I hate goodbyes + my Ghost 14 review!

8.23 miles @ 8:20 average with Emilee!

I did this before I started my run.  I’m starting to really feel like maybe my weekly mileage will drop a bit so I can fit more in of some of these really important things….

Back to doing affirmation cards with the kids each morning while they eat breakfast…

IMG 8434

We just had Knox for a few hours so my nephew made sure to come over first thing in the morning to say goodbye to him.


And then after swim lessons a lot of us met to eat lunch together before he leaves.

FullSizeRender 1

My dad is currently on treatments for his cancer but he was still able to be there which meant a lot to my nephew.

IMG 8448

Nashville is going to love him and we are all going to miss him WAY too much.

I’m having a hard time processing him being gone because he has been such a constant and source of joy in my life for the last 18 years.  This hurts.

We will be sending him a lot of letters and FaceTiming with him!

IMG 8449

He will be gone for a little less than two years and when he gets back Beck will be a toddler running around.

IMG 8451

We then walked around BYU and I told the girls about some of my favorite college memories.

IMG 8455

Another highlight from the day was going to a yoga class with Brooke.  I found a studio that does family classes and so I took her there on a little date.  We will absolutely be back, it was a blast and very playful.

IMG 8460

We hit up Great Harvest right after…

IMG 8471


The Ghost 14s—>  I am serious when I say if I had to choose one pair of running shoes to wear for the rest of my life, these would be it.

I know many of you are Ghost fans and I’m excited to tell you I think these are their best versions yet.  They provide a smoother than ever ride.  The comfort in these is unreal while still being a light enough shoe that you can get really moving.  The midsole of the 14s is 100% DNA LOFT (the perfect combo of foam, rubber & air) which makes each step feel cushioned and springy.  You’ll feel like you are floating in them.

The upper portion of the shoe feels like it fits even better now, keeping my foot in place and secure throughout my stride <— the mesh upper offers some stretch so it adjusts to YOUR foot perfectly.

They are the perfect everyday trainer but I have also worn them for tempo miles and they work great for that too.  They are the dream long-run shoe.  They offer the perfect amount of flexibility as you are pushing off the ground while still giving you stability and keeping your foot in line.

I get more miles out of my Ghosts than any other shoe that I use.  They are like that best friend that is constant, has your back every day and sticks with you through it all (not sure if that analogy makes sense ha).


Just in case you’ve ever wondered why they are called the Ghost.  I LOVE knowing the backstory of products.

Screen Shot 2021 07 23 at 9 09 20 PM

Just thought I would share a picture of me with my first pair of Brooks ever.

I bought these in January of 2011… Brooks and I have shared a lot of miles over the last decade together.

Screen Shot 2021 07 23 at 9 12 46 PM


Do you live close to family?  If not, how often do you see them?

Do you remember what your first pair of running shoes were?

Has there been anything that you’ve added to your routine that has benefited you?

Are you missing anyone lately?

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My parents bought me a pair of Reeboks in 6th grade. I hadn’t learned the value if clipping toe nails regularly and my left big toe nail poked a hole in the shoe. I had to wear them anyway because they cost $60 which was a lot of money for us (6 kids; the 7th hadn’t come along yet). It was embarrassing but I was able to keep moving and my love of running was born (and I learned a valuable lesson about clipping my toe nails). I always tell my dad that buying me those shoes was the best thing he ever did for me.
Have a great Tuesday!!!


Lee, I loved reading this story. Those Reeboks brought a lot of happiness into your life for years (and a great lesson:). So so sweet. Thank you Lee and six siblings… WOW! Have a beautiful day.


I’m so glad your dad was able to come see your nephew off, I know it’s got to be hard for him with his treatment ongoing.

I know you will miss your nephew, just think of all the lives he will touch on his mission. Did I tell you about the mission sisters I met on a run a couple of weeks ago? They wished me good luck training for nationals, and then I realized when I got home that I know the mom of one of them! So I bet people you know will be running into your nephew wherever he is.


