Monday Matters (aka a bunch of random things for me to tell you:)

I LOVED reading your different running memories on this morning’s post!  My sister got me to the gym to do some weights with her.  My nephew was clearly enthused to be at the gym taking a picture with his mom and aunt.  I’m sure he loved it.

We did this workout again.  My sister enjoys making sure I get nice and sore after a weight workout.   I don’t exactly get delayed onset muscle soreness from strength training… whatever I get happens right away and there is no delay about it.

IMG 3629

First thing this morning Brooke went straight to Beretta.  I can’t tell you how many times this last weekend she told us about how she missed Beretta.  Good to be together again:)

IMG 3623

I learned a really helpful tip/trick at my coaching clinic this last weekend (I learned a lot of stuff to help future clients and a LOT of stuff to help out my running too:).  If we are running too close to the deck of the treadmill then we risk running differently than we would outside.  We lose that forward lean from our ankles up (not from our hips) and our arms can’t swing forward and back as easily.  Try putting a piece of tape across the handlebars to get you to move back a bit on the belt.  It can help you to train yourself to run back from the deck a bit and then you can use your normal running form again!  I’ve been known to run with my belly button up right next to the deck of a treadmill so this is really going to help me!  Don’t worry… you won’t fall off!  PS 7 miles today!


Brooke wanted to try walking behind the tape for a second.


WARMER MONTHS are on their way:)  I think it is very important to make sure you are getting in some hot runs if you are training for a race that is going to be hot.  Here in Utah, the races that I am planning on this summer start EARLY so I won’t really be needing to train for crazy hot race temps.  On those days/weeks when the temperatures are crazy, I am all about catching up on my favorite shows while on my treadmill with my large water bottle full of ice and goodness:)  I also don’t go running by myself when it is dark (aka the time that isn’t crazy hot in the summers) so if I don’t have a buddy to run with, my treadmill saves me again all summer long.  Andrew will be in the hospital a lot more this summer so I’ll be chilling with the kids running around like crazy as I log my miles this summer!  PS I was provided the NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer and compensated by NordicTrack in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  My treadmill is going to keep me running happy no matter what the temps are outside:)

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*Brooke still doesn’t fit into the gold shoes that she picked out 1.3 years ago but that isn’t stopping her from sporting them today.

IMG 3624

*We had a bunch of you recommend Guru Donuts in Boise.  The old-fashioned was the best and they were all great!  So many unique donuts there!

IMG 3622

Candice sent me this very important donut glossary which I’m sure will come in handy for many of you reading in case you need to start drooling this afternoon:

IMG 3499

*We hit up the library first thing today to stock up on library books and to get our Easter coloring going.

IMG 3631

*Mel and I have met once before and we lucked out and were in the same classes this last weekend.  Always fun to get to spend time with someone that is also passionate about running and sour patch kid strawberries.   She made sure to get in the Roadrunner for our picture (we took the Road Runners Club of America classes;).

IMG 3618

*A random selfie that I came across from last week.


*Brooke and Andrew hit up Chipotle yesterday while I was gone… they take advantage of when I am gone by going to my not-so-favorite restaurants that they love ha.

IMG 3611

*Andrew has a little bit of reading to do lately.

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*I’ve got to get ready for my coaching test (we went over pretty much this entire book this weekend!!!)

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*After a weekend of being away from home… all my body could think about for lunch was vegetables.  Roasted broccoli has made a strong comeback in my life.    Sweet potato, ground turkey, tomatoes, broccoli and homemade guac with avocados that were the perfect ripeness.

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Chipotle fan—>  yay or nay?  

What are you currently reading?

What was your lunch today?

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I’m currently reading Edgar & Lucy, which was a much hyped book for March (perhaps over-hyped?). I’m only 50 pages in or so, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a little more depressing than I would have wanted. I need something uplifting to counter all this rain we’ve been having in Chicago!

Side note: I post book review on Instagram if you’re interested in following!


JUST FOLLOWED YOU… I cannot wait to get recommendations from you! Thank you so much Katie!


I have only had Chipotle twice but I liked it! We JUST got one in our city (I’m in Canada) but I haven’t checked that one out yet. I’ve heard they are very, very busy!

Lunch today was a bowl of red lentil/chickpea/sweet potato soup that I made plus some cucumbers and hummus that I snacked on while I was making lunch.

Just finished reading The Girls by Emma Cline.


