Runners have a strange perspective and I’M GOOD AT THIS!!!

TEN beautiful, sunshine filled (with way too much wind thrown in there), outdoor miles yesterday morning!  Isn’t it funny how much our perspectives change with mileage…. just last fall my ten milers were either part of a midweek run, my long run for the taper, or a cut-back week taper.  And the words—>  I JUST have 10 miles to do tomorrow came out of my mouth often.  And now as I’m building back up… ten miles is a big deal for me.  Depending on what we are training for or how intense we are training for something, our perspectives are all over the place on level of difficulty for different mileage/speed!

Don’t mind my tangled headphones, I didn’t even notice them until I was looking at this picture:)

Back to the beginning of the morning, Brooke and I had some Kodiak Cakes for breakfast and I nearly jumped on the treadmill to do my run (Andrew was at the hospital all day yesterday) when I looked out the window and changed my mind.  We had a very rainy/cloudy week here.  The sun was out and I wanted to be out with it.  It was still a little bit cold but the sun was there:)  I called over Brooke’s favorite babysitter (she lives right next to us) and I took off while they had a blast playing American Girl dolls.

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The second I get home from a run and bring out my mat to stretch and do core, these two think that the mat is actually their new place to be.

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My dad has given me some serious motivation… the other day he flexed for us and I felt his shoulders and biceps and he is RIPPED.  He has been doing some sort of strength training (along with his daily walks) most days of the week.   He’s my motivation to get stronger right now.

IMG 4681

We then RUSHED off to Brooke’s soccer game only to realize that we were an hour early (I need to read schedules better) so we decided to go down the street for lunch instead.  Soup + chicken salad for me, chicken taco for Brooke.  It’s crazy how she is old enough to actually have conversations while we are eating about different things.  I swear just yesterday our lunches were focused on making sure the water didn’t get spilled, the food was eaten rather than dropped on the floor and that we made it home in time for nap time.  Life sure has changed.

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Brooke and Knox then had their soccer game and Knox’s mom brought the treats!

When Brooke and I were practicing before the game she said, “Mom, I’m good at this” after she would kick the ball:)  I think we all need to have a 4 year old’s confidence about our running and after our next run make sure to tell ourselves that we are good at this!  Brooke’s onto something… that positive self-talk sure does a lot.

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From there we changed really quick and took Brooke to a birthday party.  Brooke officially has more friends than me.

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Andrew got home from his day at the hospital.  Brooke went over to my mom’s house and we went on a date!  We were good at going weekly but somehow we got out of habit and need to make that a weekly thing again!

IMG 4700

Cubby’s for the perfect combination of a salad and french fries.

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And ice cream of course.  That graham cracker sauce is life.  We have both been cutting back on sugar (WHAT?!?!?!?… who are we?) so we didn’t finish these but they sure tasted good.

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Cinnamon roll topped with ice cream = Andrew’s heaven on earth.

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Then we stopped by my parent’s house to pick up Brooke.  She had more energy that all four of us adults had…  yet she probably had the busiest day of all of us;)

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And a picture of my sister and I that my mom sent.  I broke my front teeth while I was running. I fell and my front teeth hit the cement (I still fall while running, especially if I am trail running then it is guaranteed that I will fall).  I didn’t have front teeth for a very long time:)  Proof that I have worshipped my sister from the very begging…  I was giddy to be taking a picture with her;)

IMG 4692


Long run this weekend?  How has your perspective about long runs and different speeds changed over the years?

Had any bad falls while running?  What happened?  Anything injured or no?

Best thing that you have eaten this weekend so far?

What are you having for your Sunday breakfast?

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That story of falling…….yikes! I fell down a driveway once…………slid on wet leaves in the fall and skinned my hands and knees………….it was painful! I had to wear shorts in November to work for a week because the scrapes would have clear (plasma?) liquid (no blood really) but even with large band aids on they would stick to my pants at the knees. Gross, and people made fun of me, but I learned to laugh at my clumsy self. I have scars on my knees still, but they only are noticeable in the summer, when my legs get darker, and the scars don’t!

I have a 10 miler next week………….the distance doesn’t intimidate me as much as the heat does right now……………’s going to be in the high 80’s. That will make 10 feel like 20!

Have a great weekend!


Sunday breakfast: Blueberry muffins. Now that the sun is rising earlier and earlier, so is my 7 year old. I make muffins the night before and leave them out for her, because she’s usually hungry the second she wakes up. She woke up at 5:30 this morning, and I think that’s too early to expect me to get up and make breakfast!


Good call on the blueberry muffins! I’m going to try that with Brooke too.. she has been getting up EARLY now too! Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend Lynn!


I need to give Rockwells another chance. I tried it once and wasn’t super impressed but it looks so good in your pictures!! I am on a 7 day clean diet so not eating anything “good” this weekend but next weekend I will for sure!!
My long runs right now are 5 miles long which is nice because I don’t have to schedule much time for them. Training for a 10k is so much easier and takes less time than a half marathon.
Hope uou have a good Sunday!!