NATIONALS… seriously, you are incredible. I want to come spectate! That is so great about the missionaries and what a small world. It really will be cool to see how many lives he touches and how much service he can do. Thank you, have a great Tuesday!


I don’t live near family and I miss them a lot :( but I love where I live and have made friends that are like family here! I see my family twice a year normally.

The first shoes I remember getting from a running store are Mizunos, then I switched to ASICS, and then Brooks. I’ve never stopped using brooks once I switched!


Those friends of yours sound amazing and I love that you guys have built a family feeling together! Oh I loved the Mizunos back in the day too but as you know it makes my heart happy to see you never stopped with Brooks once you switched:). Happy Tuesday friend!


Hey Janae!
I can’t get over how grown up & professional your nephew looked in his tie & all! He really HAS grown up. You’ll miss him, but I have a feeling the 2 years will fly by!!

I was anxious to read your Ghost review bc I was worried about the update! I’m a long-time Ghost wearer bc, like you said, they are just so versatile!!!!! Can’t wait to try the new version now. And, I LOVED the back-story about why they’re called the Ghost!!!! Very cool!!!

My first ever “real” pair of running shoes was a pair of navy blue Adidas that had hot pink laces that I got for track practice :) I think I had a red/silver pair of ASICS, too. It’s funny how I do vividly remember the colors!!

Hope you guys are enjoying summer before school starts up again! My first day is Aug 24th, & I just woke up at 8:45, so I’m definitely trying to sleep in as much as I can! Lol


Jen Jen Jen! I have a feeling the two years will go by very quickly too. You are going to have to let me know what you think of the Ghost 14s! I have a feeling you are really going to love them. You have the best style so I can see why you remember those shoes and the hot pink laces… the best. Keep up all of the sleeping and the last few weeks of summer break!


So nice that so many of your family members were able to get together for your nephew’s send-off, especially your dad!
My family is very small, and we live close to each other. It’s been amazing for the grandkids/grandparents. My nephew now lives in Montana, though, which is a long way from Maryland.
My first running shoes were Reeboks, I believe. I remember shopping for a pair of “just white” shoes, and that was the only brand I could find. I don’t know why I didn’t want any color–now I wear the wildest colors and prints :)
Besides my nephew, our family is also missing my daughter’s fiancee. He entered the Marine Corps in March. We could only communicate by mail until his graduation in late June, which my daughter and I attended. Now they can facetime, and she gets to go visit him on weekends for a few months. They’re probably getting married Labor Day weekend at a courthouse so she can go with him when he gets his first assignment.


Thanks Corey, if felt so good to be all together. I LOVE that you all live very close to each other. What a wonderful way for kids to grow up. Lee’s first shoes were Reeboks too. Haha isn’t it crazy how much shoes (and our preferences) have changed over the years. Wow, I bet that has been extremely hard. I am so glad they are now able to facetime and I bet that reunion will feel like heaven. You’ll have to let me know if they get married Labor Day weekend! SO exciting. Thanks for sharing with us and I hope your day is off to a great start.


I have been working on increasing my weight training, and it’s amazing to me how much “easier” it feels to just go run than it does to lift 15lb weights lol! The strength training does make a difference though – I am trying to tone up for the wedding (a little over 3 months away – eep!) and I know it’s good for me in general. I also usually do hot yoga once a week, which is intense and tough, but also WONDERFUL.
I am so lucky, I live in the same town as a majority of my closest relatives. Some of my more distant family lives in other states/cities, but we still see everyone a couple of times a year. We’re all pretty close! My fiancé’s family is all over the place, though. It’s very interesting to see the differences in our family closeness.
My first running shoes were some Nikes – wore them for track and cross country in high school and they were NOT great. The important thing was that they looked cool, though… HA! I am a Brooks girl through and through, now!


Go Rhiannon GO! You are amazing and a great example to me to keep going with the lifting. SO SO excited for your wedding! I better get to see a wedding picture. Hot yoga is so hard! I love that you live close to a lot of your family. Oh it was ALL about looks in the past and luckily they have made amazing shoes that look so good now too:). Brooks fan club members unite haha. Have the best day!


