Silentish Saturday…. how far you’ve come + stomach stains!

33 degrees for my run.  I saw my neighbor while I was out running and he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt… I asked him if he was crazy but he said it felt nice out?!?!

Running statue.

IMG 8509

Knox joined me on his bike again for the last 1.7 miles of my run!  At 35.5 miles so far this week… we shall see what today’s run finishes the week with!

IMG 8496

Andrew made this pumpkin bread and it is delicious!

IMG 8515

Knox left for a few hours and they got to work on reading.

IMG 8520

Brooke and I met up with Ashley (we met through blogging 6.8 years ago!!) for a salad bar, pasta bar and garlic bread (my ideal meal)!

IMG 8522

Had to get some new books about Biscuit at the library because she just can’t get enough of his adventures;)

IMG 8523

Went to visit my sister and we all just hung out on the rug for an hour.

IMG 8541

Brooke’s favorite seat in the house.

IMG 8547

She has outgrown all of her winter gear so we stopped at Old Navy.

IMG 8551

Of course she picked out the brightest pink coat you could possibly find.

IMG 8552

Because it has been two weeks since my last donut.

IMG 8566

Couch time waiting for Knox to get back.

IMG 8575

We never made it on a date this week so we decided we would take the kids to the park.  Andrew and I would sat on the bench and talked and we called that our date.

IMG 8600

They were fans of this date too…

IMG 8608

Dinner consisted of two things that sounded good… cereal with bananas.

IMG 8617

And as many slices as possible of bread with homemade raspberry jam.

IMG 8568

Yesterday’s stomach stain (from jam) was much smaller than my usual daily food stains on my stomach.  Not going to be able to see the toes for much longer.

IMG 8596

If you need a reminder of how far you’ve come with your running… remember running the mile in 7th grade for PE?   You’ve come a long ways:)

Screen Shot 2017 10 13 at 7 30 57 PM

Excited to lace up today and I’m wearing two GPS watches during this run to compare them.  I love this kind of stuff…


What are three things that you are doing today?!

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I’m off to the bookstore to stock up on midwifery books (I’m hoping to start college for it next year)! Hoping to get a long walk in too, the weather is really good in England at the moment- not like the usual rain. And I’ll probably finally use up the bananas to make banana bread. Hope you have a great day! I really need to start making homemade bread- it looks amazing!!


Oh Jasmine, that is so awesome! I am so excited for you to be a midwife and you have to keep me updated! Enjoy the beautiful weather and some banana bread! Enjoy your weekend!


Hello Janae:) all of that food looks so good. And that pumpkin bread, oh my God!

Theee things I’m doing today: treadmill run. Spending time with my fiancé and roommate. And eating yummy foods:)


Hey GIRL! I hope your treadmill run was an amazing one… sounds like the perfect day!


Celebrating my 8 year old’s birthday! Heading to a Iowa State football game in a downpour.
Eating birthday cake!


Tell your 8 year old happy birthday for me! That is so exciting:) You guys are hardcore fans to go in the downpour:) Enjoy the cake!!!


You look so great, Janae!!! I’m a reading specialist and all of my first graders LOVE the Biscuit books!

I just finished my 21(.2-every tenth counts!) miler. I want to go apple picking one more time this afternoon and then I’m planning on some serious couch time with my husband to watch the Yankees in the playoffs! I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


Oh you are so nice Emily, thank you so much! Good to know there are other Biscuit lovers… I feel like I know Biscuit personally at this point with how many books that we have read about him. Enjoy that couch time Emily:) I’m about to jump on the couch right now too! Hope the apples are delicious!


Your baby bump is adorable.

I can’t believe a week ago at this time, I was running the St George Marathon in your beautiful state. I never get tired of Utah. But 33 degrees is not for me. It’s going to be 80 in Philly tomorrow. I’m having lunch with a friend. I baked Pumpkin Baby Bundts from my 1st cookbook (trying hard not to eat more than 1) and I am working on a new blog…but not the fun part–all the back-end, must-do stuff. Happy weekend!


Thank you so much Dynise, you are the sweetest! CONGRATS on St. George… seriously it is the best! I LOVED reading your race recap, a 6 minute PR… WOW!!! Plus, negative splits!

