15 things to catch up together with… and what do you do to stay safe (sharing an experience I had while out on the run):

1.  I am loving the sea level thing over here.  I mean, I’m not sure if it really makes THAT big of a difference but somehow my brain tells me that it does and breathing feels better.  But it might also be because I’m not breathing in icicles when I am running like I do when I am in Utah;)  PS it wasn’t on my ‘must’ list for a future spouse that he had to be a runner but I sure lucked out somehow in many ways with Andrew, including the fact that he is a runner.  Or he will ride his bike with me when I am running if he doesn’t want to run one day.

I actually had kind of a scary experience last time while I was in California running and sometimes it just takes me a little while to share stuff like this—>  I was by myself and some guy pulled up in a car next to me in a place where there wasn’t anyone/anything else around me (I turned somewhere I shouldn’t have).  I had forgotten my pepper spray in Utah and the whole situation made me feel really creepy (in 20 years of running… I had never felt this afraid in a situation).  I felt really strongly to get my phone out and make sure he saw me take a picture of him and his license plate and then sent it to Andrew.  I’ve never even thought of doing that before and it was all probably nothing but I just felt strongly to leave the guy there more confused by me than me confused by him.  It was weird but I’ve come to learn in life to always follow any strong feelings I have about different things and I’m glad I did… but I’m also really glad to not be running by myself in an area I do not know.   Be careful out there!!!!

IMG 5011

2.  We did 10 miles for the day and then attempted to do some weights and that lasted a total of 7 minutes.

IMG 5019

3.  It turned out to be a pretty rainy in Southern California so we stayed close and kept it pretty lazy.

IMG 5036

4.  Somebody emailed me to try out Sharky’s because of our love of Cafe Rio type meals.  It was amazing… salsa bars always have my heart.

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Can you believe how pretty that is (yes, food is very pretty to me especially when I am hangry).

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Andrew’s fajita bowl was even prettier.  So far every restaurant we have eaten at has been amazing.

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5.  We hit up the bookstore for a little while to read and Andrew bought some Harry Potter fuel.

IMG 5052

6.  And then we got to try the donut/croissant/ice cream combination.   Next donut stop for us is Sidecar Doughnuts (ps which one should we try?).

IMG 5051

7.  I’m being pretty fancy while we are here and actually wore earrings.  I wear earrings approximately 2 times every 3 years (not an exaggeration).

IMG 5057

8.   Andrew booked a couples massage for our rainy day and I was pretty happy about that.  Runners need massages.  It should be part of our training plan.  I felt so relaxed afterwards.

IMG 5054

9.  I kind of love the look of Christmas lights on palm trees.

IMG 5056

10.  On Tuesday night I had the strongest craving for spaghetti so we had spaghetti.  It was perfect.  For so many years of my life in my mid-20s I would ONLY order the “healthiest” items on the menu whether it sounded good or not.  Now, I order what I feel like (whether that be a salad/something lighter or pizza or whatever) and enjoy it until I am full and then stop.  I think it took me a decade to get to that place but it is so nice to just eat without all of the baggage that used to come along with it.  Just eat.  It’s nice.

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11.  We Facetimed with Knox and it was so great to hear his sweet voice and see that smile.  He is beyond excited for Santa to come.

IMG 5026

12.  Brooke has been very busy with her new art set and I love the pictures I get while she is away.  It makes my day when I get them.

IMG 7428

13.  WHO IS EXCITED to watch BOSTON 2017?  I already can’t wait to see how they all do!!!!

IMG 5010

14.  We also have really mastered pool while we are here due to the rainy day.

IMG 5077

15.  My sister was just recently in California a few days ago too and sent me this picture.  He ADORES his big brother.

IMG 1170


Ever had a scary feeling/experience while out on a run?  What did you do?

Do you notice a big difference when you change elevations when you are running?  

Earrings… yay or nay?  If your ears are pierced, when did you get them pierced?

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Once when I was running at the Mall (the one with the monuments, not the stores), another runner stopped me and told me that I shouldn’t wear my hair in a ponytail because it makes a great handle for someone to yank me down a dark alley. Gee, thanks, dude! The Mall is high-traffic and there are police everywhere, so it wasn’t creepy, but it was weird.


