Running resolutions? and my top 2016 running songs!!

Happy Wednesday!!! I hope your day is already off to a great start!  The kids were excited to go to Target to use the gift card that their grandma gave them for a toy.  They take the selection process of such important things quite seriously but they were very happy with their decisions at the end.

We had a mini snow ball fight that started out happy but didn’t quite end that way;)

IMG 5472

Beretta was snuggled when we got home.

IMG 5474

And Andrew’s sister and her family came over to stay with us for the next few days.  If Beretta can get someone to scratch her tummy then she will put her paw up on their leg as soon as possible.

IMG 5477

For dinner we had some creamy tomato soup (from Costco) and grilled cheese (Andrew adds turkey to these which is delicious).  Dip sandwich into soup and eat… one of the best meals to survive winter.

IMG 5486

Andrew’s sister also brought over their family favorite salad with spinach, iceberg, cheese, poppyseed dressing and bacon.  His family has a lot of family recipes/meals/favorites and so far, they have all been amazing.

IMG 5484

Brooke has been really into the mannequin challenge.

IMG 5491

For dessert we made THESE chocolate chip cookies.    Important question at the end of this post in regards to chocolate chip cookies, I would love your opinion.

IMG 5483

They turned out just the way I love them.

IMG 5498

We all watched The Secret Life of Pets to end the night and it was a good one.

IMG 5505

What are your thoughts on resolutions?  Is this something that you do each year with your running?  How do you do with making specific goals (for life and running) for the year?  I go back and forth with this one each year.  Some years I make three running goals for the year and work well with that and some years I make goals for the year and I work on them for a few weeks and then forget all about them.  And some years I don’t make any at all.  I think every year I make the resolution to keep track of my mileage really well and make it until February before forgetting to keep track of it all.

I think my biggest problem with running resolutions (or resolutions in general) each year is that they are a little over the top.  I think I do much better at making mini goals throughout the year that build up to some of my bigger goals but making a huge goal only lasts for a few weeks before I’m burned out on it?  So, long story short… I think I like mini goals that act as steps to the bigger goals the best yet I’ll probably always make yearly running resolutions.  I do know that I want to race more in 2017 (2016 I didn’t do nearly as many races as usual but that is probably because of the wedding, moving, blending thing we’ve got going on over here this last year:)

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If you can’t tell, I am already missing running near the beach especially as I am looking at my weather app for temperatures this week in Utah;)

IMG 4951

Spotify has a playlist that shows you what your top songs in 2016 were!  I mainly use Spotify during my runs so my top songs were all my favorite running tunes.  I thought I would share them here in case you need some new running songs!  Here they are (plus a few that I just found and added):

Cute Without the “E’ by Taking Back Sunday

Grand Hotel by Regina Spektor

Go Get It by T.I.

You Are The One by Shiny Toy Guns

Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson

Don’t Wanna Know by Maroon 5

Hold Me down by Halsey

Panda by Desiigner

Sucker For Pain by Lil Wayne

Just Tonight by Jimmy Eat World

Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

Ghetto Supasta by Pras

Sing For The Moment by Eminem

My Sweet Summer by Dirty Heads

Gone Till November by Wyclef Jean

Kamikaze by MØ

Roses by The Chainsmokers

Send My Love by Adele

Teenagers and Rituals by Angels and Airwaves

Feeling This by blink 182

Inside Out by The Chainsmokers

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Pain by Jimmy Eat World

Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

Father Of Mine by Everclear

Alive by POD

Swing Life Away by Rise Against

Raise Up by Petey Pablo

No Roots by Alice Merton

Numb by Linkin Park

Drive by Halsey

We Will Become Silhouettes by Postal Service


Chocolate chip cookies—>  a lot of chocolate chips, a few or somewhere in the middle.  What dough to chocolate chips ratio do you love?  Also, soft and cake-like or chewy chocolate chip cookies?

What are a few of your most played running songs this last year?

