A Fresh New Start (My Running Thoughts) and MAKE THESE NOW.

Three days of no running = I was ready to get moving and my body was ready to be done being crazy sore.  Thank you Brooke for my running picture.

My run for the day called for 30 minutes easy and I got it done on my treadmill before Skye woke up.  Andrew had his third 12 hour shift (plus a commute) in a row at the hospital yesterday… He was exhausted by the time he got home.

I don’t know how I am able to read while I run on the treadmill but it saves me and makes the time go by so much faster when the treadmill is my only option.

IMG 7863

I have some running thoughts that are kind of all similar to each other but please remember if something doesn’t make sense—> I haven’t slept in 5 months (okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit):

*Leading up to my race last Saturday, Andrew kept reminding me that my race that day was my STARTING line.  He knows me pretty well and knows I was probably going to start getting down on myself during the race if I saw that I wasn’t hitting the times that I used to be so reminding me that this was the all just the start really helped me.  If you are coming back from injury or a baby or time away from running or anything else… Where you are at now is your starting line.  Not what you were running 2 years ago.  Or your last race.  Or whatever you think the definition of ‘amazing running shape’ is… it’s right now.  I just keep reminding myself that I am building up from HERE and that is all that matters, not where I was three years ago.  I think that thinking like this helped me to do even better than I thought I could during my race last weekend because I was looking at it like it was the beginning to something awesome rather than thinking of my paces/times/muscles/body not being what they used to be.  It’s nice to view our comebacks to running/training/racing not as ‘comebacks’ but as FRESH NEW STARTS which is why I love this next thought:

*I am obsessed with this book.  I am almost finished with it but in the beginning she said something that I loved, “Some days I feel as if I’m getting closer to the best version of me.  Other days I eat cream cheese for dinner.  But the gift of life is that we get another chance tomorrow.”  Isn’t that great?  I absolutely love that we get a new chance each day.  Whether that is to try a little harder with my running or for me to eat 100;) grams less sugar than I did the day before or for me to have a bit more patience with the kids after having absolutely zero patience the night before.  I think that is why I love the morning so much, I realize I get an entire day to try it all over again to do a bit better.  Each run that we do is a new chance to run a little smarter, a little more efficient and to try again to do exactly what we are supposed to do during that day’s specific workout.

*I saw this quote and it made me think about running and it is kind of similar to the above bullets of rambling.  Working on more strength training?  A new habit to get up and run rather than push snooze?  Drinking more water?  Fueling your long runs better?  Anything.  Sure you could have started doing it 20 years ago but NOW is a pretty good time to start too.

Screen Shot 2018 05 02 at 3 00 44 PM

*I was listening to a church talk yesterday while I was getting ready (I washed my hair for reasons other than it having spit up all over it… fist pump) and this quote came up and I LOVED it and it fit with what we were talking about yesterday with our failures.  I loved the part about GROWING from failure to failure.  Don’t let those failures take away your enthusiasm.

IMG 7879

Brooke joined me for the last few minutes of my run and cuddled up on the couch.  I think this might be the hardest part about treadmill running for me at home—>  my couch is just 4 steps away from the treadmill.  Sometimes I think I can literally hear my couch calling my name.

IMG 7864

Brooke then showed me up with her stretching.  I got in a few planks too but then Skye was up and ready to start the day.

IMG 7866

Fives days apart from one another makes them extra happy to see each other when they do.  LOOK AT KNOX’S NEW HAIR… I love it.

IMG 7885

Skye woke up with her post-nap glow.

IMG E7898

I’m trying to see how many times in one week we can go to Target.  I forgot about teacher appreciation week so we went to get some goods for teachers and like usual, I realized that I didn’t pay for something on the bottom of the cart and had to haul everyone back inside to pay.  I just need to stop putting anything down there.

IMG 7908

The kids requested to listen to Elmo songs in the car yesterday which might have been my biggest mistake of the day.  I had Elmo’s World playing in my head for the rest of the day so that hurt.

While we were at the store we picked up stuff for more slime because Knox had never made it before either.

IMG 7915

We also got the ingredients to make these Golden Grahams s’mores bars that Melanie (she replied to my IG story requests) recommended for me to make with the kids.  The teenage girls in my neighborhood came over last night for an activity and they loved them.

Make these now.  They come above rice krispy treats for me now.

