I CRAVE this moment during a tempo run and Monday Matters!!!

Today’s tempo run was a hot one.  I was more than ready to kick off my shoes and put my face close to the fan as soon as I was all done.

? cred: Brooke

It has been a few weeks since my last tempo run so I decided to make Monday my tempo day this week.  I usually don’t do a hard workout on Mondays but lately it has felt really good to get in some speed after a rest day (Sunday’s are always my rest day and they include lots of sleep and carb loading:)

1.7 mile warm-up, 7 miles @ tempo (with one stop for about 20 seconds because I accidentally hit the emergency stop button) and 1.3 mile cool-down!  When I do my speed work on a treadmill I just use an online pace calculator like this one to figure out my average pace:)

Those first 4.8ish miles of the tempo were rough but then all of the sudden the pace/my stride/my body/everything just clicked and my run felt smooth, relaxed and doable.  I LOVE it when that happens… usually I start the tempo out feeling fresh (after the warm-up) and then over the miles of the workout it gets harder and harder.  I love how today it started out hard but I finished a little bit faster than I started and the end felt wayyyyyyy better than the beginning.

A rare moment in running that my mind and body loves.

IMG 8319

We then did some stretching (while Brooke was on my back) and my plank workout right now (sharing tomorrow morning)!!

IMG 8356

And then we were off to the park.  Brooke feels pretty accomplished because she now eats her string cheese the proper way after 3.6 years of just biting into it:)

IMG 8334

My favorite way to spend a mid-morning Monday.

IMG 8338

I’ve got a few matters to discuss with you today:

1.  These.  A lot of the new Oreo flavors stress me out (ummm root beer float, watermelon, cotton candy, limemade—>  I’m looking at you).  But these.  These are everything I want in a cookie.

IMG 8347

Speaking of stress…. does this picture stress you out majorly too?!?!

IMG 7308

2.  Lunch in a bowl (shredded bbq chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli and avocado).  This will be lunch tomorrow too.

IMG 8382

3.  Running facts are my favorite.  Thanks Brooks!


4.  Wow.  Just wow.  I do not think I could have finished:

5.  I just came across this picture of me and my cousin (I don’t think I have posted it yet but who knows….) and it made me happy.

IMG 7560

6.  PS Josse rocked her 1/2 Ironman and she will be writing a race recap that will go up this week!


What do you think about the most while running?

Out of all of the random Oreo flavors… which ones are your favorite or do you stick to the classics?

What do you usually crave right after a run—>  something protein rich, carbs, sweets or greasy?

Ever get injured DURING a race?  

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I crave salty things after a run! And burgers!

I’ve never had an injury like a tear or anything – let alone during a race. Not sure how I would react lol


Those Oreos look delicious!

I was supposed to go on a run today, but I took a two hour nap instead and missed my window of opportunity. Worth it.

I think about everything while running! It’s where my best firesides are put together! Bliss.


I feel like Oreos have so many flavors now. I remember when it was just the standard flavor.

I got a stress fracture only my 21st birthday during a race. I of course, stopped but it was the most pain I’ve been in running.


That lunch looks DELICIOUS. Do you make that chicken yourself?? I need some new recipes!

I think about so many random things while I’m running, but mostly it involves whatever is going on in my life at the time. It de-stresses me to run while thinking about the things that are somewhat causing me stress, as weird as that might sound.


I usually think about food. Sometimes if I’m mad or stressed about something, I will fixate on that, but generally food or just lots of randomness.

The red velvet oreos were pretty good, but they are the only ones I’ve had other than normal oreos. Some of the flavors now are just strange. There’s a reason classics are classics!

I crave salt after a run. Lots of salt.

I got hurt during the 3200m in high school. During the first lap I heard my foot pop (it was loud). I finished the race, last, but ended up spending alot of time at the podiatrist trying to get it all figured out! Of course it was at our home meet, so all my friends and family were there!


I usually dislike all OREO’s except for the birthday cake flavor. Now, I have not tried the ones you are holding so they could be a close second. ???


All I want after I run is coffee :) :) :)


Oh gosh that video makes me cringe! I cannot imagine the pain she had to push through. When I am runningI think most about finishing the workout and what I will eat when I am done. I usually crave chicken, rice and a green veggie. The brownie flavored Oreos were my favorite but I do not think they are sold anymore, sadly!


I think about what my plans are for the day while I’m running. Also, if it’s a bad run, I think about being finished :)
I haven’t tried any of the new oreo flavors, but if I had to choose, I just go with the double stuff oreo with peanut butter added in…yum!
I usually crave peanut butter after a run, but if it’s after a race, I go for something like a steak and then froyo!


Nice job on your tempo run! I crave carbs after a run except if it’s a race, and then I crave protein and salt like a burger.


I love something light after a run. Unless it was a race, then I crave Cafe Rio. Best recovery food ;)

I’m not a super big fan of all the big Oreo flavors, except the Cinnamon Roll one was really yummy! I also really like the vanilla Oreos (rather than the regular chocolate cookie ones).


I always turn off my notifications on my phone because seeing all those numbers stresses me out too! Question about tempo runs… I know they should be done at a “comfortable hard” pace. But how do your tempo runs compare to your race pace? Should they be slower than race pace? It seems like mine are pretty close to the same. I’m running Saint George this year too so I’ll be starting my official training next week.


