Time for PAIN WE ENJOY:) +Silentish Saturday!

I signed up for this race a few months ago and decided yesterday morning that I really wanted to do it:)  The half I am focusing on is in 2 weeks so I’m using this morning as a 13.1 mile long run with a group of friends and we are going to have a blast.  I’ve done this marathon twice and this half-marathon twice too and I just couldn’t imagine not being there again today!  Brooke is going to do the kid’s race too and she feels like a big deal with her race bib now.  PS this race’s (Utah Valley) theme is PAIN YOU ENJOY… love it.

Started day with no run and a trip for breakfast instead.

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Brooke loves this place for the whipped cream.

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Stopped at my parents’ house for a minute.

IMG 7574

Brooke’s favorite trip to Costco ever= Beauty and the Beast.  I picked up sweet potatoes, chicken and avocados (among other things) to keep my lunch streak alive.

IMG 7585

Took a movie break.

IMG 7595

Took off to the expo and I was very excited to see BROOKS there!

IMG 7604 2

Race SWAG.

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Thanks Andrew;)

IMG 7603

Gotta go through it all.

IMG 7612

I was excited to get a wind jacket (with thumbholes) instead of a race t-shirt!

IMG 7617

Reading + apples +almond butter + peanut butter.  (dinner was simple noodles and chicken at home)

IMG 7622

We are organized.

IMG 7614

It is supposed to be windy and hot today so my race in two weekends will feel like a million bucks when it is cool and not windy;)

IMG 7572

This alarm is going to hurt…

IMG 7620


What is your weekend running looking like?  Any races?  Long runs?

What’s the earliest you have waken up for a race or long run?

What are you looking forward to today?

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That is an early wake up call. I think 4am was my earliest.

I’m looking forward to bedtime today. I’ve been in a funk and nothing seems to feel better than sleep. Hoping this passes soon. Probably because I’ve been so busy the last few weeks I just need to reset.

Good luck to you and Brooke!


Good luck on the race!!!! I think I have gotten up around 4 at the earliest. Crazy how I don’t ever want to roll out of bed in the AM, but race day I jump out of bed!
This weekend I work but I hope to get a few runs in, too. This week back after vacation and my race has been so busy, so I missed a few runs, but hope to get back to it today!


I’m training my dog to run with me, so I have a paltry 3 miles today to continue acclimating her to running. Those are my favorite runs: when I’m bonding with my dog Maybelline. Hope your race was spectacular.


That is awesome Becca! I hope the training is going amazing… love the bonding that goes on with a run! THANK YOU and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Doing the Race for the Cure today to support a friend going through breast cancer right now. Our team was on the news yesterday for being the 2nd biggest team in 2017 so far. Over 50 people, woot woot !!! 3:30 am is my earliest for a race wake up call. I do the same one every year, and it’s coming up June 24th. It’s a race that winds through a campground….it’s gorgeous and shady with a few hills, it’s so nice all the campers sit out to cheer you on, BUT it’s a morning race and all those campers are cooking bacon and eggs over the fire….talk about torture !!!!!!!!! Looking forward to coming home to swim in the pool today! We upgraded my daughter from the largest kiddie pool to one of those 10′ x 2′ Intex blue bubble looking pools. That means I fit too ! Going to be hot this weekend, so very excited for that.


Michelle, that is so special that you are doing this race for your friend that is going through breast cancer right now. OVER 50… WOW! Your race on the 24th sounds amazing (oh the smell would make me want to stop and eat with people ha;) Enjoy your swim today and I hope the race was amazing this morning!


have a great time at the race. and challah French toast is the best French toast there is – looks delicious!


Good luck to you and Brooke! I’m looking forward to a full race recap from her ;)

Already got my “long” run in this morning. 4 miles for week 1 of training for my first half marathon. I had extra motivation to get up and get it done because I’m leaving for Florida today! It’s mostly a business trip, but I’m going to make sure I spend plenty of time at the pool :)


More camper stuff for us today! Hopefully some big progress made with it


I can’t wait to hear how the race went for you and Brooke! I hope she has so much fun. :)


Love Brooke’s “Garmin” ready to go with her race outfit.