What are your thoughts on resolutions… something that you do each year or not so much?

Did you track your mileage during 2016?  Where are you at this year?

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All the chocolate chips, ALL Of THEM.

No resolutions ever. Too much pressure and so not worth it. It is much better for me to be consistent throughout the year.

Yes to tracking all the miles, I call them my R-Analytics and I analyze every detail, every single one.


Oh my goodness–I LOVE those boots Andrew got for you!

I actually don’t like chocolate (I know this is a huge disappointment for you), but I love soft cookies. Usually when I bake them, I leave them a bit gooey because I think they taste so much better that way. :) And I’m with you on the resolution thing. I like to set mini goals throughout the year, because I don’t think you need a brand new year to make changes–you can do so at any point in time.


I like to make New Years resolutions and goals because I do feel like they keep me motivated and on track. I haven’t sat and thought about everything I want to do just yet but I have a lot of goals for 2017.

I like my chocolate chip cookies to have a ton of chocolate. It’s the best way.


I love how Spotify has the “running” feature that matches music to your cadence! It chooses songs based on your listening preferences so it’s s fun way to find new songs I had never heard before!

Cookies… well, I mostly eat the chocolate chip cookie just for the chocolate chips so I like lots of chips all the way through!

No resolutions for me. I have the same “resolution” every year… to run into the new year being better, stronger, happier, and healthier than the year before!


Currently adding all of these songs to my songs on Spotify! Thanks for the list, I love it! You brought be back a few years with your Angels and Airwaves pick. They have two other songs I would listen on repeat a few years back. Check out ‘A Little’s Enough’ and ‘Distraction’ by Angels and Airwaves. You won’t regret the listen. Happy Holidays :)


Elastic heart by Sia with The Weekend was probably my most played song of 2016. I just tallied up my miles for the year and I’m at 3,477. I don’t think I’ve ever looked that up before! Kinda cool. Maybe I’ll get to an even 3500!


lots of chocolate chips for sure! And I like to bake with mini chocolate chips because they spread out so well that every bite contains chocolate : )


I love Spotify we always have it on in our house! I have been listening to Pink during my workouts lately. I started to mix mini chocolate chips into my cookies when I need a chocolate fix. I use my mom’s recipe and it calls for cinnamon and they don’t last long in the cookie jar when we have visitors. My goal for this year is to get back to running after having a knee injury and complete a 16 mile bike ride this spring. Happy Holidays!


Running song: ‘Hold My Hand’ by Jess Glynne. It’s best to run to this in the dark so no one sees you karaoke-ing it up.

Resolution: Only reusable bags at grocery store. If I leave them in the car, I have to walk out and get them.


I started off this year totally intent on tracking my mileage but I have slacked on it. During training cycles I have all my mileage tracked but in between if I run on the treadmill I let lazy about logging those miles!


I think I’m about 650 running miles this year. It’s definitely not a high mileage year. I didn’t run any full marathons and took a lot of easy non -training weeks.
I like fewer chips in my cookies but they have to be semi sweet chips not milk chocolate. And I don’t like chunks. I prefer chips. Lol.
My two running goals for 2017 are to PR in the 5k by getting down to a 9 min per mile pace. And to run with friends at least once a month.
I’m also going to try and drink more water and do more cross training/ stretching/ foam rolling. I don’t usually get crazy with resolutions but it just happens that I’ve put on a few pounds this year and am at my high end of acceptable (for me). My boyfriend also gained some weight. So timing wise it just made sense for us to want to make changes in the new year.


2016 was not a good year and definitely not a good year for running – I didn’t even hit 1/2 of what I did in 2015 and 2014. Staying up late took priority which meant not waking up to run :( But 2017 will be a different story!

For chocolate chip cookies we use the Tollhouse recipe, but sift the flour so they are very crisp – they truly would be my last meal if I ever needed to have one!


