FRIDAY FAVORITES + 18.06 mile talk (and what I thought of during the last 5 miles).

It is Friday!!!  Let’s start off with some of our favorite things right now and then we will catch up with my long run and food on Thursday!

*WE GOT OUR WEDDING PICTURES BACK FROM LINDSEY ORTON!!! I will have the entire post up (along with 600 pictures) on Monday if you want to check it out!


*Our family has been going to town on these this week.  I love it when Andrew goes to Costco on his own because he brings home all sorts of new things for us to try and 102% of the time I end up loving what he brings home.  I guess it’s kind of hard to not love something at Costco though.

IMG 5162

*Good thing we have the perfect bowls to consume all of our cereal together! (General Mills sent these to us… THANKS!!!)

This Mrs. thing is sure fun.

IMG 5221

*Beretta loves Andrew a crazy amount and I love it when she sits like this while he pets her haha!

IMG 5193

*Sports bras that make me happy—>Frontrunner Racer Sports Bra (the red one)—> I’m in love for a few reasons: seamless fabric—> reduce chafing, LOVE the ombre effect, the molded cups (they are sewn in) gives great shape and awesome support and it is a super soft fabric against your skin! I’ve never tried a sports bra shaped like this one… I’m a fan and I’ll probably buy 4 more because I use too many old sports bras.  The AnyDay Bra is made to be a t-shirt bra + performance bra in one:)  It is versatile enough for during the day and then also when you need it to preform!  It also has molded cups and a super soft brush band against that is up against your body and some nice convertible straps.

IMG 5174

*This Jimmy Eat World song that just came out.. I love running to it.  I am pretty sure I listened to them at least twice a day all throughout high school… ehhh and college. We are kind of wanting to hit up their tour in Europe this year;)

IMG 5170 1

*We put some wedding money together and purchased something extremely important in life… I’ve been borrowing my mom’s blender for the last who knows how long.  It was time to finally get our own and we are loving this one… in the 24 hours that I’ve had it I have made approximately 6 smoothies with it.

IMG 5132

*I was tagged in this post and I find more truth in this below image/text than I should:

IMG 5226

*The snaps that Andrew send me tell me that he runs for the same reason.

IMG 5225


LONG RUN TALK!!! My Thursday started off with 18.06 (hey, every .01 counts when you get up in those double digits;) miles! Josse joined me for the first 12 (she has a race on Saturday so she didn’t want to overdo it) and then I finished up on my own.  I am pretty sure the last 5 miles consisted only of me dreaming about getting back to my car to put on lip gloss.   My lips were so chapped, I couldn’t think of anything else.  Andrew is still amazed over how many times a day I apply chapstick or lip gloss… I can’t stop.

We did a different route than we usually do, Josse had some great stories for me and my plantar fasciitis is feeling great ever since I stopped sleeping on my stomach.  I really think that is what was causing my feet problems—>  pointing them all night long will do that to ya.

I have had a slight head cold so the run didn’t feel super great but I’m just guessing that all of the hard runs mean that marathon day will feel amazing.

There is only time for maybe one more 20 and 22 miler before the race and then TAPER TIME.  How does marathon training feel like it just flies by sometimes?  I swear I just started getting into training for St. George.

IMG 5222

And then it was onto kid time.   Those little faces have my heart.  I’m sure loving how life has worked out for us.

IMG 5205

*We set out to return some shoes for Andrew and I found these two showing off their sweet dancing moves.

IMG 5220

*I wish you could hear their little conversations, it is hilarious.  This photo was taken mid-discussion about what is better between pretzel bites and classic pretzels at Pretzel Time.  They both have great debating skills thus far.

IMG 5211

*Andrew and I made some dinner together… you can watch the video here.  We talk about all of the most random things you can think of from our next trips to kids to jobs to injuries to running to kids to how to get through a divorce etc.

IMG 5227

*We FaceTimed with his parents too and Andrew was laughing pretty hard.  The head tilt back while laughing is always a good sign.

IMG 5231

*And then the best time of the day=

IMG 5236


Are you a chapstick or lip gloss person?  Anyone else obsessed with it like I am?

Please fill in the blank—>  I run because I really like _________________. (You can include multiple reasons if you would prefer).

Anyone else have a blendtec?  Thoughts?  Favorite things to use it for? 

What’s the cereal of choice in your world lately?

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I’m 100% a chapstick person – especially in the winter!

