself up over it all…), but I wasn’t at the pace I have gotten used to these last few months. That aside, I actually felt GREAT. And it was the best way to start my birthday–a run in brand new sports bra, brand new tank top, brand new running hat (well,I have had it a little while but I hadn’t worn it until today), a new pair of socks, an almost-new pair of running shorts (only worn and washed twice counts, right?), and a brand new pair of Brooks Ghosts that I bought a couple of weeks ago and SAVED to wear for my birthday run! Despite knowing that my pace is slow right now (the heat? the humidity? my own rising self-doubt mixed in??? all of it swirled together??), I actually felt really good–solid strides, good form, good mindset. My arthritic knee didn’t give me too much trouble, too. I take that as a win.

And I celebrated feeling GREAT this morning (and starting my birthday on the right foot!) with DONUTS! I think you would have loved them–one was a campfire donut (a smores donut, basically) and the other was a blueberry sour cream cake donut. Normally I would not stop at the donut place but it’s my birthday! So YAY DONUTS!!!

I hope you and your crew have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day!!!!!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope today is perfect!

Seriously, I don’t know how you do it in that heat and humidity… after last week I am just so amazed by all of you that run in those conditions. WAY TO GO THIS MORNING STEPHANIE!! You rocked it and there is not much better than feeling great during a run! I need that donut right this second, those sound amazing. Enjoy the rest of your day and happy birthday again!


Thank you! Birthdays are my favorite holidays EVER. Simply put: governments can create holidays to give federal workers a break, and some religions will recognize some holidays while others will recognize different holidays, but it is UNDENIABLE that your life is made better by the people who are in it–so they should always be celebrated! And me–even with all of the craziness and imperfections and frustrations that my life can bring, it’s something I *fight* for every single day, because I love it, and I love this world, and I love all that there is to experience and learn and all the ways I can keep on growing every day. So I love celebrating my birthday in every possible way, and I will celebrate it as fiercely as I celebrate the birthdays of everyone in my world!

The heat and humidity–it’s a big part of what kept me away from running for a few years (aside from injury, a bad depressive spell, some moves, and then arthritis-related pain before I knew my diagnosis for my dang knee…). I’m not FROM the south, and this humidity sure beats anything I ever could have possibly imagined when I lived in Missouri. It’s a bit crazy.

By the way–I’m impressed with Andrew’s run AFTER a 14 hour day. That guy’s just solid. I love it.


Here in Canada we always take off shoes at the door – especially in someone else’s house. It’s considered rude to leave your shoes on. I wear slippers around the house.

I don’t like coffee or bananas.


I haven’t ever used any kind of running fuel. Is a half marathon long enough i should be looking into some?

Right now I love pizza toppings. My kids are picky about theirs but I’d have a combination (hold the mushrooms) if I got to choose.

I’m a fan of peanut butter but not a huge fan. I wouldn’t just eat it plain but I like it with things and I really like peanuts.


I love peanut butter and almond butter! I need to try those Clif Bars ASAP! The only time I’m iffy on PB is early morning before a race. Sometimes I have a hard time eating it when I’m nervous. I hate mayonnaise and any type of bottled salad dressing.
My friends are crazy about Oofos! I can’t find a pair that fits properly. I think I’m in between sizes and they seem to run a little wide.
A podiatrist friend told me she sees so many more cases of plantar fasciitis now that people have hard floors in their homes. I like to wear my Uggs moccasins around the house, especially after running.
Thanks for the Podcast recommendations! I’ve loved everything you’ve mentioned so far :)


I love my Oofos! I have been battling PF since July 2016 and they are my saving grace. I wear them only in the house. I like the slides and I have a pair of clogs too but they make my feet sweat. I hope your feet feel better with them.


I will eat most anything except salmon. My husband is the exact same way. We love seafood but neither of us can stomach salmon except in sushi. I will need a full review of the Oofos. I have tried them on but I have yet to convince myself to buy them. I live in my Nike flip flops year round in the house or my Ugg slippers.


I LOVE peanut butter! The only time I haven’t loved it is when I was pregnant. And peanut butter and chocolate is even better! ?

