16 pictures from my day.

Gonna go through the highlights from the day in 16 pictures:

1.  I started off Saturday morning by driving over to one of my favorite trails.  I wanted to get in 10 miles for the morning but when I hit about 2.5 miles my sister called and told me about my niece’s basketball game that was soon… change of plans.  I turned around to finish with 5 miles for the day.  46.5 miles for the week and I’ll just call my Friday run of this week (9 miles) my long run for the week.  I wore shorts and was a little hot in my long sleeved top, a very good feeling.  Long, medium or short run… I always come home feeling better and more optimistic—>  It’s just the hidden secret that runners all know but can’t explain why it happens.

Oh, also while I was out running yesterday a dog started chasing me and running under my feet etc.  I feel like this has been happening a lot lately… does this ever happen to you while you are out running?  This one was a small/medium dog but two weeks ago I had one that was bigger than Beretta jumping up on me while I was running.

2.  Straight from the run to the basketball game.


3.  Knox felt pretty cool that he stole the ball from my oldest nephew.


4.   Brooke told me that she is going to play basketball just like my niece when she grows up.  She definitely has the height advantage going on at this point in her life, let’s see if it helps her with basketball later on in life.  In just a few weeks we will all be at Brooke and Knox’s soccer games cheering them on… they are on the same team so that will be  fun.


5.  She won her game.  It was the last game of the season.  She wore a pair of Brooks PureFlows for the game… I swear those are lucky shoes:)


6.  The kids were inspired to be extra hyper and run everywhere they went after the game.


7.  From there we went straight to Costco.  It is Andrew’s bday in 9 days (PI DAY… 3/14) and since we will be gone the next few weekends, we are going to celebrate his bday and my mom’s bday today with a dinner.  On the menu—>  Ritz chicken, salad, mashed potatoes and a fruit salad.  PS Costco had sweet potatoes again so just go ahead and forget about the huge deal I made over the lack of sweet potatoes not that long ago.

IMG 1317

8.  Andrew requested Costco cheesecake for his birthday.  Not quite the birthday cake that he made for me but he loves it so we will top it with some strawberries and 29 candles.   We are doing a carrot cake for my mom’s birthday cake too (carrot cake and lemon cake are her favorites).


9.  Direct quote from Andrew:  “I will only eat grapes that are frozen for the rest of my life.”   If you haven’t tried frozen grapes, that is your homework assignment this week and let me know how it goes.

IMG 1322

10.  We had a babysitter for a few hours so we got together with the family while my brother from Kentucky is in town.


11.  It was a cereal for lunch kind of day so by the time it was dinner time, I was starving.   We went to the Cannon Center at BYU which is actually the cafeteria that I ate at when I was a freshman in college.  The thing is that the whole place has been remodeled since I was there and the food is so much better now… the best salad bar and dessert bar.  My mom and I both started off with some coconut pie first.  Dessert first should be a thing.


12.  We also all shared this 5 inch tall rice krispie treat.


13.  Little dude just smelling his waffle out before going for it.


14.  We got back home and the kids didn’t want the babysitter to leave:)  I’ll take that as a great sign.  Once she did we jumped on the tramp for a bit (my quads are sore from that… good thing it is a rest day today). Brooke was doing all sorts of tricks.


15.  One of my favorite things to do lately has been to go on a drive down to the lake to watch the sunset.


16.  Seeing this is a great way to end the day.



I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one!  Would love to hear what you are up to today! 

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I have to share yesterday’s craziness with you!! Can you believe that I ran my fastest half marathon ever in -27F! When I realized how cold it would be, I decided to have no time expectations whatsoever. No pressure, I just went in the race with an open mind ready to embrace the journey ahead. I focussed on the energy of this crazy bunch of people, on the rays of sunshine hitting my face despite the extreme cold. I stayed focus on my breathing and kept a smile on my face the entire time. I realized with about 2 miles to go that a PB was possible and I actually cut 2 minutes from my faster half, ten years ago. I still can’t believe it but am thrilled to see what my body can do when I have the right frame of mind for me.


Congrats! That is AMAZING! I could barely get myself out the door this morning in single digits. It’s so true about having the right frame of mind. I remind myself when the going gets tough that I’ll be ‘begging’ for the time later in, so I’d better enjoy it now!

Enjoy your accomplishment!!!! And a warm bath!


Thank you so much for your kind words Caroline. The shower after did feel amazing! And the warm breakfast too!


MEL!!!!! Huge huge huge congrats on your fastest 1/2 marathon! And in that temperature?!?! Wow!!!


Thanks for your good words Janae. It means a lot to me!


Oh my gosh, I grew up playing basketball!!! I hope she plays— It was SO much fun for me and it feels good to be a badass gal on the court! ;)


I’m always in awe of where you live!! Between all of the fun places to bring the kiddos, the mouth-watering pictures from your restaurants, and all of the gorgeous postcard pictures… It’s beautiful! I like where I live too – on the other side of the country – but your pictures make me think “road trip”!!!


