Tuesday Tangents!!!

My brain is everywhere so I’m just going to go ahead and go with that and share a bunch of tangents with you today!

*5 miles today on the treadmill.  My mileage over the last week has probably been the lowest in forever (besides when I’m recovering after a marathon) but we just really haven’t had the time.  Or the motivation to do much more than 3-5ish miles.  I’m guessing that once January 1st hits that motivation will magically reenter my veins right?  I hope so.

*I really love how Beretta just comes on in and hangs out with me whenever she hears me on the treadmill.  It’s really sweet of her although sometimes it makes me just want to jump off and sleep on the ground with her instead.

IMG 5450

*Andrew’s favorite way to be waken up… between the two of them that is 85 lbs jumping on him to wake him up.

IMG 5446

*Very happy that all five of us are now in the same house…  for the last week we were in four different places.

IMG 5456

*Another favorite way to be waken up.

IMG 5367

*Starting them young on the love for Harry Potter!

IMG 5413

*They are pretty happy about their matching running shoes.  I think we have some future track stars over here.

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*Andrew bought me these boots for Christmas and I’m loving them a whole lot!

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*Christmas presents from grandma.


*Fake sleeping to attempt to get out of chores.


*My mom knows me well and she gave this book to me and headwear for me to use while running—>  headband/bandana/neck gaiter/mask all in one!  This will help big time!


*My mom found all of my old Beanie Babies and dolls and brought them over for the kids.   I bought a million Beanie Babies when I was younger as an investment…  I was sure they would be worth $$$$$ eventually:)


*Oh how good it feels to eat in our own kitchen after being gone for so long.  I haven’t had a sweet potato in over a week, a winter record for me.

IMG 5462

*Andrew’s sister is staying with us for the next few days so we spent a lot of time cleaning today and doing about a million loads of laundry.  Laundry is Andrew’s least favorite housework and cleaning bathrooms is by far mine.


Who else is feeling low motivation this week?  Hoping for that to magically change once January hits?

Least favorite house work?

Does anyone else ever use some sort of neck gaiter/mask while running?

Who else collected beanie babies?

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Between moving to a totally new area and these *not my favorite* tornado like Santa Ana winds (we are in the foothills so they are crazy hard and super cold) I have zero motivation. I still don’t know where to put mnop and xyz are still 2 hrs away in storage. Nope but here’s hoping to motivation and calm weather next week!


Oh my goodness… moving + wind = my least favorite things. I am so sorry Elizabeth and I am hoping that you get some major resting (moving is exhausting) and that the wind is so much better next week!


Totally have no motivation. I’m just going with it.
I wear a buff when it’s cold just so I can keep some warm air to breathe.
I hate dusting. But love vacuuming.


Good to know I’m not alone right now! I’ll just go with it too:) Oh vacuuming is pretty great! I agree with you there Sally!


Cleaning bathrooms is DEFINITELY my least favorite house work.

That picture of the sweet potato made me so hungry right now.


Yep, it is by far the worst. I hope you got in a sweet potato today and that you are having a fabulous night Nathaly!


When I get stressed out (like now), I find my motivation dwindles. I definitely understand about not having the time. It’s been pretty chaotic around here too.

I’ve been running in turtle necks. I think you might have the same one from Brooks that I love running in. It has kept my neck warm in 10 degrees.


Oh I LOVE turtle necks too for running. The best. Okay, 10 degrees Hollie.. you are my running hero in so many ways.


My motivation is “ehh” right now. The past week was a little more chaotic with the holiday than I had anticipated. Heading out for a run after work today (which a work day can kill nearly all motivation when it is s-l-o-w!!!). BUT…my motivation should change soon. Will be hiring a running coach beginning in January and she will get me to (and through) my FIRST MARATHON in 2017 (still feels very surreal to say that)!!!


I hope that your run today after work was a great one. What coach are your using? SO SO EXCITED for your first marathon this next year!!!!


I was feeling blah about my training but starting yesterday a little flame started to ignite again and I’m starting to want to think about signing up for my first full or possibly ultra. The longest I’ve done is a 30k + lol! The 30k was actually 20 miles and I was mad about it!!
I tried running with something over my mouth and nose and felt like I was suffocating! I hate winter running because I cannot have ANYTHING on my face (excluding forehead of course – duh … hats are cute!) and I fall too easily! My last snow run I fell twice. in the same spot. dang snow and ice.
I hate cleaning. everything. and I’m the only cleaner in my house of 3 boys. I probably dislike the litter box the most though and it happens to be the one thing I clean the most. Boo.
can I come to your house for dinner? I hate making dinner!