Hello Janae,
I was wondering with your cookie recipe (which I want to make). You mentioned “2 sticks of butter.” How much exactly (1/2 c or 1 cup total) are you referring to? The reason I ask is that different manufacturers size butter sticks differently. Some have 1/4 c sticks and some come in 1/2 cup sticks. Therefore, if you use the “bigger” sticks, 2 of them would add up to 1 cup total. If you use the smaller sticks, then 2 of them would mean a total of 1/2 c butter for your recipe.


HELLO AMY!! I am so so sorry about that! So each stick has 1/2 cup butter so ONE CUP TOTAL for the recipe. I am so sorry about that, you are so right! I will edit the recipe now:) I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Great! Thanks Janae!


I do not set a resolution on jan1 other than to check in with myself about where I am with goals, habits, etc. Adjust, recommit, plan mini goals to work towards that bigger thing. in all honesty, I am taking that inventory, at some level constantly, so there never is a feeling of a new New Years resolution for me anymore.


I track my mileage with the Garmin Connect app and website that automatically syncs with my watch, easy-peasy. And since I wear my watch for all of my runs – even the rare treadmill ones, they are all in one place. Every year I set a goal to run 1000 miles, this year I hit my goal in late Sept/early Oct, other years I am packing in a bunch of miles in December to get there. It’s not something I stress about, just something I do to try and stay accountable.

For chocolate chip cookies, I like my grandma’s the best. A medium amount of chocolate chips and hard on the outside but chewy inside, make sense ;)


I don’t do new years resolutions. It works better for me to just do the resolutions tonight and start working on them tomorrow morning.

If there’s any resolutions I want to accomplish for next year, I swear their pretty vague. For instance, I want to be more consistent on doing my nails or wearing less black clothes (lol). And I’ve already started working on that.

My perfect chocolate chip cookie is a chewy dough with lots of chocolate chips. The recipe from Martha Stewart is just the perfect one for me.


I want to see the Secret Life of Pets – it looks like such a fun movie.

I prefer fewer chocolate chips and a chewier texture to my chocolate chip cookies.


I used to set very specific race goals, but for the last couple of years my resolutions have simply been to train smart so I can remain healthy. I do have one very specific goal for this year, though. In November on my 60th birthday I want to run 60 miles – with a little help from my friends. We’ll set out on a group run and each run however many miles are needed to total 60. Want to come join us? :-)


Chewy cookies all the way, but, honestly, I prefer cookie dough over actual cookies, for pretty much ANY kind of cookie. Or any dessert really.

We are definitely music soul sisters. :)

I make goals every year. I feel like making something a goal + mini steps // goals that will help me get there is more concrete than a resolution. Something about the way my brain thinks about the wording makes all the difference.

I tried to track my mileage once, LONG ago, but I couldn’t decide how many decimal places to go to, or if I should just round to the nearest tenth or whole mile & so I just stopped. Haha. It might be fun to start again, but still have the same quandary about how to count the miles.


I LOVE “Sit still, Look pretty” and “Scars to your beautiful” both so much! Spotify tells me some of my top song are:
“Jai Ho! (You are my Destiny)” by A.R, Rahman w/The Pussycat Dolls
“The Arena” by Lindsey Sterling
“Heroes (We could be)” by Alesso
“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers
“Centuries” and “Beat It” by Fall Out Boy
Plus a lot of Sia ;)

I use almost 2 bags in my chocolate chip cookie recipe, so…

I try not to make running resolutions because I always get injured when I do (stress fractures every time). Which is silly because it’s not like I can’t adjust my own goal, right? But I’m weird about that–very all or nothing. So now I just try to make general “health” goals, like “less candy” or “more water” or “utilize the incline more for a varied treadmill workout” etc. It has been a better approach for me. However, I just found this and I think I can see myself “resolving” to participate in a few of these “virtual races” this year! I think someone is your house would love this too. :)


THANK YOU Michelle and I’m going to be adding some of your songs to my playlist now:) Okay, I need to have some of your chocolate chip cookies… two bags sounds perfect for me. Okay, the Hogwarts Running Club? We will be joining NOW. I love it! I am so sorry about your stress fractures… not fun! Stick to the right approach FOR YOU! Let me know how the virtual races go this year:)


I should email you the recipe. It makes 6-7 dozen. Perfect for eating some now, giving some away, and freezing the rest for later in the week.