Well that sounds like an amazing lunch! I’ll be over for lunch tomorrow;) Off to go check out The Girls! THANK YOU!!!


I run on the treadmill the same way you do. The tape is a great tip. I can always tell my form is bad when I run on a treadmill and it is likely because I run to close. Thank you for sharing this I’m definitely going to try it!


Oh sure Lynn!!! You are not alone… I’m right there with you! Let me know how that works for you?


I can’t believe you don’t like Chipotle. To be fair I’ve never had Cafe Rio, but being inside of a Chipotle is one of my favorite places to be!

That tip about treadmill running gives me anxiety! I run really close to the bar because I am terrified of flying off the back, haha!


I don’t hate Chipotle… I just would rather go ten other places ha. Come to Utah and run with me and I’ll take you to Cafe Rio… deal!? I am afraid of flying off the back too but it will help our running form out big time if we go back a bit on the belt. Good luck Kristina!!!


My treadmill has a way to set the firmness of the treadmill and the range is marked on the bottom sides of the treadmill. I use that as a guide on where my feet should be. I can feel my gait change when I’m too close.

My dog likes to travel and she comes along with us hotel and travel permitting. If we drive she generally takes the trip, it’s cheaper than boarding her. (it’s hard to find someone she can stay with). A lot of hotels (big and small) are surprisingly accommodating. She’s even been out of the country. :)

Chipotle I like on occasion. I feel it’s a lot of calories and sodium, which bugs me. We have it maybe two or three times a year.

I had lentils with tomatoes, onions, and spinach for lunch. I used cumin, curry, chipotle, and a bit of coriander to season them. For dinner I serve it over brown rice or pasta, for lunch I eat it as is.


NINA!!!! So good to chat together right now:) Oh that is awesome about your treadmill… great way to have a guide for where your feet are landing. I love that your dog gets to come with you on most trips… out of the country too! Awesome. Your lunch sounds amazing… send me some please:)


Ha! I remember those nursing textbooks!




Janae! Brace yourself for crazy nursing stories and tell Andrew about when he gets in his Med-surg classes. Totally worth it and it’s what got me through nursing school and passing my boards! Best of luck, Andrew!


I am right here with Andrew and he read your comment too… thank you! Thank you so much Ashley! I cannot wait for these stories!


Wait a second, I’ve been reading your blog a LONG time and I just found out Chipotle is not a favorite of yours?! WHAT!?! For real? I stopped going for a good while when people were getting sick and missed it SO much. We recently went back and I feel complete again with my fast casual restaurant choices!


PS I’m currently reading your blog…


i do like chipotle but i think it is way overrated. i can make a better bowl myself!!

Lunch was a big salad with a whole avocado (perfectly ripe…$$$), sweet potato, roasted almonds, and dried cranberries. Yummy


Oh man, I need a treadmill so badly!!

I feel very much the same about Chipotle as you…don’t hate it, but would rather go other places (but, I must admit I’m more of a Costa Vida girl than Cafe Rio :0 )

I just started reading the Mistborn series. LOTS of people said they loved it, but other said it was depressing. I guess we will see!

My lunch was all my kids leftovers for their lunch ha.

Excited for you to coach!!


I had a coconut yogurt parfait for lunch! So yummy.

Currently reading “The Nest” – Christmas gift from my mom that I’m only now getting around to reading!


I must have missed your announcement that you were taking classes to be a running coach! That is so exciting! :) I’m currently reading How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald since I’ve felt like I’ve needed a little bit of help on the mental side of running, especially for my next half marathon.


I just finished Long Way Gone by Charles Martin. It is a modern day version of the prodigal son. His writing was outstanding and the story sucked me in. I’ve been thinking about it since I finished it on Saturday. The story also talks a lot about music and how it affects all of us. As a musician it gave me a lot to think about.

Lunch was Green Papaya Salad at Maile’s Thai Bistro in Hawaii Kai.


We don’t have a Cafe Rio, so I can’t compare. We love Chipotle at my house, BUT that’s comparing it to Moe’s, Qdoba and a few others. Hands down feed me the barbacoa from Chipotle!!

I’m so glad you posted the treadmill tip. I run close for fear of falling off. I’ll give it a whirl when I’m forced to use the treadmill again.