Saying goodbye is hard! We had to take our son back to the airport yesterday, and already missing him. So glad you all got to see your nephew off before his trip! And, I will be keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers.
I think my first pair of running shoes were Saucony’s. I wore Saucony’s and Asics for years before trying different brands. I have to say I now prefer Brooks! It’s sometimes tricky for me to find a pair I love. I need a little more stability, have a high-ish arch, but want the shoe not to feel heavy. Loving my Ravenna’s.
I am really sticking with doing yoga at least once or twice a week, and strength twice a week. I really do think that is helping a lot. Now if I could just convince my body to run my easy days actually easy… I’d be feeling awesome. I don’t know why I have such a hard time running at an easy pace!?
Have a great Tuesday ?


Wendy, I bet saying goodbye to him was so hard. I am so sorry. Thank you, that means a lot. So happy to hear about your love for Brooks and the Ravenna’s are so so great. You are crushing it with the strength and stretching. Yes, just one last thing to work on… those easy paces! I wish I had advice, sometimes I think I am too good at pulling back my pace and should work a little harder! You are just a go-getter! Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! I love Adriene, her 7min post run video I think I have it memorized. Thanks for the review for the ghosts, I’m always curious to see what’s changed between years.
Have a great day!


I need to do her post-run video next, thanks so much! You are so welcome. Isn’t is so fun to see what they come up with next?! Thank you friend! You too!


Love that you found Adrien!! I’ll say that adding strength, core and stretching regularly has really kept me from injury in my mid-30s. I have a quad I’m always pulling, and it’s always when I don’t warm up or if I’ve gone a few days without stretching.

I’ve been doing the peleton APP for strength, stretching, yoga and just recently did a core challenge that I think really improved my overall fitness! (PS: I have a regular spin bike, you don’t need the actual Peleton bike to use and love the app)


HEY MEGAN! Seriously, Adrien is the best! That is so good to hear about how adding those things has kept you running happy. Time to get that app… thank you so much for sharing. I hope your Tuesday, is a great one.


So great that your family, and especially your dad, could be together for your nephew!! My family is very scattered and I wish we lived closer. I especially miss my sister. She and I are very close and she lives on the opposite side of the country, but we usually do get to see each other a couple of times a year.
My first pair of running shoes were navy blue Nike’s in middle school. They weren’t great, but at the time I thought they were awesome and would magically make me “a runner”! My first pair of “real” running shoes when I returned to the sport as an adult were New Balance.
Adding regular yoga (love Adriene and glad you have found her!) has helped, but I need to boost the “regular” part. Working on starting to build in weight training and core work as well. As a more “mature” runner, trying to do everything I can to avoid injury. Have a terrific day, Janae!!


Thank you so much Janine, it was really great to be together. I am SO sorry that you live so far from your sister, that is so hard. I did not like it when my sister lived in DC. I hope someday you guys are able to live closer together or go on a trip together soon. They did make you a runner:). Let’s focus on doing these extras together. YOU TOO!


I used to wear the Brooks Pure Flow until they weren’t anymore. I miss them but I LOVE their new Aurora:-)


I think my first pair of running shoes in jr. high were asics. But after I served a mission and had a companion who was a collegiate runner, my first pair were sauconys! Now I’m a hoka fan for life. That companion is the one who got me into running, so your nephew will have amazing stories just like that – some worse and some better, haha!


Hi Janae. I can only imagine how much you will miss your nephew. He seems like a sweet soul and I know he will do well. I have a question. I don’t know much about the Mormon faith but do young men go on missions instead of college or does college just come after the mission? Do young ladies go on mission?


Hey! Thank you so much Nina! Both girls and boys can choose to go on a mission! I didn’t but Andrew did! Those that go usually go to college after. I’m here for any other questions and I hope you are having a great night!


so glad your dad got to be there for your nephew. And wow, your nephew is a spitting image of your dad! xoxo
finally got up at 5am and joined bootcamp that my running crew does. Its been since pre-pandemic that I have met up with them, felt sooo good. More of that is needed.

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