I’ll keep you posted on the Hogwarts runs and you keep us posted! Awesome medals, proceeds go to charity, and do at your own pace. Does it get better?! :)

Thanks for the positivity, Janae. You rock!


I try not to overwhelm myself with resolutions, but I agree with you, I love to make mini goals at the start and throughout the year.

I prefer a fair amount of chocolate chips, but I like a good amount of the dough too. Also, I prefer my chocolate chip cookies chewier, not crunchy or cake like. I’m just a little picky ;)

I didn’t track my mileage this year (I try to do this every year) but I did track my pregnancy mileage (which was over 300 miles…) This year was such a year of change- starting to blog full time, getting pregnant and having a little boy, that I slacked on counting my miles. I would like to count them next year!


Every year my resolution pertains to hygiene. A couple of years ago I was going to shower more., then I was going to be more on top of my hair, and last year I was going to floss more regularly. This year I think it will have to do with reducing my stress. I don’t dislike resolutions but if you don’t plan them out and make smaller goals instead of one big one, it won’t work. I will attempt to do yoga, get a massage, or meditate once a week. That way I have options.


If I have something I really need to improve, I start in that moment instead of waiting for the new year.However, writing down the goals, whenever I set them, really helps.
I did make a goal for 2016 to complete at 10k, which I did, and it was awful but awesome at the same time.


I really like that Rose… why not just start now and in the moment?! I love that! I need to get all of my goals written down too! CONGRATS on finishing your 10k this year!!! Awful and awesome is also how I describe many of my races ha! Hope you are having a fabulous day!


Lots and lots of chocolate chips!

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake, “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez, “Sucker for Pain” by Lil Wayne are a few of my favs.

I definitely have to do mini resolutions, otherwise I get overwhelmed. Although this year my one and only running resolution is to BQ, but that carries a bunch of other mini resolutions as well :)

I sort of tracked my mileage until the app I was using quit on me, I’m at about 1500 from Jan-Oct.


The perfect chocolate chip cookie includes:
-Lots of chocolate CHUNKS not chips … Preferably dark or semi sweet!
-More brown sugar than white sugar
-Soft and gooey in the middle but with the nice crisp/chewy edges!

I’ve been logging my miles this year (and last year) … Already at 2,297 on the year!!


Chocolate Chip cookies= I add one whole bag to a recipe. And I have found the key to the BEST. . . add 1 package of instant vanilla pudding mix. OHHHH they are SOOOO soft!!! I have to share that recipe with you!

Resolutions. . . I like them but I do think they can be over the top. I think if you make mini goals through out the year you have a better chance at sticking with your goals.

I never use to log my miles. I just figured, I ran GREAT!! Then I got the Apple watch where I can store my miles!!! PERFECTION!

We want to hear. . any New Years plans?!!!!??


Chewy cookies with lots of chocolate chips are the way to go.

I’m not big on resolutions. Some years I have goals and some years I don’t. I missed all my goals for 2016 so I’m happy for a fresh start next week.

I’ve been tracking my mileage in SportTracks since 2010 – over 7,600 miles of running and 5,000 of cycling. This year I’m at 506 of running and 870 of cycling. Not one of my best years, but happy to be this active at 52!


I also like mini-goals throughout the year with maybe one major one that encompasses the others. As far as chocolate chip cookies – lots of chips and soft in the middle, chewy on the edges. :)


Love the running playlist!