And Honey Nut Chex are my favourite! I finished off a box this morning and I’m pretty sure it was 3 servings in one bowl .. oops?
ps. High five on the 18-miler! :)


I am completely obsessed with lip gloss (THANK YOU for getting me hooked on the Victoria’s Secret ones!!), and I definitely apply it way more than I should all throughout the day. I forgot to put it on before my run this morning, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it.

I will always love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but I’m really liking the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. They’re SO good! And I run for candy and massive amounts of froyo, which I will be eating a lot of this weekend. :)


I’m a chap-stick person. I run because I love brownies and wine :) I have a ninja but have heard great things about the blendtec, I want one someday :)


I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! They’ve all looked so amazing so far.

I’m definitely a chapstick person. Lipgloss makes my lips feel more chapped and I hate anything sticky (long hair problems!) I got a ninja blender when I moved and it’s the best the EVER. It’s really loud, but it makes the best smoothies!

Have a great Friday!


I run because I really like ICE CREAM! And pizza. And bagels.

I haven’t been using chapstick much lately, but that will probably change as it gets colder!


Thanks for the sport bra review…will try the first one for sure! I have to find a solution because I have a ton of chaffing under my right arm, none under my left! How strange! I bring chapstick on my marathon long runs… It helps keeps my mind happy ;-) Like you I have one last 20+ miler before my marathon (on Sept 25). Can’t believe we’re almost there already!


I run because I really like to get out my energy. Exercise is the number one thing for me to not feel so wound up. There are some days when I just ache for a run because I have so much going on and it’s the perfect outlet for me to get out my stress/frustrations/etc in physical form.

and cereal. where do I even start with cereal. I am OBSESSED with it. literally obsessed. I would eat it for every meal if I could and I have had to physically stop myself from doing so many a time. Today’s current obsession is with the Special K Protein line especially the cinnamon crunch. oh my god. throw some almond milk in and you have my own personal idea of heaven.


Ok, ladies, I have a very serious question about sports bras. The ones that don’t have a hook clasp, how do you get them on and off? Particularly off, when you’re sweaty and sticky. I have a small chest, and most sports bras for my size don’t have a clasp. You would think that after ten years of this nonsense I would have mastered it, but no! Every time I practically dislocate my shoulder. Once I literally had to rip it off of me. What am I doing wrong?


Lol I have the opposite problem. I can’t do the clasps! I’m like a dog chasing it’s tail trying to get them off.


I have the same problem. It feels like it gets stuck on my shoulder blades. I get stuck in dresses too…


I hear ya, the struggle is real. Lots if wiggling. Working it off a little at a time.


Definitely a chap stick person. I hate how my hair always gets caught in gloss and gets all sticky! I honestly don’t know if I can pick one reason for why I run… but I would say I run because I can’t live without it!


I don’t use Chapstick often except on occasion in winter and never use lipgloss. Once I broke the habit I found I needed them less. Cheerios Ancient Grains was the last cereal I bought, but I haven’t had cereal in months. I do want to try making my own granola.


I bought a blendtec 5 years ago and it literally changed my life!! Favorite thing to make in it is smoothies. Close second is banana soft serve! Quick trick – use a little xanthan gum to make the smoothies creamy.


I’m so excited to see your wedding photos. I know they are going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Moving Comfort does make the best sports bras of any brand. They are seriously my favorite. I like the Uprise personally!


Chapstick! Oh man I can’t do without it. I’m really obsessed with the carmex brand because it doesn’t feel drying and it feels yummy. Either that or the Burts Bees tinted lip balms because those are amazing too and have a little color :)


Butts Bees lip shimmer. I wear it every day. Not a crazy re applier though.


I also suffer from plantar fasciitis. And I too am a stomach sleeper. And I completely agree with sleeping with your feet flexed instead of pointed overnight. But I found a way where I can sleep with my feet flexed and sleep on my stomach. My husband thinks it’s totally weird but, I Scooch all the way down on our bed so that my feet are hanging off the edge and I will wedge a pillow between the mattress and the baseboard and then wedge my feet in between that and that will keep my feet flexed all might long while I sleep on my stomach. #genius


I’m going to have to start doing this tonight. Brilliant, Oh I love this idea Rachel because I miss sleeping on my stomach. THANK YOU!!! Have a great weekend!


Am I the only person who uses chapstick and lipgloss? I apply the chapstick first since it’s not so sticky and has some spf, then I put on VS lipgloss:) Works for me!


