Tuesday TANGENTS + achilles pain?

Happy Tuesday!  Sorry Andrew for cutting off your head in this picture.  Yesterday included getting a tire fixed and having it take so long that we had to go across the way and get something to solve the hanger.

When you haven’t had a Cafe Rio sweet pork salad in a what feels like a million years… it was delicious.

IMG 8384

*Brooke and I have been working on our secret handshake these days.

*A new world record for these four women (Emma Coburn, Sydney McLaughlin, Brenda Martinez and Jenny Simpson) at the 4,000 meter distance medley!   Simpson finished up the last leg of 1600m in 4:27.66—>  WOW.  Read more about it here!

Screen Shot 2017 01 30 at 1 18 34 PM

*I don’t remember what she was laughing about but I hope this happens often for as long as possible:

IMG 8228

*I have this thing with dreams lately where they seem SO real to me.  Okay, this has been a problem since my brothers burned my dollar bill in a dream back when I was 8 and it took me a while to forgive them.  I sent a text to my mom and sister about my latest dream (long story short… we were on Tower of Terror and it was awful) and my sister just replied back asking how long I was going to be mad at them because of my dream.

IMG 8358

*I don’t think I have posted this picture yet but it just makes me happy.


*Just testing out Beretta’s new bed… I think she will stick to her own;)

IMG 8362

*Their little personalities get stronger each day and I love it.


*All I want for my bday this year is for my sister to trim my hair and color my roots.  I’m really excited about this as you can tell so I’m going to post a picture of her curling her own hair.


*I’m trying to embrace winter a bit more and be like Beretta.

IMG 2725

*But all I want to do is be in my bed by 8 with as many blankets as possible… hormones might be doing that too me too ha.

IMG 8421

*I was searching for a picture and came across this one the other day.  Normally I would just want to delete it because of the dimples on my leg but not anymore.  No matter how many miles I run, or how thin I have been in the past… I will always have those dimples on the back of my leg when I sit down (and now when I am just standing they show up)… at the ripe ol’ age of almost 31, I really don’t care anymore:)  That feels nice.  Picture circa my first apartment on my own.

IMG 5573

*Mer sent this book to Andrew to read and he cannot wait.  She said the book is amazing.

IMG 8400

*According to Brooke, you can never wear enough pink.

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*Rapid Reboot sent over these amazing recovery boots to us.  Both Andrew and I tried them last night after our speed workouts earlier that day.  The compression boots are meant to help improve your blood circulation and help you to recover faster.  I’m excited to see if they help me to prevent DOMS.  We are going to try them out a bunch before I give all of my thoughts about them but so far… they feel like an amazing massage!

IMG 8407

*Trading in the running shoes today for something different…

IMG 8389

*I haven’t been skiing for years and years but decided to hit the slopes for a half day tomorrow (look at me embracing winter;).  Ski rental $12 and I’m crossing all of my fingers I don’t snap them in half somehow.  I used to ski a ton in high school (season’s passes to Park City were $99 when I was in school) but I haven’t been since.  Wish me luck.

IMG 8398

*Coming for you mountains (minus all of the wires)… I mean I wish it was for a trail run but I’m guessing skiing again will be just as fun.

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*I just really love this picture.  Also, I’m proud to say we successfully slathered the kids in enough sunblock that they never got sunburned while we were in Hawaii.  That was a big goal of mine.

IMG 6251

I have had a few different readers ask me about achilles tendinitis.  I have never experienced this (knock on wood) so I would LOVE to hear from any of you that have.  What helped?  How did yours come about?  What do you do now to prevent the problem?

This article was the best one that i have come across for information on achilles problems.

Do you remember your dreams often? 

Ski or snowboard?  Last time that you went?

Where are you at on accepting your body?

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I LOVE your secret handshake with Brooke! Too adorable :) And I’m definitely going to have to go with snowboarding if I had to choose. I actually am not a huge fan of either (I hate snow), but I prefer snowboarding over skiing. I haven’t been since college, though, so it seems like forever ago!