IMG 7927

I had cereal for lunch so I figured I’d try to make something for dinner.  We had orange chicken from Costco (it comes frozen and you heat it in the oven) with brown rice and some veggies.  Right as I was going to stick the broccoli in the oven I realized that roasting broccoli makes the entire house stink more than anything else and people were coming over… so we’ll have that today instead.

IMG 7920

Skye is reaching for my food like crazy lately.  She almost got it too!

IMG 7926

So a new thing that is happening at our house now is that when Skye cries, it makes Brooke cry because she is so sad to see Skye cry.  It’s always fun to try to get both girls to calm down at the same time;)

IMG 7912

My new favorite article about Boston 2018—> It’s from Runner’s World and it goes through before, during and after  the race and everyone’s thoughts along the way.  It is very honest and SO fun to read!  I will never bore of reading/watching anything about Des winning.  Article HERE.

Screen Shot 2018 05 02 at 6 13 07 PM


Tell me any thoughts you have had during your runs lately!

What is the hardest part of treadmill running for you?  Boredom, being inside, the couch being close, it’s hot, no breeze?

What did you have for dinner last night?

What type of music are you least likely to choose to listen to?

-Elmo but also country… I forget it exists for some reason.

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During my runs I listen to music so thoughts come and go quickly but usually involve all the stuff I want to drink when I finish. It is getting hot here! 88 today!

Treadmill is boring for me, but a nice option when the weather is poopy.

For dinner (after a hot 7 miler) we had the best pizza (take and bake from the grocery store). We added green peppers and pineapple, yum!

And I ALWAYS listen to country music ;)


I WANT PIZZA!!!! I can’t believe it already so hot for you guys! Yesterday I wore a sweatshirt around. Have a wonderful Thursday Loribeth!


I started that book by Rachel last night and thought I would read a couple chapters because I was soooo tired, but I couldn’t put it down. I read so many things that pertain to my life. I like how each chapter is a different “lie” that we tell ourselves that basically holds us back from being the best version of ourselves. So true!
I have tried TM running so many times and I just hate it. I think it’s the boredom mostly and I like being outside.
We went out to dinner last night and although we ordered salads for dinner, we also ordered onion rings. Yum, but so not healthy. HaHa. Sometimes you just gotta go with the good stuff.


ONION RINGS ARE THE BEST. Now I need some… I had a strong craving for those while pregnant with Skye:) Let me know what you think of the book when you finish. Love hearing that you can’t put it down either. It’s so so good. Have a beautiful day!


LOVE all of the quotes today! And they’re exactly what I needed to hear, so thank you!! :)

For me, treadmill running is very challenging unless I’m doing a speed or tempo workout. It seems to go by much more quickly if I’m changing up the speeds, but I would definitely prefer running outside.

Last night, I threw some chicken and microwaved veggies into a salad and topped it with BBQ sauce. It was really good!


I totally agree… adding speed makes the treadmill run go by so fast! That dinner sounds way good. I hope you are having a great day Natalie!


Having no breeze is the hardest part of the treadmill for me… I can handle heat, boredom, everything staying more or less the same for the whole run, but I HATE the lack of air. The built-in fans in treadmills are never any good either, once I start running I barely even feel that it’s on! I’m gonna have to buy a giant fan and put it beside the treadmill every time I run on it.


YES… when will they make really awesome effective fans for treadmills. I swear it wouldn’t be that hard! I have a big fan next to my treadmill but it doesn’t compare to running outside and the breeze we get there. I hope you have an amazing day Karen!


I can’t get enough pictures of Skye!! :) And Knox’s new hair-do is ADORABLE!

I LOVE treadmill running – I’m definitely a fair-weather runner…I can’t handle cold. The treadmill (since I live in southern WI) suits me for a good amount of winter months. I like it because not only can I still run despite the weather, but I’m free to watch TV without the guilt! I can’t even tell you how many episodes of “Cake Boss,” “Chopped,” “Diners Drive Ins and Dives” and “Friends” that I’ve watched over the years. Yes…I watch the cooking network ALL the time while I run. HAHA! Something just calming and interesting about it for me – I could watch it for hours…but NO…I never really make any of the recipes. HEHE. Have a awesome day!!


I am SO glad you have the treadmill and that you get to use it during those crazy winter months. I LOVE watching shows on the treadmill too.. the best and no guilt ha. I’m like that with HGTV, I can watch it for hours and love it but then I never do anything to spruce up my house ha. I hope you have an awesome day too Sara!


