His first Blue Apron experience and something I’m stoked about.

One of the many things I am really stoked about for married life is having dinner as a family every night together at home (along with some eating out together too).  Growing up my mom always made dinner for us and eating together was the norm.  I’m excited to have that with our new little family too. Andrew loves to cook (I like cooking but baking is my favorite) so we will be having some really good meals up ahead together (even though our kids can be really picky eaters;)

Blue Apron will definitely make appearances for many of our meals together at home over the years.  Brooke knows that when we get our refrigerated box full of ingredients (everything is farm-fresh and delivered in the exact right proportions) that I’m going to be in a really good mood—>  thesse boxes mean I don’t have to go to the grocery store and that I have some really delicious meals up ahead for us.  It also means that I am going to get out of my normal cooking rut of using 4 ingredients and try brand new recipes and cuisines.

IMG 7218

We started off with making the Za’atar-Spiced Fennel & Farro Salad (with English Peas, Pea Tips & Pomegranate Molasses) and this meal ended up being both of our favorite from this delivery (ps you can get the 2-person or family plan but we went with the 2-person plan so the ingredients below are from that plan).

IMG 7201

Brooke made sure to sample the peas to make sure they would be good for our salads;)

IMG 7212

This dish was SUPER filling and the feta cheese on top and the cooked fennel (oh and the sunflower seeds and pomegranate molasses) were my favorite parts of the salad.  Total win in our books and Andrew’s first experience with Blue Apron was a total success.

IMG 7221

Gnocchi is one of those things that I ALWAYS order if it is on the menu at a restaurant.  I love the soft pillowy goodness that is gnocchi and the fact that this recipe came with pesto and asparagus—>  I was all in.

IMG 7224

I’ve told you that Andrew is also a runner (ummm he has done an IRONMAN before.. amazing) and so both of us are hungry runners and when we want dinner… we want dinner.  Blue Apron meals never take me longer than 30-40 minutes from start to finish which makes me very happy because I don’t want to be spending hours in the kitchen before actually eating dinner.  Hangry is not good for anyone involved.

My first time making pesto… I felt like a big deal:)

IMG 7227

The capers added a kick and the spinach and asparagus gave us a ton of veggies in our meal.

IMG 7233

PS any other Angels fans?  They are his absolute favorite.

IMG 8676

For the third and final meal from this delivery I made Crispy Catfish and Yuzu-Kosho Udon.  I was a little nervous about the catfish at first but it tasted super good especially with the ponzu sauce (my FAVORITE) and udon noodles.

IMG 8791

Definitely a new to me ingredient—>  the Yuzu Kosho was added into the broth of this dish.

IMG 8792

Brooke added the spice blend and green scallions on top!

IMG 7236

She didn’t try the catfish but she went crazy for the noodles and snap peas!  I love how Blue Apron gets us cooking and eating dinner together at home.

IMG 7238

PS If you didn’t already know, you can get all of your pro cooking tools from Blue Apron Market—> they offer everything from kitchen drawer sets to knives to cutting boards.  My cooking world was changed with these knives… they have made prepping ingredients a million times easier.

IMG 7203


The first 50 readers will get two free meals on their first Blue Apron order—>  GO HERE to get the deal!!!  Try it out, there is no commitment (you can skip or cancel at any time) and they are CONSTANTLY adding new dishes to their menu every week to try out.  You can check out their recipes here too!

Sponsored by Blue Apron!  Thanks for supporting us and following along our random life:)


What was the last really delicious thing that you made at home?

Do you prefer cooking or baking more?

What are some things that you ALWAYS order at a restaurant if they have it on the menu?

What’s YOUR run today looking like?  

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My husband and I have focused on cooking more meals together. I think that’s so important for any couple. If you are spending time cooking together, you do bond more. I’ve been enjoying pesto lately myself!