Hey Marie!! Mine are usually closer to my half marathon race pace but a little faster than marathon goal pace. But that’s just what has been working for me! AHHHHH Congrats on St. George. I hope I see you there and keep me updated with your training!


I do not like ANY Oreos. Cookies to me need to be soft.
Those frosted sugar cookies that Brook likes are the BEST. I also love a big chewy Oatmeal cookie.
I crave diet coke and protein after a race.
I was injured on a night time neon run when someone had placed the path floodlight aiming up and into my eyes and I crashed right into a barrier that was shin height, ( apparently we were supposed to jump OVER it) I flew heels over head and had bruised shins for a week. Not to mention a bad attitude for the remainder of the race.


I am always craving a protein shake or smoothie. Good job on the tempo run. I need to get one in this week and am dreading it!


I don’t love Oreos but I stick to the mint or the original when I do eat them.


I think they should call them s’moreos ;)


I’m excited to hear Josse’s recap. :) Those Oreos look so good! I was eyeballing them at the story the other day ha. When I am running I generally think about my kiddos, the future, my fitness goals, or whatever pops into my head. It is my thinking time and I love it. :) Oh and I am excited to see your plank routine. I just had my little guy 3 weeks ago and I am really excited to get my stomach back into shape again. :)


I laughed when I saw your Oreo picture because I just included them in my most recent blog post too. YUMMY!!! p.s. I’ve been an avid reader (but have never commented– shame on me again!) for a couple years now. I look forward to your posts each day. :) I don’t run, or exercise for that matter (shame on me again), yet I still love it. :)


All I think about during my runs are the coffee and food I am about to sit down to. I usually crave overnight oats after a run, which is usually what I have prepped so it is easy to take out right after my run!


When I’m running I’m mentally figuring out my to do list and solving problems that I know I’ll face later in the day. I seriously need that time in the morning because running helps me clear my head and I can focus on the solutions that I may not have time for later. It makes me much more productive.

Candy Corn oreo’s were the best and I only had one. I wrote Nabisco an open letter when I realized they didn’t have them the next year…. I was devastated.

And maybe I’m weird, okay I am, but I never crave food right after I run. Hours later, I eat everything in sight. I’m not even picky about it. LOL


Love love love the smores and red velvet Oreos! The rest of the concoctions, I could take or leave.


I crave salty potato chips after a run.
I usually think about stressful life stuff and how I can make it less stressful when I am running. By the time I get home everything seems easier to deal with.


I actually dropped out of Boston this year only 5 miles in with sudden, excruciating hip pain. It was one of the more devastating moments, and I’m still trying to get over it a month later! I’m just starting to run again, and it’s hard, but life goes on!


In the winter I crave a hot shower, coffee and soup and in the summer a cold shower, watermelon and lots of salty crunchy food like popcorn, chips and mini rice cakes. I usually run at 5am so for the first few miles there is not much thinking involved haha and then I think about my overall plan for the day…


Those s’mores look amazing!!


I’ve only had the classic Oreos. I know, I know… I need to live a little! Lol. Those s’mores Oreos sure look good though!


We don’t get a lot of the different flavors here in Canada that you get in the States. It’s always kind of fun to check out the different stuff in the grocery store when I visit family in California.


Oh my gosh! If I had that many emails you would find me curled up in a ball under the table! I am a little crazy when it comes to keeping my inbox mostly cleared out.
I love Oreo’s but only the classic ones, nothing else compares.


Smores Oreos are the best. My other favorite it are the lemon ones. No joke, when I go to the store I buy multiple packs and stash them in case the apocalypse comes, or I just get really hungry ; ). I always crave something fruity and sweet. Anything else just sounds unappetizing. I usually think of all the other things I am going to do after I run, or how awesome/awful this run is. It all depends on what’s going on. I have never been injured during a race. When I was running a half with my Dad he got really bad calf cramps during the end. That was painful to watch.


That infographic was fascinating! I love learning about all of the habits of other runners! Usually during a run, I think about the problems in my life. I’m one of those people who fully believes in running = therapy. I use it as a time of solace and contemplation over anything else. Out of all the random Oreo flavors, I think the ones I’d enjoy most are chocolate creme and cookie dough. I’m not a huge fan of Oreos to begin with (Chips Ahoy for me please!) so I literally had to look the flavors up. But those sound appetizing! I’m with you though- limeade sounds gross! Right after a race, I always crave soda or oranges! I think I need to hydrate more. ;)


Red Velvet Oreos are like Crack.


Mint Oreo Thins are the best!


I totally agree with you that those Oreo flavors are just too much… I am always thinking about what I am going to do/eat after my run!! I like salty foods after a hard run!


THOSE OREOS ARE AMAZING. I’m a big oreo fan in general (I just like the original double stuf) but oh my word, the smores are the best thing.


I usually want salty, but the first thing I want is something to drink…………..juice in the summer, chocolate milk in the cooler months. I like trying the other oreos, but most I don’t like. I liked the red velvet, smores, cinnamon bun, and the watermelon. :) Double stuf holiday ones are my favorites, though, especially with the halloween ones!

I usually try not to think on runs, or I just plan things out in my head………..like to do lists and stuff, but no deep thinking for me…………it’s my relaxing time!

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