Woah, this makes me paranoid. I mainly run with a bun though so…


I hardly wear earrings because my hair is always covering my ears. I hate when I end up with tangled curls and earrings. But if I wear my hair up and I’m getting gussied up I do like to wear them. :)


I have not had a scary experience with people (thank heavens) but I did come across a messed up raccoon who should not have been out in the day and was acting weird. Also got scared by a very large deer (a buck with huge antlers) once……….was terrified I would get poked!

I have pierced ears but hardly wear earrings………..I feel fancy too when I wear them!


I’m glad your scary running experience turned out okay. I used to run fearlessly, but I had a scary experience once that made me so much more cautious. I definitely learned my lesson. I used to run super early in the morning all by myself even in dark places and now I don’t do that anymore.

I also was running down in a secluded area of my beach once and a man yelled something very inappropriate about my boobs to me, and now I won’t run in that secluded area or any secluded area ever again. We definitely have to take safety seriously. I don’t run with pepperspray because I am worried about it being used ON me, but I do run with a sabre keyring alarm that I can pull and it will make the loudest sound ever to draw attraction to whatever is happening! It was less than $10 on amazon and I always tell all of my runner friends to get one! It makes me so much more at ease.


I really like this idea – I am also moving away from running w/ the pepper spray I used to for the same reason, have heard it’s far too easy to be used against you. Plus, if you ever try to ‘practice’ with it, you learn how difficult it is to really accurately hit a target with it! I’m off to look for your keyring on amazon and if I can’t find it, I may replay again! Thanks for posting that!


Got it – perfect, the exact one I just put in my cart! Thank you! :)


Thanks for posting this!


I had a very scary experience more than a year ago while I was running. It was really early in the morning, and a car diverted from his original path to follow me. He went up ahead and turned, and I couldn’t see him anymore, but he had parked his car and gotten out of it. He pulled a gun on me. I had nothing on me for him to rob (I honestly think he wanted to rape me), but I ended up running away as fast as I could. I don’t think he actually wanted to kill me, because he could have easily shot at me while I was running away, but he didn’t. It gave me really bad anxiety for a long time, and I only ran on a treadmill for about a month before I ever felt comfortable running outside again. Needless to say, I’ve never run on the street where it happened again, and I’m a lot more cautious about where I run. And I always carry pepper spray with me that a police officer gave to me. And sometimes I run with a knife my dad gave me, too. It’s sad how careful women have to be nowadays because of the threats others pose.


Oh my goodness, this gave me chills. I’m so glad you were able to get away safely! What an important story to share to remind us all to take precautions to stay as safe as possible. Thanks for sharing!


A car almost backed into me once while I was running, but that’s the scariest it’s gotten for me – I am always on high alert, and make sure I don’t run weird times or in isolated areas. Great call taking your phone out and snapping pics of him – even if it was nothing, that was a really smart idea!

I have the opposite earring issue; I feel NAKED without earrings on. Even if I’m just running out to the grocery store in gym clothes, I have to put a pair of studs in.


I’ve not run at any crazy elevations compared to mine, but I am certain that running in Utah would make me suck wind constantly. But, I would love to some day!

Earrings. Man, I was convinced in 6th grade that I wanted them pierced. So I got them done, wore earrings for a few years and then decided MEH. Not really my thing. The front holes are still open, but the backs are closed up. I usually force a pair through once a year or so for a big occasion. BUT, it’s totally a great excuse when I don’t feel like wearing them.

I’ve never had a scary running experience, but I am so grateful, because, for YEARS I never carried my phone or anything when I ran. I would just leave my house unlocked, go for a run, and then return home. What the heck was I thinking!? Now I at least carry my cell phone & car key, I’ll lock my house keys in the car & run.

I hate that we, as women, have to be so much more careful while running, especially alone. BUT, I am also so glad that runners // bloggers talk about it so we know we’re not alone & figure out other ways to protect ourselves.


I do wear earrings, though I’m a stay at home mom so I feel a little silly rockin’ them at home unless they’re small studs or something. So I mostly save them for church on Sunday. ha ha. My parents let my sisters and I pierce our ears when we turned 8!
Also, I got an email saying I won the Sago Mini Giveaway and I am soooo excited! Thank you SO much, I couldn’t believe it!