YAY JENNY for a new flame of motivation starting up! Oh this is way exciting, sign up and keep me updated!! Bummer to falling, that is the worst. I am so afraid of falling again after I did and hit my head a few winters again. Come on over for dinner whenever you want. Andrew makes delicious dinners! It will be a party!


I don’t mind doing laundry at all…actually kind of like it :). However, cleaning bathrooms? Ugg! Worst chore by far. No question! Happy Tuesday!


I completely agree with you!!!


Why aren’t we billionaires right now? I definitely remember collecting beanie babies and even getting rare ones and putting them in plastic boxes to protect them lol! I have no idea where my are anymore!


HAHA yes… I always had tag protectors but should have done the plastic box thing too:)


This cold virus is sucking the life and motivation out of me right now ha Hope to be back in my running shoes soon!


Oh MEL… you better get better ASAP!! I am so sorry you have been dealing with this and I hope you get back to those running shoes soon too!


No motivation…but I am saving it all for New Year’s Day…and then look out!

I love laundry actually and I love vacuuming. I absolutely hate dusting.

Finally, We have quite a few of those neck/headband/face warmer thing and they are great!


Okay, I’m going to copy you and save it all for New Year’s Day. 2017 is going to be amazing right!?! Thanks Kathy!


Yay for being back together again! As much as I love to travel, I always love coming home!

I pretty much struggle with motivation all winter and for some reason or another I always end up struggling with some sort of injury in December/January. Right now it’s outer knee pain from a tight IT band. Boo! Today was the first day in almost 3 weeks that I ran with little pain!

Least favorite chore: folding and hanging laundry/toilets.


Right? I love traveling too but being home just feels the best?! Oh NOOOOO to the knee pain but I am happy that today you only had a little bit of pain. What are you doing to help your IT band? Good luck Marissa, hopefully winter goes by quickly!


but your hotel had a kitchen and you were eating breakfast and lunch there I thought.


I said above that I loved how nice it was to eat in our own kitchen (at home)! We ate all of our breakfasts at our hotel and some of our lunches! Hope you are having a great day Vickie!


I’ve been lacking running motivation since around Thanksgiving. My foot still isn’t 100% but I feel like it may be more than that. We’ll see what a few weeks brings. I’m okay with it for now, especially since I’m staying active and fit with other work outs.

I need a buff or gaiter in the winter, on 17 degree days I like to warm up that cold air. (and my face).

I have several beanie babies but I was a bit older for a large collection.

I actually like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen but I don’t live with a little boy. (my nephew was very messy). I dislike vacuuming and dusting.


Bummer to your foot still not being all of the way better! Right now is the perfect time for different types of fitness! I need to get myself into trying other workouts right now! Yeah, I am really excited to try running with a gaiter, that should help a ton!


If I come clean your bathrooms, will you come vacuum for me?

And yes, it’s always so nice to get home to your own kitchen and more of a regular routine. Enjoy those kiddos!


Don’t worry- I have zero motivation!

Laundry is actually my favorite! Doing the dishes is my least favorite.

I love Buff Band, although I never use anything when I’m running. But it’s great to throw in when traveling since you’ll never know when you’ll need a headband, scarf, etc.

I, too, am waiting for my beanie baby investment to pay off….


My mom had over 300 beanie babies. She totally thought they were an investment too. But she was a grown woman thinking that sooooo

I like vacuuming the most. I don’t mind dishes or laundry. It is bathrooms that I loathe and oh how I loathe it.

I have still been motivated to workout. But my motivation to eat even semi healthy? Gone. You would think that I am about to go into a 3 month hibernation with the amount of food I am eating.


I’m so low on motivation right now! Being on crutches and not being able to do literally anything for myself is driving me up the wall!


I despise taking out/in the trash bins from the curb :) My favorite housework is dishes – loading, unloading, rinsing, whatever. Happy Holidays to your whole family!


I’m still pretty motivated to workout, or maybe it’s a motivation to get it done type of motivation. ;)

Least favorite household chore? Cleaning the bathrooms or ironing. It’s a tie.

Also, love love love the boots. Andrew has some good taste ;)


Some of my favorite memories with my dad as a kid are him reading to me. I’m sure the kids will appreciate Harry Potter when they’re older!


I don’t do bathrooms! Blech! That right there is the sole reason I have a cleaning lady. ;)


I collected tons of beanie babies! I actually just shared a bunch with my students this year – I sent them each home with a new reading buddy for winter break. It felt good to free them of the box they’ve lived in, and they were of course in mint condition :)

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