Since we moved in with my parents while our house is being build, I hardly cook anymore, and I miss it! There are so many things I want to try when we move into our home! I love having an excuse to try something new that I wouldn’t necessarily try on my own. I love gnocchi too! So good! I’m a fan of swordfish, so I will order that anytime I see it on a menu!


I might need to try Blue Apron. Is it more affordable than getting all of your own stuff at the grocery store? I just learned how to cook and bake this year, and I like trying out new things. But I definitely love baking more than cooking. :)

Today’s run was pretty easy with a little bit of rain. I felt pretty banged up from playing basketball after work with some guys yesterday, so I was thankful for easy miles!


Do you have a blog? Everyone I click on it, it’s the same thing for the last two years!




The other day I made the easiest and most delicious meal ever- simmered some chicken breast and onions in Masala Simmer Sauce from TJ’s, put it on top of some rice, added cilantro, and grilled some naan on the side. It was so good and took no time at all!

I will order anything that has truffle in it at a restaurant. I love the flavor so much that it doesn’t matter what it’s on! Plus it’s something that I never have at home so it’s a treat! Truffle fries and burgers are amazing!!


I’m so much more of a baker, but there is something super satisfying about cooking. I made a kicking plate of zoodles last night and they were awesome. I’m all about easy, quick, healthy recipes.

today’s run is 8 minutes on the antigravity treadmill. can’t do much, but putting in a little running for national running day!


That salad looks amazing!!

I prefer to bake too. Fresh baked goods are the best!

No run for me today, but I did fit in a strength training session this morning.


I always order Greek or Mediterranean style things. Feta, lemon and spinach are my favorites.
I’m gonna run a quick 3-4 miles in a few minutes.
I prefer baking


I like cooking more. When i bake i end up eating so much batter i get a stomach ache :) i dont have a run today! Im taking some time off to recover from my half marathon i ran saturday…i had a little shin pain afterwards. I really want to try blue apron though it looks great :)


I pefer to cook but I love baking as well. My husband and I cook together often, especially now that it’s summer and we can grill.


Ha, the last really delicious thing I made was HRGs S’more brownies. Daughter and I baked some on Sunday.

No run today which is a shame since it’s supposed to be Global Running Day.


I love trying out new dishes, so I rarely ever order the same meal at a restaurant twice. My husband is the exact opposite: He’ll order the same meal from now until eternity, lol! ;)


I always order the Mac N Cheese! Well, I used to. A few weeks ago I got really sick after eating it, and now the thought of mac n cheese sounds revolting. I’m hoping that will reverse soon…
But gnocchi is a good sub in the meantime!


who doesn’t love udon noodles, you are very wise, brooke


I prefer to bake but I do like cooking too. I’ve tried Blue Apron before but since it’s just me (and the pup) it’s not worth it because I can’t eat it all by myself. No run for me today, 50k on Saturday!!!! So I’m taking it easy these next couple days.


Parmesan crusted skirt steak with roasted sweet potatoes. Yum!

I love your top in the Blue Apron photos. Super cute – where did you get it?

If a restaurant has eggs benedict, gnocchi, scallops, or creme brule – I always order them. I’m in trouble if they offer all of those because it’s hard for me to pick!


I would love to hear about your love story- how did you two meet? All the cheesy goodness- as a single girl again- I am living so much through you these last few years! So excited for your great news and congratulations to the moon and back!!


Those meals look good! I’m going to run a few miles of hills today.


I prefer baking over cooking – definitely when it comes to cooking meat or fish, I feel like I never get it right!

If we go out to eat I definitely order something with lots of cheese. My husband can’t eat dairy so I need to get my fix! :)


I love cooking… baking.. not so much!! I always order ahi tuna if it is on the menu.. it is my favorite!


Cooking together and having dinners together is the best :) I totally understand that you’re looking forward to that!!

