Running Fads & What I think will STICK! +please give me an idea.

Snowed in Utah on Sunday, back to the 60s on Monday.  Sounds about right for Utah:)

We partied pretty hard for a Monday at our house.

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Yep, we did.

IMG 3648

Last night we were able to go on a date and take Mer out to Outback.  She may look little but she can hold her own at a steakhouse.

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They must have put something in Brooke’s burger because she was all over the place with happiness.

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I was very happy with my french onion soup (my favorite type of soup… probably because it includes a 1/2 lb of cheese).

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And we attempted a dinner table picture.

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We then took Mer home and she sent me back with chocolate.  She just gets me.  Also she understands that chocolate and caramel are by far the best candy combination.

IMG 3650

You can never have too many stuffed animals to sleep with.

IMG 3670


Let’s talk about RUNNING FADS!!!  There have been a lot of things with running that were huge at one time that might not be as big anymore.  Not that they are wrong or right… it’s just interesting to think about all of the different things/thoughts/products that have come, gone and stuck with runners!

*Different training plans!! Over the years I have seen all sorts of different training methods get really popular at different times like—>  Run Less, Run Faster (this was HUGE for a long time I felt like), Chi Running, Hal Higdon (still used a ton I think), Couch to 5k (also still used very often and great), Jeff Galloway method etc.

*Different types of cross-training/strength training activities like bow-flex, ab roller, the shake weight, ski machine, The Firm (exercise VHS tapes) and thigh master (all things that I have owned).  Some say that 8-minute abs is a fad that is long gone but I’m still holding on tightly with both hands to this one.

Screen Shot 2017 04 10 at 4 20 01 PM

Just Brooke hanging out on an elliptical because the elliptical was a BIG deal for me for many years but now I don’t remember the last time I was on one.

IMG 3671

*YOU HAVE TO LAND MIDFOOT OR YOUR BODY WILL BREAK.  Turns out there is nothing set in stone about this.  The best place to land with each footfall is directly in line under your body.  Whether that is your heel or your mid-foot.  Just land underneath your hips.. not in front of your body.   And remember if your pounding the ground with your steps and making a loud sound:   Loud——>  load ——>  injury.  A lot of stress/load with each step raises our chances of injury.

*Barefoot running/Vibrams/minimalist.  Yep, I was all about the 5 finger shoes back then for a while.  I like cushioning and protection and some stability now.  My feet are happy with that.

IMG 1771

*I think the most important fad that has disappeared has been about what a runner looks like.  With so many things like Dorothy’s #ihavearunnersbody movement and people realizing that every size, shape, person makes a great runner.. we’ve come a long way.  I remember running in my early 20s and feeling such a pressure that runners had to look a certain way and that you had to be thin to be fast (it sure didn’t for me personally, it meant injured and sick).  I definitely don’t feel that pressure anymore (which I think is because the fad has disappeared but maybe it is just age for me too).

*Themed races! A few years ago, there seemed to be all sorts of different types of runs going on… color runs, hit and run (below), electric runs etc.  They seemed to be happy all of the time and now I don’t see them happening very much anymore.  We sure had fun though:

IMG 2317

*While we are on the topic of fads… remember when we were told how bad fat was for us and we ate fat-free, low-fat everything? Just me?  Yeah… I definitely fell into that fad and I’m so sad I missed out on delicious fat (eggs yolks… I really missed you) for so many years.

What about things that I have noticed that have become REALLY popular lately and seem to be sticking:

*COLORS AND OPTIONS OF GEAR.  I remember when I first started racing, there was not a lot of selection or variation on things.  All of the shoes had very similar coloration (lots of grey, white and blues) and really the clothing options weren’t much to write home about.  Now we face the problem of having so many amazing/functional/cute options that they take all of our money.

*RACES.  They have definitely gone up over the years with 2013 being the highest!!  Do you think races will continue to grow, plateau or decline a bit?


*Ultra Runners/Races!!!  I have definitely noticed an increase over the last few years with the amount of people out there rocking ultra races and I think it is going to continue to increase.  I’m just going to sit here and clap for those of you who have completed these until one day I’m brave enough to sign up for one.

*Virtual races/Challenges on Strava/WeCompete etc!  This is definitely something that has become a thing in more recent years and probably something we would have never imagined 10 years ago with running.

*Fitness Trackers/GPS/Watches they track every breath/step/move we make:)  Remember the days of stop-watches that just tracked our time and that is it.  I do.  I got my first GPS in 2010 but before then, I’d have to run at a track or on a treadmill to see how far I was going.  Now we have stuff to track every thing that we do and it seems like everyone has something to keep track of our activity!

