15 Tips + Tradition + I Am So Sorry.

**The marathon just ended and I am so beyond happy about Des winning!  What an incredible day! Anyone else have goosebumps and tears watching that finish?

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We had grand plans to wake up early and go hiking Sunday morning with Skye before church but our alarm clock (Skye) slept in and it felt SO good to sleep so much.  I am not one of those people that functions well on low amounts of sleep so everyone around me is happier when I sleep more ha.

This is our post-church California tradition.   We tried a new place (Christy’s Donuts) and they were pretty good but Stan’s is still our all-time favorite around here.

IMG 6392

For lunch we went to eat at Maria Elena’s! My shirt (which I spilled salsa all over moments after this picture) matched the wall pretty well.

IMG 6401

Tacos are all I need.  And pancakes.

IMG 6424

After lunch we went on a long walk around Rancho San Antonio.

IMG 6430

It was beautiful but it turns out that it brought out Andrew’s and my allergies big time so we sneezed for the rest of the day.

IMG 6428

Quite the adventurer already.

IMG 6438

From there we visited Jess (I met her over ten years ago when I went to BYU Hawaii)!

IMG 6450

And then it was time to pick up the Brookers!  The transfers back and forth are very easy since this is all Brooke remembers (this started for her just a few months after her first birthday)…  The more people that love her the better!

IMG 6458

It always feels so good to have her back.

IMG 6468

I think she really missed Skye too because she kept on hugging her even when I was feeding her ha.

IMG 6472

We go back home today!

IMG 6474

For everyone running Boston today—>  I am so sorry for the second workout you will be getting after your 26.2 miles of taking off your wet sports bra from running in the rain.  I remember after Boston 2015 it took me about 5 minutes to get mine off.

Screen Shot 2018 04 15 at 11 57 47 AM

I’m so sad that Jordan Hasay will not be running today because of a stress reaction in her heel.  I know how hard it is to have to drop out of a race but I can’t even imagine how hard it must be when these elites have to drop out of races due to injuries.

Screen Shot 2018 04 15 at 7 16 21 PM


Let’s talk for a minute about treadmill running.  I was on the treadmill a lot last week so I thought I would share some of my tips for the treadmill!  I’m not on the treadmill very often anymore but I have probably logged a few thousand miles on treadmills over the years.  At this point, 15 miles is pretty much my max on the treadmill (I used to do all of my long runs on the treadmill) so I’ll share what I do on the treadmill to help me get through the miles.  I’ve shared a lot of these before so feel free to skip over but if you are a treadmill runner, I hope these help!

IMG 6028

1.  First, you are not a wuss if you choose to run on the treadmill vs running outside.  If you don’t have fun running in the cold or the heat and you choose the treadmill instead, awesome.  You are a runner and strong either way.  Running is supposed to be our fun time so choose what is fun for you and do it.  I actually feel like the treadmill is harder for me than running outside currently.  If you can’t stand the treadmill then stay far away from it and if you love to catch up on your favorite shows on the treadmill then do it.  If it works best for your time and season of life… keep doing it!

2.  Vary your incline.  I asked my coach before going into my long run what incline I should set my treadmill to and she told me to play around with it.  She told me to vary the incline just like the roads outside vary.  She also said that 0% incline is not bad!  I changed the incline every .5-1 mile and it kept things a bit more interesting.

3.  Vary your speed (unless you are doing an easy run and need to keep it easy the whole time).  Including a workout on the treadmill makes the whole experience so much better for me.  It makes the time go by faster because I’m switching speeds and thinking about what is next.  I have A TON of treadmill workouts HERE.

4.  Vary your entertainment.  Last Friday I brought 5 different sources of entertainment for my run—>  I had a podcast downloaded and ready, I had a new episode of New Girl to watch, music, a book and of course people watching;)

5.  Split your run up!  When I used to have to do my long runs really early in the morning I would start on the treadmill and run there until it was light enough outside (or until my friends could meet) and finish up outside.

6.  To go along with #4 it is very important to make sure that all of your electronics are 100% charged before your treadmill run (especially long run).  If I had gotten to the gym and my headphones were dead, there is a very big chance that I wouldn’t have made it 2 miles.

7.  Remind yourself that the treadmill builds mental strength when you are starting to feel bored.  Come race day you are going to feel like a million bucks when you are finally outside again in the fresh air.  It’s really easy to push that big red stop button on the treadmill but avoiding doing that when you are really tired and wanting to stop is going to make you so strong for race day.

8.  For me personally, it is really hard to get off the treadmill and then get back on and start again.  I make sure to bring a few water bottles with me on my longer treadmill runs because getting off to fill up my water bottle makes it less likely for me to finish my run ha.

