Silentish Saturday!

Andrew was working so Skye hung out at my parents’ house while I got in 8 miles @ 8:12 average with Jenn.

IMG 1345


IMG 1349

I was doing push-ups on the ground and then Skye brought over the foam roller to do that next to me.

IMG 1368

Everything I ate yesterday was leftovers from Thanksgiving and they were delicious… Thanksgiving sandwiches are my favorite.

IMG 1372

IMG 1416

More and more snow.

IMG 1385

Andrew came home and we went shopping… Skye got new Minnie pjs and insisted on wearing them.

IMG 1423

We are officially done shopping for all of the kids…

IMG 1441

But Skye seems to think they are all her presents.

IMG 8224

More leftovers.

IMG 1446

Today’s run will definitely be inside.  We have a few miles of speed and there is no way we are risking it outside.

IMG 1430


IMG 1447


Tell me 3 things that you are doing today!

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1. Driving from Wyoming to Utah
3. Flying from SLC to IAD


Drive safe! The roads are terrible!!! Also, please let me know what you get at kneaders!


Last long run before my half ( 11.75, my longest yet).

Resting ( which is rare for me, my family does not actually believe I will make it through the day testing)

Baking cookies for church college care packages

We actually have a storm coming which is early for us! It’s supposed to be bad Monday. We are 45 min south west of Philly which gets cold but snow comes in January and Feb!


Carrie, huge huge huge congrats on your longest run ever! GOOD LUCK with your half and I want to hear all about it. Also, congrats on resting… that is hard to do but so necessary. You can do it:) . I hope the snow looks gorgeous for you guys and everyone stays safe. Thanks Carrie!


Big family breakfast to start the day, then we are all going to our Alma mater who is playing in the next round of NCAA football (go Chapman!), and we will end the day by starting to decorate for Christmas ?
The snow looks so beautiful!
Enjoy your inside run and have a great Saturday!


Oh that sounds like the perfect day Wendy! Thank you so much and enjoy every minute with your family!


1 going to visit my momma
2 hugging my daughter every time I see her beautiful face today since she returns to college tomorrow
3 relaxing in front of Hallmark channel tonight ?

Disappointed I cannot run this morning while I mend some injuries – we have the best fog in KC right now which is my favorite weather to run in. Tomorrow I will be pool running again. Which is crazy since I’m scared of the water ?

Have a wonderful day!


I might copy you with the Hallmark channel tonight! I am SO sorry that you aren’t able to run and GOOD FOR YOU to get into the pool, pool running will keep that fitness as your body recovers. You’ve got this LC! Happy Saturday and I am so happy your daughter is coming home!


That Thanksgiving sandwich looks delicious! We should have Thanksgiving over here as well. Or just that sandwich would be fine also ;)
We don’t celebrate Christmas with presents but we do have a holiday called Sinterklaas (kinda like the whole Santa Claus story), we celebrate that on december 5th. We did the last bit of shopping for that so we are all set!

Enjoy your run!


I need to send you one of these sandwiches! They are the best! It’s almost Sinterklaas for you all! I hope it is perfect and thank you Sanne!


Quick run, lots of homework, but christmas activities this afternoon (seeing a Christmas movie with a friend and getting a tree!)


Christmas activities = the best! Let me know what you think of the movie and good luck with all of that homework. Happy weekend Mariah!


Love that Skye is foam rolling! I also love the leggings you’re wearing- the color and the pocket. I won’t buy any more leggings that don’t have pockets. We just bought a Real Christmas tree from a lot that sells premium trees from Wisconsin- a tiny bit more expensive, but they are near perfect all the way around. I wonder how they do that?


I’m with you… once you have pockets in your leggings/shorts you can never go back to not having them. I bet your tree is STUNNING! Enjoy Patti! Have the best Saturday.


1: Run on the treadmill (snowstorm here too). 2. relax on the couch and watch the snow. 3. eat leftovers.
We are loving every lazy minute of Thanksgiving break, haha. Isn’t it a great feeling to be done Christmas shopping?!


STAY WARM OUT THERE! Keep enjoying the break, it’s the absolute best!


Running got 4 treadmill miles
Laundry because it never ends ?
Wrapping gifts and trying to remember where I hide them (this year I took pics)


Hahaha the laundry really does NEVER end. Just when I think I’m on top of it… somehow the laundry basket is full again. Brilliant idea to take pics, I’m going to do that now too because I always forget a few. Have the best day Lauren!


Ah, the snow and slush. I did a similar routine today – I will run outside in the cold and snow, but the ice is what scares me. No indoor track here, so it was on the dreadmill. I actually think it can be a helpful tool in terms of training the mind…sometimes.

I have a random question for you – a while back you posted about signing up for a daily text during Advent of a suggestion for a kind gesture or outreach. Do you remember this? Can you remind me where to find that? Many thanks, and happy taper :)


Ahhhh yes here it is!

I hope you love it! I totally agree with you about the treadmill! Have a beautiful day!


Ah, thank you!!


Im in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, so:
1) A hike that ended up being close to rock climbing
2) Playing in the waves
3) Family time :)
Congrats on your last double digit run and on the sounds like you’re in a great place for the race!!


Yay for the marathon coming up!

1.) I ran 5 miles (the longest I’ve ran since my daughter was born)
2.) made smores :)
3.) played outside – it was in the 70s today! We’re in Texas.


On 30th November I ran a Xmas marathon in Nottingham, England. It was my 6th marathon and after many disappointments in trying to achieve my goal of sub 4 yesterday was my day ! I smashed it!! 3.57.56!!
I’m absolutely over the moon! I messaged you to congratulate you on your sub 3 and you replied telling me I would get there. I’ve followed you for many years now you’ve really inspired me ?‍♀️Good luck on your next goal ?


I did some wedding planning. We found our venue and set our date. Did a little online shopping we are almost done with two of our three boys. Whoop Whoop. And I got my nails done.

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