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A new episode of This Is Us (I’m really excited about Kate…) is what got me excited for my treadmill run!  I love being able to get caught up on my favorite shows while running at the same time.

Brooke joined me for the last mile of the 3.5 on the treadmill.

IMG 9675

And then I got Brooke going for school, changed into warmer clothes and did another 1.5 miles outside.  It is sure going to be a sad day when these trees go from gold to covered in snow.

When these trees are covered in snow I’ll be seeing these trees from the car window only (unless the roads are completely clear) because I am not going to be running on ice this year.

IMG 9687

Knox came home so these two were pretty happy to be reunited (with some fights mixed in there too… they are just like normal siblings;).

IMG 9698

Yep, I told you… I’ll just keep eating these chicken salad sandwiches until I am ridiculously sick of them.  Also, a few of you told me that you had never heard of grapes in chicken salad.  This might just be a Utah thing or maybe just a thing my mom did but we always mixed grapes in with our chicken salad.  Maybe I just need to stop adding grapes to everything (although, if you haven’t tried cottage cheese and grapes mixed together yet, please do today).

IMG 9693

I lost my last lip gloss (EMERGENCY;) and I ran to the store because heaven forbid I go a day without it (I’ve been using this stuff for 10 years).  The lady at the store told me they aren’t going to sell Punchy (the one I ALWAYS buy) by itself anymore (and online it is way more expensive)… they only do it in a package now!?  This better not be a sign that they are going to stop making it.

Andrew told me I need to learn how to branch out with this kind of stuff… here goes nothing;)

It kind of felt like those times that you hear your favorite running shoe is going to be discontinued… it is painful.

IMG 9701

Good thing the croissants at Costco come in a 12 pack because I am blazing through these + some greek yogurt and fruit.

IMG 9702

Whole containers of croissants from Costco….

Screen Shot 2017 10 25 at 5 04 32 PM

After dinner, Brooke and I were off to our baby shower!  Brooke was really excited to be involved in this event!


My nieces were even able to come!


Candice is the absolute best and did this shower for me!


The cutest little guestbook ever!




I want that fruit platter to be on my table daily!


And a game… Brooke really wanted to win.  Her focus was intense.


I cannot wait for her to get here!!!!


Brooke partied pretty hard all night long!


Thank you Candice, friends and family… it was such a fun night!

IMG 9709

Knox and Andrew went out on a little date last night too:)

IMG 9710

Then I got home, showed Andrew everything and we sat there and talked about how excited we are to meet her (and to tell you the name;)!

IMG 9715

PS a friend even brought me homemade strawberry jam… I’ll be adding this to my croissant this morning.

IMG 9716


One more reminder that a new pregnancy update is up now HERE!  Talking body & self-image with pregnancy!


Any of your favorite running shoes been discontinued before?  Did you stock up on them before they left?  

Have any makeup or any other product that you have been using for a very long time… anything that you would be so sad if they stopped making them?

Current food that you are eating more often than any other food?


Running inside or outside together?  If you are training for something, on what day do you usually do your long run?

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You got me hooked on Victoria’s Secret lipgloss a long time ago, and now I can’t function without it. I always wear the Candy, Baby one, and they were SOLD OUT the last time I went to the one closest to me. Thankfully, they ordered it online for me there in the store so that it was the same price as it would have been in the store. Maybe they can do that for you with Punchy?!

I’m running outside (it’s still really hot out here), and my “long” runs are typically on Saturdays. I’ve been building up mileage and think I’ll finally be able to set a goal race soon! I seriously can’t wait to be back on a starting line. These kidneys are finally feeling better and hopefully won’t hold me back anymore!


I LOVE those VS lip glosses! I use them daily!

I can’t wait to hear what you name her and SEE HER LITTLE FACE!


You have me hooked on cottage cheese and grapes! It’s my go to after a workout. So random but so good. Thanks for the suggestion.


This makes me so so happy… why is it so good!?!? PS I love your name so much:) Have an amazing day!