9.  Have a special running playlist that you only listen to on the treadmill.  That way you won’t be bored of your music and the run!  You’ll have a different set of songs to lip sync to.

10.  I like to have a little reward for myself after really hard runs so if you need some motivation for a long run on the treadmill… I say make that post-run reward extra special and think about that when the going gets tough.

11.   If you are doing a long run on the treadmill, it’s a great place to practice fueling WHILE you run.  My coach saw that I stopped the treadmill to take in the fuel and she reminded me to practice taking it while I run just like I will be doing on race day.  “Gotta get used to fueling while being a bit jostled and uncomfortable.”  It’s a great place to being able to practice with your fuel and hydration because you get to have it all right there with you!

12.  Cover your treadmill screen or don’t cover your treadmill screen.  I personally like to see the numbers (most of the time) but Andrew doesn’t so he covers them.  Figure out what works for you and do it.

13.  Don’t think.  Just do.  Sometimes we overthink our running.  I sure do at least.  Sometimes I just need to get on the treadmill without even thinking about it and push start.  After I get into my groove I then start thinking about what I’m doing.

14.  Focus on the benefits of treadmill running while you are on it because when we focus on the positives we forget the negatives.  The treadmill makes it possible to get in some killer hill work even if there aren’t hills around.  I love that the treadmill makes it possible for me to get in speed work during the months where the roads are slick.

15.  Bring your house with you.  Bring every single thing that you might possibly need so that you have it all right there so you have zero excuses to jump off.  Bonus: BRING YOUR CHAPSTICK/LIP GLOSS.  I forgot mine on Friday and I think I thought about how mad I was for forgetting it every 2 minutes during the final 5 miles.

IMG 6015


How do you feel about running on the treadmill?  Have your feelings about the treadmill changed over time?  Have there been different times of your life when you love it more than other times?

Who is watching the marathon this morning?  Who do you think is going to win?

-For the women I think Molly Huddle is going to take it!


What was the best part about your weekend?

Where was the last place that you flew to?

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I work at lululemon in boston and I’ll be watching right by the finish – this rain though is not ideal :( however, the temps are up so hopefully that will make the headwind coming off the water less terrible… so proud of all these runners!


AHHHH I bet seeing that finish today was incredible Katie! Stay warm today with lots of hot chocolate:)


Your California trip looked fantastic! The place you went on a walk is gorgeous, and I want all of those donuts NOW!

I’m not going to lie – I despise running on the treadmill. I get SO bored. However, I don’t mind walking on it. I can’t watch TV while running because it makes me dizzy, but I love to watch Grey’s Anatomy and incline walk for the length of an episode.

The best part about my weekend was having one of my best friends come over to take some announcement photos for us, and then announcing the fact that I am pregnant with the pictures! We have known since January and it has been such a tough secret to keep, so it feels so good for it to be out in the open now. :) Your pregnancy recaps have been SO helpful to me so far, so thank you!

And the last place I flew was to Jamaica for our honeymoon back in October! It was the first and probably only time I will ever fly first class and it was glorious.


I’m ok with the treadmill for the most part. As long as I have stuff to keep my mind busy I’m good.

The last place I flew was to Florida to board a cruise ship to the Bahamas and now I want to go back!


So fun that y’all were in Cali! Please come to SoCal soon!! :) The best part of my weekend was definitely being at the beach for most of the day Saturday playing in my flag football league. It’s so much fun!

I’ve gotten a little better at running on treadmills when I have to, though I’ve never gone more than seven miles on it. Sometimes I actually like doing certain speed on tempo runs on the treadmill because it forces me to push to and stick to certain paces.


I do not mind the TM at all.
I also think it is a GREAT place to figure out fueling. No one wants fueling to have a negative effect, but knowing you are in your own house, own bathroom, etc gave me more confidence to find the right fueling, then worrying about being miles off from home with a less than ideal tummy situation.


That is SO true Erica, great point! I hope you are having a beautiful morning!


Those donuts look delicious!

The last place I flew was to Vancouver. I managed to get a ticket to see Adele there so I made a vacation out of it. That was a couple summers ago now and I’m itching to go on vacation again.


I appreciate that treadmills exist because they are convenient in bad weather, but they are not my go-to. I’d rather run outside when possible! I did a lot of treadmill running for my second half marathon and I think it caused major treadmill burnout for me! I have a love-hate relationship with them now. :)
I cannot imagine running in this weather in Boston. That’s about what the weather was here on Saturday and I ran a fraction of the distance and it still sucked. I wish them all good luck – can’t seem to find a way to watch online but I’m reading updates!
I am pulling for Shalane, just because I really like her “comeback” story!
Did you try the Tailwind yet? I used it this weekend and I really liked it! I had to split it up between the two water bottles I wear on my running belt but it worked well for me and didn’t upset my stomach at all.