The last delicious thing we cooked were fish tacos on Sunday!
I love cooking and baking, but baking is my favorite.
I always order tomato soup at restaurants, but they rarely have it over here (I am from Europe and it’s much more common on the menu there).
My run today is going to be an easy 4-miler (thank goodness, it’s going to hit 100F today).


I’ll definitely try this summer after we get back from vacation! I can use some help in the kitchen!
Dodger fan here…but he’s still adorable;)


I have always preferred baking over cooking!


You two sound like the perfect pair! He cooks, you bake. Dynamic duo!


I just wanted to comment to give you congratulations. I am so happy & excited for you as you enter this next chapter in your life!!

I do enjoy cooking…when time easily permits. During the week it can be challenging, although I do manage (typically) to cook ~4 nights/week. I usually feel pretty strapped for time on school nights…a little more relaxed on the weekends. My boyfriend & I enjoy cooking together, although we do have varying approaches (he is more laid back so he will take his time to enjoy the entire process more…I am high strung so I typically move a little faster…I feel like I am usually just trying to keep my 9 y.o. from going into crazy mode). :)

And….Happy Global Running Day! Run will be nice & easy for me. I ran some 800’s yesterday and my hamstrings are kind of yelling at me today.


I made a grilled skirt steak last night – it was marinated with flavors like cinnamon, pineapple juice and soy sauce! I served it with an arugula salad and made my own dressing. So Good!

I really love both cooking and baking – I don’t know if I can pick one. I LOVE baking cupcakes but I also enjoy cooking new recipes. FOOD=LOVE

At 630am I ran 4.6 miles for Global Running Day! I love early runs! #runhappy


I made grilled tuna that came out amazing. I ran out of Ponzu or I might have used that for marinade. I used Tamari, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and rice vinegar for the marinade and sprinkled sesame seeds on top while it cooked.

I enjoy both cooking and baking. I don’t love frosting cupcakes, so I just pipe it on from a decorator bag.

I make a similar salad with fennel and sorghum.


I always love the Blue Apron posts you do. It makes me really want to try some. Maybe I will try the free meals and see if it’s worth keeping up with. Our only concern is cost right now, but it would be WAY better than going out or ordering in! :)


Yum! Those look amazing! Love that you guys cook together :) Happy Global Running Day!

My boyfriend and I made homemade turkey burgers last night (aka I did minimal prep work and he did the rest – oops).

Baking > cooking. There’s just something about cookie dough that speaks to my soul.

It’s nearly impossible for me to turn down all day breakfasts. If a restaurant has waffles/pancakes/eggs/etc. and I’m there for lunch, I’m sold.

Run today will be a few easy miles – still recovering from an injury!


I’m a HUGE Angels fan, too! His love of the Angels is how I know you picked a winner ;) Congrats to you and your families! <3


We made this http://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/recipe/shaved-zucchini-salad-almonds.html for dinner last night. Crazy easy and so good. We also grilled pizza this weekend and that was awesome. I love cooking. Baking is fun but I’m not very good.
3 miles on the treadmill this morning before everyone woke up.


Grilled pizza is the best!


Looks delish! I really need to try out Blue Apron. I tried Hello Fresh and enjoyed it – while I like cooking, these get me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise buy.


Hey! I’m going to try Blue Apron. We have a family of 6 and I’m constantly looking for new recipes.

Would you mind putting your plank workout under the workout tab? Thank you!!!

Btw- Congrats on the engagement!!! You deserve a LIFETIME of happiness:)


I recently made an Oreo salted caramel ice box cake and it was pretty awesome!

I enjoy making food that other people love, which is usually dessert in my household. Although, there’s nothing like cooking all day with the fam and enjoying the fruit of our labors together! Baking is much more scientific than cooking because typically my measurements have to be more precise with baking, which kind of annoys me because I love just being able to throw everything together :)

My run today was 6 miles with 3-1 mile repeats, with my hubs during the sunrise. It was pretty awesome!