I think a road trip would be a great idea and I will take you all around and we will run some really beautiful places! Enjoy the rest of your day and start planning that road trip!!!


Looks awesome! Happy birthday Andrew and Mommy!! Looks like a lot of good food over there! I am relaxing today and writing up blog posts on travels from last summer in Europe!!


Andrew’s birthday is pie day! You should make him a quiche for breakfast if he likes that, and cheesecake is great because it’s actually a pie. (I don’t care if they named it a “cake,” if it has a crust, it’s a pie.)


We’ve been having the same issue with dogs lately. It’s funny because owners will always say: “the dog is friendly” but you never know. Dogs can be friendly for their owners but not strangers.

I’m glad you got to run a bit on your favorite trails. 9 miles have been my longest run recently (minus the half I ran last month).


Exactly… you never know and even friendly dogs trip us big time if we don’t see them and they run right under us! HEY… HUGE CONGRATS HOLLIE on your 4 miler today.. you amaze me!


No pie for dessert on Pi day?!

Today was four miles on the treadmill, and then a belated birthday taco lunch with the extended family, courtesy of my wonderful husband.

Have a wonderful Sunday Janae!


I’ve had dogs chase me lots of times while running! I used to live in rural Wisconsin for a while and would run on the country roads. There were a few dogs that were quite aggressive and would chase us running or biking, it was scary. I also had a super friendly dog decide to tag along for my run once in my parents’ neighborhood in Houston. He was not aggressive in the least, but I was worried for him because we were getting kind of far from his house and close to busy streets. I think I eventually stopped and walked back towards his house until he went home. It was like 5 in the morning so I didn’t want to knock on the door at his house. He was a cutie though!


Oh my God! Your dresses are so pretty!

Today I will spend some time with my family and probably head the gym afterwards:)


Thank you Nathaly!!! Sounds like the perfect day, keep enjoying!


thank goodness for the sweet potatoes at costco! ;)

Today we are going for a run and then making pancakes with strawberries on top. YUM. It’s been so freaking warm here, I just want to spend all day out in the sunshine.

Oh Sunday is also clean sheets and doggie bath day in our house – very exciting and exotic, I know.


Where are you going?


Hey Becky!! I have a work trip coming up and taking Brooke to visit her dad too! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


I used to play basketball on the school team when I was your niece’s age. I have so many good memories.

Unfortunately I don’t have any fun stuff planned today. I have some homework and blogging that I have to get done.


Ok, this is totally irrelevant but how can you wear short sleeves when there is still snow? In Greece, we would put on at least five layers of heavy clothing :)


I want to come run in Greece! I’m not sure how I do it… maybe my body has just adjusted to freezing Utah!?!


Come come!
And you know, I live in Marathon!
I participate every year in the original race but I never finish it :)


Frozen grapes are absolutely the best.

Be very careful with dogs…stray or not. I am the hugest animal lover….so I get it…they just want to play…but I was once knocked over by a dog that ran between my feet while I was running. The owner couldn’t control the leash, it got away and I had to go to the ER for a deep gash on my knee. I needed stitches and since it on my kneecap, I couldnt run the entire summer. Not fun.

I always always get extremely cautious, cross the street, slow down or stop running until I feel it’s safe. As Hollie mentioned, the owners will tell you they are friendly, but it’s just the dogs nature to run, play, chase.

And lastly…YAY for sweet potatoes!!!


Oh btw! I think the reason you’re noticing dogs more is because they are noticing you! They smell Berretta on you and are coming out to explore the scent. I can always tell when walking my dog down the street who has dogs and who doesn’t just walking past them based on how much interest she shows!


That is so so true! I didn’t even think about that… thank you Krista!


Costco’s cheesecake is so amazing. Andrew’s a smart guy! Happy early birthday to him and your mom!

For several years off and on, Virginia Tech has been named as the university with the best food. Believe me, it wasn’t like that when I was there!


Unrelated but can you tell me where you got your striped sheets that were shown in a previous post? Love them. Thanks!


HEY!!! Ask away:) So we got those at Home Goods! The brand of the sheets are Tommy Bahama. I hope that helps!


What a lovely way to end your day. Sunday was hot and windy. We shot hoops and had lunch at the park under the trees. A highland band was practicing nearby, the bagpipes sound awesome to me:)


I ran my half on Sunday! It was a blast! My 3rd fastest time and gorgeous weather!


SO cute that Brooke & Knox will be on the same soccer team! Costco cheesecake is the best and frozen grapes are my favorite. My grandma got me hooked on them when I was young and I’ve been eating them that way ever since.


All the comments …

– my anniversary is Pi Day! My husband had pi for our wedding – not because it was Pi day, but because they are his favorite. We didn’t connect that it was Pi day until a few years in.

– DOGS! UGH. I’m deathly afraid of them on my run’s. I typically only run on the campus of the University that I work at/live by for that very reason. I’ve also had a few close encounters while on group bike rides. It’s infuriating when the owner’s are outside and don’t do anything about the dogs! My friend carries a taser and that typically freaks them out and they back off.


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