What’s your guess? Sneak In + Close Calls!

I started off my Tuesday with 4 miles @ 9:42 average pace.  I did a rough estimate (I’ll add them up soon to get an exact number) of how many miles I have done with this baby so far and it is over 1,200… We’ve gotten to know each other on the run very well each morning.  Also, it was warm enough to run gloveless which felt so refreshing.  Next week we are expected to have snow and be down in the teens temperatures wise.  I think Mother Nature wanted to sneak in a few really nice running days for me before I deliver and I take a long break to recover.

Fighting for those pull-ups!  This girl is tough.

IMG 2793

My mom met us for brunch because it just felt like the right thing to do.

IMG 2829

Going to eat with my mom is the best for many reasons and one of those reasons is because she enjoys sharing entrees so you get the best of both worlds.

IMG 2830

Skye made sure to bring her leash for her dog since we were going to be in a public area….

IMG 2833

We had parent-teacher conference via zoom with Brooke and her teacher in the early afternoon… Every now and then things will pop up and I think, in 2019 I never would have guessed this would be happening ha.

IMG 2850

Every time I see Skye copying whatever Brooke is doing it makes me think about how I copied every little thing my sister did when we were growing up (and to be honest I do the same thing as an adult now too;).

IMG 2858

We went on our walk and saw student drivers while we were out.  It brought back so many memories from the most stressful job of my life ha.  There were way too many close calls as a driver’s ed instructor.

IMG 2859

For dinner we had our favorite copycat Winger’s Sticky Finger Salad and it made a great appetizer…

IMG 2860

For more pancakes afterwards!

IMG 2861

And then I was ready for bed by seven ha… Pancake hangover.

IMG 2862

PS I posted on my IG a competition to see if anyone can guess the names that we will be using for this new little one!  The first person to guess correctly will get a pair of running shoes.  Nobody has guessed the name we have for a boy so far so go ahead and give it a try HERE

Screenshot 2020 11 03 at 9 32 45 AM


What has been the most stressful job that you have ever had?

Those of you with older siblings… did you copy a lot of things they did or are you pretty different?

Tell me what you are reading right now?

I’m 39 weeks now… What day do you think I’ll have this baby?!?

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Ah! 39 weeks you are SO close. Seriously ANY day now.
I am the oldest and I can attest that my sister copied me with things growing up lol.
I am starting my own residential house cleaning business so I am reading a ton of books on that as well as marketing etc…I’m registering my business name today so that’s exciting!
Im hoping you have this baby this weekend! I’ll guess Saturday :)


My only older sibling is a boy so I stopped copying him at a certain point since girls are obviously better than boys ;) I kid! But as a little kid I probably thought that haha.

I’ve been on a big historical fiction kick recently so my current book is Daughter of the Reich by Louise Fein! There’s around 100 pages left and it’s good.


Someone guessed the correct girl name?! How exciting!

I’m reading Breath by James Nestor. It’s absolutely fascinating! The first person journey of someone who thinks that the way we breathe holds so many answers that we have never fully understood – even examples of Olympic runners and improvements based on breathing alone! Highly recommend!


Ill go with baby tomorrow!

I’m reading The Things They Carried.

Waitressing was the worst.

Have a great day a feel well!

PS- happy 10 years I was on an internet break.


I would say any day now..so exciting! Guessing Colton for a boy.

Reading Killian Jornets book summits of my life.

This sounds weird but as a student I worked retail in the mall. I hated the holidays lol. especially boxing day.


Baby boy – Cole.

Good luck today!!!


Thinking of you and praying for a safe and easy delivery!! I’m guessing River for a boy’s name!


Hayden for a boy




River for a boy


Jacob for a boy. Congrats!


My guess is Ryan. ?


I loved to dress like my little sister, but she HATED it and would change her clothes. We are 5.5 years apart and I begged for a sister. I got my wish, but with the huge age gap, sometime it was hard. I feel like we have gotten a lot closer over the last couple years since she graduated college and now we are both in the “real world”. Even though we don’t live near each other, we talk a lot more which is nice.
Also as you mentioned drivers ed, I actually had my 7th grade gym teacher as my drivers ed instructor for my lessons and my final test. I did drivers ed through summer school and if you got an A or B in the course, you could take your final test even if you didn’t finish your hours yet. So I took my test, then finished my hours over the course of another 3 months and then got my license over winter break that year.


Oh Janae… I am so excited for you guys!! Sending lots of love and prayers…
My guess for a boy’s name would be Rain.. If it’s not too late to join! (I don’t have IG) Or maybe Chase, or Kneil (to go with Knox..!)
I’m so glad I was busy this afternoon and didn’t check for your latest blog until hours later than I usually do.. so I got to see both, and read both back-to-back. A double dose of happy-Janae-ness!
Thank you for that.
God keep you all safe, happy, healthy and rested.


Well, I’m thinking it’ll definitely be baby day today!!

I’ve been a receptionist, bookkeeper, and now a teacher. Teaching is by far the most stressful! Especially right now.

My sister is 17 years older than me so worshipped and copied everything she did when we were younger.

I am currently reading the third book in the series “One of Us is Lying.” The first book was exceptional, the next two have been eh.


Hey did you know they sell wingers sauce at Macey’s?! The real stuff. Can’t wait to see what you’re having!!


I’m fairly new to your blog and can’t wait to read it each day. Congrats on the baby. For a boy, I would guess the name Ryder. Since you have a Skye, I’m going with a Paw Patrol theme. I have a three-year old so we watch it ALL THE TIME.


I have to say teaching high school was the most stressful but also the most rewarding. I teach college now, it SOOOO much easier but you don’t get to bond with the students in the same way.

I am so excited that you will meet your little one soon. I am so impressed that you waited to find out, way more mentally strong than I would be. I always find out as soon as I possibly can.


I’m guessing Forrest!!

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