*Running groups/clubs/meet-ups.  I feel like ten years ago it was really hard to find anything like this!  Now (especially in big cities) there are all sorts of groups and clubs to join.  I see this sticking for a very long time!


An important question.  As you know, I do not know how to do crafts.  I want to but it’s just not my strength.  I am in charge of the class craft at Brooke and Knox’s school and need your ideas.  It is supposed to be an Easter craft and the simpler the better the teacher said.  I have one idea… but would love more!

Bunny mask 225x300


What are some running fads that you’ve experience or noticed over the years?  

Do you think races will grow in size over the years, plateau or decline a bit?  

Things that you’ve seen pop up and become popular and stay popular lately?

Any craft ideas for me?

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Same concept: Bunny ears but use a strip of construction paper to make a headband instead of the paper plate. If you’re going to do the one you picked, pre-cut the plates and ears for sure! You could also have them decorate paper easter eggs with glitter, glue, sequins, etc. and glue them into a ‘basket’ (aka cut out paper plate). You can also have the kids glue a nose and whiskers to a popsicle stick to go with their ear headband!

(elementary speech therapist over here! Crafts are life!)


I was just thinking about how many themed races there were in 2012-2014 the other day when I saw an ad for The Color Run coming to my city in a couple weeks. It’s too bad that they went away because I think they made running seem like something cool and fun so people stopped asking “WHY do you run?!?” :D

That bunny craft is really cute! I am never around kids so I have no ideas but I bet the kids would love making those bunny masks and taking pics. I bet moms would love it too — cute bunny pics to share w/friends and fam on Facebook/Instagram haha!


I think that the theme race fad is still in place. At least around me. We have color runs, foam runs, midnight runs, blow up runs, mud runs…you name it you could probably find it and they normally get a big crowd that requires them to break the event into multiple days.
I also think that races will probably continue to grow at least for a couple more years.
I don’t have any craft ideas for you, but I bet there are a lot of Pinterest! Your idea looks really great though, I bet the kids would really enjoy that one!


Trucker hats while running still seems weird to me.

It appears the tiny, no show socks are being sidelined in favor of rocking the higher socks while running or working out.

HIIT workouts seem to be all the rage now, too.

I think road races and 5k are a near a saturation. Seeing more and shorter trail races pop up here in the Northeast. Maybe that’s a trend.


Bunny resist on a paper plate, put a bunny cut out on the plate, taped down ( loop taped under it) and then sponge paint all around it. When you take the bunny off you have white bunny. With the sponge paint, you can cut pieces of a sponge and put it on a clothes pin

I don’t know how much you want to spend but they could decorate a mini pot to look like a bunny and put soil and grass seeds

I am a preschool special ed teacher and I travel to different preschools to see my students. Those were two crafts I saw in preschools.


Bunny ears on headband out of construction paper and halloween makeup to make a cute nose/whiskers would be much easier…or its messy but I always like painting their hands and then they press their print on paper…to make a flower…and can draw the stem/grass/or a flower pot under it. You can even make a little flower garden out of hand prints…

Have fun!


There are fads in everything. While Im not a runner, I see fads for weight lifting gals and diet fads all over the place. While some are fun and harmless, Im usually a stick to the basics,m/tried and true kind of gal. I used to dabble in fads and it just led to confusion and exhaustion!


I think that craft idea is great! So cute and simple for little kids. Utah weather sounds like Michigan….it was snowing/sleeting on Thursday night and 75 and sunny on Saturday. ????


haha I was really into that 8 min abs video for a while too! My current ab strategy is to do 50 crunches whenever I take my dog to the park and she is running around … lol, i’m just trying to build something “better than nothing”


i wish my Adidas energy boosts would jump on board the fun colors trend for running shoes! they are always so boring looking compared to the other brands.


We’re having the same bipolar weather over on this side of those big hills called The Rockies. haha.

You can never go wrong with a little bedazzling.


FAD= RUNNING SKIRTS…. sorry, I don’t understand them. Why can’t we just stick to shorts?? We are not playing tennis!! Gahhh I despite running skirts. Probably irrationally so… HA


I think HIIT workouts are pretty big right now. I actually like them. They seem to work for me and you can do them in a short time frame at home–rather than lifting for an hour at the gym. Also, ultra races. Someday, when I have the guts, I will sign up for one! I am probably the least crafty person I know…good luck!!


Love this post. Pictures are adorbs as always, but I like your observation about fads.

