My new favorite speed workout (*3*2*1*.5*) w/details and the best part of everyone’s day.

One workout closer to race day!

+cooler temps…  if only September lasted 4 months longer;)

+body adapting to pushing it during intervals again

+Lose Yourself by Eminem came on and that sure pushed me during the last mile

-sleeping for 3.6 hours that night because we got home really late that night from California.

IMG 0385

Josse has completed THIRTY MARATHONS and so for this training cycle I really have just kind of tagged along with what she is doing.  She has raced a bit more but we didn’t really start speed work until just a few weeks ago.  It’s interesting because usually I start WAY sooner than that during a marathon training cycle (we started about 8 weeks out this time and usually I feel like I start months before that:).  Josse and I were talking about how much we are loving starting with the speed a little bit later on because we aren’t feeling burnt out.  We got the endurance in and we are just now having the speed kick in.  I think I usually peak with speed a month or so before the actually marathon and although this year I’m not as fast, I’m excited because I think I will feel pretty good on race day.  I’ve told you this a million times but I’d rather be a little under trained than over trained and not excited anymore about the race.

Josse had us do one of her favorite marathon workouts… it was actually really fun.  It might be my new favorite.  It is really nice also because you gain confidence after each set so then when it is time to go to the next one, you can think about how much longer the previous one was that you just rocked.

2560x1600 light sea green solid color background 2

3 miles—> 6:50 average pace (long term marathon pace… we will probably be at around 7:15 on race day next month), 2 miles—> 6:32 average pace, 1 mile—> 6:05, .5 miles @ 5:43 pace.  I was pleasantly surprised with how the workout went so I’ll just hold onto that workout for awhile in my head to build my confidence.

This drinking fountain means the world to us.

IMG 6200

Successful day out on the roads for us.  PS I haven’t done a speed workout at the track for a very long time.  I probably should visit that place again soon but I’m enjoying the roads a lot.

IMG 6198

Afterwards we took Chic-Fil-A on over to my mom and dad at their work.  The kids had gone a full 4 days without seeing grandma so we had to make it happen (okay, okay… and I really needed to see her:)

IMG 6205

And then the two kids helped me out with grocery shopping.

IMG 6212

A fridge full of fruits and veggies is heavenly.

IMG 6225

I tried to use pretty much everything and make a salad out of it.  Perfection.

IMG 6233

Brooke found her reindeer socks and Knox found his astronaut shirt so those were both huge events in our world.

IMG 6245

The best part of everyone’s day is when Andrew comes home.

IMG 6253

The local bike gang took it to the driveway and our sidewalk for an intense ride.

IMG 6263

I don’t know.  I was tired.

IMG 6260

For dinner we made zoodles with grilled chicken.   We ate at 9 pm.  Not our best idea.

IMG 6267

And just a few items of business (aka tangents) I wanted to discuss with you:

*Adding in speed work again has tightened my hamstrings right up.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I’m trying to get in as much stretching as possible.

IMG 6268

*This email came… WHO IS SIGNING UP FOR BOSTON 2017?? I need to get out to Boston again!

Screen Shot 2016 09 06 at 2 40 52 PM

*These are available.  Candy Corn Trailmix.  I must find.

IMG 6252

*CONGRATS ANN!!! You won my giveaway for a new sports bra from Brooks!!!

Screen Shot 2016 09 06 at 2 54 15 PM


Candy corn—> grosses candy ever, absolutely delicious or could you live with or without it?

-Absolutely delicious.

What type of music do you usually listen to while running?  Pop, country, angry tunes, rap, techno, a mix of everything because it depends on the day?

Who is going to sign up for Boston this year?

Make your own salad dressing or do you have some favorites you buy?  

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Hey Janae!

I’m in Park City right now and will be flying back to Utah this Friday afternoon. I was wondering if we could still plan a meet up? I sent you an email this past weekend and an email a few months ago that you responded to agreeing that we should. I LOVE your blog and have been following it for 3 or so years now. You’re one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to visit Utah, your pictures of the area are just beautiful! I hope that we can meet up! :)


My play list is a mix of country, metal, rock, 70’s disco and pop. Christmas time I add in peppy carols as well. Christmas Wrapping gets me going. ;) Not sure why Christmas is on my brain now.

Candy corn used to be a personal favorite, like most candy it’s too sweet for me now.

Sometimes I make dressing and sometimes I buy it. TJ’s Champagne Pear and OPA Strawberry Poppyseed Dressing are my favorites.


“Lose Yourself ” by Eminem is my #1 favorite running song!


I like some candy corn. Brach’s makes some with “milk maid caramel. ” I don’t know exactly what it is but it makes delicious candy corn.
I usually listen to rock and pop when I run. One of my favorites is “Don’t Stop Me Now” from Queen and “Big Machine” from Velvet Revolver.


My sister loves candy corn, I don’t really understand… ;) I just give mine to her and she is a happy camper.

That speed workout does sound like fun, I’ll have to add that to my list of things to try!


My best friend LOVES candy corn and uses sometimes during Long runs….me, I think candy corn is gross!!! LOL!! I feel like I am eating candle wax or something! HA!HA! TO each their own, right? :D

My music playlist is ALL OVER the place….. I have a little bit of everything on it…. too much of the same type bores me…. plus, I only listen to music when on treadmill; otherwise, I don’t like to music when running outdoors……..

No Boston for me…… Right now, I am not speedy enough to make my age group cut off… I guess I could buy my way in through raising money through charity……. maybe next year if I can’t build up speed. Definitely on the bucket list…. at at age 44, I better get a plan! LOL! I started running at age 40 and got addicted. I have gotten quite more speedy, but I am still in need of A LOT of improvement. My marathon time at the moment is 4:30:39 and I have only ran 26.2 ONCE! I was happy with that… my goal was to be under 5 hours. Now, that I know what it is like to run 26.2, I just might train again and just see what I can do to decrease my time………. I admire people like you…. you inspire me to keep working at it!!!!


I’ll eat a kernel or two of candy corn if offered but I won’t buy it. I actually love the pumpkins better but even those, I’ll eat one or two and then the bag goes to waste. I need snack size bags!

No music when I run – I’ve never found a pair of earphones that don’t annoy me and I like to hear what it around me. Plus listening to my foot steps and breathing help keep me in check.

I like to make my own dressings, I like to avoid added sugars and artificial stuff in store bought dressings.


Your veggie game is strong and that salad looks delicious. Adding veggies into my diet is my biggest struggle lately. I don’t know why! I need to start loading up on the salads.

As for candy corn: The regular stuff grosses me out, but Brach’s makes caramel apple candy corn, and that is amaaazing.


I like candy corn, but only a few pieces!


Candy corn—> grosses candy ever, absolutely delicious or could you live with or without it?
I LOVE candy corn. especially the pumpkins. I could eat the whole bag.

I usually listen to rap – I find that it pumps me up more than anything! I’m really excited to try that workout that you shared! It looks tough but I think it would be good. :)

I’ve been trying to make my own salad dressings, I don’t like all the ingredients in the ones off the shelf!

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