Ah falling on my face is probably my worst nightmare! I tend to take a knee once in awhile but mostly I’ve avoided anything to damaging! Just thinking now what I should make for breakfast, omelets or pancakes? Decisions decisions.


Yes! So funny I was telling myself the exact same thing during my 12-miler yesterday. Last year during marathon training it was a short run and this year during half marathon training it is a long run! I made a breakfast casserole with eggs, spicy turkey sausages and butternut squash for this morning (and leftovers for work breakfast!). Delicious!


Aw I love her white jacket! She look so sharp! You’ve had some great eats this weekend, that’s for sure! The best thing I had was a poached egg salad… I rarely ever have poached egg, so it was a treat!


best thing I ate this weekend was either the brownie sundae I shared friday night while out for dinner or ben & jerry’s last night. the desserts are always my highlight!


The amount I’ve fallen when running, is probably more than anyone else. I was hit by a cyclist and fell and broke my arm. I fell over a cracked sidewalk and needed to get stitches. I seriously sound like a mess over here


OH MY GOODNESS! I’m trying not to giggle…


I ran a half marathon in March and now running a 10 miler next Sunday but since the Half, it’s been rough to get my mileage back up. I think because I was training in cold weather and now I’m training in warm weather. Now Im super nervous for the 10 miler in just a week from today. Any advice for me?


YES!!! Training in cold vs warm is intimidating! I totally get it! I think for me the biggest key is remembering, WHO CARES if I don’t finish? Nobody… so I really need to take off all of the pressure that is making me so nervous. I love to break up my longer runs into mini runs (like two five milers… you’ve got that!!). Anyone that can join you? That always helps me! A new playlist or podcast always helps and definitely having a reward at the end gets me out there rocking the run that I was nervous I wouldn’t finish! You’ve got this Maddie and I cannot wait to hear about how your 10 miler goes next Sunday!


My breakfast was coffee, the crusts from Callum’s peanut butter toast, and a handful of Twix bites. It’s only 7am tho so there’s still time… to fit in some more Twix bites.


OH MY GOD! Salad, steak and fries are like my perfect combo!! And cinnamon bun topped with ice cream? Wow, that is also heaven for me. I would’ve been so happy having a date night like that one, just because of the food lol. I’m indeed going to try that cinnamon bun with vanilla ice cream at home.


The salad you got looks delicious. The best thing I ate this weekend was a Mediterranean omelette on Friday. I went out for breakfast with my dad. The omelette had spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese in it. On the side I also had hashbrowns and multigrain toast. It was really good.


Oh I love that you and Brooke have conversations over lunch, these days! I just took my 6 month old out for a coffee date :) and overheard some of the conversation between a father and daughter next to us. The daughter was about 10-12 years old and having such an open, easy conversation with her dad about school and her classmates and she was so matter of fact about her opinions and perspectives on everything. I hope my kids will feel that open and relaxed with me, one day! It makes me sad to see my baby growing up so fast but I’m excited to find out the kind of person she will grow into! <3


Fallen! My worst wasn’t from running (although the bulk of them are) but at work I stabbed myself and fainted and hit the floor face first and knocked out 3 front teeth as an adult ?
Did 21 windy kilometers today and am heading outside to play with the kids and dog! Life is great


No long run for me just yet. Went out for a short 30 minute run as I’m coming off an ankle sprain, but it is funny how perspective on miles changes. I actually injured my ankle on a long run a few weeks ago with a friend. We ran 37km that day because we are both training for ultras. I do remember though, how I used to die (or feel like I was dying running around the block :p). If you had told me back then I would run long distances I probably would have laughed. I do need to stop using the words “just” in front of any distance. A run is a run. Its funny also because my first 10km was run at a slower pace then my marathon pace. At the time, I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly go any faster.

P.S. (that wasn’t my worst injury – I hit my foot on the headboard of my bed years ago, and fractured my foot getting out of bed:p).

Best thing I’ve eaten this weekend – we bought this granola called “Love Crunch” from costco, granola, flax, chocolate and hemp. I mixed it in with youghurt and topped with dried and fresh fruit. So good.


Pregnancy has changed my perspective the last few years!! Almost immediately into my first pregnancy running became painful. My hip flexors killed. The same thing happened a couple months ago right before I found out I was pregnant, as well as my pace slowed way down and it felt like I was working twice as hard. After my son was born, I signed up for a half 6 months out and stuck with a plan because running was really hard (I had a C-section and had been cut off from running the majority of my pregnancy- I don’t know why I thought I’d bounce right back and it would be easy, but I did think that and was so sad and disappointed!)

I still enjoyed it, but my goals were just different at that stage of my life. Most of my runs were with a completion goal only. I just wanted to be able to do it, and every time I ran without stopping, I felt strong, regardless of the pace. Those runs felt harder than any previous long run and helped me to appreciate the subsequent long runs way more- running is hard! But in a great way! :)


We were in Nashville this weekend and had some great BBQ at a place called Martin’s!