I don’t get the avocado thing. I have tried but I just cannot like them! The thought of having just avocado on toast… ?

And I usually wear slippers inside.

Also… I feel like I don’t REALLY feel like myself until my baby is like 18 months. ??‍♀️ It’s totally worth it but the whole having babies thing is a butt kicker!


Thanks for sharing that with me Ashley. They are beyond worth it but they really do something to us for a while there ha! Send your avocado over to me and I’ll send you some pb and chocolate:) Have a great night!


I just bought my first pair of OOFOS a few weeks ago after debating since last summer! I haven’t stopped wearing them! My hubby made fun of them…. now he is contemplating getting himself a SECOND pair! HAHA!


I’m a barefoot person! When I was younger I would even go barefoot outside a lot. I’m thinking of getting the Oofos for my mom who has so much foot pain when she walks.

I love love love peanut butter! My favorite is the Wild Friends chocolate coconut flavor, but I haven’t found a Wild Friends flavor I don’t like! Peanut butter is one of those foods that I eat weekly!

Mustard is the one thing I cannot stand! I can’t even stand to smell it!

I’m just now starting to run farther distances, so I love all the suggestions on the different types of fuel/supplements and what does and doesn’t work for people. My knees hurt more now – going up and down stairs can be really painful, so do you have any suggestions on any supplements that would be good for the knees?


Hey Kristel!! Yay for running farther distances. SO… I have heard that Glucosamine is very good for joints and knees but do some research because I don’t want to tell you to take something that isn’t right for you:) I have taken it previously and loved it! Oh no about mustard but I totally agree with you… Wild Friends has the best pb! Have a great night!


I love your trucker hat with the flowers! Where did you get it?


Thank you!!! Here is the link:

Have a great night!


So many things to comment on today! First, RunGum is great. My favorite is cinnamon. Ive been getting it by subscription since before it went into the stores. I started it because it doesn’t have any of the fake sugar that messes with me. OOFOS are amazing. I was told not to go barefoot indoors (after a lifetime of kicking off my shoes at the doorstep) and OOFOS fit the bill. I’m trying to justify a second pair. :). I rarely eat a ‘normal’ dinner when I’m alone. For some reason breakfast dishes always sound the best to me too!


I love being barefoot! When I was a kid I never used to wear shoes…now I need to work on my summer feet! ;)
I go through phases with peanut butter…right now I like it but I can’t have too much of it.
I’m not a huge ketchup fan! And everyone seems to LOVE ketchup!


I love being barefoot! My husband hates it and actually never leaves the bedroom without slippers or flip flops.

I despise sweet potatoes and turkey. I try them both about once a year just to make sure my tastes haven’t changed. I even thought sweet potato fries might make me a believer but nope.


OH NO… SWEET POTATOES. Kristin, I am so sorry you don’t get to experience their goodness;) I kid. I hope you love normal fries! Have a wonderful evening!


Just gotta say: Peanuts are not a nut.

Actually in China they don’t have peanut butter, and I never had thought of just having peanuts.. I bought a mortar and pestle and grinded then myself. Then I realized how many nuts (not nuts) it takes to make the butter and since then have just eaten them straight up.

And not them, but almonds and pistachios!! They’re so much more expensive, but they’re actual nuts!! ? ? ?


Also from a post a few days ago…

Have a great one, Janae!


I love peanut butter but cannot eat it. I found out that it gives me the worst indigestion. For the longest time I would eat peanut butter before every run and would be miserable. Once I stop eating peanut butter all my problems went away. Thank goodness for sunflower seed butter I love it and it doesn’t give me any pains.
I always wear slippers or clogs at home. They are my inside shoes.
The food that I cannot stand that most everybody else loves so it’s a win-win for everyone because I give it away is any red candy. Red Lifesavers red skittles Red Starburst there’s something about the red flavor that I do not like.


I love those Clif bars! They are so good. I do love PB everything, but it doesn’t always agree with me (TMI???). I really like using the powdered PB in smoothes (I like PB Fit).

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