Not a Chipotle fan but we do enjoy Qdoba. To be honest lately it is all about Wegmans. When I take my girls out that is what they pick. I think it is because we can all quickly pick a variety. I got my oldest into their California roll sushi. It is one grocery store out there that really does have excellent sushi!
I have my yearly self directed plan to present ( I am a teacher) on May 5th and my research piece is to present on 3 books, along with the social skills program I put into place in a preschool. So I feel like at this point that I should have one of those research books in my hand rather then a book for pleasure. It isn’t exactly working out that way…. I need to just finish those books so I can read some things for fun. My girls just started swim team tune up which is 3x a week so I really do need to find a book.
Lunch today- Spinach, Kale, Hardboiled egg, sweet potato with barbecue sauce and half a cinnamon roll to celebrate National Cinnamon Crescent day. I was proud of myself, I actually made them completely by scratch.


I’ve been seeing a LOT of donuts popping up lately, and everyone has got me craving them! I love any kind with chocolate.. and they have to be dense! Love seeing you hit those weights girl! Weight lifting FOR THE WIN!


It’s a pretty serious thing in our house and everyone is a chipotle devotee. :)


Have you seen this? Saw it and thought of you ….


I like Chipotles…but I don’t think I’ve been there in years, so apparently not enough to actually go there lol. We have SO many taco / texmex places in Austin, that we usually go to more local ones.


Love Chipotle! Need to find a book to read. Last few were duds.


hahah Brooke bought gold shoes to grow into? That is so cute and so somethign I would have done as a kid. I’m pretty sure I learned about maple bars from your blog and have never had one yet seen one in real life, but they look so good! I was not that huge of a chipotle fan.. until they got tofu! That tofu is soo good and now I love their burrito bowls a lot


I do NOT like Chipotle. I really don’t know why, but I am just not a fan. I am currently reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist – so good. You should read it once you are done studying for your test!


I’m with you … I don’t love Chipotle at all! I could be down for their chips and guac but their bowls/burritos just have too much stuff going on in them. It’s overwhelming!


I used to really like Chipotle until I moved to Utah and tried Cafe Rio and Costa Vida…I rarely go there now. Tell Andrew good luck in nursing school. All the hard work will pay off. I have been a nurse for 5 years now and it is a very rewarding job! I am reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Really good!!!!


I don’t really care for Chipotle. It’s too expensive for meh tacos and burritos. But I’m spoiled here in Houston with very cheap and homemade good tacos out of these little taquerias and trucks (before food trucks were a thing).

I’m currently reading two books (one for the downstairs and one for the bedroom). The downstairs book is The Heighs of Macchu Picchu by Pablo Neruda. I just got back from Chile and he’s a famous poet. This book has his poems inpsired by a trip to Macchu Picchu, which were analyzed and translated into English (but also shows the Spanish). I’m not a huge poetry fan, but it’s a short read and I did buy it. The upstairs book is Haunted by Chuck Palhniuk (who wrote Fight Club). It’s a about people locked in a house for three months to write their epic poem, story, film, etc. It’s all him writing, but each character in the book writes a chapter from their perspective. It’s an interesting read.

I just got done reading The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson about a Latin teacher in a small English village right before WWI happens. It’s really great and I ighly recommend it. I bought it in the airport on the way to Chile on a whim and was happy with my choice.


Hi Janae! What’s your recipe for dinner? It looks good.


I have a random question, did you ever do a post about all the house projects you guys did?? I remember you said you were going to and I kept looking for it! Just wondering if I missed it. Your house looks super cute from it being in the background of photos! And I’m a sucker for seeing and hearing about how house projects turn out :)


Chipotle is too salty for me. Salsaritas is less salty = better.
My most recent read was Night by Elie Wiesel. Intense reading.
Lunch – Chicken and Veggies.
Just want to add my favorite donut – Peanut with white frosting inside. Awesome!!! I think it is generally a rarity.


Been a nurse for about 2 years now and seeing those books brings back some painful but great memories! Definitely tough going through nursing school but the end reward is so satisfying…sending positive vibes to Andrew! Also that tip about the treadmill…super helpful and something I definitely need to work on especially before summer rolls around. Texas does not play when it comes to heat in summer! Love and Light from San Antonio! ☺


It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. And the Best Part is, I’m just getting started!


Chipotle…YAY! We eat there at least once a week.

I’m reading Lauren Graham’s new book “Talking As Fast As I Can.” It’s good. Very funny.

I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Probably something left over from dinner last night…taco Tuesday!

Crazy that you know Mel. I follow her on IG. She’s friends with some BASE teammates of mine. Small blog/social media world.

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