The recipes always *sound* complicated but then only 30-40 minutes? That’s fantastic!!! They all looked great (as do the people eating them!). Thanks for sharing!


Mitch is soooo afraid of trying new foods…well, new vegetables and fruits. When we cook together, he gets to see what goes into meals and it has actually expanded his pallet… also, his running has improved! Best thing we have made are bbq chicken and spinach calzones with TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough! It helps me when we cook together too, as he teaches me to be more laid back in the kitchen. Win-win!


I definitely prefer cooking over baking. I find cooking way more flexible than baking so you can actually mix things up with cooking.

I ran 8 miles with some cross country teammates today. They were super slow, which is good for summer base mileage. I recently listened to podcast saying the importance of taking your easy days easy and your hard days hard, so I’ve been making sure my recovery days that I am actually recovering.

Congrats on your engagement!! That is so exciting!!


The delivery part sounds pretty convenient. I’m wondering if a similar service exists in Canada. I usually order fish or seafood we I eat out because my husband is allergic so I don’t often cook it at home!


Angel AND Dodger fan from this So Cal born Pennsylvania transplant. Go Andrew!

My wife prefers baking by far. I like variety at restaurants now, but there was a pie place I once frequented where I would always order their patty melt and a piece of black-bottom pie .

For Global Running Day I logged 2 miles on the treadmill. It’s not much, but a long way from where I was in February.


I did 4.67 miles on the treadmill while watching MacGyver. It was pure awesomeness! I’ve been looking forward to the 5 a.m. wake up call since I discovered MacGyver on amazon prime.
I’m more of a baker because baked goods are tastier than chicken or steak any day. But, I do love to cook when I have time to make something I know everyone will like or something new that looks interesting.
8/20 is a great date! It’s my daughter’s 10th birthday! She would be super excited if I baked her a tiered cake for her birthday. Gonna have to think about that.


That zaatar and farro salad looks delicious! I just did a yummy dinner on the grill – chicken thighs marinated in zaatar, lemon juice and olive oil (I think it was from Sunset). So summery and tasty!

I have a weakness for polenta or risotto on restaurant menus – creamy carbs mmmmm

Trail run with my girlfriends and our dogs (and an appearance by a coyote that made things interesting!)


I love cooking and baking, but my true love is cooking. My sister is the baker of the family. ;)

Latest tasty thing I made, healthy, homemade chicken nuggets with a side of sautéed kale and zucchini. So yummy!

As for eating at restaurants, I am a sucker for good sweet potato fries. Or really anything with the word “sweet potato.” Haha. Oh and salads, there is something magical about not having to “make” a salad.


Random question: did you ever figure out what was causing your GI issues a long time back? I feel like I’m going through that right now and its soooo uncomfortable and annoying because I can’t pinpoint an issue. THanks!


Well, Andrew and I have something in common….Albert Pujols! I’m a Cardinal fan.
Last great homecooked meal was barbecued ribs on the grill.
Not much for cooking or baking…hate the mess. But, if I have to choose it would be cooking.
If we go out, nine times out of ten I’m going to get fish with a cream sauce, preferably with lump crab meat!!


Thank you for the blue apron post! I have been meaning to try it but never quite got around to it….. Until today! So excited my box arrives on Tuesday!


I love gnocchi, butternut squash ravioli and flautas. I’ve been using Blue Apron for a few weeks now and we love it, especially the variety! My 10 yr old loves cooking from a recipe and so she likes helping me cook the meals they send which means she usually will eat it too. I’m hoping it catches on to my other two :)


Love your blog!! Your posts are so inspirational and fun!

I’m currently training for my first full marathon (having done a handful of 5K’s, 10K’s, and even a half marathon) — and I have a question for you — how do you run in the rain? Do you avoid this?

I live in the south and we are being pummeled with rain and I hate to miss runs. Treadmill running isn’t an option for me, so I’m limited to running in the rain or not running :(

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


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