I’m so happy and encouraged to hear how accepting you are of your body now. I reached a point a while back when I realized we are all different, and I’m never going to look like other girls. I have flaws, but they’re part of who I am, and there really is no ideal way to look. As long as I’m feeling healthy and treating my body right, I don’t need to worry what the mirror tells me.


Great article. I’m currently getting my DPT and we just covered (extensively! haha) the Achilles tendon; this article is spot on and definitely includes all the “latest and greatest” research-wise that is coming out of the PT world. I’m dealing with some Achilles pain right now so this hits close to home…but also encourages me! ;-)


Can your Sister just go ahead & do my hair too? :-)


I’ve had some terrible dreams lately. Last night I dreamed I was in the mall during a mass shooting and survived but it was so scary. :(
Usually I forget my dreams but this one I have a feeling I won’t forget for a while.


I have so many weird dreams. My favorite is when I wake my husband up to tell him about my dream and then fall back asleep lol! I’ve had Achilles tendinitis but I got it from a combination of new (ill fitting) shoes and running too much too fast. I had to go to physical therapy and really work on ankle strength. That’s when I began to learn the importance of stretching and leg strength! I’m still wearing of running hills too much but I always foam roll and work on my calves.


I have had/still have Achilles issues and one thing that really helped me was improving my core/hip strength; if my hips swing, my foot starts to land funny.
Amazing point on the leg dimples- I am at the point where I am so in awe of the stuff my body has been able to do, coming out of over training and getting back into marathon shape, that I can’t, in good faith, talk any smack. Life is too tough and has too many obstacles, so being my own worst enemy is like running a marathon in ice-skates and blaming my legs for not going faster.


You had me at leg dimples!!! ;-)

Thanks for keeping it real because I can sooooo relate!!!


I went skiing for the first time yesterday! I fell down a bunch. It was awesome. There’s a thin line between fun-fast and scary-fast, and I crossed that line pretty consistently.


I got Achilles tendonitis when I trained for my first marathon! It got really bad when I upped my weekly milage to fast about 12 weeks before my race. I found that icing it nightly, taking advil round the clock, and resting it for about 2 weeks (read: no running! swim or hit the elliptical at a low resistance for 20-30 minutes a couple times a week) helped. Once the pain subsided and I started running again, I used KT tape during mid-distance to long runs to add some extra support, and iced my ankles right after. The best way to prevent the whole cycle from happening is to STICK TO YOUR TRAINING PLAN and increase milage gradually, stretch before and after you run, and take recovery days when you notice a little bit of soreness, rather than pushing until it’s unbearable!


i do remember my dreams often! sometimes they are funny or boring but sometimes they are so crazy insane that I can’t stop thinking about them!


I have CRAZY dreams, especially when I’m pregnant. Hubs knows not to bother me if I’m talking in my sleep because it’s so confusing and I get mad. I only remember a few a week. This week was about a pug with its face on the side of its head.

I have actually never been skiing or snow boarding. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and I met a professional snowboarder and he, in so many words said that if you don’t try it before 30 then you won’t be able to do it and it was on my 30th bday. Haha.

I feel like this whole ‘accepting my body thing’ isn’t something that’s ever complete. It’s something that I have to work on each and every day. Running/working out helps because feeling strong is way more important than being thin. Having a daughter who is more worried about books and sports than how she looks is such a blessing and a reminder of what is truly important in life.


My husband and I are so bad about getting mad at each other over something we did in a dream. Okay, not really mad but we do give each other a hard time over it. One morning when I was getting ready for school, my husband woke up, said “I’m mad at you. You were a jerk in my dream”, and went right back to sleep. He couldn’t remember later if he’d actually said that.