This morning was my first run for training for my 10K on the 4th of July–and the beginning of my ‘summer schedule’ for exercise (3 runs per week instead of 2…). I ran in my Brooks Launches for the first time. Is it weird that if I get new shoes–whether a new pair of the same type or a new shoe entirely to try–that if I am near the starting point of training for SOMETHING I like waiting for that first run? Whatever. I wore new running capris and new shoes and I AM IN LOVE WITH MY LAUNCHES!!!!! I don’t think anything can replace my Adrenalines, but the pair I started wearing a couple of months ago–a pair of Adrenaline GTS 17s–well, I don’t love them and I see why so many people weren’t fans of the 17s. (Good thing for these Launches–*and* for a pair of Adrenaline GTS 16s I bought a year ago on clearance and stashed away for a JUST IN CASE situation…).

TOO OFTEN, if my run is going well I begin wondering if I can afford to buy fifteen eleventy million of the exact same items I wore on my run because I always want to feel that good. This morning on my run I channeled my inner Des and I kept on saying “run this mile! Run this minute! Run this block of sidewalk! Run this step!” and I kept on smiling. But what I ALWAYS think about on my run is something that’s going on in my life right now–some big question I don’t have an answer to, or a situation that I need to figure out how to handle, or whether I was “‘right” in that thing I said to that person, or whatever. No matter how long or how short my runs are, the thing that’s concerning me the most bubbles to the surface, and I cycle through EVERYTHING–my selfish ways of wanting to respond, and then overwhelmingly generous-seeming responses or approaches to situations that, deep down, are more “I’m such a good martyr” and a lot less “this is authentic to me” and then a little bit of quiet–until something settles into my gut instincts. SOmetimes it’s a response to the situation, sometimes it’s a certainty that action or a response doesn’t need to happen immediately and the right thing will come in time and it’s OK to sit in uncertainty.

Oddly enough on my runs I am the most OK with the response of “the right thing will come in time and sit in this for a while.” The rest of the time, I have a really hard time with not knowing, or not having a plan of action!


I am SO excited for your 10k on the 4th of July!I don’t think that at all, I love waiting to use new gear for my first training run for a race. I am so happy you love the launch! They are the best. I love what you shared about your thoughts Stephanie, a lot of my runs are filled with many of those things… especially my selfish ways of wanting to respond ha (things I never would do/say but it’s nice to just think about them for a second haha)! I loved your comment and I hope you have a great day girl!


I hope you have a great day, too!!! I’m still so pumped from my little run this morning and wearing TWO PIECES of new gear–my new capris and my launches. Seriously. I am fangirling over a dang running shoe (and last year’s model to boot) in my cinderblock, windowless office and grading papers. It’s hilarious.

You know, I am a big fan of “find your fitness and own it like a rockstar” but because of how running helps me channel through my thoughts, celebrate the good things that are happening, and find a way to either deal with or come more to terms with the not-so-happy things, it’s like therapy. But a heck of a lot less expensive, and health insurance companies don’t need to be involved. And because of THIS I wish every single person would fall in love with running. :)


I read that article last night and agree — it is the BEST! I love Des so much. I keep re-listening to all the podcasts that she is in. Since I (very loosely) followed her at Boston, maybe I can be her BFF?? haha


I think we all really need to be bffs with her. She just seems to be the absolute best. Have an amazing day Wendy!


Knox has such great hair! I LOVED it longer…but it’s so cute short too! ….ok handsome!


He can just rock any hairstyle:) Thanks Bridgette and I hope you have a great day!


I just read that entire Boston Marathon article and it made me cry…. I’m just so happy for her and so excited for her that she kept showing up.

I love what you have to say about that wherever we are now is our starting line. I think that is so relevant to me because I just started running again after having my baby and I feel so out of shape and different… not like myself, you know? I keep thinking about how I felt in college running and how different it was, but I need to remember that I can only get better from here and also, a lot has happened in my life since then and I need to give myself grace!

I had leftover roast beef and roasted sweet potatoes last night for dinner! It was good ?

I really struggle with treadmill running. I’m the type of person that loves getting outside to exercise so it’s hard for me to run inside! I need a breeze!


