10 Miles + I have some things I want to say + Progression really is addicting.

A Saturday morning run with two of my favorite girls.  They sent me a text Friday to join their group for a Saturday morning run and I think I replied back with close to one hundred exclamation points.

They told me that the run was kind of a hike too which I was confused by but once I got to the mountain part, I fully understood what they meant;)  It was beautiful but there were parts along the way that we were going straight up… as I was going up some of the harder ones I remembered a quote that I saw somewhere that said—>  “It’s a hill. Get over it.”  It helped me to quit my complaining in my head as we were climbing the tough parts.

IMG 5019

Brought the wrong shoes but I’ll take any chance I get to run on the dirt.

IMG 5030

View from the top.  Seven miles total for the morning.  It was so nice catching up with them about everything!

IMG 5026

We all went back to the running group (where we met up) and hung out with my good friend.  If you started reading my blog after Brooke was born then I’m going to tell you a little story about this house/friend… if you already know it keep scrolling:)  When I was pregnant with Brooke I moved to California a few weeks before she was due.  I didn’t have an apartment or anywhere to stay but my friend’s mom from college offered to let me stay in their basement.  My doctors gave me the ok to take the short flight to California and a few hours after I got off the plane I started feeling contractions but I wasn’t really sure what they were.  I went running the next morning with this lady and we did 8 miles together.  A few hours later  I realized that I was having contractions… the next day I had Brooke.  This sweet lady took such good care of me while I was there.  She had never met me before but she did everything possible for me to be so comfortable.  She is the best and her post-run drink selection for her running group is amazing too…

IMG 5028

I got back to the hotel and did 3 miles on the treadmill (for a total of 10 miles… 7 on the trails) along with some weights.   It’s always nice to have a breakfast ready and waiting for you at a hotel for when you finish your workout.

IMG 5016

After a quick shower I went to Santana Row for 2 things… walking around the shops and for lunch.

IMG 5036

Plutos really is one of my top restaurants ever.  They have incredible salads (I topped mine with steak, edamame, oranges, grapes, jicama, grilled veggies and strawberries) along with their mashed potatoes (with turkey gravy… so good).  I try to make sure I always visit one when I’m in the bay area.

IMG 5034

Window shopping somehow turned into buying a new running tank because I read somewhere that we can’t ever have too many running clothes… it’s science.

Ready for summer running!

Dinner was next and in honor of Andrew I ate pizza (dipped in ranch because that is his favorite) with a Caesar salad and watched the Jazz game.

IMG 5050

Hotel snacks.

IMG 5039

Dana emailed me about this Birthday Cake Bar from Trader Joe’s and I think I’m going to have to stop for one of these before getting Brooke.  I think we will both love it.

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 7 24 53 PM

Brooke had a good day doing art and cruising around in her jeep.

IMG 5044

And Knox partied with cousins and legos all day.  I miss these PEOPLE!!  I’m not going to lie, the back and forth to California so often isn’t my favorite but I want to make sure Brooke has the best relationship possible with her dad.  It’s never easy sharing kiddos and especially in different states… but I try to make the best of these trips and not miss my family or my bed or my house too much;)

IMG 1300

I laughed pretty hard when I saw this!!  PS if you didn’t see the Breaking 2 hour attempt.. it is here!

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 3 19 37 PM

I had a few things I wanted to say about the marathon that has been on my brain since watching the race!

*Did anyone else notice that it looked like Eliud Kipchoge (he finished in 2 hours 25 seconds) kept on smiling at different points along the way in the last 20 minutes.  It made me thing that he truly loves running and that maybe he does that as part of his mental game…. note to self, smile at points in those last few miles or a race when I’m really hurting or starting to have negative thoughts.

*I LOVED that they talked about how important the team effort was for the three runners… Those pacers sure did a lot to help them get to the finish line.

*Zersenay Tadese (world record for the half marathon ((58:23)) finished in 2:06:51 which is an awesome PR for him!  Lelisa Desisa finished in 2:14:10 but I read that he had a few training hiccups along the way this year.