I had recurring achilles tendonitis when I was still dancing full time, probably just from overuse and pointe. I did all the usual stuff (RICE) but it always came back if I went too hard or too long without rest.
I don’t dream very often but when I do they’re super vivid and usually violent (I’m pretty sure that’s weird but it’s been like that since I was a kid). I remember when I was pregnant giving my husband loads of crap for what “dream Danny” did lol, it’s a wonder he didn’t just leave until I turned back into a normal person…


My dreams have been especially vivid lately. Not sure how I feel about that because they sometimes provide direction and answers I am seeking but just as often are terrifying.
I have struggled ALL MY LIFE with body image. I would like to say I’m now accepting but aging is very hard. I am very grateful that I am healthy and for the most part happy but that demon is tenacious. :(


If you had not pointed out the leg dimples I never would have noticed! So many of us are so critical of ourselves when it comes to our bodies, never even realizing that no one else notices. I am trying to be much more mindful of that this year and to not debate for 20 minutes if I should post a picture only to decide no. That’s just such a waste of valuable time!

I get angry about dreams too! I leave the house before Adam wakes up in the morning, and some mornings I’ll send him a text when I get to my office that just says “I’m so mad!” and his response is always, “what did you dream about this time” :D


I am in a good but funny body place. The funny part is that I like weight and body like a hobby (whoa, typing that sounds funny). With the “hobby” I used to have a measurement tool of the scale. I just kept letting it go down and down and down so that I had a sense I was doing something. Then when that got too low, I again had the scale for the weight to go up. Now I really am content with my look, so I want to have some form of measurement I can tie with a goal, but it cannot really be weight because as I said that is right where it should be. Don’t know if this makes sense, but that’s where I am at.


omg @ my dreams. Sometimes they are VERY REAL, and it takes a while for me to accept that it wasn’t reality.

I have never been snow boarding or skiing! Water skiing? Yes.:)

I think we all work on acceptance of ourselves in one way or the other. Whether it’s our body (which seems easier to criticize) or our personality (which seems tougher to criticize), we seem to try to find something wrong or different. I think that you can finally start living when you reach 100% acceptance of yourself.<3


Loving all of these achilles tips! I’ve been dealing with it for over a year. I have cut out most hills and slowed way down and that has helped get rid of it for the most part. It’s still there, just not nearly as bad.
Love the part about accepting your body! I am way more focused on what my body can do and what fuel is going to make my workouts or just me in general feel better and what is going to make me feel worse. As long as i’m working out and feeding myself healthy foods (for the most part), I’m okay. Although it is not currently swimsuit season so once that hits that may change.


I do exactly the same with dreams but my mum is the worst for it – she was once mad at her boyfriend for 3 days because he cheated on her in her dream – I normally have to be the voice to reason and remind her that it is just a dream!

I’m getting better at accepting my body – I love how the movement is changing and the emphasis is now on being strong rather than skinny. I also love seeing plus sized models – I think it is becoming more realistic and I love that!


I LOVE skiing but living in Kentucky, I don’t get the chance to go very often. I’ve always been so jealous that you live in Utah and could go skiing whenever you want, but was curious why you never did! My husband and I brought our 7 and 9 year old kids to Park City and Deer Valley before Christmas this year. It was awesome. I’m sure you know this, but I would highly recommend Deer Valley over Park City (unless you have a snowboarded with you).

I also love your honesty about the leg dimples. I am a thinner person and run 60-70 miles/week, but those butt/thigh dimples will never go away! I’m OK with it though ;)


I have never skied or snowboarded……………too nervous!
And I am feeling pretty good about where I am now with my body. Sure it is a few pounds more than my lightest weight, but those 5-10 pounds came from training for 2 marathons and 5 half marathons, and I know I am stronger now than back then. My clothes fit me, my husband thinks I look great, and except for the occasional “I feel fat” day, I love my body…………It has done some amazing things!

Have a great day!


LOL! I have crazy dreams all of the time that mess with me. I had a dream during my first pregnancy that the baby came and it was not my husband’s. Not even a possibility (obviously), but I carried that worry for the rest of my pregnancy! It was so dumb! Hahaha. My husband thought it was pretty funny.
I have transitioned from feeling pressure to get my old pre-pregnancy body back to thinking about how amazing it’s been lately. My baby will be 2 months in a few days and I’m already back to running solid distances at a great (for me) pace. I’m also on runstreak day 31! I’m a solid ten pounds heavier than I was this time last year, but, honestly, I feel better. I still have ‘I feel gross’ moments, but they happen less and less. We’re the same age, so maybe it’s a natural part of getting wiser. :)
Anyway, I’m having an annoying morning and your blog just cheered me up. So thank you! Happy Tuesday!


