7 words per picture

Shorts in the dead of winter = normal.

IMG 3569

Treadmill selfie.  5 miles at 8:34 pace.

IMG 3570

Woke up to a back scratch today:

IMG 3559

Because sometimes we have pasta for breakfast.

IMG 3562

Spending time with my favorite ladies ever.

IMG 3575

Potatoes—> base of my food guide pyramid.

IMG 3576

Princess Leia hair in preparation for StarWars.

IMG 3581

She just makes friends everywhere she goes.

IMG 3587

She ate just the frosting… crazy girl:)  

IMG 3589

It’s never too cold for ice cream.

IMG 3585

See you in the morning and I hope your Wednesday is fantastic!


What is the base of your food guide pyramid?

How was your run today?  Inside or outside?  How far?

What are you making for dinner tonight?  I will probably copy you.  

Are you much of a frosting person?

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I only ran 4K today – but it was outside…..haven’t had to run on the treadmill much in the last few weeks since Ottawa weather is so nice.

I’m making chicken pot pie! Yummy!

Frosting is the best part. I’m all about 3/4 icing and only 1/4 cake


Pasta for breakfast? Can I come over?! Delish.


Come on over… we will be having the same thing in the morning ha! Hope you are having a wonderful evening Nicole!


I’ve definitely been that person wearing shorts/sweaty running clothes in the parking lot when its freezing out! I’ve got 5 miles as soon as I get off work, so…now!

I’m into pasta lately. Really anything warm and comforting, but mostly pasta!

I love cream cheese frosting and really good buttercream. I’m not a fan of the pre-packaged stuff from the store though. I probably ate it too much as a kid! :)


Ran outside for 4 miles. Jealous of your snow! I signed up for some snowshoe races that start next month. I have a feeling they will be mud runs.

Pasta and salad night.

Cream cheese frosting.


Are you much of a frosting person?
I’m maybe a strange case here, but I hated frosting when I was little. My mom would make cakes and cupcakes for us all the time, and I would request mine without any frosting. Fast forward to being a sugar loving adult, I have to have the piece of cake with the most frosting, and sometimes I eat only the frosting on a cupcake or cookie.
I’m headed to run on the treadmill, it’s cold and super icy here. I wouldn’t make it very far without taking a tumble.


I was the same way growing up and now I love the stuff!!


You guys hated frosting as kids?!?! WHAT?? I am very happy that you found the light as adults though:) I hope your treadmill run went well Brittnee! Stay warm!


sugar. thats the base. sugar or cheese or carbs.

dinner tonight will probably be a salad from trader joes, o dont have time to make anything.

no run tonight, no time :( and i LOOOVE frosting hahah


also 5 stars on the princess leia hair!!


that treadmill selfie. best thing I’ve seen all day.


Hahaha thanks Molly! I’m glad you liked it and I hope your night is an awesome one!


Frosting is the best part of any cookie, cake, or cupcake.


Ice Cream would be the base for my food pyramid IF I could get away with eating it at every meal. ;-)

Frosting? Duh…yes, please!

Utah looks like it was hit terribly with a snow storm….we just have rain here so far…#MNweirdweather.


The base of my pyramid has got to be Larabars and bananas. If I lived closer to a grocery store I would then be able to have them everyday :)

I ran for 35 minutes outside, it was supposed to be 60 minutes but after a deadlift fit test yesterday, where I deadlifted to my max, my legs were majorly fatigued and I just could not keep going. I was a little mad at myself so I just kept reminding myself how much stronger I am to be able to even deadlift anything and that didn’t make me feel so bad about cutting my run short.

I am eating sweet potato fries right this moment before I head out to a staff meeting at one of my jobs. Yup just sweet potato fries for supper haha :)


That sounds like the best dinner possible! Now I need some sweet potato fries asap! Girl… a run after a crazy deadlift session yesterday? You are amazing for even going out and running! When I am sore from strength training the last thing I want to do is run ha:) Hope you had a great staff meeting!


Love frosting!
My pyramid base is cheese. Oops.
I’m gonna have cheese and pepperoni with some crackers and wine for dinner. Just a little unhealthy nosh :)


I ran 3.5 miles in 32 degree weather outside. I know it may not be that cold but for San Diego it was freezing! It felt great though! Of course I couldn’t feel my fingers or face but at least I got a good workout.


Sweet potatoes are at the bottom of my food pyramid and tonight I’m roasting some of those with chicken and green beans and lots of yummy spices! It’s dark so I guess I’m headed to the gym soon because I don’t feel like running outside at night by myself.

I loooove frosting as long as it’s attached to a cupcake


The base of my food pyramid is primarily chocolate and sugar. Is that bad? ;)

I do t get to run tonight, but am so so so excited to run tomorrow.


The base of my food pyramid is probably English muffins. I eat way too many of them.

My run today was slooooooow. But it was with my pooch and he always makes it better. We ran 4 miles which is his longest run so far.

We’re having leftover chili for dinner tonight with cornbread made in the waffle iron because we still don’t have an oven.

I love frosting. In high school cross country we used to bring a tub of frosting for away races and eat it on the bus. We were really health conscious ;)


Can I wake up to a back scratch every day? Please and thank you. Her little peacoat is my absolute favorite item in her wardrobe. SO adorable. Also, I am with Brooke- frosting only for me poor favor.


I miss our lunch dates at Jason’s. I miss Jason’s period.

Can I hire Brooke to come scratch my back? Or at least train Felicity to do it? That sounds like a sweet set up you have going on.

Peanut butter is the base, middle and top of my food guide period.