Altitude totally makes a difference. Sea level rocks. Oxygen = good. I don’t think I’d even attempt to run in Utah.


I got my ears pierced when I was a newborn (that’s how they do it in my country). I’ve worn the same earrings every single day for two years now. Like a month ago, I thought I lost one and I almost cried. When I found it again, I promised myself to be super careful.


Most of my runs are at sea level so I can’t imagine not running at sea level. I’m glad you are enjoying your Holidays Janae.


Ugh so scary. I hate that kind of stuff. I was running on the Lakefront Trail in Chicago earlier this summer and there was a homeless man weirdly just standing on the side of the path by a tree. I noticed him from far away and immediately had a funny feeling. There were a few other runners around but when I got closer he sort of lunged at me and I bolted … Faster than I’ve ever run in my entire life. It was broad day light and really terrifying when you realize that kinda stuff can happen anytime/anywhere.

Stay safe!!


Your day looks like so much fun!!

I’m quite lucky in that I have a few routes around me that have lots of street lights / houses so I stick to those when I go running – I always feel safe! Taking photos of the man was really clever, I’ve never thought about that and if I ever find myself in a similar situation, I’ll try to remember that!


I’m glad you made it out safely!! One time I was out on a run in an area by my house that was very rural and I was unsure about it. I had run outside my neighborhood once before and was fine, but I still didn’t feel great, so I told my dad to come check on me in his car halfway through my run. It’s a good thing I did (and took my phone with me), because a creepy man pulled up in a truck and asked me what I was doing/where I was going/if I needed a ride. Thankfully he drove off, but I immediately called my dad and he was already on his way to check on me. I had him follow me for the rest of the run, but I have never been so terrified while out running in my life!


Oh Man! How Scary! I got freaked out one time … in my own neighborhood … and it’s gated! My hood used to be a 55+ community and they opened it up to all about 15 years ago and now it’s full of young families, older retired peeps and a few singles here and there. It’s a really quiet and uneventful hood (thank you gates!) so I was shocked when I came around a corner and saw legs hiding behind a bush. I thought maybe this person was walking a dog or something so I was hoping it was nothing. When I came back around (the loop around the hood is .40 mile) he was still there and there was def no dog! When I looked back he skurted around the bush; I totally freaked and got in my car and drove to the gym to finish my run! Now I carry pepper spray and do most of my runs at the gym unless I’m with friends.
I’ve never ran anywhere except in WA and OR so I’m always @ sea level :). I would love to run elsewhere but I don’t travel much. My dream would be to go to CO and run all the mountains!


The scariest encounter I had was with a very large wild dog. Luckily we just stared at each other while I ran on and much faster!
Earring are yes when I don’t have a toddler. Too many things to keep track of plus I learned that they love to pull and break jewelry.
I think the elevation change has an effect but I think it’s not as big as my head tells me. Usually I am traveling up to elevation


I got my ears pierced when I was about 8. I used to wear earrings all the time (a long time ago), but I also hardy ever wear them anymore! I don’t know if I’m too lazy, or they bug me sometimes, or I just forget about it.

Fortunately, I’ve never had a scary experience. I usually run with friends. When I do run alone, I run on trails where there’s always lots of other people or areas I know. If I run somewhere new (out of town) I usually try to stick to well lit areas that have lots of people.


I am glad your experience turned out okay. I have also had scary experiences while running. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I usually only when it is dark. A few weeks ago, I went running and didn’t bring any protective gear with me. A truck slowed to a stop next to me then started shouting obscenities at me. It was really scary. Now I make sure my fiance knows exactly where I plan on running, and I try to remember to bring something I can defend myself. How do you like the pepper spray? Is it bulky to carry?


I’ve had things yelled at me and once when running on a business trip I thought I was being followed. I found some maintenance guys who were out working and went over to them. I don’t know if I was being overly cautious or not but my well being is more important than someone else thinking I’m a weirdo.

Earrings are a staple. In fact, 2 of them area always in – I take them out occasionally to clean them. My hair is curly and it’s shoulder length – doesn’t matter I just wear longer earrings. First piercing I was 10, had them redone when I was 13, second hole 16 (and my dad got his ear pierced then too. 3rd hole at 18 and cartilage in my 20’s. (my nose is also pierced and that one hurt. I wear a very small stud and like the way it looks).