I live in a big city (Philly) and we have tons of running groups. Most of the people in them are not serious runners – but just want company and motivation. Some people just go for the social aspect. I wonder how many of these will really stick around? Some are well established, but I think the lesser known ones may eventually fizzle out.


Working in a running store, I think running shoes will go more into maximum cushioning. People want to run for longer but with more cushion. I always like to hear what trends will happen in the industry.


I am not super crafty by nature….but Pinterest always saves me ;)


I think we’ve all tried an embarrass amount of running fads!

I think running is sadly losing popularity to HIIT and Cross-fit type activities.

I will forever remember making washcloth bunnies with my Grandma around Easter. Here is something similar


I just have to report that I ran three absolutely pain free miles yesterday after taking a couple of weeks off because of knee pain. No one I have told has really understood how happy those few miles made me, but I have a feeling you would :)

Love the Easter Bunny mask. I think kids will too!


I am pretty much the LEAST crafty person ever. This was highlighted to me when I taught 3-6 year olds and all of the other teachers came up with Pinterest worthy projects all of the time. Coming up with one class project for our silent auction every year seriously stressed me out. All that to say, I clearly do not have a craft idea for you but feel your pain :)


Hey Janae, I’m not good at doing crafts but I think Pinterest always has good and easy ideas.

I also wanted to know, what’s your opinion on the Run Less Run Faster approach? I myself have tried that one and the Galloway Method.

I feel like the Galloway Method is very good and beneficial for beginners. But I’m not quite sure on how I feel about the Run Less Run Faster method.


HEY YOU!!! So I have never actually really studied that method a ton nor have I tried it. From what I do know, I think it is great for busy people that can’t get in a run daily but I think real improvement for speed comes with consistency and miles. So for people going for completion etc I think it sounds great but I think the real key to speed requires a bit more. The Galloway Method is awesome and I think it has helped a lot of people to really enjoy running more and doing it the best way for them! Thanks girl and enjoy your day!


I totally hear you on the fat free fad! I totally fell into that and man, I missed a lot of delicious food along the way. Thankfully, there is a big turn around in the running + health industry as a whole and I am so thankful people are talking about how fat is good (obviously with moderation!)

I’m so excited you are starting run coaching, I am too! You are going to do so great! :)

Also, your craft looks great. I am not super crafty, but I think it’s a winner :)


I think we need to make up for all of the delicious food we missed along the way! I totally agree… so happy that we are understanding how necessary fat is for our well being and health. AHHHH you are too Bethany! What course did you do? Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


Hi Janae. I really missed commenting on your posts. Unfortunately my husband had an accident at work so things were a little hard for a time there but everything seems to be getting better so i’m back?.
I used to eat everything non fat too so I think it was a global thing.
I am no good at crafts but loved your idea. It will work out great I am sure because you just put so much love and joy in everything you do.
Have a great Tuesday!


HEY PATRICIA!!! I am so so sorry about what has been going on with your husband. I am glad that everything is getting better now… please keep me updated with how you are doing! Thank you so much and I hope your day is a great one so far!


The one fad I didn’t buy into was low fat. I figured if it was going to have to be low fat then I would rather not have it all!
Wish I had some ideas for crafts, but that is a weakness of mine. I do wish I was more crafty and love the ideas that people come up with. Pinterest is great for that.


Good for you Cathy… I wish I would have not bought into the low fat thing! I’m right there with you with crafting being a weakness… thank goodness for Pinterest!


I’ve been reading your blog for four years, but have never commented before — until now! I thought I’d get in on the fun, too. I love reading your updates about what is going on in your little family :)

I don’t think marathoning is a *fad* but I definitely think its popularity is growing all over the place. Everyone wants to do marathons! I prefer 5Ks and 10Ks myself, but even people I know who aren’t dedicated runners are talking about doing marathons. I think it’s great for the sport – the more the merrier!

Another trend I’ve noticed is the growth of online fitness communities – especially on Instagram and especially among women. It’s a great tool, especially for people without strong support systems or who don’t have a lot of fitness options where they live. Scrolling through fitness IG is pretty motivating, if that’s your thing :)


JOANNE!!! Thank you for reading and your comment today! I totally agree with what you said… the more the merrier!
You are so right about how amazing the online fitness/running community is. It’s so nice to have people to check in with each day and to encourage and motivate each other… love having so many people that love fitness has much as we do! Thanks so much Joanne and I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


I think at some point the popularity of races will plateau. It seems like everyone has been into signing up for races lately and it’s been getting more and more popular over the past few years, but at some point it seems logical that it will level off. I also definitely remember when everyone was afraid of fat in foods!