Well that is the best idea I’ve ever heard. I will be copying you starting right this second. Thank you Amber!


Burt’s Bee’s Tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia — Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!!!

I’m on my third tube — and I SCOOPED out the last bits of the last one to make it last longer!

I run because I really like __CARBS____! Anyone else? Rice, rice, rice, pasta, candy, cookies, rice, rice…. carbs!


** You can join C.A. with me if you’d like. We ladies in Chapstick Anonymous always have room for one more in the group. I like lip-gloss, and use it when I’m out for a nice glossy effect. What Carmex/Chapstick is where it’s at, my true weakness and addiction. I have one every where and no one is to move them. Bathroom, kitchen, purse, car, my desk….
** I run because I really like: cookies and brownies and caramel !
** I have a KitchenAid blender and I love it. I mostly due fruit protein smoothies. I like it because it handles firm veggies as well as frozen fruit well.
** I’m actually on a cereal hiatus right now. Not sure why. Just a weird dry spell.


HAHAHA I will join C.A. right now… we get each other.


I run because I really need to quiet my mind. It’s the only time when I’m not thinking about 2 thousand things at once (and I have a little OCD and it totally calms me down). Plus….I LOVE FOOD. Duh.
I’m downloading that Jimmy Eat World song right now!!!! I LOVE them but I had totally forgotten about them!!! It’s such a blast from the past day, I’m currently listening to new Britney spears and new Blink 182…and now Jimmy. LOVE IT.
And I’m also chapstick obsessed. I have about four in my bag at all times.


I am a chapstick-aholic. If I forget it, I can’t think about anything else until I get it. My lips get so chapped. I probably apply it 10 times per day… yeah it is a problem lol! :) Have a great weekend!


I run because I really like dessert and carbs and wine!

Cereal of choice right now … Kix. So underrated!

Can’t wait to see the weddings pics!


Moving Comfort bras are the best. Since I started working at a running store in Riverton, I’ve changed my mind about running accessories and quality apparel. I love love love the Juno.

I had a Blendtec for a couple of years but I didn’t love it. I did at first but my mostly frozen fruit smoothies were always chunky. I exchanged it for a Vitamix and that has seriously changed my life.


Interesting… We will have to pay attention to that with our Blendtec! Thank you Nadia! Oh, I LOVE love love the Juno too! Oh you are up in Riverton? That is close! I’ll have to come up to your store soon!


I love lip balm, gloss is kind of sticky for me. Fresh makes the best tinted gloss/balm. SPF 15 and the colors are just perfect. I have lip balm in the car, on my nightstand, on the kitchen table and in every bag I own. I’ll stick my hand into my winter coat and find one there too.

I have a Jamba Juice Blender. It was on Good Morning America’s steals and deals a little over a year ago. It’s on par with Blendtec and Vitamix. Love it. (I also got my juicer on steals and deals, Tori Johnson really gets some good stuff).

I run because I really like: a calm brain, wine and scones. I found a bakery that makes perfect scones in amazing flavors: Sweet Honey, Lemon Lavender White Chocolate, Coconut White Chocolate. It’s a good thing I am only here a week otherwise I’d be having some serious talks with my sweet tooth.


I workout because I love CHOCOLATE! I remember you saying at one time that you were going to go back to teaching. Are you still planning to do that?


HEY GIRL!! Yep, I will most likely go back but wait until the kiddos are in full time school too so we are gone the same hours! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you get some chocolate asap!


I run because I LOVE TO EAT! And if I don’t run my body doesn’t know how else to metabolize the food! My husband on the other hand eats whatever he wants and doesn’t have to workout :-/

Right now I love LIFE Vanilla cereal, I can eat it my by the handfuls!


I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures (and I would totally be okay with you sharing 600! ;) )

I love anything on my lips/ Chapstick or lipgloss. The more the merrier in my opinion.

Favorite cereal right now? I actually haven’t had Life in a while, but for some reason that sounds amazing right now. I may need to make a grocery run.

Woohoo on 18.06 miles- I agree ever .01 matters ;)


I am a chapstick girl and I don’t go anywhere without it. I also make sure to have at least one new pack in my bathroom drawer at home, just in case!

I run because I really like ice cream!

I have a Blendtec. The hubs uses it every morning for his protein shake and it makes great smoothies and milkshakes!

I am really in love with Frosted Mini Wheats and Honey Nut Cheerios with bananas right now!


