Monday Matters.

I hope you guys are having an amazing Monday.  I have a lot of important matters to discuss with you this afternoon:

Deborah Maier (a professional distance runner for the Brooks Beasts) took us on a shake-out run the day before the race.  She also did an awesome warm-up routine with us that I’ll post later on this week.  She was so sweet and humble about how incredibly speedy she is and answered all of our 1,000 questions.  

IMG 2707

-The VIP tent gave this to me after the race.  It completed my post-race DC and donut requirement.  

IMG 2760

-The crosswalk that is on the corner of the Brooks headquarters.

IMG 2677

-Such a gorgeous store and I wanted everything inside.  

IMG 1877

-Seattle runners—>  if you are ever near the Brooks store while you are out running and you forget something just go on in and they will hook you up for free!  Hair bands, fuel, bandaids—>  the necessities.  They also have water in there ready for any runners too!

IMG 2681

-Cafe Rio is in the airport at SLC and so I had it for breakfast at 6:30 a.m.  Tortilla, eggs, potatoes, salsa, chicken, lettuce and pico.  Nailed it.  

IMG 2637

-Have you ever seen a more beautiful shoe?  The Heritage Collection is my absolute favorite.  

IMG 2660

-We met with the apparel and footwear designers/experts and Shane Downey (the designer of the Heritage Collection).  Stoked for everything that is coming out soon…

IMG 1892

-I think I might need these for the 4th of July.  The Auroral line comes out on July 1st!!  

IMG 1895

-These jackets make me happy that I live in a place that is freezing in the winter because that means I get to wear them.  

IMG 1897

-We toured the Brooks Lab and saw all of the different tests that the shoes go through in order to make the perfect shoe.  I look at my running shoes in a completely different way now that I know how much goes into making them make me so happy.  

IMG 1899

-GET FITTED FOR YOUR SPORTS BRA SIZES!!! Getting the right size of sports bra will ensure a much happier run:)  

IMG 2700

-We had some great photo bombers in our Ride the Duck selfie.  

IMG 2782

-A killer afternoon snack.  It was just what I needed as we were driving around.

IMG 2708

-Brooke got to have her first sleepover while I was gone.  She chased her cousins around all weekend and loved it.  

IMG 2808

-While we were in Seattle we stayed at the Paramount and absolutely loved it.  It was about a 15 minute walk to the race and super close to tons of delicious restaurants and great shopping.

IMG 2820

-Sunday morning my body refused to let me sleep in and so I walked around for 2 hours and explored while drinking hot chocolate.  

IMG 2810

-My mom saw a picture of an apple fritter on my blog and requested I bring one home for her.  Since I was forced (okay, let’s be honest I was going to go no matter what) to stop by Top Pot again I made sure to get one for me too.  The cinnamon-sugar old-fashioned one tasted just like a Disneyland churro.  

IMG 2818

-Until next year Seattle!  Thanks Tina for the pic!

SAM 2164

PS I get a bunch of questions about my white Birkenstocks and they are on sale HERE for 30% (with code SUMMER) off until Monday!

Great podcast about runners and fertility by RunnerConnect… you can find it HERE!


Have any Monday Matters for me?!?  

What running shoes are you currently loving?

Coolest hotel you have ever stayed at?

What’s your afternoon snack today?

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I’m trying out two pairs right now. The new Mizuno Wave Enigma’s and the Suacony ISO triumphs. I love them both for their own reasons. I used to wear Brook’s back in the day. Maybe they need a comeback. Yes? Too bad you can’t give all yours readers donuts through the internet. I’ve often wished I could do that with my muffins.


The most important Monday Matter is the Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight. GO BLACKHAWKS!

I LOVE the Brooks Ghost. I just changed to that from the PureFlow and they are amazing.

My afternoon snack was cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.


It looks like you had such a fun weekend!
The coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed was the Radisson in Brussels, Belgium. I had hotel points so I completely treated myself when I was studying abroad—it had the most comfortable bed and was by so many nuce restaurants.
Currently I’m running in the Brooks Pure Flow 3, and I really want to try the Pure Flow or Pure Connect 4.


Congrats on Seattle RNR! It’s definitely on my race bucket list now.

My first trail race was AWESOME! I can’t wait to do more!! So monday has been spent feeling a little sore (nothing compared to my last downhill road race) so I did the elliptical and some weights!

I stick with men’s Saucony Cortanas and Kinvaras- perfect fit and cute colors. I do love the Brooks Glycerin, but the I never like the colors that they make for the women’s wide widths. I do want to try out their trail shoes soon though!

Coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed- El Dorado Hotel & Spa Santa Fe in New Mexico. Roof top hot tub and saltwater pool can’t be beat!


HUGE CONGRATS on your first trail race.. that is so awesome! Good call on doing the elliptical and weights! Okay, that hotel sounds incredible… I must go!


Love all the pictures :) I’ve been wearing Asics Kayano’s for over a year but I’m trying to branch out a little bit. The Brooks adrenaline were an old favorite but haven’t tried the newer models.