I had cereal for dinner! Like every night :) I do mix up the kinds though. Last night was one bowl of honey nut cheerios and one bowl of Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy vanilla. I don’t eat cereal at breakfast anymore and I just really look forward to it at the end of the day.

So, is it a Utah thing to have frequent neighborhood meetups? I know you haven’t lived too many different places, but do you know if Utah is just more community-oriented than other locations? Is it or do you think it is related to Morman traditions? Thanks!


Hey Amanda!! It’s a Mormon thing:) So at my church I am an advisor now for the 16-18 year old girls. Each Sunday I work with them and usually one night a week we get together for an activity too. Since we are in Utah, there are a lot of girls right in my neighborhood that are mormon and come to it but this goes on all over the world (they do a weekly activity everywhere) but the girls are probably a bit more spread out over the area. I hope you have a great day and cereal for dinner is the BEST.


Do you think it’s bad for your eyes to be reading while running?


I don’t:) Have a great day Linda!


Thank you for all the great book recommendations!! My reading list keeps growing!
Brooke looks so cute all cuddled up on the couch. I can see how that would be hard to resist. That is so funny that Brooke cries when Skye does. Although I’m sure it’s not when it’s happening :)
I LOVE Knox’s new haircut! Perfect for summer!
I had a good speed workout on Tuesday so I was pretty happy when I was done. Last night was 4 miles easy on the TM and I thought I was going to DIE. I was sooo hard and none of my music was inspiring me. I think the worst part of TM running is when I have people next to me on both sides. I get so much hotter when I don’t have that open space next to me.
I’m going to make those Golden Graham treats very soon. That is one of H’s favorite cereals so I’m sure he will love them!!


WAY TO GO ELIZABETH on your speed workout this week, such a good feeling. I totally agree… I feel too boxed in when I have people on both sides of me. Way to go still getting in your 4 miles when it was so hard. Have a great day and make them ASAP.


i’m such a weirdo and LOVE the treadmill simply for the fact that its the time for me to read all the blogs that i follow and get caught up! i use my nook and my bloglovin account to read those…and i have magazine subscriptions that download straight to my nook so that is when i read those too! i learned to read while running during nursing school so i could study and run at the same time!

those grahm bars are so good! i have a variation on my blog i will send you! :) http://www.fitwithheart.com/recipes/no-bake-ooey-gooey-smores-bars

i know exactly what you mean about fresh start! i haven’t had a baby but have been side lined from injury in the past …and lately i just haven’t been feeling like running so the last few months i have been following other fitness programs from home and then running when i feel like running is what will bring me joy that day. but i think with all the sunshine we have been getting and since its FINALLY warming up i’m going to get the running itch again :)

that orange chicken looks so good! I need to find that at costco! i’ve been obsessed with my air fryer and have been using that a ton! i LOVE the ore ida steak fries in that and have been having that almost every night as a side :)

on a side note i LOVE that quote about when to start..totally reposting that!!! <3


Oh. My. Goodness. The Hershey pieces in your s’mores made me drool… I am so making your variation. I LOVE hearing from another treadmill runner reader. It is SO nice to be able to read while running… the time goes by so much faster! Good call on the magazine subscriptions. I need to try that. Good for you to listen to your body/mind and do some other things right now until you are ready to start running again!

I NEED AN AIR FRYER! I hope you have a wonderful day Marti!


I have had Elmo’s world stuck in my head for a run before along with other toddler songs that I always seem to only know one verse of and keep repeating it in my head. Very annoying. Sofia the First theme song has also gotten stuck in my head a lot too lately. As for other types of music I am not a fan of rap. I can handle some 90’s old school rap but anything newer is awful.

I love the analogy that this was just your starting line. Andrew is so smart. I am stealing that now as I am training for a triathlon in June and I have not done one in 5 years. I was just telling my husband last night my 36 year old body does not like the training and I feel every single muscle.

Dinner last night was just some grilled chicken wings and sauteed spinach. The real star though was the apple crisp my 3 year old asked to make and I happily obliged.


Oh I bet the Sofia theme was super annoying haha! I am so excited for your tri this summer and yes, you are at the starting line again! And now you have me craving apple crisp. Have a wonderful day Corrinne and PS my muscles aren’t loving the training like they did in my 20s either ha.


Ah, yep. We went through the stage where the oldest cries because baby is crying. It lasted about a year haha. Then the baby sister didn’t seem so innocent when she cried and I think that’s why the oldest stopped crying every time baby cried.