*Barrier Breaking.  So this Nike team is doing everything possible to break this 2 hour barrier (and I really think it will happen… that is just one second per mile faster ((okay, that is a huge deal when you are running that fast but I do think it will happen).  This whole thing really got me thinking about what my own personal barriers are?  What barriers do I have with my running and training?  What barriers have I set up mentally?  How can I break through any of my physical barriers?  Think about these questions for you… I want your answers back to me by Tuesday (the teacher in me comes out every now and then;)

*The loop that they did Saturday morning in Italy only had about a total of 10 ft in elevation change over the course of each loop.  They also did this loop 17.6 times… I think I like point to point courses best but for that amount of flatness on a course… it would be worth the boredom;)

*NIke sure had a great two hour commercial… by the end I was thinking that the Zoom Vaporfly Elite will get me a PR in the marathon;)

*Eliud (the fastest marathoner ever) has only run on a treadmill TWO TIMES.  I guess that means he doesn’t love catching up on This Is Us while logging the miles on the treadmill like I do.

Look at these splits! (source)

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 8 04 37 PM

Thought this was really interesting too! (source)!

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 8 07 55 PM

Anyways, I just think it is amazing to see how far running has come for these elites and for each of us… the progression is addicting.


I hope your Sunday is amazing!  Tell me what is on your mind right now!?!?!

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I’m headed over to run the St. Joseph’s hill loop in about 20 minutes – def a challenging climb!


Mona!!! I hope your run was amazing one… way to get out there and CLIMB!!! Enjoy the rest of your day:)


Andrew and I watched it on Friday night. I cried when I saw his face coming through the finish! Andrew’s trying to break 4 hours and I’m trying to break 3 hours and here this guy is almost breaking 2 hours. I don’t even have words to describe how incredibly fast that is. He’s a MACHINE! The guys beside him on bikes looked like they were photo=shopped in though; they belonged on a Swiss countryside or something with bike baskets filled with fruit and sandwiches. Maybe we were the only ones that giggled at those guys.


Right… seriously a machine! HAHAH I love your description of the bikers following them… now that you say that, I completely can see that hahah! I hope you and Andrew (and your little ones) are having an amazing Sunday!


We went to see Guardians in the Galaxy Vol 2 and boy was it funny! It’s been a rainy weekend so it’s nice to catch up on life..and naps :-) The run/hike looks awesome! Those are my favorite kind.


Oh I am so glad that you went to see that movie and your boys loved it. Rainy weekends are kind of the best sometimes… glad you’ve been able to catch up on everything and NAP (the best)! Enjoy the rest of your day Juliette!


Ahhh yay for a great run with great friends! Just the best ? Right now I’m thinking about how bummed I am that I had to miss the half marathon I was supposed to run this morning due to a groin injury. I haven’t been able to run in over a month. Seriously depressing…boo! BUT on a happier note, I bought the birthday cake candy bar at TJ’s the other day and I can’t wait to try it later today!


Amanda, I am truly so sorry about missing your race. Injuries are the WORST!! There is always going to be another race but it sure is hard to miss the one you were planning on. Keep me updated with how your recovery is going and GO ENJOY the bday cake candy bar right now:)


I don’t comment on your blog much, but I just felt compelled to comment today on how strong you are. You are doing such an amazing job at this whole divorced parent thing for Brooke. You have such a positive attitude toward the whole scenario! Props to you, mama! You seriously are inspiring. I love how you try to keep Billy in Brooke’s life still, even though it seems to be so so hard to logistically make it all work. MAJOR kudos to you, if you don’t hear it enough. You’re doing an incredible job!


Laura, thank you SO SO much for your sweet comment. I reread it about 10 times in a row… it means the world to me. I hope you are having a beautiful day and thanks for brightening my morning.


So sweet to hear the story about how your friend’s mom took care of you during what was probably a really scary time! You are so brave, by the way!


Thank you so much Lisa! I hope your weekend has been an amazing one full of some of your favorite things.


Thanks for sharing those 2 hr marathon splits. I was curious how it broke down! Yesterday I did 8 miles! I met a new friend and we ended up running the whole run together which was fun! Today I was working in my garden/flowerbed so I think I’ll just take it easy.


Tonight’s run and dinner afterwards is what’s on my mind right now!!

Need to try that TJ bar. Looks delicious!!


I did my first marathon 2 weeks ago and I was in agony from 14 miles onwards – I’d managed to injure myself 2 weeks beforehand so it was a miracle that I even made it to the start. There were only 1000 runners and I finished in 5 hours 58 minutes and although I cried a lot, there are so many pictures where I’m just laughing to myself about nothing and that really helped me break my barriers – all of a sudden nothing else mattered and the last few miles didn’t seem like a big deal.