I did – I was running along a very public road and someone came up alongside me and it was a male, and he was trying to get my attention. I ignored him, doubled back, and swiftly ran (much faster than I normally do!) into the nearest convenience store. I was in a very public, tourist-y place, with lots of people driving by, but it literally took my breath away and I immediately texted my husband who was back at our beach condo. I don’t run alone unless I am in a VERY public place like that – no trails by myself, ever. I just don’t want to put myself in that situation….have heard too many terrible stories. Luckily, my husband is a runner, and he is with me a lot for most of my runs, and before he ran, he biked alongside me. Smart to take a photo of the guy in the car – I have heard that too!


Earrings all day everyday. Scary experiences…when I was in grad school I would run in a couple of connecting parks near my school pretty consistently (stupid, I know. Always vary your routine). So there was a guy who I consistently saw running on the same trails so we talked a few times on the trails. But then, I found a note on my car in the parking lot at the trail one day from this guy with his phone number. It was probably innocent but it creeped me out that was paying that much attention and knew what I drove and where I parked since I’d never talked to him near my car at all.
Then there was the time a mountain lion walking along the creek across the street at the same park. Totally different kind of scary.


I wear small earrings every day, and never remove them. I barely ever change them either. They’re just… there to the point that I’ve mostly forgotten about them!

I’ve never run at any elevation, and I live on the coast at sea level… so I would be scared to be huffing and puffing in the mountains!!


Because I’m in Central California, I do almost all of my running at sea level. During marathon training, my coach will have us drive up into the mountains to run at higher elevation – It is so much harder and takes no time at all for me to get winded! Makes perfect sense that it’s feeling easier for you!

I have four earrings in my left ear and two in my right. I keep earrings in all the time, but mostly just diamond studs so I’m not always having to fuss with or change them out.

So glad you’re enjoying your time in California! I just ate breakfast, but your post has me hungry again! :)


Please tell me you guys are hitting up Disneyland sans kiddos while you are down there! It sounds crazy, but I have so much fun going with just the hubby sometimes!!


Your family seriously makes the cutest kids ever!

I almost always run with other people, so the only time I’ve been scared has had to do more with a car coming too close to me or with dogs not on leashes :-/

I can definitely feel a difference in elevation when running but that’s probably because I live in a valley, so almost everywhere else has a higher elevation than where I live. Running in Lake Tahoe last summer was gnarly.

I got my earrings pierced at around 5 years old. I typically only wear earrings when I have my hair up. We got our daughter’s earrings pierced after she was potty trained (that’s what she asked for!) and the poor girl had a ton of issues and even had to have a plastic surgeon remove an earring because it became embedded in her ear lobe over night. Oy. She’ll be 13 in March and she would like to have them redone.


I first got my ears pierced when I was in 6th grade. I was bad about taking care of them and one my ears the skin started growing over the earring. So I took them out waited a couple of years and had them redone. I now unless I am feeling very fancy only wear piercing studs in my ears I have two holes in each.


I’ve had a few creepy moments while running but nothing as scary as some of the other comments on here! mostly just people yelling inappropriate things but I have had a car turn around and follow me once, I cut through some random people’s yards to get on a street the car couldn’t get to, just to be safe. It’s sad you can’t just go out on a run and enjoy yourself, but its important to always be aware of your surroundings, running or not!


THIS ———–> “Just eat. It’s nice.” <————— YES YES YES!!!

And your little nephew has the GREATEST and most contagious smile, ever!!


Taking a photo of the potential creeper is smart. I’ll have to remember that and hopefully never need to use it. Once when I was running down an empty street, I passed three younger guys and one lunged at me. It was terrifying. He started laughing and the other two yelled at him. It seemed like they had it under control in explaining to him that it wasn’t cool and not a funny joke so I just kept running. I was so ANGRY! But also really thankful that those other two guys had a clue and educated their friend.

I got my ears pierced at like 5 or 6 but I stretched them when I was 16 so I have plugs in that I essentially never change. They are silicone and way comfier than earrings since there are no backs to dig in your ears while you sleep.


