Tuesday Tangents!

Gotta love seeing my sister at the gym!  She came over and chatted with me while I did my warm-up of 2 miles and the time flew by… too bad she didn’t stay to talk me through the workout portion ha.  I don’t know what it was about the last week or so but my speed work has gone downhill (and no I’m not pregnant… I’ve gotten quite a few emails about that;) and I am guessing that is because neither Andrew or I have felt very great.  It happens.  And it only took me like a decade to not let running change my mood for the rest of the day.  It’s just running… we do it because we love it, not to make us feel bad the rest of the day.  My prescribed workout for today was a 3 x 3 mile workout but instead I did a 3, 2, 1 mile workout and I will build back up to the 3 x 3 mile workout from where I am.  10 miles total for the day which I am pretty happy with though.  I’ll do a 5-6 mile tempo this week and a long run and call it good:)

I’ve had a few people wanting to follow along with Andrew’s speed work so here was what he did this morning.   These are just like yasso’s and he started with 5 and will go up from here.  He did so good!

2560x1440 light blue solid color background

Us walking into the gym because I’m sure you wanted to know what our mood was at this exact moment of the day.  Post-run we were both smiling and you could see a small glimmer of sunlight.

IMG 9078

Time for some tangents!!!

*Brooke had a little playdate today and I think Beretta felt a little left over so she joined them… or maybe she just knows they will share their snacks;)

IMG 9089

*Brooke doesn’t play a ton with girls her age because she is usually just chilling with Knox but it is fun to hear her talk with another little girl  and do manicures etc.


*This is one of my all-time favorite memories with Brooke.  I have shared this picture before but I came across it again and it made me tear up.  After pretty much everyone had left our wedding and we were just about to leave ourselves for a week in Mexico, Brooke grabbed my hand and asked if we could play tag together.  Shoes off and running around where we had the ceremony.  It is a very sweet memory for me.  I loved that our kids still remember little parts of that day and talk about them to us.

IMG 0280

*On another note, if you saw the Lady Gaga performance during the Super Bowl on Sunday and you have kids this will make you laugh…

IMG 9067

*Another picture from free froyo day… they gave everyone coupons to come back again for like $1 off and their marketing scheme worked because I want to go back now.

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*Tanya ran another 1/2 marathon (she is the one that had the marathon that got cancelled so she and her friend went out and ran 26.2 miles on their own… on her bday).  She saw this and thought of me… I’m flattered:)


*Andrew gave me a pretty important task that might take me a while tonight.  He told me to choose which birthday cake I want out of a huge book of options.

IMG 9090

*Pink Lady apples… in my opinion, the best brand of apples.  Anyone else?


*This drink… we tried it at Andrew’s aunt’s house and we are both hooked now.  It has a very strong coconut flavor


*Lunch was a layer of rice, topped with grilled chicken and more of our cowboy caviar.  We added more avocado and hot sauce (chipotle hot sauce) post picture.


*Tuesday vibes.  Headbands make not washing your hair even that much easier… but finally I did wash it so that is a good thing.

IMG 9076

*This post was written while listening to some beautiful trumpet serenades.

IMG 9095

*I’m trying to come up (from Pinterest) with some crafty Valentines Day ideas for Andrew and the kids but I don’t know how to do crafts.  Somebody wanna come over and help me?


What is your favorite brand of apple?  

What did you have for lunch?  Did it keep you full for awhile or not so much?

Parents reading… do your kid’s play any instruments?  We want the kids to take piano lessons but how old do kid’s start doing that?

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I recently tried those bai drinks at a local race too and really liked them. If they weren’t so pricey I would drink them all of the time!

Is that a Brooks headband in your first photo? I like how thick their headbands are. I feel like my hair stays in place.


Yeah the price tag is lame.. a little cheaper at Costco but still. That one is actually a Lululemon headband from a few years ago. I love those ones because they are thick and they don’t move around at all!


My fav kind of apple is Ambrosia or Gala.

For lunch today I had a salad and an apple. I can’t cook anything for lunch at work (I can heat up leftovers) but prefer to keep it simple. I do have plenty of snacks throughout the day.

I tend to eat a “big” dinner when it should be the other way around. Oh well. I like eating and cooking with the hubs.


I’ve never tried the Ambrosia brand! Guess I need to asap! Oh I don’t think there is a right or a wrong way to have a big meal:) Snacks are the best anyways! I hope you are having a beautiful day Becky!!


I love honeycrisp apples. And Granny Smith with peanut butter.

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. I’ve been eating too much peanut butter lately if that’s even possible.


Oh I forgot about honeycrisp… those are AMAZING! No such thing as too much peanut butter;)


We love Pink Lady’s at our house, too! I And, I agree, the Bai Coconut Water is so yummy. I add water to mine so it lasts longer. It still tastes great!


Maybe I should try that ha… I just love the strong flavor:) I hope you have a Pink Lady and some Bai Coconut Water soon and enjoy the rest of your day!


Yellow Delicious are tops for me but my kids prefer Gala or Pink Lady. Your lunch looks amazing! I had teriyaki chicken tacos with pineapple pear sala and it was awesome! Totally sustained me through the afternoon. My kids have a drum set and a keyboard. I would love for them to take piano (there are SO many benefits to taking music lessons!) but for now they’re more interested in banging out their own rhythms on the drums. Thank goodness for basements!


Honeycrisp are my favorite but I enjoy Pink Lady and Gala apples as well. (actually I like most apples).

I had an odd random lunch. My father-in-law sent me beef barley soup (we bought him the mix for Christmas) and I had two small slices of leftover pizza. (those gluten-free pies are little). My husband had the same thing. :) It did keep me full.

I tried a Bai drink, I don’t remember which flavor, but wasn’t a fan.