Great treadmill tips! My gym just got netflix and hulu on the tv screens in front of the treadmills and it has been a game changer for my ability to handle treadmill runs! I also agree about doing workouts on the treadmill- they definitely help make the miles fly by.

I’m definitely streaming the boston marathon from work right now haha. I feel bad for all the runners who have to do this in the rain- I ran a 50K in similar weather last year and it was rough! I’m sad that Jordan had to pull out! I would love Shalane to win, but I think I agree with you that Molly Huddle is the front runner. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Also, I’ve been dying to make the salsa verde chicken you keep posting about and finally made it last night. Oh my gosh- it is SO good! I fully plan to make this every week for the next 4 or so weeks until I get sick of it!


Thanks for all the treadmill tips!! I did my run on the treadmill this weekend because of horrible rainy cold weather. It is never as fun as outside but sometimes you just have to do it! Congrats on getting through 15 miles!

Last place I flew to was Mexico over New Years. Heading to Washington DC and then Ireland in June!

x Elise – http://www.thirtythoughtstoday.com


Yes, watching the Boston Marathon now! :-) Such horrible conditions! Love all your treadmill tips. Definitely agree with the vary up your entertainment one. I had a seven-mile treadmill run yesterday morning (had the weather Boston is getting today). I enjoy outside so much more, but when I do the treadmill I try to remember all the bonus things I get when I run on the treadmill – water whenever I want it, much easier to adjust music/podcast, no wind (hate wind! lol), can really get lost in your thoughts more (as you are not watching for potential things like rocks and twigs to trip over and traffic), how it always makes you appreciate your next outdoor run even more, etc.


My treadmill tip…
I opted into the ifit. I set up my own runs with varying speeds/inclines so I can cover the screen and still get variation.
I sometimes like to see the numbers but mostly get discouraged. That was my simple solution.


I have a treadmill (a gift so it was free!) but I really don’t run on it that often. I like that it’s there, but I am more likely to just walk on it and run outside. I don’t like the cold, but I can handle the heat and the rain no problem.
I hope Shalane wins it! And so sad about Jordan.
A highlight of my weekend was watching the ACM awards last night and singing along!
And I last flew to San Diego and back in December. I don’t like to fly, it makes me tense and sick to my stomach with worry. So glad I don’t have to do it regularly.


Omg those donuts are making my mouth water!
I used to LOVE the treadmill, but I overdid it in college and now I will only run on it if absolutely necessary.
I can’t wait to see the results of the marathon today :)
My favorite part of the weekend was the beautiful weather!
Last place I flew was Minnesota over the summer for our epic camping trip in the Boundary Waters!


For me personally, treadmill running is a lot harder than running outside, but where I live it’s really the only option in winter. My biggest tip is to stockpile REALLY good TV shows that I can only watch on the treadmill. And what you said about about having everything you need right there (honestly until I started reading your blog it never occurred to me to bring 2 water bottles instead of 1) and change speeds frequently to mix it up. Happy running everyone!


I am watching the marathon right now and talking to one of my best friends on text (she met me at the 12 mile marker in my first half and coached me through my last mile!!! What an amazing friend, right?!?!?) and “trying to do work.” I have one cat sleeping on top of my knee caps and the other cat sleeping on top of my feet and it’s 45 degrees outside in Atlanta. The females in my little household are at home. My husband who is into football and not running apparently is watching the marathon on his computer at his office.

I take it as a GOOD OMEN that the Brooks Launches I ordered that were supposed to arrive tomorrow are out for delivery TODAY. I take it as a sign that my love of running, and the way it’s part of me–even after fighting to get back to it regularly this year after too long a break–is something from far beyond my own simple humanity. I can’t wait to take them for a run!!!

I hope your travels home are effortless! Your donuts picture looked TOO DANG GOOD. I want donuts now! :)


so i pretty much detest treadmill running – i’ll just wait for weather that’s non-precip – but i will run on the treadmill if i must. last time was in Dec. i’ve never looked at it fondly so i don’t think it’s changed over time. i just saw it as a necessary thing. since i have the clothes and gear i’ll run in most conditions – and it can be miserable but at least i’m outside! i will be sure to use your list if i have to get on the treadmill though…

i am tracking the boston runners, not watching. i would think it will come down to edna or molly, but i hope shalane takes it! i don’t know the men’s field, but i imagine galen has a good chance of taking the crown from geoffrey but it’s hard to say. i’m on the edge of my seat.

best part of weekend – the lovely weather on Fri heading into Sat! i wore a singlet and shorts on my Friday evening run. first time this year! it was simply divine.

seattle washington was the last place i flew to and back from – for powder skiing :)


Sometimes I really love the treadmill. I have one at my house so when my kids are sick or I don’t want to run by myself or in the dark outside, it’s a great alternative. Some days, I just can’t do it though, so I’ll start there and then finish outside when I can.