Definitely a chap-stick person. I feel like Lipstick is kind of uncomfortable to wear in the summer.

My favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats. I keep trying other ones, but I always go back. The taste of it combined with whole milk is just perfection.

And I run because:
1. I love feeling strong, grateful and happy afterwards.
2. I love to sleep really deeply and wake up so rested.
2. I love to eat pizza and pasta and refined carbs.
3. I love the dessert cravings I get after running and the rewarding feeling after I eat them.

I’m sure I could go on and on with the list.


I like some ChapStick but I am always losing it! Let’s see….I run because I really like doughnuts and brownies and Mello-yello and twizzlers! And I love most cereals but lately it has been frosted cheerios or apple jacks.


I am such a lip balm person! The thing that bugs me most about clothes without pockets is that I have no place to stash my lip balm.


Hi Janae! This is a really random request, but would you consider doing a post on Beretta? She seems like the sweetest and I love hearing about other dogs. :)


OKAY… I love this idea so so much! I just told Andrew about it and he is looking up all of his pictures of her so we can do this! THANKS Danielle and have a fabulous weekend!


Burt’s Bees all the way for me!! Love that stuff :)

I have a Ninja blender and it’s pretty good. I like the individual serving cups too.

I run because I love all food and to keep the crazy from taking over! Running just hits that mental reset button for me.

I’m also excited to see your wedding photos too! Have a great weekend!!


Victoria secret lip gloss is where it’s at! I love how it stays on for a long time. I have to apply it right before a run.
I just convinced my kids that cookie crisp cereal are mini cookies. A treat that has vitamins and minerals= mom win! They like to snack on them while I’m on the treadmill.


I love my blendtec . We use it for milk shakes a lot but it also makes great, smooth soups and jam. And smoothies. I also did a lot of whole juice with it for a while.

I’m not a big Chapstick person. I’ve never liked the feeling of something on my lips. Lip gloss is a little better.


CHAPSTICK!!!! I hate lip gloss b/c it is so sticky and my hair is always caught in it.
I was just daydreaming the other day about how I wish my car has a small little refrigerated chapstick holder so my car chapstick wont melt in the summer. I have car chapstick, pocket chapstick, purse chapstick, desk chapstick and night stand chapstick. It is never too far away. Or I just may die.


Hmmm, i love a good minty (makes your lips tingle a little) chapstick. Nothing too sticky though. Cereal of the week is Berry Berry Kix!


Wanted to thank you for the sweet chili chicken with pineapple salsa recipe you posted recently! It made a fantastic supper last night!


I have a Blendtec and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I make smoothies in it almost every day. Currently loving Shalane’s Can’t Be Beet smoothie from Run Fast Eat Slow. I’ve also made dressings and chocolate avocado pudding (not as gross as it sounds) in the smaller jar. It was definitely an investment but I think it’s worth it and has held up super well over 2 years of heavy use so far.

Yes to chapstick!


Use my blendtec every single day! Multiple smoothies (6 of us here), hummus, nut butter…. you will love it!!


Where is that yellow blanket from that you’re using with Brooke!? Love it!! Ps. last night I watched your video & that whole idea about Divorce and Running.. “take a mile at a time” Helps me so much :) <3 Thank you!!!


I love lip balm & lip gloss! I can’t stop buying them.

Not a big cereal fan. I’ll eat oatmeal once or twice a month.

I run because I love the way it makes me feel and it gives me a good appetite :)

Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!!!


I am 100% a Chapstick/ lip balm person!
A GREAT one for runs is CO Bigelow’s “my favorite night balm” (from bath and body works). It’s super gooey, and takes some getting used to, but does the job for those long runs and I wear it all day!!


I love chapstick and lipgloss, it just depends on what I’m doing. Chapstick is more my thing when exercising. I definitely run because I like sugar. :) I love that you are so happy. You seem like the sweetest person ever and you deserve to be happy. :)


I love burts bees chapstick and VS gloss. Last year for one of my marathons, I bought a brand new chapstick (I HAVE to carry chapstick when I run! Something about the salty sweat makes my lips crack so bad.). Well, around mile 17 or so, when I was putting it back in my water bottle pouch, I DROPPED IT! And if you feel like me at mile 17, there is no stopping and bending over. I held back some tears, had a moment of silence, and just kept trucking. About a minute later, some guy runs up next to me and says, “Here, I think you dropped this!” IT WAS MY CHAPSTICK! Bless his heart. I hope he won that marathon. haha

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