Silentish Saturday!!!

Friday morning attempt at a self-timer picture during my run…

Straight to the airport and the the kids were really into the story that Andrew was telling them about pirates.

IMG 4980

See ya Andrew (he has school this weekend so he couldn’t join us).

IMG 4985

She has a love for airports…

IMG 4986

Breakfast of champions;)

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Plane ride = sitting on the plane for over an hour before it took off + major turbulence = I was really ready to get off.

IMG 4998

Got our car, went to TJ’s (Brooke chose penguin gummies for her and Knox), hung out and then Brooke left with her dad.

IMG 5001

Ate a very late lunch while reading outside.

IMG 5002

Usually spend my Fridays with Bangs Friend when I visit but she is gone so I spent it with my other friends:

IMG 5004

Taking advantage of time on my own to get lots of work done…. pasta and salad at the hotel (and those olives came out REAL fast).

IMG 5011

Took a little walk.

IMG 5009

And then I was SO excited to watch this:

IMG 5013

Absolutely incredible watching them… great motivation for my run this morning.   (Red line = they have to run outside of that to hit the exact distance)

PS all three of them (Lelisa Desisa, Eliud Kipchoge and Zersenay Tadese) run SO differently… all efficient but SO different.

Screen Shot 2017 05 05 at 8 57 47 PM

Eliud finished in 2:00:25 (4:36 mile average)… SO CLOSE.  It’s possible:)

Screen Shot 2017 05 05 at 10 48 57 PM

I needed some fuel half-way through the race;)

IMG 5014

Andrew and Knox having a good time and I’m sure missing us like crazy;)

IMG 5012


Did you watch the #Breaking2 marathon last night?   Three things that you are doing today!?! Any races this weekend?  Any long runs?

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I do think it’s possible to break 2 hours in a marathon when everything goes perfectly and smoothly. It’s like a lab test right now. I will say it’s more interesting when it’s actual race setting versus a controlled track.

I was thinking of you today with your recent mattress review. I actually need a new mattress. How long do they typically last? I thought mine was 5 years old but I guess it’s more like 7…I feel like that’s probably a line span of them?


That is amazing to see! It’s certainly possible, but it’s incredible how many factors would come into play. Love the self timed running pick! Levitating is certainly the best part of running :-)


Too bad that bang friend is away. I am glad you found good food and hope that you will enjoy the good things that come with an hotel room (I.e. Not having to cook or clean for the weekend!!). My friend chose a mani-pedi party for her birthday so a relaxing afternoon ahead!


3 things today – long run, my son’s hockey game and out for dinner!


wow, I’m not a fan of airports, so good for her! 3 things today: getting my nails done, seeing my family and watching lots of tv!


Watching Breaking 2 right now to get pumped up for my half marathon tomorrow!


OMG I hate turbulence. You do not want to be my seat mate during that. I actually dislike flying at all because of it and I have to fly in July and it already has my stomach in knots. Not fond of ‘air bumps’.
1 – Getting ready to take the kiddos on a walk to the store so they can blow their quarters in the machines, then go play at the park.
2 – Hoping to practice softball a little.
3 – If I’m lucky I’ll get a little work done and some house chores. Fun stuff !


Kipchoge Is so inspiring. It’s not chance, it’s choice. I was up til midnight watching.
We are loading up to go for a trail run (hubby will mountain bike) in the mountains.
Tomorrow is 14 miles – unless I decide to do the 7 mile trail loop twice today and save myself the trouble. Lol.


‘It’s not chance, it’s choice’ I also loved that and it is so true!


I really like that pink striped shirt you have, where is it from?


Wow a sub-2 marathon makes me exhausted just thinking about it. How incredible are those athletes!? Amazing.
3 things: puppy class with Bodie, a 4 miler this afternoon (afternoon running is HARD), and checking out the Cinco de Mayo festival downtown later. Enjoy your alone time! I love what a little traveler Brooke is.


We went to a local high school musical production of Annie last night (it was SOOOO good!) so I only watched the last 10 minutes of the marathon. Even that bit was AMAZING!!!!!!


My Saturday looks like every Saturday for me: Running, eating yummy foods, boyfriend, soccer game. But I really do love that routine:)


i caught the last 30 min of breaking2, but i loved watching it!! they are all so amazing!
question: what are some yummy, healthy food places in san francisco area?
i hope you have a great rest the weekend!


HEY MARY!! Are you going to be visiting soon! So…. I don’t usually eat a ton in San Francisco but my favorite healthy restaurants that are amazing in the Bay Area are Plutos and LYFE Kitchen! Try them and let me know what you think! Thanks Mary!


HI Janae I’m relatively new to your blog and have been loving it! I had a quick question though, in your off season with running how many miles a week do you typically run? Also are you just a runner or do you strength training as well?


HEY VALERIE!!! Thank you so much for reading and for your comment! So I typically do 40-50 miles regularly throughout the year and when I’m marathon training I do usually about 55 a week (not much different than usual but more marathon focused type workouts). I strength train to help my running but it isn’t my main focus:) Would love to keep hearing from you and I hope you have an amazing night tonight!


Yes!! The hubs and I stayed up too late watching it in our laptop in our hotel room, so amazing and inspiring!

I tagged along for the hubs’ work event today, so I dropped him off, hit the hotel gym for an hour and a half (woohoo!), went shopping and got a mani/pedi. And now I get to watch his students present their ideas = awesome Saturday!


We watched #Breaking2 marathon last night and wow. It was incredible. Watching those guys run was breathtaking! I noticed that too- each of the men ran so differently and each with their own “style.” I thought that was super cool!

Today – a soccer game for the hubby, a stroller run for me, and a Halo Top date night!


If Andrew was telling me a pirate story, I’d be pretty invested too! My first novel I wrote was actually all about pirates, so that always tends to pique my interest. I stay dup real late last night to watch the 2 hour marathon attempt and it was amazing! It made my run this morning so much more fun as I thought about them.


I also watched Breaking 2! I agree- they all have such different form!!


It was so amazing to watch! Glad that you got to see it Tiffany!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


It’s so crazy to me that a person can move that fast at all, much less keep it up for 26 miles. Amazing what the(ir, because not mine!) human bodies are capable of!

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