I’ve battled Achilles tendinitis for about two and a half years. It started after I ran my first marathon, I jumped back into running too fast I think, and I’ve been dealing with it ever since. I’ve tried EVERYTHING from different shoes, shoe inserts, tried the braces they make especially for Achilles tendon and nothing seemed to help. I cut out all hill running, iced after every run, and some days it would be totally fine, and the next day I wouldn’t even be able to walk normal getting out of bed. I took plenty of time off of running, and I’ve drastically reduced mileage over the years. It’s been over a year since I ran even a 10K. I’m finally seeing improvement. I’ve focused on strengthening my glutes. I think weak glutes can be a cause of a lot of running injuries and we don’t even realize we have them! I’ve also found that properly warming up my achilles before I run has prevented pain during and after the run. I use this roll on gel called Sweet Sweat. I apply it to my whole ankle, achilles, and lower calf before I run. It helps to promote circulation, and then I wear compression socks.


I know this is an old post but thank you Janae and everyone who commented for the Achilles tips!!!


I would be in heaven if I lived so close to the slopes!! Here in Ohio we only get in a couple of ski trips a year because we have to travel a distance to get to the slopes, but I just booked our vacation out to Colorado for 4 days of skiing in March. Can’t wait!! Hope you had a good time and didn’t break anything ;)
I’m digging those new robot legs of yours. They look like they would be quite comforting!


The Rapid Reboot massagw gear looks amazing. My calves are always tight so I could definitely use that.

Knock on wood, I’ve never had issues with Achilles tendinitis but I’ve heard several people say it’s more stemmed from tight calves. Might be something for them to look into?


Just had a Café Rio fix while visiting Falls Church, VA this weekend. SOOOOO good!!


I never really thought about my body until I was about halfway through college and decided something needed to change. I’m still in progress but whenever insecurities rise up, I remind myself that I can probably outlast a lot of ‘skinny’ girls at distance running. Not to mention, I don’t know what others are going through health-wise so it’s not a good habit to compare. I’m very thankful that my parents taught us find value in ourselves in accordance with education, good ethics, and respect rather than our looks. I still get really uncomfortable when people give me compliments on my appearance!! (so weird haha)


YAY for leg dimples! That only means you’re a woman. Our bodies are designed to store fat so that we’re able to carry babies. Instead of looking at that as an “imperfection” we should look at it as a feature of our female bodies, and own it!!

At this point, I’m so grateful because my female body allows me to run and accomplish my fitness goals.


When I dream, it is always very realistic (real people, etc) – and I seem to dream in waves: like I will have a week full of dreams in a row, then none for a while.


I rarely dream or at least, remember my dreams, but during my pregnancy my dreams were so vivid. Strange.
I’m finally at a good place with my body recently. I’ve been through an eating disorder (years ago), recovery and pregnancy and now that I am five months postpartum I feel the best I’ve felt in a while! Pregnancy opened my eyes to just how strong our bodies are and the amazing changes that happen!


Hormones are making you want to go to bed at 8? Is this a hint? #teambabyjandrew I remember my dreams the most when there is big change in my life. And they are usually nightmares then too. Sometimes I fear going to sleep when its happening. It totally helps me empathize with my kids nightmares.
I’m not a very self conscious person. I’ve learned to focus mostly on what my body can do. This is the result of having a four kids and being an “older” mom. And I love it.


The hormones comment made me think the same exact thing…


Oh hey girls! I meant it as hormones as in I am about to start my period:) still have that iud!


I used to love snowboarding when I was in junior and senior high. I lived not far from where the 88 Olympics were held in Calgary, so I’d go snowboarding after school. When I moved for university there wasn’t anywhere to snowboard nearby so I haven’t done it since.


