Spring in my step + training last week + our day in pictures.

Yesterday something strange happened… I felt a little spring in my step.  I decided I wanted to do a little speed and surprisingly it felt pretty good.  I didn’t feel flat (which I had felt very much so for a few months now…).

I don’t know why I don’t always trust the process because it has happened a million times in the past—>  it just takes a little time and work for the endurance and/or speed to eventually work itself back.  I get into these stages where I am dramatic and think running is never ever going to come back yet I keep trying and it always does come back.  TRUST THE PROCESS JANAE!!!  Thank you for entertaining all of my random mood/brain talk that is all over the place.

The workout went like this—>  warmup, 12 x 1 minute fast (around 6:00 pace) with 1 minute slow recovery jogs in between each one and then the last two miles 7:15 and 6:56.  It was hot out (I got out later again) but I’m happy because it felt like my legs were warming up to the idea of a quick leg turnover again.  It felt good to be breathing hard and having my stride come back a bit.  I’ve got two more weeks to fit in some speed and then it is taper time… we shall see how marathon day goes.

58 miles for the week (15 of those miles on the treadmill and the rest outside… that sure feels nice!):

Monday: 8 treadmill miles @ 8:10 average pace.

Tuesday: 13 miles w/ 2 x 2 miles (6:33 average for first set and 6:36 average for second set).. 7:30 average pace.

Wednesday:  6 miles @ 8:40 average pace.

Thursday: 18 miles @ 8:12 average pace.

Friday:  7 treadmill miles @ 8:15 average pace.

Saturday: 6 miles with 12 x 1 minute fast. (7:18 average pace)

Sunday: Off


Saturday in pictures:

*Beretta got bored… Brooke wasn’t too happy about it.

IMG 5348

*They made up shortly after:

IMG 5397

*We went straight up North to Layton to watch a football game (Andrew’s nephew was playing).

IMG 5377

*She woke up from a nap and was extra cuddly.

IMG 5379

*Andrew brought me over a churro for us to share.  They are pretty darn close to donuts…

IMG 5387

*Brooke is beyond happy to have gained all of these new cousins.

IMG 5388

*Hit up In-N-Out with Andrew’s family!

IMG 5393

*Once we got back to Andrew’s brother’s house the girls brought me this pic that they took;)

IMG 5398

*We fell asleep.  Saturday naps are priceless.

IMG 5400

*Back to the park to watch a soccer game.

IMG 5404

*Dinner at Andrew’s parents’ house!  I really don’t want to say goodbye to summer foods.

IMG 5412

*Jumping for an hour straight:

IMG 5416

*A pretty intense family football game.

IMG 5413

*I made peach cobbler with my mother-in-law with fresh peaches from their backyard.

IMG 5409

*Pure heaven:

IMG 5415

*And then we drove back home!  Brooke was talking more than ever in the backseat on the way home (as though she had been with her best friend’s all day and then needed to catch up with us about everything afterwards) and about 3 seconds after she asked us how teeth fall out—> she was asleep.

IMG 5417

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday and I’ve got all of the wedding pictures to share with you tomorrow!  ENJOY the day!

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I love peaches!!!!

Can’t we just keep summer foods all year? Who do I have to call to make this happen??


That peach cobbler looks amazing!! & I absolutely love your striped tee!!


Sunday should be a blast over here- 8 miles to do, grocery shop and then the movies!


That dress on Brooke is too cute!


Summer–please never leave! I love summer. I like fall and the holidays, but I really hate cold and wet.


Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!!! Your Saturday looked so fun! Family time is the best! Okay I have to vent to another runner! The cheapest coaching I have found is $150 and the most expensive is $275!!!!! It amazes me how money gets you very different levels of coaching. I always thought coaching was coaching not oh there are many levels. 1st one- I care about giving you a training plan perfect for you and you abilities past injuries just a little bit. Next level-I care a bit more. And so on. This is probably normal but I am new to this charge for each level of customization world of training. Looks like it’ll be cheaper to just get certified. Hahahaha


Mmm peach cobbler. I’m a big cobbler person but peach is my fave. Well tied with blueberry


MMMMM…….peach cobbler! And 58 miles?! Holy cow! It has been in the 90’s here since June……….the most I have done in a week is 28 miles……………your number sounds crazy high right now! I usually max out at 50 for marathon training, but right now my brain can’t even think of that many!


I keep hoping for that spring to come back to my step. I have a marathon coming up about a week after yours, and I feel like I have been dragging lately! Trying to trust the process, because I know it will get better.


Having a peach tree in my yard would be awesome! Warm peaches on waffles or pancakes. Peaches on ice cream. Peaches in cereal. So many options! I think the only thing better would be an avocado tree!


You are really getting some mileage in! I think you’ve done a great job these past few months still getting training in – no matter if it’s not as fast as you like, etc. – you still did what you could in the new craziness of your life and that’s a lot. I also think you’ve sold yourself short over the years thinking 50 miles is your limit before injury ;) Building the miles without having a lot of intense speedwork in there and then gradually bringing it back….well, the body can adapt to most anything :)


That dessert looks so yummy! And Beretta is so cute.


Haha, “how do teeth fall out?” Can you imagine how fast a pre-schooler’s mind in working, they just take in so much and have so many questions.


The Brooke+Beretta pics melt my heart!!

Do you mind sharing what leggings you’re wearing in the park pic? :)


So impressive that you ran both the day before AND after your 18 miles!! I finally did some speedwork today myself…and it felt surprisingly good too!


I took a long nap on Saturday too! They are the best!

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