My husband teaches music, he says when kids really show an interest and can sit and practice for a bit they are ready. It’s not fun for anyone if you’re fighting with them to play. (some kids enjoy banging on the piano but hate lessons).


Pink lady apples are by far my favorite also!


Honeycrisp are my #1, but Pink Lady are a close second.

I love those drinks. I will be getting a case in my next subscribe and save shipment from amazon. It is the way to go. I always get my 5 items (to get the extra 15% off) and I change what those 5 items are each month depending on what we need and what is on sale. I got a case of 12 of those drinks for $14. Not too shabby.

Lunch was roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes, scrambled with eggs and bacon. It kept me full. But not so full that I didn’t eat mini cadbury eggs after. I will never be THAT full.

I hope whatever cake Andrew makes for you, you eat the whole thing…and an entire container of ice cream to go with it ;)


My all time fav apple is honey crisp, but it’s usually too expensive so I’ll settle with Gala or Pink Lady depending on how they smell and if they look crispy :)

Lunch was roasted kobucha (Japanese pumpkin) and smoked chicken breast. My lunch at work is at 10:45 so I’m usually starving by dinner time ;)


We start piano lessons in first grade and secondary instruments in sixth grade. The second instrument is optional but piano is not. ? Just be prepared for the bills–we spend about $500/month in music lessons right now and we still have three kids who are too young for lessons!


Pink ladies for the win! They taste like pink starburst.
I did Andrew’s last week speed work last week and this morning. I didn’t do the 10.1. I did 9.1. I’m scared I’ll fly off the treadmill at 10.1. I will try this new one, too. Thanks for sharing.


Oh that is AWESOME! Way to go Lee! Yeah… I am afraid of flying off the treadmill too! Let me know what you think and have a fabulous week!


Granny Smith. Pink Ladies are awesome too.
Tuna on Ezekiel bread. Not so much.

I would love to try the cowboy caviar-is the corn cooked or steamed?

Thanks so much.


Hey Mary!!! I usually boil it/cook it in a big pot of water! Right now we couldn’t find any fresh corn so we used canned corn but the fresh cooked corn is the absolute best! Let me know if you try it!


It’s delicious. Used fresh corn from Costco. Ty!


We had egg salad sandwiches for lunch. I put avocado in with just a little mayo to bind it all together.

I play the piano and my husband plays the trumpet. I also taught piano lessons for a while. I think my youngest student was 6. It takes a lot of patience to teach little ones and the parents have to commit to practice time. But if you find the right teacher you can make it work.


Pink lady and McIntosh apples are the best!
I had Coconut Rice and Teriyaki Chicken for lunch, it was great for awhile…but I’m always hungry ;)


Crafts give me anxiety! But there is one Valentine’s craft that has made its way into being a family tradition. We heart-attack each other’s bedroom doors about a week before Valentine’s Day. You only need construction paper, scissors, tape, and something to write wth. We each write what we love about each other on one or two paper hearts and seeing them on the doors throughout February is a great way to remember that we love each other.


We do that too! I usually start on the 1st and put one heart each day on their door with a big one on the 14th.


I will only eat pink lady apples and when I only have 2 left I book it to the store. Can’t go a day without my pink lady ?


My favorite apples are which ever ones are *not* Red Delicious *and* cost .99/lb or less. The crisper, the better – mushy apples are yucky apples.
I had avocado toast with shredded chicken on top for lunch. Totally yummy and kept me satisfied until 15 minutes after my run…then I was all of a sudden starving!


Hi Janae! I did a craft for my husband a few years ago that he really loved. You take a deck of cards and write something you love about him on each one, then put it together with binder rings. Its on pinterest (of course). So not really a kid activity but its a good one! ?


Okay, I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! That is an awesome one! I’m going to be doing this! THANK YOU!


Yay!! Have fun! :)


I started piano around 1st grade. Highly recommend! I don’t play at the moment (apartment living…my neighbors would hate me!), but I will when we have a house!

For lunch I made Chicken pot pie soup! I got Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook (Cravings) a couple months ago…it’s awesome!! I love it!


Last weekend I made a heart garland with the kids. I don’t do crafts either, but this was easy. I drew hearts on construction paper, my seven-year-old cut them out, and then both kids decorated them. I taped them on a string and hung it on the wall over the kitchen table. Easy, and the kids loved it.


In our house we have 1 kid that plays the trumpet, one that plays the drums and one that is in choir. It can get quite loud!
https://www.pinterest.com/pin/195273333819620393/ This one looks really fun! A small canvas painted in black and white stripes white red buttons glued on in the shape of a heart. Write Me + you on the bottom. Cute and easy!


*with, not white!


I’m going to try to make these pretty hearts with my boyfriend’s daughter, then we can decorate the windows with them so the sunlight can shine through them and look all pretty! http://www.marthastewart.com/272535/crayon-hearts?czone=holiday/valentine-center/valentine-cnt-gifts&gallery=274841&slide=272535&center=276967. We’re having a very special date with her on Valentine’s day having breakfast for dinner and making heart shaped everything with cookie cutters – pancakes, eggs, toast and of course heart shaped brownies (and ice cream) for dessert :)


We are going to be making these this year, probably with me doing the heart in glue and my son painting the pillow ?
We also talked about doing one for the grandmas with handprints in glue for Mother’s Day :)


Honeycrisps all the way! Braeburns are a good (cheaper!) substitute tho.

Did you see the Bai SuperBowl commercial w/ Justin Timberlake? Pretty cute.


LOL to the trumpet serenade! Long time reader, first time commenter, but that trumpet serenade is too funny not to comment on! Go Brooke! I can’t wait to have kids – it looks so fun (and I know it has its challenges too!) :)


I thought Pink Lady apples were objectively the best apple around!

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