I almost always remember my dreams. They really affect my mood when I wake up, which is such a strange feeling when you know that it didn’t actually happen! I have never been skiing, but I’ve been snowboarding a lot–so much fun, but I hate being cold, so I wimp out pretty quickly.


I do tend to remember my dreams. I woke up once after dreaming my husband was divorcing me (he wasn’t) and I saw him lying there next to me so I went to punch him. I realized it was a dream before I actually hit him, but it was close. ;-)

I have never been skiing or snowboarding. I am kind of prone to injury and really figured I’d break a leg. I did like ice skating though.

I’m more accepting of my body in general. It’s not perfect but I can do amazing things with it.


Skier! Tried boarding for a few seasons but spent way too much time on my booty. I have taken up cross country skiing this year and am LOVING it for cross training! Great way to get cardio in and a nice break from pounding the joints.


My dad was a ski instructor and started me skiing at age 2. We had to go skiing every weekend because he was teaching and in hindsight, it was really amazing to be able to do that as a family every winter. Then I got married, moved to an acreage, had 2 kids and didn’t ski for about 10 years when my 3 year old son begged me to let him learn to snow board. (He is an instructor and ski guide now). Long story short, after 10 years of my not skiing, it was EXACTLY like riding a bike…it felt so easy and natural and I’m sure it will be the same for you, have tons of fun!!


Never been snowboarding, but the last time I went skiing was oh gosh–probably 3 years ago! It’s been SO LONG. They had the nicest poutine there too.


I’ve dealt with flare-ups of Achilles pain multiple times. Sometimes it’s just mild pain, occasionally it stops me from running for a few days. My only advice is to stretch and foam roll like it’s your job and live your life in a good pair of compression socks.

I dream every single night, but I almost never remember them, unless I think about them a lot immediately upon waking up.

I used to live in Minnesota and skiing was the best part of winter to me! I haven’t done it in six years now, though.

I’ve made a lot of progress on accepting my body in the past couple years, but it is often still a struggle. Hey, can I point out that I’m a college-age male? This problem is not restricted to women. Funny enough, I was looking recently at my university’s counseling center workshops, and the only groups they offer for dealing with food and body image are women-only. So that’s real cool.


I’m obsessed with that New Balance team and SO SO proud of them. That’s so awesome!!

I remember my dreams pretty often, but not in too much detail. I’ve definitely woken up angry at someone because of a dream though.

I’m doing pretty well at accepting my body. I’m always in a much better place when I’m in the midst of training. It’s hard not to be, but I could definitely be kinder to myself too.


Cafe Rio sounds so good and I haven’t been in a real long time so after seeing this post I told Ross we need to go ASAP. SO thanks for that. lol.

Don’t forget your Timp dream about Megan, Lindsey and I. What have you been having before bed to make you have all these dreams? Too funny. I don’t always remember my dreams. but I do if they wake me up. or I was still having one when my alarm goes off. I have some weird dreams too. I think dreams are the coolest things. It’s like a giant brain dump of thoughts that turn into stories.

I haven’t been skiing in forever, like since Ross and I were first married. I am and will always be like a beginner and Ross is actually good so I don’t like going with him. I hope you had a fun time today.

I think you would be hard pressed to find a human that didn’t have leg dimples when they sat down. Or a lil bit of fat that rolls over their pants (that is the perceived ‘imperfection’ of my own I am letting go of) because I know what I have to give up or how hard I have to work to get minimize mine (since it is so stinkin stubborn) and I am not willing to go to those extremes because it simply isn’t worth it TO ME. I loved that you shared that picture though because I know we can all relate to it on some level.


I love skiing, cross-country, backcountry, skate skiing… It’s a nice switch up from running in the winter and helps me embrace the snow.

I’ve had achilles tendinitis off and on for years. My PT has me doing the eccentric calf exercises, using the Stick and foam roller, sleeping in The Sock. I’ve also had luck with accupuncture (to open up blocked channels – I don’t know exactly how this works, but it works so I am game), wearing compression socks and ultimately just taking time off from running (pool run, elliptical instead).