Steak and veggie stir fry tonight before Evan’s last basketball game of the season….Anna’s starts next month #ItNeverEnds


Froyo is probably the base of my pyramid. I love it more than a lot. I think it fuels me for my runs…

Chicken and rice for dinner tonight with a sugar cookie for dessert. :)


Base of my food guide pyramid is sweet potatoes – I stick anything on top of those babies!
Run didn’t happen but I took my dogs for a long trail run and they were so happy – my baby dog even did a bunny hop :)
Dinner – jalapeno bagel from Costco and a bowl of soup out of the freezer from my soup party – kind of a like a cookie exchange but we exchanged individual servings of homemade soup instead
LOVE frosting! Especially chocolate on a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ;-)


I think we would get along well… we could just eat sweet potatoes and random toppings all day long together. A soup party?!?! That is the best idea ever!


#1 Base of my pyramid is definitely bread. Though sometimes I don’t eat it. Does it still count? ;)

#2Going to go run 2.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym. Watching a movie always helps! :)

#3Dinner is a bean and cheese burrito. Yum.

#4It depends on what kind of frosting it is… I’m SO picky when it comes to frosting.


Base of my pyramid is carbs.

Ran 3 miles outside, 78 and humid on Oahu. I could write that weather report daily with rain added in about half the time.

Kalua pork for dinner.

I’m iffy about frosting. Depends on what kind.


Hmm, oatmeal or spinach. I throw spinach is almost everything.

I do like frosting as long as it’s not sickly sweet and I don’t like the stuff in a can.

No run today, dance instead.
Ground beef with onions, garlic and tomatoes over mung bean pasta & broccoli slaw with a side of garlic spinach. ( I added spinach to my smoothie as well, I wasn’t kidding about it being a base)


Omg. Brooke and the sweetie in the tutu. That is “too too” cute!


Base of my food pyramid: cheese
Not a runner, but I did 45 minutes of kickboxing
Is there someone who doesn’t like frosting?!
Dinner: Pancakes


The pics of you guys in this post are just so freakin adorale!!!!

Base of my food pyramid could be ice cream….or almond/peanut butter & honey…or spinach. It’s probably a tie although I haven’t tried them together. Hmmm.

Ran a quick 3 miles today, outside.

Dinner was salad with grilled veggies, smoked tofu, tomatoes, and hummus.

Frosting all the way! I rarely eat whatever is under the frosting. I took a cake decorating class and it was bad news for my sweet tooth. I was like ‘oops…spilled some icing…i’ll just have to lick that up and start over’.


You and Brooke (aka Spikey) are such an inspiration. I’m not much of a racer but you have aspired me to try running a half marathon. You and Brooke are the cutest. Such an inspiration!! If you ever come to NYC I will take I to get the best bagels, donuts, pizza, and fro yo. Xoxo


AHHHH RACHELLE!!!! I am so so so exciting that you are going to do a half marathon! You are going to rock it and please let me know how it goes. ummm now I need to come to NYC… that sounds like a blast!


4 miles on the treadmill today ( you are my treadmill inspiration and have honestly made me like it-especially when the alternative is snow or ice)

I hate cream cheese frosting, but other kinds are okay.


I am so so happy that you are liking the treadmill more! Sure is nice to not have to worry about falling on the ice and still be able to get our workouts in!


Since I am over here in Wyoming, I am facing lots of snow too. Had to hit the treadmill too. Ugh. Now frosting is my favorite. Actually I’ll share desert, anyone can have the cake or the cookie – just give me the frosting! My daughter and I use to dip graham crackers into a tub of cream cheese frosting. Oh my – nothing better!


Aww Brooke is too cute!


pasta for breakfast? no….no….


I’m too clumsy to run in snow unless the path has had time to completely melt and dry. I may be on the treadmill for a while.


I’m right there with ya Lisa!


Base of my food guide pyramid is sandwiches of any kind. I live in AZ so I’ll be running outside everyday until June, then I will cry everyday until October. Tonight I have my husbands office party so the sitter is making dinner. Or I’ll order pizza. Not a huge frosting lover, but I’ve never been known to turn down sugar of any kind. My daughter eats donuts, cookies and cupcakes like that, though. It’s cute.


Chocolate is the base of my food pyramid. Definitely chocolate.


Got in a windy, Wednesday 9-miler by the lake! It seemed to have dropped like 30 degrees in temp overnight, however, so I’ll prob be spending the rest of winter indoors on the treadmill !

Love frosting … But only if it’s realllllyy tasty. There is some frosting that tastes WAY too artificial and gross and that should be illegal.


The base of my pyramid is probably bread. I love it! I had a super healthy chicken salad for dinner, so that I could have the brownie, too!
I like frosting, but the kind that is creamy and not the super sugary kind from the grocery store bakery……….I prefer stuff that tastes like the jar frosting.


I made Mexican for dinner last night! Rice bowls to be exact with homemade guacamole… I can never buy store bought again!


Caffeine is the base of my food pyramind. I had 10 easy, happy miles it was so nice! We have no dinner plans, so it’ll probably be eggs or pancakes. Brooke is a girl after my own heart, skip the cookie and give me frosting. Happy running!


hmm. The base of my food pyramid… it truly changes weekly!

I’m responding a day late, but my run yesterday was outside – 7 miles. I had to do it on my lunch break (7 miles in 1 hour is NOT something I am able to do yet, heck – 6 miles in an hour isn’t something I’m able to do yet), but I decided to use the lunch hour pressure to see how fast I could do it. 1 hour 14 minutes! That is the fastest I have consistently run that many miles! It burned so good!



Agreed- it is never too cold for ice cream. Actually, I’m convinced it tastes better when it’s cold?!?! Crazy, I know.


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