My grandma on my dads side used to put grapes in her chicken salad but I like it without the grapes and just having them on the side. I think she would put them in place of the water chestnuts which I also don’t care much for so I guess it’s a toss up there. Lol
I do really love chicken salad though.

I’ve been doing much more treadmill running lately. I do get a chance to go in the afternoons I’ll go outside.


I’ve never had a shoe discontinued but I will say the PureFlows last season were NOT comparable to previous seasons and I was completely at a loss of what to do…thankfully they are back on track this year!
I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to makeup – I like to try new things on a regular basis, but I used to LOVE BareMinerals powder foundation (not the loose kind) and they changed it this year, and it is not as nice. I had to search and search to find something I like but I did recently and I was sooo relieved!
I am right there with you with grapes in chicken salad! There is a restaurant in my town that makes all varieties of chicken salad (like strawberry basil, for example) and I love it, but there’s nothing like regular chicken salad with grapes! I thought that was the normal way it was made.
Last night I got a 4 mile run in with my best friend while she roller bladed next to me… we haven’t done that before but it was super fun and worked out great for both of us since she is not a runner! And we got some time outdoors on a new path near us. Worked out perfectly!


You can NEVER cut Brooke’s hair! EVER! lol

YES about the shoes! The Saucony Zealot first generation was THE PERFECT shoe. Not too minimalist but still so responsive and fast! I stock-piled 4 pairs and still have 2 left. I only wear them for speedier workouts, so they should last me a while. Once they’re all gone though, I might cry.

Make-up–my fav color MAC lipstick–Hot Tahiti. The last time I bought it, they said they were discontinuing it, so I bought two tubes. I haven’t run out yet……..hoping that was just a vicious rumor and that they actually still do make it!!!

Have the best Thursday, Janae!!!!


Man so many sports bras or athletic shirts I like have been discontinued. I must not be the norm. :) Same with makeup; I don’t use much but the stuff I like always gets discontinued like eyeliner and mascara. We’ve been using our sous vide non-stop and love it. We cook chicken breasts, hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, etc. With the chicken, we eat it with different dips or sauces or I make Thai curry on the side. We also use it to make our own sushi, my son is hooked on those. I remember the first time I heard about the sous vide was on your blog. I thought it was so odd. Haha. Do you remember your posts about it back then?


HEY MARIE!!! That is the worst that your favorites have been discontinued… not okay! I want to come try your sushi, sounds amazing! HAHAH YES… I do remember my old sous vide. I LOVED that thing. My parents have one now too and they love it! I hope you have a beautiful day Marie!


Cutest baby shower!! I’ve heard of placing grapes into chicken salad sandwiches… same concept as raisins except juicier. :) I found punchy for $8 – https://poshmark.com/listing/Victorias-Secret-beauty-rush-lipgloss-in-punchy-5648068a4e8d174efc006c7f


Well, you are my hero. I’m going to stock up now! THANK YOU NICOLE!!!!!!!


Speaking of her name, has anyone guessed it yet? :D


Not yet!! We are shocked! Keep guessing:)


I can’t wait to hear what her name is, too! Has anyone guessed it? None of my favorite makeup products have gone by the wayside, thank goodness, but if Stila’s Marvelous Metallics Karmic Kitten (what a name, huh?!) glitter eyeshadow goes, I don’t know what I’ll do! And it’s not just you or a Utah thing – we have grapes in our chicken salad here in Ohio :)


Hey Miranda! No one has guessed it yet! Keep on guessing:) Oh so glad that you guys do the grapes thing too;) I hope that Stila’s Marvelous Metallics Karmic Kitten never EVER leaves (now I want to try it)! I hope you are having a fabulous morning!


My husband used to pay $$ for chicken salad with grapes from a fancy deli in Indianapolis so now he adds them whenever he makes it.

I use Burt’s bees caramel lip shimmer all the time (my travel mug is permanently stained) and if they discontinued it I would cry.