The best part of my weekend was a good 10-miler yesterday and spending time with my fam!

The last place I flew to was FL to visit my sister with my other sister and mom. It was the best!


I don’t love running on the treadmill but living near Chicago I am really glad we made the investment.
Best part of my weekend was being able to take it easy. And making a lasagna for my friend who just had a baby.
Last place we flew to was Dallas.
Could you write a blog about what you packed for Skye. We’re taking our 4 month old god the first time on a plane in a few weeks and I’m a little overwhelmed by all I think we need to pack.


Looks like a great weekend! I can’t believe Skye is already big enough to fit in an umbrella stroller! Which one did you end up getting? I’ll be in the market for one soon :)


We love it… I was too worried about our nice one getting ruined on the plane so we got this one to travel with and we love it!


I hope you have an amazing day Elissa!


I love Skye’s expression in the pic before church (when you missed the hike) and then again on the hike itself. :) Allergies suck so bad and it just seems to be getting worse! My husband just got these nose filters from Amazon for me to try out. I’m excited for the days we’re out and about all day (like the kids’ field trip coming up). I have to use a mask for our bike rides. I feel ridiculous but then I lie to myself that NO ONE can see me because I’m going so fast. Haha. Have a great day, Janae!


What channel do you tune in to watch the Boston Marathon? I’m not located in the states. Do you think that’s still possible for me?


omg Desi Linden wins!!!!!!!!!!!! :)




I have been doing pretty all of my running on my treadmill due to our never ending winter! I have started to get back outside in the past week which has been such a treat!
When I was training for my first full marathon I used to do all of my runs on the treadmill – the longest being 23 miles!


How the heck do you read on the treadmill? I can barely do it while walking slow, let alone running … maybe it’s because I get motion sickness? Not sure, but the words bouncing all over the place makes my brain hurt.


I cried tears of joy for her!! Desi was such a class act waiting for Shalane! Did you hear what she said after the race? Her interview about how she told Shalane around miles 3,4 she didn’t think she would finish so she would be there for Shalane. Then she not only finished but won!!
Sad for Jordan but she’s so young and will be back strong. Curious if Shalane had stomach issues. And the 2nd place woman! A great day for USA!


I am not a treadmill fan haha. I will run outside in pouring rain

I was totally following Boston and excited for Des! But because I am Canadian even more excited that a Canadian Krista Duchene podiumed

The best part of my weekend has been post run naps and food. A lot of food.

The last place I flew to was Prince George to visit my sis and toddler niece.

Happy Monday!


For some reason I was so happy when I saw this post about running on the treadmill. I first found your blog a couple of years ago when I was researching which treadmill would be best to buy. That post I read wasn’t actually about that, and I didn’t end up buying a treadmill (at that point, I still think about it every winter!), but I think this post has brought us full circle! :) I started my “serious” running career on a treadmill, and quickly moved to outdoor running. I love running outside, but due to little kids and life, running on the treadmill at the gym is a great option for me right now. This summer however, my 7 and 5 year old and I are planning “running practice” together. So that should be fun. I’ve never run with kids, I’ve run AFTER them, but not with them so fingers crossed it is enjoyable for all of us.


OMG that was just the best Boston Marathon finish……loved it. Watching Des just fly on by was AMAZING!!


As you know ( I think anyway. I’m sure it’s hard to remember all your individual readers!) I live a mile from the base of heartbreak hill. I walked up at around noon with my dog (when wave 1 was passing mile 20 but elites were already done). It was horrendous out there!! It would stop raining and then just pour and pour. Super chilly. I give so much credit to them.
For some reason, this is the happiest I’ve been for a winner of any race. Des just shows how pure determination and consistency and kindness and honesty WINS in the end. So fabulous.

Great treadmill tips :) Even though I have read yours before, it’s always fun to read. I’m with Andrew on covering the screen!


I used to hate treadmills, had to cover the numbers, and could barely stay on a mile, occasionally two. I became an any weather any time runner, and brought YaxTrax on business trips when I would have to run on dark icy streets.