I’ve recently had a baking obsession to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie like my mom used to make. Turns out she uses the recipe on the back of Nestlé’s chocolate chip package. They are perfectly fluffy in the middle and crunchy on the outside! Probably because the recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter lol but they really are the best!


I like more dough than choc. chips & on the chewier side.


Oh & I think resolutions are ridic.


I like my chocolate chip cookies chewy! My spotify playlist is ridiculous because I end up skipping most of the songs it says are my favorites lol. I don’t think I use it enough. I think I will do away with resolutions but I might set up monthly goals to keep me going!


How did you reveal the big Santa surprise to your little one??


I usually try to set realistic goals every year so I can accomplish them instead of setting a big goal that I know I won’t accomplish. For example, one of my 2017 resolutions is to run the Miami Marathon on January 29th. I have been training for a couple of months already so I can participate on my first marathon. I also plan on running more races this year since I just started running in 2016. You should definitely come run the Miami Marathon, the weather here is beautiful and the views are breathtaking.


AHHH I am so excited for your first marathon in just about one month! Please let me know how it goes! I think I need to come run the Miami Marathon too… that sounds amazing! Good luck on the last few weeks before the race!


I take my cookies very seriously-and choose wisely when faced with the plate before me. I like when cookies “crack” a bit and a smattering of choc chips. The dough part is so delicious and it’s tasty to get a little burst of the chocolate chip every so often. So this must me I’m more of a middle ground sort of person. But definitely I choose the cookies with more cracks/ridges/bumps.

Mini-goals are my MO for sure. Agree on everything you say. If I “over goal” then I feel a bit more stressed about meeting my own expectations and worry about failure/disappointment. It’s a far better situation to kind of set small goals with maybe one big picture goal (like keeping better track of mileage, or have better pre-post run fuel, etc)

I don’t listen to music when I run-maybe twice a year. I know, it’s probably weird to many that I find it kinda sacrilegious to listen to music when running outside. Now if I ran on a treadmill I’d change my tune and listen for SURE.

I tracked my mileage this year but there were some weeks that went uncharted…….my brother is a total running grapher nerd and not only has his mileage for the year, but his elevation, weather, etc, etc. It’s very interesting to get his data. I’m lucky if I write down my route. And I even have a fancy and lovely journal. sighhhhhhhh.

Brookes face at the cookie is so understandable. OH!!!!! we made the hot chocolate cookies twice this holiday season. They are our new favorite!!!! thank you so much for sharing that recipe!!!!


I think that is AWESOME that you don’t really listen to running while outside… you are out there taking it all in! That is great Kelly! Okay, that is so cool about your brother. I want to see his data! Oh I am so happy that you loved those cookies… they are THE BEST! Enjoy the rest of your night Kelly!


Chocolate chip cookies must be chewy, never cake-like. And it must be a 1:2 ratio of chips to dough. All else is unthinkable!

I set a goal of running 2,016 miles in 2016 and I am thiiis close! After today’s run I am now up to 1,994, so if I avg. 7.3 mi/day for these last three days of 2016 then I’ll have it…fingers crossed! I really should get my lazy butt out there right now, and sneak in a second run of the day before Snowmageddon happens, but I like living on the edge, I guess.

Confession: I am an old tech-fearing, Luddite and barely know what “Spotify” is. But I have an old school iPod and if it plays “All Night Long” by ACDC and “The AUthority SOng” by John Cougar and anything by the Proclaimers or Bruce then I am in my happy place.


Chocolate chip cookies are serious business in my house. We like them either soft or crispy but there must be a generous amount of chocolate chips. Very generous, otherwise it’s just a cookie.

I tend to make goals and break them down into mini goals. Like a training plan, it’s best to take any goal in stages. Too much and it’s overwhelming and motivation is lost.

I keep track of every workout, so I have mileage, time spent strength training, time spent pool running, etc. I would have to tally it up but at least I can look back and see what I’ve done. I’m pretty darned proud of how active I am.