How sweet that Brooke got to celebrate the shower with you! I’m just curious, do your friends and family know that the baby’s name or is it a surprise for everyone? We ended up announcing our baby’s name at my baby shower, which was a lot of fun.


They don’t know the name either:) Just Andrew and I do… well, the kids heard us say it once and they have since then forgotten the name ha. We can’t wait to tell everyone! I LOVE that you announced yours at your shower, that is such a great idea. Enjoy your Thursday Kaci!


I watched This Is Us last night! I love my fall TV shows, really I’m obsessed and look forward to them a lot! My favorite face wash got discontinued so I now buy it on Amazon but I feel that is going to be ending soon. Sad day!


Whole Foods’ chicken salad (Sonoma Chicken Salad) has grapes in it. It’s one of my favorite chicken salads! It tastes great on a croissant or in a lettuce cup!


Oh that sounds sooooo good. I might have to make it up to SLC soon so I can buy that and try it:) Thanks Terri and I hope your Thursday is a great one!


I just discover your blog and really love it !!! So much inspiration and happiness in it !


Oh thank you so much Cam! Keep in touch and I hope you are having an awesome Thursday so far!


I’d seriously freak if Olay ever stopped making the Sensitive Skin moisturizer with SPF. I literally use this stuff every morning and have for years. My mom used it before me — and still uses it too!


Oh my gosh -grapes in chicken salad is the BEST! I love the sweet crunch they give. I add Sriracha to everything (I love spicy), so I really love the sweetness from the grapes mixed with the Sriracha spice. Now I need chicken salad…

I can’t function without chapstick or lipgloss. I have it hidden all over our house and I take it with me in my pack on long runs. Burts Bees Pomegranate is my go-to, but I have a huge bag just of lipgloss in my purse, so I have lots of options!

The baby shower looked SO adorable! So excited for you guys! <3


Oh Andrew would love your Sriracha addition… he will have to try it! You are not alone with your lipgloss obsession, I really think I have a problem. My lips don’t know how to produce their own moisture anymore haha! Oh I LOVE Burts Bees Pomegranate, the best! Thank you Chelsea and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


grapes in chicken salad is totally a Mormon thing! I learned about it at my Mormon cousin’s wedding reception, they served chicken salad sandwiches with walnuts and grapes on croissant. I had never had it before and it was sooo good. Same with the funeral potatoes, learned about those from my Mormon aunt and i make them all the time now.


I disagree….. I’ve always saw grapes in chicken salad, and even walnuts, and I’m in Arkansas where there are virtually no Mormons.


I dont really wear much make up, but I am all about the Tarte tinted moisturizer, their mascara and Savannah Bee company lip balm. Really fancy over here. ;)

Current food obsession: Banana bread.

Not sure on indoor/outdoor workout…depends if the rain rolls in. Excited to go camping/mtn biking this weekend!!


I LOVE grapes in my chicken salad – Pioneer Woman’s recipe is the bomb.com….and even better on a croissant!
thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/chicken-salad-the-way-i-like-it/ (you’re welcome!)
My running shoes have been discontinued before and I’ve been forced to switch! I’m currently wearing New Balance’s – who knew?!
I’m eating an obscene amount of popcorn right now!


THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE… thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep eating that popcorn… the best! Have a beautiful day Erinn!


so I am very much on a chicken salad kick too. But my MIL introduced me to a new recipe, that at first I thought was crazy….. then I tried it. I buy canned chicken at Costco, I guess you could shred up some chicken breasts too. Mix in a bit of mayo, and add Craisins and chopped pecans. You will not be sorry. I eat the entire bowl, usually with wheat thins.

my running buddy and I are training for a 50K trail run in June, so we have a half coming up in a couple weeks. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 4:45am. I live outside of town so I leave my house at 4:15, it’s early but worth every second… until about 2pm. Then we usually try to get a long run in together on Saturday, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!! I’m going to have to try that as soon as we run out of this stuff. THANK YOU the pecans and craisins so perfect! 50k… you are amazing. Way to get up and out the door so early, that is awesome. Thank goodness for good running partners, they make the training so much fun. Keep me updated with how your training is going and everything else. Have a beautiful day Candy!