And yay to leg dimples, we’ve all got em and they are part of legs that do AMAZING things!


I’m going skiing in Park City soon! Any must-sees/must-dos while I’m there?!


Man this post is full of ADORABle pictures!! Love it all! I almost never remember my dreams. When I do, they’re either insanely mundane … or they’re so absurdly crazy that I can’t even make sense of it. I went skiing in switzerland a year ago! We were terrified and terrible and hadn’t been in like ten years. I was SOO sore afterwards!!


I agree with Brooke. Pink all day, every day! Funny thing is as a kid, I never would be caught dead in it.


Thanks for always being honest & real on your blog!!! (Dimple pic)


I am so glad you shared the picture of you with “dimples” and didn’t delete it! I have struggled with cellulite since I was a teen, and now I live in sunny san diego where shorts are a must and I wear long pants. I have 3 kids and run and am finally getting to be ok with my legs. I’ve never been overweight even during pregnancy but I’ve always had cellulite and ashamed of my body and legs. Now that I run, I am proud of all that my legs can accomplish for me but it is still makes me sad to feel that shame and I hope my kids never feel that way about themselves. So thank you for sharing from someone so fast, fit, strong, and awesome that it is natural and part of life. Brooke is such a lucky girl to have a role model like you for a mom!


Ah the terrible Achilles problem…I have been battling with it for a little over a year now. It really became a problem when I ran a 10 miler and then a half marathon within a week of each other. Oops. But it had probably been going on for a while. One thing: you pretty much HAVE to take off a significant time from running because its a tendon and takes longer to heal. I took off several months last year and focusing on stretching a ton (I have terribly tight calves) and getting sports massages on my calves (very painful but worth it!) It’s not much of an issue now, but I am always stretching my calves, even during the day.


Rock those dimples ! I’m 42 and it took til my 30’s to accept me for ME, and know that I will never look like someone else. Now, I don’t want too. Funny how it takes age to get that through our thick skulls.
Skiing. I used to ski when I was younger. Then I went on a company ski trip, and was stopped mid hill waiting for others in the group, and someone sideswiped my leg. Shoved my knee sideways towards my other leg, which as you know, our knee’s do not bend sideways. It was excruciating pain in the ER and I’ve never been skiing since. Not for fear of getting hurt, but I’ve not had the desire. Don’t think I loved it too much to begin with .
In a past post, the one your sister did about her hair. She mentioned she cuts and colors her own hair. And now you mentioned she’s going to touch up yours. So save expense, I’ve been thinking about touching up my grays, or highlighting in the summer, etc. But I’ve always been so scared to try it. I mean look at that aisle, there are tons of them. Does she prefer a certain brand name? I’m chicken to just grab one and try it. But if someone says, I tried this one and it was great, then I’m willing to give it a go. Just curious if she uses something different each time or has a go to brand.


I had achilles tendonitis when I was in high school. We did ultrasound therapy and stuff and it improved and never returned (it’s been 20 years?). Other than that I don’t know much about it. My husband had a torn achilles though and THAT was a horrible time in our lives. It happened with no warning while he was playing basketball with friends. I was very pregnant with our first child. He couldn’t drive a car for 4 months. I always tell him that if he tears the other one he’s going to have to find a nursing home because I can’t do it again ;) However, he says that his repaired achilles feels SO much better than his other one and he actually wishes he could have the other side repaired!

I want to applaud you for successfully avoiding sun burn on your kids! Living on the gulf coast of south FL, I completely understand the amount of time and work that goes into this task but it’s SO important to protect their skin.


I accept my body when I feel good. But on days I wake up with a bloated belly from eating too much at night, I feel awful. But, I run 40-50 miles a week and am learning that my body needs the fuel.

I am 5 foot 4 and 97 lbs and I have stretch marks. Nothing terrible, but IT IS WHAT IT IS. I really appreciate your picture. It has nothing to do with how healthy or happy you are, its just your body. We all have it. <3


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