That is SO awesome Nina and YOU SHOULD be so proud of yourself! Way to go!!! I feel ya on huge goals feeling too overwhelming and resulting in zero motivation! I like the way you think about chocolate chip cookies! I hope you are having a beautiful day Nina!


My running goal this year is to break 1:30 in a half…. um we’ll see, that’s 6 minutes off my current time, but I think I can do it with a lot of hard work!

My other goals are more finanial/boring/saving money and all that jazz. I’m 27 so i feel like it’s time to start being responsible ;)

Most played songs = tons of Sia


YOU CAN DO IT MALLORY!! That is so exciting:) Hahah yeah, our other goals are boring like that too! Oh how I love listening to Sia while I run too!!


Just hit 3000km for the year this morning. I track runs on strava – I don’t have to do anything, my garmin is set to automatically upload to strava and it keeps track of everything without me needing to do anything. There is a app for your phone. It would take you a few mins to set up and you would have your tracking done for you without needing to think about it for the rest of the year. Easy to stick to that resolution! Although I do all my running outside all year round so it might be a pain to manually log treadmill runs.


WAY TO GO Claire on your 3000km this year! AWESOME! Yeah, I think since I do so much on the treadmill I forget to log it all together. But I think I should try it… thanks Claire! Can’t wait!


I don’t add the chocolate chips to the dough. I add the chips to each cookie before baking them. 5-7 chips on each cookie.


Well that is brilliant… that way each cookie has the perfect amount! I love it!


Hi! I try not to have major resolutions, but set goals for myself in different categories of my life: (family, health and fitness, personal, etc.). I am running my first half marathon in just a couple of weeks. I am super excited/nervous about it. My training has gone really well, but now I am on a week long family vacation with limited time and access to running paths. I ran three miles this morning in not the best conditions. I probably will be able to sneak in a a couple other short runs over the trip. I ran eight miles the day before we left and then will go for a long run right when we get back. But, I am super nervous about losing my stamina!! Any advice?


Chewy and lots of chocolate! I’ve made a ton of chocolate chip cookies and your recipe is my all time FAVORITE! My husband thanks you ;)

And I like to set smaller goals more as the seasons change and my motivation waxes and wanes. I’ve never been good with the BIG (scary) goal.


Please don’t judge me but I like my cookies crispy. I don’t get chewy cookies, chewy brownies yes but no chewy cookies for me. Like mine with a mixture of pecan and choc chips.

I have learnt to run without music, again please don’t judge me!

My resolution pretty much goes like this, run more today than I did yesterday.


I’m way more into achievable goals than lofty resolutions. I think sometimes I set too many goals, when having a smaller, focused list would be easier to strive for. I’m really excited to be able to set some running goals for 2017 after a year of being pregnant. My main focus will be to rebuild a strong base and run a solid half marathon in the fall that is hopefully close to my pre-baby fitness level. (And will help me be able to build to a solid marathon in 2018) Continuing to do at least two days of strength and losing my baby weight will be the biggies. Hope the last few days of 2016 are great for you and the fam. xo


My husband has a unique solution to the chocolate chip problem — he only uses mini chocolate chips and uses a medium amount. They spread out better and there aren’t any super messy chocolate globs (we have toddlers so that’s important lol).


You can easily track your weekly/ monthly/ yearly mileage by connecting your Garmin Connect with Strava! It does it all for you. Love analyzing my data day to day and year after year on Strava! It’s awesome!


I attempt to do resolutions every year but often fail at them which is why my resolutions this year are essentially the same as 2016 and 2015. But hey I keep trying!

I tracked my mileage this last year and only ran 314 miles, 26.2 of them happened to be a marathon. I am both disappointed and amazed. Disappointed because it quantifies my slacking. But amazed I was able to successfully complete a marathon with so few miles, granted there was cross-training in there. I’m hoping that if I can do what I did last year with such little training that I can get huge results this year if I put the effort in.

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