I use almost the same recipe….except I mix it with plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo. It is amazing. People ask for the recipe and are shocked when I tell them what is in the chicken salad. it is great on crackers or a sandwich. I also really like it on Food should taste good multigrain chips (also from Costco). The Costco canned chicken is awesome…especially if you have a crowd to feed.


My husband eats his tuna salad with raisins and pecans. He says It’s delicious but tuna is nasty!


I had no idea Brooks discontinued the Pure Connect!!! I need a new pair, and I’m training for my annual half marathon/girls’ trip, and they’re GONE :(

My long run is on whichever weekend day has nicer weather. I’ll regret that when I’m running a December half marathon, especially if it is very cold or rainy.


I’ve been using the same lipstick since high school and I’m 35!! It’s Clinique Black Honey.

I am super boring in the food department because I’m trying to eat pretty bland stuff because of my stomach being crazy, so it’s been mostly chicken and roasted veggies. I’m looking forward to a yam tonight!

I’m pretty much sticking to running on the treadmill first and then heading outside :) Today was 3 inside and 5 after with a group and lots of hills ;)


i am gonna have to get on board with this chicken salad + grapes thing… it looks like it could be amazing! your shower looks like such fun! i’m sure the girls had a blast being included too. can’t wait to hear baby baron’s name! i need to catch up on THIS IS US bigtime… i’m like 3 episodes behind so your little “excitement about kate” makes me wonder WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!??? haha i’ll be catching up tonight for sure!


Janae!! So excited for your sweet little family. There’s nothing better than adding a new little one straight from heaven. And nothing smells better than a newborn baby. Okay…grapes on chicken salad are a must! Of course we’re fellow Utahn’s here…as well as fellow Utah Countians ? Another thing that’s a must for chicken salad is pineapple. You’ve got to try it!! So yummy ?


I absolutely love the cranberry line that they have at The Body Shop every Christmas. It’s a seasonal thing so they don’t sell it any other time of the year. I always miss it when I finish my last cranberry lip gloss and I have to wait for it again.


I am certain, if they ever stop making Carmex in the little jar, the world might end. I use various chap-sticks and lipsglosses (in the bathroom, pockets, purse, car……but Carmex is the favorite for how it works and feels, but I do like a little gloss and color). I’m on a huge apple and caramel kick right now. I’m fessing up, I love your blog in general, I really do. But you also give me the best food ideas. I’ve had favorite streaks from things you have talked about. And I am so going to be getting chicken salad now. Ugh, it’s sounds awesome and I have to have it now. And yes, we do grapes in our chicken salad. Always have, always will. You’ve also got me hooked on frozen grapes. And frozen grapes in cottage cheese.


The baby shower looks like so much fun! It was awesome of Candice to include Brooke and I bet it made her feel so special. I always eat peanut butter way more than anyone should lol. Can’t stop, won’t stop with it :)


The only time I run in a treadmill is if it’s sub-zero temps or it’s lightening. Otherwise I am outside. I hate the treadmill.

I do my long runs on Sundays. I run in the morning then shower, get groceries, eat lunch, and then nap. It works for me.

My mom puts grapes and slivered almonds in her chicken salad. I’m from Illinois.


I miss the Brooks pure drifts…..and I did not realize they would quit making them so sadly I did not stock up?
My fav lip gloss is softlips watermelon or vanilla….its pretty common so hopefully it won’t go extinct.
My sister just had her baby shower and they had good chicken salad with grapes in It!
And my long runs are usually done on Wednesdays bc I am off Tues and Wed


Will definitely try the grapes. I always do walnuts and craisins in my chix salad. must TOAST the nuts lightly for the best flavor ever!
Your food combinations always sound unique and taste great! Thanks for all the tips !


I live in Iowa & always put grapes in my chicken salad too (cuz that’s how my mom made it). I think you’re the 1st other person I’ve heard of doing it. ?

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