80 degrees tomorrow… yeah, that is a bit different ha! I hope your lunch was great and I need to get your cookbook! Yeah, the back-end of blogging is rough, I usually just have to hire someone to figure it all out. Continue enjoying your weekend!


That donut looks yummy! Today is my husband’s birthday. To celebrate, we had a delicious brunch at home, and in a couple hours we’re headed out to watch a soccer game, then have a dinner date. Excited for the birthday festivities!


Have so much fun continuing to celebrate your husband’s birthday! Birthdays are the absolute best! Thanks Dawn!


3 things: work, petsitting, hopefully a run after work……….still 83 degrees! Supposed to get some relief Monday, but I am only getting 20-25 miles a week right now when I would prefer 30 seeing as I am just 3 weeks away from my race! But I guess it is better to be undertrained than injured.

That bread looks soooo good!


I seriously can’t believe how hot it is there still! I hope your run after work is a great one and that it cools down a bit. I completely agree with you about being a bit undertrained vs injured/burned out/overtrained. You’ve got this!


We went to my 4 year old niece’s soccer game this morning. So darn cute!

The rest of the day will be spent at home. We are expecting strong thunderstorms w/ hail this afternoon and evening. Cleaning my bedroom is on the agenda today. I’m dreading it, but I haven’t unpacked from a work trip two weeks ago. That needs to happen.

Your bread looks delicious! I’ve made banana nut bread the last two weeks. My oldest daughter was home from school both weekends and it’s her favorite. It’s so yummy, but I eat way too much of it!


SHAY!!! So good to hear from you:) Okay, that banana nut bread sounds amazing… I need some of that asap. I hope the room cleaning is going well (you are inspiring me to clean mine;)!


This one is my absolute favorite banana bread recipe!
It’s ridiculously easy to make and hard to stop eating. :-)


Do you also think that eating food out of a mug makes it better? Just me, okay lol. Brooke and I have a similar style in terms of how we eating pumpkin bread :)
Three things for the day – 6 mile run (check!), driving home from Pennsylvania (check!), and relaxing on the couch while getting a calf massage. The hills on my run KILLED my legs! Have a fantastic Saturday Janae!!!


HAHA yes! All of our bowls were in the dishwasher too so I went for the mug! Great job on your run, drive and enjoy that calf massage (the best)!!! Thanks Maureen!


I have been soooo jealous of your chilly weather (it’s been unusually warm in TN) … BUT since it’s so warm we still have tomatoes and corn at the farmers market!! I also picked up a small loaf of sourdough, which I think is entirely due to your pics of toast and jam! Since the kids are out of town for fall break, I puttered around town, picking up some accessories to go with my new furniture, and also had my hair trimmed.

The library is my FAVORITE!! place. A book my kids loved to listen to when they were that age was My Lucky Day .. it’s a story about a pig who outsmarts a fox. Maybe your library has a copy?


Keep enjoying the warmth… the cold will be there before you know it! I miss the farmer’s market already! Enjoy that bread! I’m totally going to get that book, the kids will love it! Thank you!


Man, I’ve been so mean to myself today because I did not hit my time goal at my hm today. But then I remembered I could barely run THE MILE in 6th grade gym class (and probably finished next to last) and I feel better. :)


Keep looking at how far you’ve come L! You are awesome to be able to run a half marathon! There is always another race to hit that time you wanted:) You are amazing… don’t forget that!


Ran my last longish run (12 mi) today before beginning my taper week for my first marathon next week! I’m a little (lot) nervous since I’ve been training I’m Denver with low humidity and cool (now cold) weather and the race is in DC where it’s been hot and humid lately!!
Went to Elitch Gardens for the first time (amusement park). I won season passes through my work in June and we finally used them for the first time today!
Watched football the rest of the evening, although my tigers lost…


My son (now 21 years old!) LOVED Biscuit books! Seriously, it was sooo cute. He also had a stuffed dog he named Rescue “because he jumped off the shelf and into my arms.” The sweetness of 5 year olds…..


That donut looks unreal. Helloooo Halloween!

Cereal with bananas is such a guilty pleasure! Never fills me up though…


Where did you get the hello pumpkin mug? So cute!!!

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