I think we got up at 3:30 for a Disney race.

Looking forward to seeing my niece and nephews.


So nice to meet you in person today janae!! Hope I didn’t seem too stalkerish calling out your name :)
I got up at 3am today to make it over from Orem. Soooo tired now! But had a great time at the race and it as so beautiful!


LAURA… I am SO beyond happy that you said hi. Seriously, thank you… it made my day! You got up at 3?! Please tell me you are going to take an amazing nap today! Way to go and so happy you had a great time!


Yes nap for sure! :) I was so paranoid about missing the busses since it was my first race where I couldn’t just drive to the start so yeah, probably woke up way earlier than necessary but now I know for next time! :)


Psyched to run the race with you today! Seeing you just ahead helped pull me up that first hill. Thank you for providing me months of motivation!


RANEE!!! Oh this makes me SO SO happy!!!! You did amazing!! PLEASE keep in touch! Oh and that first hill… something else:)


Beth from Shut Up + Run is doing that race. I would love to meet her. If you see her, take a picture for us. I would imagine she is a riot as her blog leaves me cracking up all the time.

And have fun out there! I have never been to Utah. I have been eyeing a running camp in Moab over the last few months. I might bight the bullet and go in March of 2018.

I ran 6+ this AM. Not my normal amount for a Saturday but my legs have been tired for literally over a month and they felt great this AM so I did not want to push it. Between the trail races I have done and another in a couple of weeks in VT I just want to be happy and healthy and go into it feeling fresh.

Suns out, so I will be outside for the weekend Take care out there!!!!


Have fun at the race!!

I’m running hills, short today, and long tomorrow with friends. No races on the agenda until August.

I pretty much get up at 4am on the daily so that I can have coffee before my run. Craziness.

My niece is spending the weekend with us, so I am looking forward to some fun family time!


3:45 is about my earliest too. I am so glad you ran today because that meant I got to see you. I just don’t know how you manage to still look gorgeous/flawless after running 13 miles.

Also, it makes me happy that you did, in fact, go to Target and get that romper for Brooke. Seeing it reminded me that I forgot to get it for Felicity. Off to see if they have it online!


Hahaha when I see something I love… I GO. Remember the peaches we discussed that day too? Yep, went to Costco too. LOVED being with you today.


Doing the Forest 5K trail run tomorrow! It doesn’t start until 8:30 am so no super early wake up call! Good luck! Look forward to the race recap!


That’s so fun that they have a kids race and that Brooke is so excited to do it! Hopefully you’ll be able to watch her if the timing with the half works out.



Good luck on the race! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


I hope you have a wonderful race!!! I don’t remember what time it was, but I think the Disney World Marathon might be the earliest I’ve ever woken up for a race. It was worth it though!


I wish I was doing a long run! My doctor is worried about my new shin splints, so it’s swimming only for me for a few weeks:( I’m a TERRIBLE swimmer, but I guess this is my opportunity to improve!!

I’ve never had to get up before 4am for a race! Usually 4:15 or 4:30 if it’s a 7am start and t’s a drive away.

My niece’s ballet recital is today! So excited to see her dance, and to see my old dance teacher.


Good luck! So cute that Brooke is also racing!


Can’t wait for Brooke’s race recap….she has to do one. It will be really good!

I ran 7.5 miles at 5:30 a.m. and then drove two hours to get another dog. She’s a 9 year old lhasa apso rescue. I’m so excited to have two!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


3:45 is about my earliest, too. How sweet that you and Brooke are running the race “together!” I can’t wait for that to happen for me :) I got to my AIT base for the Army School of Music this weekend, so we’ve been exploring Fort Story and practicing so far! Today is the first church service, and I’m excited to go! Hope you have a great Sunday!


Seeing the picture of your dad reminds me to ask: How is he doing since his accident several months back?
My favorite grocery shopping day happened 25 years ago when I was 4 years old. I was with my Grandpa and it was near my birthday and he bought me Beauty and the Beast (on vhs!). That is one of my favorite memories with my Grandpa and still my very favorite movie!


I love that Brooke is your little running partner! It’s so sweet.




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