I’m originally from DC and once had a man try to pull me into an alley during an early morning run. Luckily he was very drunk and I was able to pull away. So I always run with someone, or with some type of protection. It could be mace, the Rainn keychain alarm, or the Tigerlady self defense claw. Taking the photo of the license plate was a smart idea. I once did that to “scare” off a guy who was flashing me from his car (also in DC–there are some crazies there). Safe safe, and Merry Christmas!


I never wear earrings…or any jewelry for that matter. So when I do put earrings in (like once every other year) my ears itch like crazy because I am not used to them.

Your story is scary. I have only read a few of the others on here and they are all frightening! Ross keep saying I need to take pepper spray when I run or hike and I never have. Perhaps I should not be so naive?

I notice a big difference in elevation. Even when I go to St George or Mesquite. Maybe it’s all in my head. But who cares. It feels marvelous.

Seeing this trip makes me think we need to plan our trip to Whistler together soooooon.


Since I’ve had babies, I don’t wear earrings now much.
I have had a couple of scary times while running. I used to run by myself in the woods and trails a lot. I had my dog with me so wasn’t completely alone. There was this man that’s just seemed off and I ran into him a couple of times on the trail. He one time asked me to go out to dinner with him and I told him I was married. I wasn’t at the time. He just creeped me out especially randomly running into him in the middle of nowhere. Another time I was at a park and went into the bathroom to pee (had my dog too) and when I came out there was a homeless man right there in front of the door ( it was a 1 person bathroom). It seemed like he was waiting for me. There was no one around and I was scared he would push me into the bathroom to attack me. He said “hi” but was moving towards me and I jumped out of his path to get out of touching distance, and ran off.


Scary experience! And your story made me think of that one mom in CA that was abducted, beaten, and then tossed to the side of the street far away from her house. I read a news article about her. I wonder if they ever caught the suspects….

Ahhhh spaghetti. Love them so much! But we don’t really go out to eat spaghetti cuz I love mine too much.

Enjoy the warm days!!!
And stay safe!


Sorry about the rain, but we desperately need it here in California!

I’ve never had a scary experience while running but I had one in a store once. A guy kept following me. I finally asked an employee to walk me to my car. I’ve learned you just can’t ignore the feeling that something isn’t right! I’d rather be a little paranoid than become a statistic.


I’ve only had teenagers yell things out the window as they drive by, a truck that kept driving by (8-10) times but never stopped and another lady runner came up behind me on her run. She knew I hadn’t heard her. So she thought grabbing my shoulder from behind was going to ‘notify’ me she was back there. I automatically gauged my heel and elbow back. I felt terrible I hit her, she was just a runner like me out there. But we both learned something. Me: stop running with music playing. Her: possibly pass on the opposite side of the road and don’t grab the person to say “it’s just another runner”.

My schedule only allows for night or early morning runs. I always thought running at night was not safe because all the wackjobs work the night shift. Early morning has to be safer. To the point I know I let my guard down and enjoy my run a bit better. But reading every single comment here, many, many, many of them start out “I was on an early morning run…” And the daytime too. Proves I need to be careful 24/7. There is no safe time. And such a smart thing to take a pic of the guy and license plate, but then to send it to Andrew too. Mean, look at how you much info you just gave him and the police should something have came of that. Very smart. And I will remember it.

Ok, that nephew of yours and that smiles…it just slays me. Cuteness beyond belief.


Sidecar donuts: try Huckleberry or Butter + Salt. SO surprisingly good!

I wear earrings everyday! I love putting them on because even if the rest of me feels like a mess, the earrings make me quickly feel more elegant. I remember Julie Andrews saying that in an interview once and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.


I was out the other day and had a thermos of tea. I. was really freaked out that some guys I was walking past would do something to me and sure enough one yelled at me… that my thermos was leaking on my coat. It was a good reminder to be on alert but don’t always think the worst


My ears aren’t pierced and I’ve never run at altitude, so I’ve got nothing on those two questions. Haha. As far as the other one though … that’s a long story. I was attacked and raped while out on a run when I was in college. It was a life-changing event. All I can say is that you can NEVER be too careful and ALWAYS trust your gut. I rarely run alone now (thankfully my husband is a runner too, so I have a built in running buddy) and if I do I always carry mace, a taser or a stun gun. I get scared very easily and having some sort of self-dense item w/ me gives me peace of mind.

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