I completely agree with you! I see half-marathons continuing to be crazy popular for a while and marathons backing off a bit too. Crazy how much things change! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


You talking about pre gps watch days made me remember all the times I would get in my car after a run to see my mileage. I would have to remember exactly every road and turn I made, and also had to make sure I didn’t run on any one way streets the wrong way! Garmins and apps sure have made things easier ;)


OH YES… I totally remember doing that too! Good memories:) Yeah, we sure don’t have to do that anymore! I hope your day is a great one Jackie!


That craft is perfect! Then take their pictures with their cute faces popping through!!!! sooooooo cute!!!!


I know someone has already mentioned this, but I remember driving the route I was running just to make sure I knew the mileage. Or I’d mapquest my route. And then I’d just run with a timer/stop watch and my cute little ipod Nano. Now I have a giant honking iphone 7+ that I had to buy a running belt to carry, along with my Garmin 225 and wireless headphones. Crazy!

I wish I could give you advice on an Easter craft, but crafting is not my forte. At all. Not even kind of. Good luck!


Whenever I go to Outback, which, granted, is rare, I always order the french onion soup because they do it right. They are so generous with their cheese!

I don’t have any craft ideas because artistry was not a talent I was blessed with, but I’m super excited to see what you choose!


Cute bunny craft! The teacher is so right–go simple (for the kids…that usually means lots of prep for you, unfortunately). My “easy” ideas for you:

1. Someone mentioned the bunny stencil above while sponge painting around it. I’ve done that but instead of sponges, I gave the kids pencils and the dipped the eraser in the paint and did “polka dots” around the edges of the stencil. The kids loved it.

2. White crayons and white paper and water color paints. Have them draw an Easter design with the crayon on paper and then watercolor paint over it. Magic! :)

3. Clear contact paper, torn/cut up pastel tissue paper (lots of colors, tiny square shapes). Give the kids a good size square of contact paper and pile of tissue squares. Have them cover their contact paper with the tissue, then you lay a second layer of clear contact paper over it. Push down and “seal” it well. Then let the kids cut an egg shape out of the paper. You now have “stained glass,” preschool style. (The moms always loved this one when I’d do it at class parties.)

Good luck!


Check out pintrest for easter craft ideas. There are so many cute crafts!!!


The simpler the better for your craft. Remember the kids are 4. Consider your time too. Can they color/cut/glue in just 10-15 minutes? If not, I’d make something way easier. Good luck! (I liked the first comment about glueing precut bunny ears onto a headband).


I had some of the Firm DVDs and Tae Bo. (I still like to do Tae Bo)

I still see color and foam runs but I don’t want to run with that stuff sticking to me. I sweat like a beast, I can only imagine what that would look like.

Selfies and people doing videos of their race while racing. I don’t mind selfies as long as people move over instead of stopping without warning.

I am surprised how fast some races sell out and some of the fees are quite hefty. I ten to think races will hit a saturation point.


oh dear, why are crafts so stressful? I get a little itchy just thinking about them. Your idea looks great though. And remember that they are 4 year olds and they worship you so they’ll love whatever you do.


I’ve been reading you’re blog for along time and never commented but this topic made me wonder… with runner trends and size and etc… is there a sports bra that people recommend for bigger chested runners!? That isn’t so expensive!? It’s so hard to find something that is supportive and not suffocating! I love your blog and everything you post is so inspirational!! I’m running my first “race” in October and I can’t wait!!


Two things I personally consider a fad… Beachbody and CrossFit. I did both (including over 3 years of CrossFit) but have found that running is my favorite. It’s a timeless sport in my opinion, kind of like baseball and football. I think we’ll see many brands of exercise/programs come and go but running will be around for the long haul!


UGH. Five Finger’s ruined my feet! Give me cloud-cushion Glycerin’s all day now!


As a 41 year-old the fat- free craze makes me so mad. That craze messed with so many people’s metabolism and mindset. I still have friends that struggle with eating healthy fats to this day. It took me several years to get it out of my head! It’s so nice to be able to eat eggs, avocados, nuts amd almond butter without stressing over it!


For a craft idea you could do something very similar to what your idea is but instead, have the faces of the bunnies be different shapes. For example, one child’s bunny face could be an upside down heart and another child’s could be a square, triangle, oval, etc. The kids could glue on the facial features with pipe cleaners (whiskers), googly eyes, pom-poms for nose, etc. OR to make it even easier they could just draw their own eyes, nose and mouth. This way they could be practicing shapes and you wouldn’t have to cut out a hole in a bunch of paper plates. ?


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