Starting new. I’m liking that idea. One reason I’m doing big running goals is that I can automatically PR


A YEAR!?!? AHHHHH!! You are going to get some killer PRs this year and I can’t wait for you! HOBBLECREEK!


Yes, a year! But she was a sympathetic crier to begin with. So I’m sure that Brooke won’t go that long haha.


Hi Janae! ;) We used to have a treadmill but gave it away after back problems and use a bike now which I love. I got a lot of use out of the treadmill, though, and am proud that you could see the where the middle of the tread or whatever you call it was worn down. I love the bike so much more now though because we have an Ipad set up on it, so I listen to Pandora (Hip Hop BBQ that PBFingers recommended. Haha!) and read Apple News. I need BOTH distractions. Haha. For dinner last night, we had sushi. My kids are obsessed but we make it at home and make it with chicken. My son likes avocado and hummus in his and my daughter likes avocado and cream cheese in hers. This probably sounds so gross but they love it. :) Have a great day, Janae!


I really needed that reminder about the starting line. It’s now been a month since I sprained my ankle and I’m nervous about my first run (hopefully in the next few days.) I’ve ridden my bike, but I’m sure running is going to feel off. But it will be my new start.

I haven’t run on a treadmill in over 5 years. It’s how I started running, but now I can’t imagine more than 5 minutes on one.

What type of music are you least likely to choose to listen to – Rap. I just can’t.


You might want to give Brooke a job when Skye cries to help her cope. If it is also some attention seeking behavior that will also help. So maybe if Skye starts to cry she always has the job of getting her blanket or come up with something else. This has worked for me with some preschools.


I can’t thank you enough for this idea. This will be perfect for her. I’ll let you know how it goes, thank you Carrie because I am scrambling when this happens.


Sometimes, during the harder runs, my thoughts are – why I am doing this. what’s the point? Other times – I am really enjoying the run, or looking forward to post run treats/food\/brunch. Depends on the time and day. I love what you said about not comparing ourselves to where we were 2 years ago etc…that our starting point is where we are today.

Last night I had a lavender log fog waffle cone from a popular ice cream shop called Rain Or Shine. Post run, ice cream was calling our name. And then I had a proper supper with rice and stew haha.

For me, the treadmill bores me to tears – honestly I usually would still choose to run in pounding rain v. the treadmill. I am strange.

I don’t listen to a lot of music when I run outside because I tend to get distracted (and get lost or trip) if I have ear buds in haha

Have a wonderful day!


Thanks for sharing that article. I read it all and was getting all teared up. Cool to hear the thoughts from so many different people.
The treadmill is hot!! Especially when i run on it in the middle of winter running and that’s what I’m used to. And we have one in our basement but it’s old and cheap and not a nice run so doesn’t get me too excited to run on. But it’s there if I can’t get outside and that’s what counts.


So Knox suddenly looks older! I love his hair cut and loved the curls. He just pulls it off!!

I run on a treadmill about once every year or two-I can not run straight on it and feel all over the place. Once I did a 14 miler on it (why do they shut off after 60 minutes?!) and it was okay to split that into two 7 milers, but gosh it was boring.

Last night was dopey dinner-baked sweet potato covered with avocado, sauteed zucchini, quinoa and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. I plopped all that ontop of a bowl of mixed greens. I’m a mixer upper.

My daughter was a Vacation Bible School group leader and whenever we want to torture each other in the car we’ll pop in the CD. Although it’s super cute, the songs stick in your head ALL.DAY.LONG.

Lately on my runs I’ve been thinking about everything. Mostly, I like to come around to thinking just how nice it is to run!


Thank you SO Much for posting the Runner’s World article! That was THE.BEST!!


I am so glad you loved it… seriously, the best. Have an awesome day!


i did a reverse loop in the park for the first time the other day which is clockwise, typically everyone does the loop counter-clockwise. so i saw a LOT more faces this way, and hardly anyone passing me, or hardly passing anyone myself.

first thing i thought was omg there are SO many runners. second thing i thought was omg there are so many cyclists! then the third thought was yikes they all look like they’re in a ton of pain! and “i can relate i was feeling that yesterday.” meanwhile i’m taking it easy, enjoying the hill rolls (easy going up, and whee going down), listening to the birds and all that :P haha – it made me feel better knowing that with the hard stuff it is painful for everyone. it was so plainly etched on everyone’s faces.

i am not sure i’m going to do a reverse loop again but my running friend wants to, so i’ll go with her but we’ll be talking and hopefully i don’t notice so much…!


