How I’m going to get to the starting line of my next marathon—> With Vital Proteins!

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I’ve got my favorite marathon (the St. George Marathon) coming up THIS October and you might remember last fall that I never made it to the starting line of my favorite marathon.  Leading up to the race last year there were many Saturday mornings where my dad followed me in his car for 15+ miles on those early, dark long runs.  My mom babysat a ton when I needed to hit some key workouts outside and there was a heck of a lot of me pushing myself FAR out of my comfort zone to hit those yassos, fast finish long runs and tempo runs.  There were a lot of hours on the treadmill doing my recovery runs, a lot of alarm clocks set in the 4-5 a.m. range to get my run in before Brooke woke up and lots of dreaming about crossing the finish line with a 2:xx!  Long story still kind of a long story—> I had trained pretty hard for 4 months leading up to the race and as many of you understand all too well, it is pretty devastating when you don’t get to do the race you’ve trained hard for months to do.   (PS I didn’t get to do the marathon due to gastritis/ulcer/some other GI issues)

BUT the beauty of not making it to our race due to health issues, injuries or life stuff is——>  there is always another race.

There is always another training cycle.

There are ALWAYS running/life/health lessons learned along the way with each month of training that carry over to help us become smarter and stronger runners.

IMG 8390

Marathon training starts for me in just a little over a month (ahhhhhhh)!! I’ve got 5 things that I’m doing (join in with me:) to help me to be a stronger/healthier/less-injured runner so that I can make it to the starting line of the St. George Marathon on October 1st!

1.  Relax about TIMES and go off of effort a bit instead of exact paces.  I think I let my sub-3 goal take ownership of me last fall leading up to St. George.  It took out a bit of the fun too… each workout had a pace or number to hit and my perfectionistic ways lead me to obsessing over hitting those numbers each workout.  I also think going from a 3:12 to a sub 3 is a HUGE chunk of time to take off (even though I ran a 3:04 6 years ago… that was 6 years ago) and gradually taking time off with each marathon until I get under 3 is probably the best way for me to handle marathon training mentally and physically. SO, I plan on basing my workouts off of effort more than paces and really learning my body and where I should be running.

IMG 8391

2.  Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.    Last fall I most definitely did not get the sleep that I needed for the training I was doing.  See above stressors and just not making it a priority like I should = not a good idea during marathon training.  We are putting our bodies under so much stress during training and if we don’t give it the recovery it needs after we break it down with our workouts—>  no bueno.  SO, this time around for St. George training sleep will be a priority!


3.  STRETCHING twice a day.  For a few minutes.  That’s it.  Whether it be a short yoga for runners video or stretching at night while we are watching The Office (we started it from the first season and we are just cruising through it…).  I need to do it and I created two alarms each day to remind me each day!

IMG 8322

4.  Keep my feet happy!  Over the last year or so, my feet have really been the only things (besides tight IT Bands every now and then) that have caused me some problems (Turf Toe, you were the worst ha).  With this upcoming training cycle I really want to remember my feet!! I try to roll them/stretch them out each morning before I do anything else (ps does anybody else love sleeping with socks on?).  I want to focus in on always wearing supportive shoes, sandals and wedges because WHENEVER I wear shoes with little support my feet end up paying big time.

IMG 7144

5.  VITAL PROTEINS.  I was crazy stoked when I first heard about this company.  Once I started learning more and more about their products and the benefits of collagen in terms of recovery and overall wellness, I KNEW I had to try them out.  Besides just the benefits of collagen (crazy important building blocks for our skin, hair, nails, bones and joints), I really wanted to try out their products that include probiotics on a daily basis.   Probiotics have been huge in terms of helping my gut to stay healthy during training so I don’t run into the same problems that I did last year (my GI doctor recommended me to use probiotics daily).  Vital Proteins helps to promote a healthy immune system, digestive and central nervous systems—>  With all of the problems that I had last fall with my health, I can’t wait to go into training this time around with a much healthier digestive system especially.  I do not want to relive those weeks of staying in pajamas and living off of rice, white potatoes and chicken broth (it was not fun) last year and feeling so sick that I didn’t even want to run anymore.

PS all of their products are Gluten-Free, rBGH-Free, Kosher, Paleo, Non-GMO, and Whole30 approved.

IMG 7095

Another crazy awesome thing about Vital Proteins for runners—>  they help to build and preserve tendons, cartilage, bones and joints.  I’m pretty sure we all want to be running for as long as we possibly can.  Finding a product that will help me keep these important parts of my body healthy and strong means less injuries and more years of running.



We put our bones and joints under a lot of stress with our running so I LOVE that Vital Proteins will help to keep them happy and strong.

IMG 7101

One of the MANY beauties of Vital Proteins is the fact that it is unflavored, odorless AND tasteless.  That means we don’t have to deal with that chalky protein taste or weird flavors.  I can add them to our smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt or whatever we want and get the benefits from the collagen without adding a weird taste to whatever we are eating!

IMG 7162

Another added bonus—>  Collagen Peptides promote youthful skin, healthier hair, stronger nails and they help to contribute to a balanced diet.  “Collagen has been shown to be more effective than whey protein in regards to athletic performance and building muscle.  The naturally occurring amino acids support a healthy inflammation response due to inflammation from training and exercise.”

IMG 7168

St. George Marathon 2016—>  I’m coming for you and I’ll be doing everything I can to get to that starting line healthy and strong!!!


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Just ordered some thanks for the code


Is this giveaway still open? I just now found it and followed the instructions to enter. My mom has been telling me about this company and collagen but honestly, I thought it was weird. The fact that you use it and are a runner has me more willing to try it. I’m going to order a small jar, so thank you for the code!

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