Silentish Saturday!!!

A RUN WITH MY SISTER?!?!  (Remember that one time the doctors told her she would never run again because of her back… She is a rockstar).

Seven miles while the kids played with Curly (my brother-in-law was there too:).

IMG 7074

And then we were off for the day.

IMG 7066

But first, some love to Beretta.

IMG 7060

Play date.  Megan D brought these Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats… I can’t eat a normal one ever again after eating these.

IMG 7076

So excited for a Costco stop;)

IMG 7080

Post 5 of the above rice krispie treats, this delicious salad (raspberries, blueberries, almonds, avocado, rotisserie chicken).

IMG 7083

This boy is obsessed with camo gear.

IMG 7084

Splash pad time of course.

IMG 7088

Probably the best cantaloupe I’ve ever had.

IMG 7090

When you have Great Harvest bread… you eat a lot of toast and sandwiches.

IMG 7099

Plus chips and this salsa (from Costco).

IMG 7092

Candy Land excitement (my niece came to stay).

IMG 7093

Moana (Knox was next to my niece:)

IMG 7101

Successful 13.5 hours at the hospital.  He was tired.

IMG 7105


Tell me about three things that you have going on today!!!

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I LOVE anything salted caramel and raspberries on my salads. Your post makes me hungry ;-) It should be a quiet week-end. I caught a bug after last week’s half marathon (the race went very well but I had to adjust my expectation based on the heat!). I had to take part of the week off running. Yesterday’s run was short but good and this morning should be even better ;-) Now my son and husband are sick, so I suspect mommy will temporary turn into a nurse this week-end…


We miss splash pads!!!! So much fun. And Moana-great movie, except I end up getting the songs stuck in my head…..

Watch Soccer
Bike ride

And because it’s one big thing….melt. It’s hot.


grad party
swim meet

(its suppose to be 86 here to day so kind of excited to be at an outdoor swim meet and kind of wish I could probably be in the pool too?!)



hope you are having a great weekend! 3 things for me today – just finished long run, my son has a hockey game and I’m going out for brick oven pizza :)


I’m not a huge fan of normal rice krispie treats but the salted caramel ones look so good!


I’m going for a run, it was pouring before so I’m waiting for it to end. (If I was training for something I’d go out regardless but to run for fun? nah.) Then it’s errands, shopping, and a double graduation party tonight.


I hope that the pouring rain stopped quickly and that you got in a great run! Sounds like your day was busy… hope it was a beautiful one Nina and enjoy the double graduation party tonight!!


Oddly it turned into a completely different day about a mile into my run. The sun came out and it got pretty warm, too. I did 5 miles. :) the party was pretty fun.


Love that shredded CHICKEN! So versatile. Today I actually have NO PLANS. Obviously, I’ll do something, but just going to go with the flow!


Birthday stuff for my sons first bday tomorrow.
We bought a camper to fix up, so working on that today.
Hopefully a run.


OH YAY!!! FIRST BIRTHDAY… have an amazing time! Okay, I need to talk to you about this camper… we want to do the same thing (my brother just did that too and it looks like so much fun)!


I got my blog back up and going, and I’m going to be posting updates on it there. But also feel free to email me for with questions! We are not by any means experts but we are learning :)


It looks like a great day. I’ve heard Harvest is really good so I’ll have to get out there some time when I go out west.

Nothing right now going on. I got to run with a good friend this morning which was fun. Just kind of relaxing now before work.


Make Salted Caramel Rice Krispy Treats ??
Grocery shopping

I a man unfamiliar as to what happened to your sister’s back, but I had surgery on mine and my doctor said I shouldn’t run again. I showed him. Runnng actually makes my back feel better!


Today is the one day this spring sports season that we have 2 soccer games and 2 little league games. There is some overlap so each parent is going to 3 out of 4.

Looking for a solo 5.5 mile run tomorrow run – on a nice flat rail trail. So many people I know do their long runs on Saturday and then go on with their busy days. I love my Sunday runs, then I can come home and relax. I go early enough that the rest of the family is still vegged out in bed or in front of the TV. A perfect Sunday in my book.


Oh I love that Jessey! You are right… I feel like the long run is usually one of the easiest parts of my Saturday haha! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday run tomorrow!!! I hope all 4 games were great today!


Farmers Market
Bike Ride
Baseball Game

First weekend off with no rain til tomorrow!


Oh my God… that salad looks amazing!

Today I would go for my run and then spend the rest of the weekend with my boyfriend :)


Some house cleaning, a trip to the grocery store, and some miles with my best running friend! Doesn’t get much better than that on a Saturday. Happy weekend!


Oh my goodness, those caramel salted rice crispy treats look amazing! I’ll have to make some!!


So happy for your sister! Inspirational :)

Went for a long run this am, working on my master’s this afternoon and going out to dinner with my hubs tonight!

Hope you and the fam have a wonderful day!


Jessica, awesome job on working on your MASTER’S!!! You inspire me:) Thank you so much and have fun at dinner tonight!


The Rice Krispie treats look delicious!! My new husband (yay!!) and I went to hot yoga, then the Cleveland VegFest, and tonight wer’e hitting up an art and wine festival with the friends who introduced us! So much to fit in before I leave for the summer – it’s been an AWESOME day! Sounds like a pretty fun Saturday for you guys, too :)


Oh yay… congrats on your marriage Miranda! Sounds like such a perfect day! Keep enjoying!!


That’s the BEST salad dressing!!! Good choice!

1. Watched my niece while my sister had to go in to the dentist to have an infection dealt with (she recently had her wisdom teeth removed)
2. Just got back from a hike. We seriously live in the prettiest place!
3. Going to watch my friend’s little girl so they can have a date. (which I would also happily do for you guys if your family was ever unavailable. Just know it’s on the table) ❤
Have a great Saturday!!


Awesome day!! I just finished my yin yoga training for today and went on a short run. About to cook up some Blue Apron and get back to The Keepers on netflix, oh boy :-X


Lunch date with the husband…mmm…..barbeque
Cookie baking…..preschool graduation is tuesday.

I’m starting to get more into salads…your posts are sometime a good influence on me. Other times, it makes me want doughnuts!

Have fun at costo. You’re making me want to renew my b.j.’s membership.


BAHAHAH sorry I’m a bad influence sometimes but a doughnut now and then is good for our mental health at least! Enjoy the cookie baking Lee and I hope your lunch date was amazing!


Looks like a good weekend so far!

I’ve got my half tomorrow and am so nervous! It’s my 5th or 6th half but we have a heat advisory and it’s going to be 70 before the start of the race. YIKES! There’s water every other mile, though, I wasn’t planning on a PR anyway. So it should just be a fun time!


My older kids make fun of me for my love of Splash pads. Three things I’m doing today: Costco, girls camp prep (don’t feel sorry for me we are going to a Sundance cabin) and getting my oldest ready for EFY!


I feel ya, Andrew! I spent 13 hours at the hospital last night. It’s exhausting, but rewarding. I think Andrew will find nursing to be a fantastic occupation.
I’m so happy for your sister. You two are so gorgeous!


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