When we loved to Bulgaria my son was 1.5 and I didn’t run for 1.5 months (when his school started), which was the longest 1.5 months of my life. When my son was 2.5 I got a treadmill, and love how I can run early in the morning before he wakes up, or during his nap, without being accused of child neglect or abandonment! When we move back to America this summer I definitely plan on getting one, if nothing else for the 12 weeks we have before he starts school!

The marathon coverage sucked. No where in Europe could you stream it without having an American subscription. And the twitter feed was scarce too, but I made it through. Wow! Desi! Brooks! Jacket the entire way!!!

The best part of the weekend was some lamb my hubby grilled for us Saturday night :)

The last place I flew was Valencia, Spain March 31-April 4. If you ever go here’s a little known tip: they don’t speak Spanish in Valencia, they speak Valencian, a dialect of Catalan. It took me two days of cursing my Spanish teacher before I figured it out ;)


Treadmill running is alright. I’m not sure I could do a 15 miler on it. The longest I’ve ran on a treadmill was 7.5 miles and it was a speed workout. I think that speed workouts are easier on the treadmill to make sure I keep my speed up without having to look at my watch the whole time. I used to always run on a treadmill in college. Our rec center was kept pretty cold, so it was nice to run during extreme hot and cold temps. Once I moved out to Denver years ago, I’ve now gotten spoiled with low humidity, so I like running outside WAY more and will only run on a treadmill when I’m traveling for work and weather is crummy or too late.
My last flight was to Vegas. I’m 34 weeks pregnant now, so no more travelling for me for a while!


Last place I flew was home to CT!!!! I know NC is home now but since my parents still live in CT I consider that home too!
Loved watching the marathon!! I got chills watching Des cross that finish line!!! Way to go for her!
I am a treadmill runner 100%. My hubs is really funny about me running outside alone and I usually have early morning runs so I take it straight to the treadmill! I have learned to actually love it! I am with you, I bring the house with me! I pack my running bag like I am going overnight somewhere!!! HAHA! Have to be prepared!
I was in the Outerbanks this weekend for the Flying Pirates half marathon and instead of being a runner I was on the otherside of things and I worked the expo. I was rep for Bondi Band!!! What a difference. I have never been on that side of things and I am so appreciative for all the hard work that goes into the expos!! Also the Outerbanks is SOOOO wonderful!


YAY DES! That was great to watch! Those pictures of BIg Sur are amazing, I need to get over there.

I used to HATE treadmill running, but i’m a recent convert due to Orange Theory Fitness! I’m taking a break from distance racing for a while because i’ve been steadily getting slower and recently started playing soccer again on the weekends (hard to do that AND long runs!) OTF has been the perfect workout to get in a few fast miles with strength and the paces are already feeling easier! Last place I flew was….I think Las Vegas?!


I am so sad i did not get to watch the Boston marathon this year! We were traveling and set my DVR to record the race but when we got home I realized it did not actually record it. Super bummed. But I am so excited for Desi! She is my favorite female American runner and I have been rooting for her to win for years!


I flew out of Boston this morning at 6:00 am. It was weird to be traveling on Marathon Day but I am not sad to be away from that weather (even though it is considered chilly today in FL!). I am so mad I didn’t tape the marathon! But I’ve definitely be catching up on all the highlights.


Looks like you had a great time in CA!!! I live in the South Bay and have only been to Big Sur once. I need to get back there since it’s so gorgeous. I’d love to run the Big Sur Marathon someday. I’ve done marathons before, but that one looks really hard. I definitely think it would be so worth it though for the amazing views. Was the Christy’s donuts you went to in Milpitas?


I just started following your blog a few weeks ago, and I have to say — you and your family are just adorable. I have been running on and off since my college days (a long time ago…) and reading your blog has kept me motivated to continue running, even when I REALLY don’t feel like it. I just signed up for my first half marathon (Rock n’ Roll) — eeeeeek.
I prefer running on the treadmill, even though I have this weird guilt about not being outside in the weather. I live in NorCal and the weather here is usually gorgeous. I did a short run yesterday morning, and remembered why I prefer the treadmill. Spring allergies and outdoor running are a bad combination.
Stan’s Donuts… mmmmmm… So good. Best donut shop in the South Bay.


Ah, the marathon yesterday! I almost wasn’t going to be able to watch because I didn’t have a password to watch on NBC Gold, but then a friend let me use hers, and I GOT TO SEE DES WIN! She has always been my favorite long distance runner. I admire her grit and “real” personality. I was definitely teary-eyed. When they showed her husband’s face seeing her run down Boylston—-WOW, just WOW!!!!!!!! Over the moon for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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