Back to gloves, vests, tights, ear warmers?!?

Andrew’s FAVORITE way to be waken up in the morning;)

IMG 4606

Candice and I FINALLY got to run together:)  6 miles!!!

IMG 4610

Reminded me of our weeks together of pool running (we were wanting to keep our fitness and long run endurance up so we would do TWO HOURS of pool running together on Saturdays and 45 minutes- 1 hour Monday-Friday).


Came home to some artists.

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Not sure why I just have one glove on but maybe it helps me with my planking.

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Hot chocolate because it started S.N.O.W.I.N.G. for a few minutes where I live!?!?!

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A stop to Target to get a bday party gift.

IMG 4639

EASY BAKE OVENS… this was my favorite toy ever as a child!  I made all sorts of goodies with that thing.

IMG 4641

Dinner date with Andrew for all-you-can-eat sushi!  Our first plate:)

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Her look when we ask her to try a piece of sushi again;)  She had a veggies and noodles dish instead.

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These two tease each other all day long.

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Came home and practiced writing.

IMG 4647

Outside to watch Beretta play fetch (Andrew uses the baseball bat to hit the ball so that it is fun enough for Beretta… she wants to RUN).

IMG 4651

JAZZ play-off game and strawberries!

IMG 4654


How are you spending your Saturday?!

Basketball fan?  What team??

DID it snow for anybody else yesterday?!?

Did anybody else ever have an easy bake oven?

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That is crazy that you are getting snow! We are just in April Showers phase here in Ohio. One day spiked up to 83 degrees earlier this week, but other than that we are around 50s and 60s. I’m loving all of the tulips that are up!
I have the same feeling as Brooke about the sushi!! Have a great Saturday.


I can’t believe how chilly it is there. We have temperatures in the 80s today. I’m not complaining because it’s ideal nonrunning weather and I’m not running Lol. I’m just working today. So much excitement…


Haha, that pic of Brooke is priceless!

No snow yesterday but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some at some point in May….

I always wanted an easy bake oven but never had one! I should really buy one for my daughter so I can finally experience it through her.

Not a basketball fan at all, but it’s always fun to cheer for the hometown team. Our hockey team is in the playoffs as well and while I’m not a diehard fan, it’s fun to see the excitement around the city.

Have a great Saturday!


I can’t believe you got snow! It was 90 something here yesterday I think. I LOVED my easy bake oven!


Oh my gosh, SNOW!? That’s insane. I couldn’t imagine that right now- it’s totally SUMMER! Enjoy your weekend, Janae!


My family in Colorado got snow again too! Hello…. it’s almost May!! :P
We have it warm here, but over the night and this morning have been stupid crazy windy!!! I don’t like to run in this kind of wind, so taking my long-ish run inside today :( Then it’s house cleaning day! I have put it off all week!
I absolutely loved my easy bake oven! My sister and I spent lots of hours with that!
Have a great Saturday ?


Utah weather is driving me crazy! Can we please just have Spring now?!?


SNOW?! I couldn’t handle it. We had a very mild winter here in southwest Virginia- thank goodness!!

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but my daughter is! She likes any team, no favorites yet!

I’m spending my Saturday celebrating my daughter’s THIRD (!?!?!) birthday!!

I will also be chugging water for my 20 miler tomorrow!


HAPPY BDAY to your little one! I hope it has been a perfect day so far and GOOD LUCK on your 20 miler tomorrow, you’ve got this!


Today I did ran while my Hubby and amd son went looking for snow! Then I did the Muffin Top Meltaway, made brownies, went to the grocery store because my
son wanted to make cookies, and we grilled some salmon for dinner. Perfect!

Not really into basketball – today we are following the NFL draft.

No snow yesterday, but we did have some the week after Easter!

Yes, I shared the Easy Bake with my sister. I think it came with a few packets, and we bought a few more, but then it gathered dust.


It’s in the low 80’s here and we had vicious thunderstorms here this morning. A cousin in Colorado had snow and I’m sitting here eating a post run honeydew and cantaloupe paletta (Mexican ice pop).

So I ran for the first time in a few weeks. It was humid, warm, and I did it. I was hoping for company but no such luck. It may be better this way, I could do my own pace and not worry about anyone else.

I LOVED my easy bake oven and I had a Kiddie Fondue, which was also fun. To round it out my brother had the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine.

I have no idea what we are doing today, tomorrow my husband is picking up a piano that someone wanted to get rid of. (The owner was actually going to put it out for garbage b/c he couldn’t find someone who wanted it)! It looks to be in very good shape so that would have been a shame.


Snow??! Ughh how awful!!

Spending my Saturday CHILLIN. It’s gonna be raining all weekend long so I got my 21-miler outta the way this morning and I’m not moving from my couch the rest of the day :)

And YES to the easy bake oven! Those were so much fun!


we woke up to over A FOOT of snow this morning!! I was 65° and sunny yesterday morning! oh those crazy weather mood swings we have in the Rockies.


A FOOT!?!?! What in the world?!?!


Oh my goodness!! I wish it was snowing here!!! I just finished a half marathon in Nashville with temps in the upper 80s and around 60% humidity! New rule-only sign up for races that are in 40-50s!

Enjoy the cold for me, Happy Saturday!!


CONGRATS Alyena on your half marathon!!! Oh those temps sound miserable… you are STRONG! Thanks girl and recover well (with a lot of ice cream and popsicles:)


Spending my Saturday celebrating a friend’s birthday and enjoying some 90 degree weather! Feel a long time coming after this winter. Their paintings are so cute!


My Saturday consists of baking, watching the Great British Baking Show (I’m obsessed) and packing my things because I leave my university town tonight for the summer! Cannot believe it.

I haven’t run since Thursday due to some weirdness in my hamstring and I’m already going a little crazy… It helps that it’s like 200 degrees here in Florida (sorry for you people who got snow). Hopefully I’ll feel well enough to try it out tomorrow.


I’ve been wanting to watch that show big time! Good luck with all of the packing!!! I hope you are out running happy tomorrow Grant!


It started snowing last at 6pm – we are up to 14″ on the deck already – with 5 more hours of snow predicted. (There is a bit less on the grass, then a bit less on the sidewalks, then a bit less on roads due to various ground temperatures causing some melting as the snow falls.)


FOURTEEN INCHES on your deck!?!? Oh WOW!! Stay warm R and hopefully summer gets here soon!


Didn’t snow here but still got waaay colder than the previous couple of weeks. And I hate putting on gloves! But this post looks so much like our last couple of day it made me want to share: had a pool day yesterday and the little one went bananas over the slides. Today we went on a little hike to see a waterfall and he handled it like a pro. After i went for a run doing some intervals (and i hate intervals) but it has been such a great weekend so far. Will take the hint and do a little baking as well :)


I loved my Easy Bake Oven as a kid! I made sooo much stuff it in, even some of my own creations.


Easy Bake Ovens were the BEST! I had so much fun creating different baked goods with mine.

As for basketball – Go Cavs!! I am a NE Ohio girl for life.


My Saturday can be summarized into running, eating, Orlando City’s soccer game, and working on my capstone presentation. I need and all you can eat sushi ASAP:)

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