My two girls are 2 1/2 years apart and for the first few months-and sometimes still if the baby REALLY starts going- my oldest would cry too. We’re trying to teach her why she’s crying and help her get involved in calming her down (singing to her, bringing her toys, etc). It seems to work and gets her focused on something other than the sound of crying (and screaming). :) Good luck!!


SO many thoughts on this post and SO HAPPY about all these thoughts recently on a FRESH START. That’s EXACTLY how I’m doing running right now; I had never run marathons before, and I never took off etc. I just kept turning the wheels once I started 1.5years ago, and this past Boston (my first Boston and third marathon) was an awakening for me. It was the lowest low with running, and now it’s time to get back up. I’ve taken extended time off for the first time ever, and I actually bought the book you mentioned by Matt Fitzgerald(!!) to study, along with my typical Pfitz and Jack Daniels.

Have SO MANY thoughts on your post and so much to say.. Need to write them down, and really assess. (Paper actually makes the ideas flow for me first, over typing on the computer.. strange, but I guess it’s because I feel “away” from the world!)

Loving these posts, and loving this new start line! So glad Andrew is encouraging and on point with this too. It’s so cool you have such a good support system, so happy for you!!

Till soon!

Not a super fan of red meat, and I got the “beef-less” beef at Trader Joe’s recently.. it’s actually REALLY AMAZING!!
(I would love bison, but it’s SOOO expensive!!)


Girl you on fueling! When I toed the line for my first NYCM, these professional men were STACKED with gus. I was like, “Uhhh, I’ve never had these before, when do I take them??” And they were kicking themselves and like, “YOU POUND THEM GIRL!” They went on to explain how they had one for every like 30min with their calculus of your burning x amount of calories per y minutes of running ETC! I was laughing my butt off in my head, but being super serious, “Okay, yeah yeah!”

Anyway, I’ve never trained with gels, so I risked it my first marathon. Huma– the fruit sugar– really do well with me; they don’t make me thirsty and give me energy quick. My thing is to take a huma miles 7-8 (sip one to pass the mile), then mile ~16-18 I’ll take another, and NYCM has a gel station at mile 18, so I grab one (if it’s the simple fruit; they pass out PowerGels which make me thirsty, unless it’s the simple fruit ones), and then it’s really just survival there. I save an *Espresso Love* Gu for mile 22, and that’s my last one.
1 @ miles 7-8
1 @ ~mile 16
1 on course if provided
1 *Espresso Love* (<3) at mile 22 (It's like a reward I can and do look forward to!)


I feel ya! I let my daughter watch Elmos world while I change her diaper otherwise she’d never sit still, I go to sleep at night with it going round and round in my head, eek!!


Today during my run I was thinking about a house we are putting an offer on … hoping, praying, dreaming the offer is accepted!
Hardest part about treadmill running is BOREDOM and for some reason the pace always feels harder on a treadmills than outside.
Dinner last night was a Costco salmon burger, no bun, LOTS of toppings and roasted sweet potato chunks with watermelon for dessert – it HIT THE SPOT!


I’m so glad you liked the recipe! I couldn’t get them out of my head so I ended up making a batch also! :)


You are seriously the best… THANK YOU for these!


Golden grahams are probably my favorite cereal ever! I am definitely going to have to make those.


Hey! I am a little late reading this post because I had a last minute trip out of town to visit my dad. My comment is soooo not related to your questions, but I just wanted to say, hang in there with the long hospital shifts! You never dwell on it, but I KNOW it is rough. We were a military family for 10 years (5 of them with kids) and now my husband is a reservist, but he is also a civilian pilot and pilots like a lot of professions have shift work/crazy schedules and lots of travel. I know how hard it is to be at home with kids and not see your hubby for what can seem like days…or actual days! It is always a little hard, BUT it does get easier for everyone. You are doing great!


all of that rambling…yeah, i really needed to read that tonight! (a week later…life.) really great perspectives and quotes and attitude. thanks girl :) might have to get that book bc the state my life is in right now, well, seems like it might be an awesome read.
rest of the post was adorbs, too, of course!

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