Out of order and Happy Christmas EVE!!!

Yesterday we did things a bit out of order.

We ate huge pancakes before running when we usually run first and then eat something delicious.

A few of you recommended running at Crystal Cove so we started out our Saturday by driving over there.  BUT because of all of the rain, it was closed.  Next time we are here… we are 100% going.

IMG 5135

I then realized that we were pretty close to one of my favorite breakfast spots (Rose Bakery) so I called to see what time they stopped serving pancakes.  We were 26 minutes away from them stopping the pancake making for the day.  So, of course, we went straight there and ordered.

Blueberry pancakes.  I sent this picture to my mom and she was mad at me for making her so hungry while she was out doing errands:)

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I wanted to make sure that Andrew tried one of their donuts too.   California has approximately 19284 x more amazing donut shops than Utah.  The statistics concerning this are sad to me.

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After breakfast we made it out for a short run of 3 miles.  Long story short, I learned that running after blueberry pancakes is rough but still fun when most of the time you are out exploring.

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No rain!!!!!

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Running is by far the best way to see a new place in my opinion.

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After our run we were pretty lazy all afternoon long which was really nice.  My natural personality wants to go 100 miles per hour but Andrew is good at helping me learn to just relax and be still more.  It always feels really nice and is needed during our time without kiddos.

We went out later on for some dinner.

IMG 5229

Sounds like a good plan to me:

IMG 5224

I ate something with green while we were here;)  An ahi tuna salad which was perfect with some french onion soup.

IMG 5226

With part of donut from that morning!  PS I miss those little faces in the backseat.  Big time.

IMG 5217

Home Alone 2 because at this point in the month, holiday movies are a must.

IMG 5212

Andrew opened up one of his Christmas presents early.

IMG 5230

And later on we went through pictures of the kids.

IMG 4481


IMG 4463


I hope you have the most beautiful weekend!  What do you have going on today?  Any traditions?  Any running?

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Still injured, so no running yet. Soon — I hope. I hope a lot.:)

Remember the last school day of the year? Mine was yesterday, so on top of it being Jesus’s birthday, I’m celebrating BIG TIME!:D

I agree that running is the best way to see a new place! That being said, not knowing where emergency-just-ate-pancakes-what-was-I-thinking stops are, I’d be kind of nervous.



Sounds like a perfect day. Isn’t it amazing how our spouses can bring us back to reality and keep us grounded. I need that! Today teaching spin, finishing wrapping presents and baking then heading to friends house for the weekend!


We have two Christmas Eve traditions: The first is seeing the Nutcracker with the kids–the DC version is really fun! The second happens after they go to bed. I wrap presents, drink wine, and watch White Christmas. I’m really looking forward to it!


How can you guys eat so much sugar and not being in pain all day long?


It’s hard without the kids, but glad it looks like you’re still having fun despite the rain. I got in a 3 mile treadmill run this morning. Was shooting for 4 because I like even numbers better, but my husband came home with a Starbucks for me. That last mile got eliminated quickly. Going to be a day full of food prep for one family gathering tonight and one tomorrow.


I’m a pancake snob. I have a few places I love for pancakes but I hate when they are thin or papery. It sounds like you enjoyed your trip there. That tank top is amazing!


Merry Christmas, Janae and Andrew!

After being gone about 30 weeks this year, we are happily staying home. Chocolate macadamia nut pancakes are on the menu for in the morning, followed by church, then just a lot of lazy time at home.


That sounds really good!


Those pancakes look delicious!

Merry Christmas Janae!


Not sure if you can make it they close at 4 pm today. T sidecar donuts in Costa Mesa are the best! It’s close to Newport Beach. Check their website they have monthly flavors but my favorite is the butter and salt


Ran with friends this morning and picked up coffee and pastries on the way home. Hubs and I are getting a massage today, going to church, and having the family over for Chinese food in our jammies. I love our Christmas Eve tradition!


Merry Christmas, Janae, Andrew, Brooke and Knox!!! And to your entire family…wishing you guys a blessed holiday!!!



Yep. Can confirm that donut statistic is 100% accurate.

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