I typically run 10k or half-marathon, so anytime I reach 10 miles, I’m so proud of myself, it’s a challenge not to tell everyone I see! I also broke my front teeth in a fall when I was young. I ended up with crowns as an adult because of it.


I ate at Cubby’s in Provo for the first time yesterday! The strawberry chicken salad & seeet potato fries were amazing! ?


OH YAY!!! It is so so good. That is my other favorite salad:) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Cortney!


Once summer my mom and I were running on Terwilliger Hill in Portland and my toe caught in a deep crack (thanks a lot tree roots underground causing huge asphalt cracks) I landed smack down on my lips/cheek/shoulder and knee. I vividly remember saying “this really hurts” as my jaw hit. Once I straggled up and got moving we had no choice but to walk/jog back and the looks on other runners faces was priceless. I had blood running down my leg from my knee, my shoulder was road rash and my face, oh my gosh! By the time we got back to her house my lip was the size of Texas and my daughter told me she felt sick looking at me. I walked around for a week covering my face!

Breakfast was the yummiest, creamiest bowl of oatmeal with added sunflower seeds, coconut, and chi mixed in. I”m a mixer.

Went on bike rides this weekend in the WIND! ugh!!! taking a few days to rest my piriforms. Caution-injured runners may bite.


Kelly!!! Oh no… that sounded like an awful fall! OUCH!!!!! Okay, your breakfast sounded amazing and keep healing that piriformis! HAHAH I loved your last line… thanks for making me laugh Kelly!


Oh man, my running has taken quite the roller coaster ride the last few years. I actually saw a timehop from 3 years ago that said “Off for an easy 18!”. Yes, 18 was an easy romp through the neighborhood for me then. Not even my long run for the week! Right now, my long runs are hovering around 10-12 miles, on trail. I love it.

Also, when I grow up, I want to be as stylish and self confident as Brooke.


Brooke is GORGEOUS! And that picture of you and Andrew is perfect.


That is so nice Brooke’s babysitter is your neighbor! She must love it too- an easy commute! I want Brooke’s confidence too- to just take ownership of my best qualities. Hey, your daughter is inspiring me to be better about my own mental health. That’s pretty dang awesome, in my opinion.


Ran my 1st Marathon today. I wasn’t able to train like I wanted for the last 5 weeks due to a calf strain. The hills on the course were brutal and it got hot. But I finished in 4:30:03.


Oh I love that you and Brooke have conversations over lunch, these days! I just took my 6 month old out for a coffee date :) and overheard some of the conversation between a father and daughter next to us


Wow your oldest nephew looks EXACTLY like your sister!! Thats amazing


In Pittsburgh we put french fries on our salads….. SOOO good!!! =)


I was standing behind my grandma and she didn’t see me, I went face first into a wooden easy chair and knocked my front tooth out. (I think I was around Brooke’s age).

We went for Italian ice (made with real fruit and bits of other delicious goodness) and they had Chocolate Graham Cracker and Graham Cracker Crunch among the new flavors. You and Andrew will have to visit.

I was tripped during a half marathon and bloodied my knee a good one. I also tripped over part of a pole that was never removed from the sidewalk, bloodied both knees and bruised my hand. Good times. ;-) Things could have been worse but falling is such a rotten and out of control feeling. You’re airborne and you know you can’t stop it.


Adorable pics! Brooke is growing up so fast! Last weekend, I took my dogs for a 3 miler. Out of nowhere a dog came up behind us, and of course my 85 pound Labradoodle, Charlie, had to turn and check the other dog out. Tripped me in the process. I went down hard, fell on the palm of my hand and literally bounced and went back down on the back of my hand, breaking it in the process. Both sides of my hands were a bloody mess. The best part is that it was only a hand. Hasn’t stopped me from training! YAY! That was actually my first fall ever while running and I’ve been running for about 25 years, so I will consider myself lucky.
Your food looks AMAZING. My only splurge this weekend was Chick-fi-la. hahah! It tasted good, but that steak salad you had looks SOOOO good!


so i had my last “long” run before my marathon on sunday; since injured in late march after my 20 miler, i have had to put the brakes on training; but i got through a 12 miler yesterday! the good news is that my hamstring/knee pain was minimal and my biggest concern was my allergy induced asthma. stupid spring! but it was weird thinking “this is a long run” and being humbled by the pace i am running now. the marathon now is about finishing and enjoying the day, then worrying about pace and trying to BQ; plenty of time for that when i’m healthy right?!

you and i have similar teeth stories! when i was young, i was holding my grandpas hand learning to rollerskate; i tripped and broke my tooth front teeth. they had to be pulled and all my school photos from like 2nd grade to 6th grade i had no two front teeth! my dad called me pumpkin, but we laugh that i could still eat corn on the cob like a champ!

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