I’m so jealous that you get such good salads – we don’t really have places like that in the UK!! They look amazing :)


Someone else who loves pizza in ranch sauce as much as I do!! I worked as a waitress at a pizza place for 5 years way back when and got hooked on it.

Went out for a 20k run today and felt good. Need the temps to warm up here. It’s rainy and cold.

Challeneged myself to run a half marathon in June. Well, let’s be honest a friend convinced me lol. Looking forward to it at this point. Kiddos are watching a bit of tv and will be getting them ready for bed soon.


It is the BEST combination… I can’t really eat pizza without ranch anymore:) Great job on your 20k and hopefully it warms up ASAP! I’m so excited for your half marathon this summer… you are going to do awesome! Keep me updated!!!


– I was just going to ask if that was the LG Creek Trail/Lexington Dam/St Joseph’s Hill loop but I see Mona beat me to it. It looks gorgeous there after a rainy winter/early spring! And yes, KK has the best stocked runner fridge/pantry ever – almost as big as her heart.
– 6 miles through the state park yesterday, followed by 3 miles on the treadmill with Glee (the musical intervals seriously make it the best show for dreadmill running).


You were right! I love what you said about KK… she does have the best heart! I love your idea of using the intervals of Glee to do your intervals!! Thanks R and I hope the rest of your night is amazing!


That salad looks so good! And so does the pizza! Dipped in ranch…. that is so Utah ;) I love it too.



I read in Runner’s World that when Nike was trying to select the runners for the sub-2 attempt, Eliud was really shaky on the treadmill because he had never been on one before. And also he learned to run by running back and forth from school. I think perspective is critical for us to break down personal barriers.


Just getting ready for the week ahead. I hope you have a nice week!


Now I totally want a Trader Joe’s just so I can have that Birthday Cake Bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pizza dipped in ranch is my favorite, too – Andrew has great taste!


Those sour licorices…. I need to find them!!


Hmmmmm. Mental barriers. I think I have a few!

When I first got into running, I just ran, fearless–I’d never been injured or broken a bone in my life! Id grit races out. Then I got a pretty big injury, and although I came back with a “run fearless” attitude/mantra, I think subconsciously I’m not there. After pushing so hard to PR in a half-marathon and ending up on crutches for 4 weeks and out of running for 10, I think I kind of subconsciously mentally associate the two together—pushing super hard and being hurt.

I’ve been in this funk, too, where I don’t want to hurt during races. I don’t know why–maybe the same reason–I associate normal race “hurting” with injury?

It’s frustrating that sooooo much of running is so mental!


I have been thinking all morning about the barrier questions. In my running (9 marathons, 1 Ironman, countless halves of both distances) I have a mental barrier. Sometimes I just quit. Sometimes my legs just stop running. I’ve read books on the mental aspects of our sport. I’ve read inspirational books. I repeat mantras to myself. I’m the “it’s not the triumph, but the struggle” girl. I use yours “there is no comfort in growth and no growth in comfort.” I’ve read nutrition books. I fuel like its my job! I work HARD.

And still, sometimes, out of no where, I hit this…barrier, this wall…where suddenly my mind says “you can’t do it anymore” or “you aren’t good enough for this” and “goal XYZ will never happen and you are ok with it” and “let goal XYZ slip away, you didn’t work hard enough for it.” But I’m not ok with it. I work HARD. I am an endurance athlete, I can keep going! I am good enough. I am an athlete. When will my body and brain sync together and let me dig deeper, unlock the potential and break my own barriers?

I am so envious of those that can “enter the cave” or “ignore their bodies” and just push in the face of pain (the good kind, not the injured kind) and those who can shut their minds down. I just wish I could realize my own potential. Because it’s huge, and it’s in there. I just wish I knew how to access it.

Submitted in advance, before Tuesday, like a good student. I know this is deep and not something we can fix on the blog comment sections. Know that I will keep working. I will work harder. I will, because I am an athlete, because I am mestrong, and I don’t quit.

One day…I will break barriers!


I guess I have a different comment on barriers. I’m training for my first full marathon, and did 18 miles for the first time this weekend. The problem is….it didn’t feel good. Not just a hard run, but it felt like my body was telling me to stop. I told myself that long runs are supposed to be hard, but am wondering if sometimes we push through “barriers” when they’re really signals our body is ending. Any perspective? How do we know what’s too much?


I’ve though about that as well Amy! Would love HRG’s perspective too…


Wow!! That is amazing that it look us 100 years to get about an hour faster!!

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