I love asics cumulus and Brooks ghosts.
I stayed at the red rock hotel just outside of Vegas. They had overbooked and upgraded me for free to a suite. It was awesome!
Monday matters: I just got a freelance job on day one of unemployment. :) yay!


I’m currently having a Wendy’s frosty with reeses peanut butter cups and I’m not even sorry about it. ;)


That sounds like heaven. Guess I’ll be hitting up the Wendy’s drive-thru


Seattle looks so amazing – what a great weekend!
Love the Brooks Ghosts. Would like to try the Pure Flows
Snack: Pineapple, raspberries and blueberries!
Monday Matters: Getting ready for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow :)
Coolest Hotel: We stayed in Bora Bora in an over the water bungalow for our honeymoon – BEST. EVER.


Oh, yeah I loved that fertility podcast! I listened to it yesterday. I love listening to Tina’s sweet little accent. I swear those Brits could commit the most heinous crimes and get away with it, just because they sound so darn adorable.


Seriously. Her accent is my favorite ever. Glad you loved it too! Have a fabulous day Suzy.


I’m single but my heart 100% belongs to my PureFlows. I really do feel like I love them…is this weird?!?

I’m apartment hunting in Seattle as we speak and I’m thinking I found a place…the BROOKS HEADQUARTERS, YESSSSS!


I totally wanted to go to the Brooks store in Seattle. Somewhere in the excitement of the weekend I forgot. What a bummer!


That donut looks just like a churro and now I want one! Mmm I definitely don’t discriminate food choices if you don’t get them all the time :) I didn’t have an afternoon snack today.. We had to drive home from the Outer banks, so I had Twizzlers, Goldfish, cookies, and donuts in the car before lunch, ha. After lunch I wasn’t so excited about food :)


I still love my Adidas Energy Boosts. I wore the Brookes Glycerin’s for a brief time but never fell in love. I always get nervous to even try something else while I am still loving a shoe – causes major confusion for me! lol


I’m a Brooks Ravenna girl, and next in my line-up (since I buy like 3 pairs at once) is ombre-ish like those 4th of July ones! Except purple-pink, and I stare at them weekly excited to transition to them in a little while. Wow,… runner probs!

Coolest hotel: The Signature in las vegas. #ballin

my afternoon snack: chocolate pb2 + vanilla protein powder + water and ice! Shaking things up this Monday afternoon ;)

Looks like you had an amazing trip!!!


How do you become a professional runner for a company? Wouldn’t that be a great job. Sounds like a great race vacation.

My favorite running shoe has always been Mizuno. But from your blog and a few things that I’ve heard around, I’m seriously considering brooks for my next running shoe purchase.


You just have to be crazy incredibly speedy:) Seriously… such a cool job! Go try them out. I switched from Mizuno back in the day too ha! Hope you are having a fabulous day Jenny.


I’m eating a Luna Lemon Zest… easily my favorite flavor! And I just had one of the best nectarines. I love summer fruit!

All that Brooks gear looks amazing!! Maybe when this pregnancy is behind me, I can treat myself to some of their gear, as a special treat :)


I need to try brooks! I’m currently running in the Saucony Kinvara and Nike Terra Kigers.
I love my stay at Terranea in California.
Fave snack today: Boom Chicka Pop lightly sweetened. So good!


I L-O-V-E-D Terranea – went a couple years ago. It was such a gorgeous place!


I went through so many different brands of shoes to wear for my first marathon and finally tried on the Brooks Ghost and now I LOVE them. I can’t wait to try the new version that just came out. I definitely want to check out the Brooks HQ store next time I’m in Seattle!


Im going to cheat and say our cabin in the Maldives on our honeymoon. I dont really think that counts as a hotel but it was definitely the best place I’ve ever been!

Looks like you had a great time!


I just got the Brooks Ghost 8 and LOVE THEM! I got my PR in them this weekend actually too so I think that’s reason to love them even more :)
Looks like you had a great time at the Brooks headquarters. So cool!
I had today off and have spent it getting things in order for my sister’s bridal shower this weekend. Productive yet relaxing.
My afternoon snack was some cherries. Yum :)


HUGE CONGRATS ANGIE on your pr this weekend! Enjoy that bridal shower this weekend for your sister:)


Thanks so much!! :)


I had a work event at the Paramount Hotel once and it was absolutely beautiful inside! That would have been an amazing place to stay! I haven’t been able to check out the new Brooks store yet either so I’m going to have to check it out now that you raved about how awesome it was!

Glad you had a fun weekend!


I love my brooks adrenaline kaleidoscope for sure. They make my feet so happy. I think I need to purchase another pair sooner than later. Happy feet means happy gal.

Coolest hotel was definitely the yacht club at Disney world. Made me feel so fancy. Mondays are my rest day but may search for a late night yoga session somewhere or do a little strength training.

Trail mix for an afternoon snack today. It was delicious


The red, white, and blue Auroral shoes remind me of those Firecracker popsicles! Maybe those should make your cold treat list?? :) Glad you had a blast in Seattle!


AHAHAH that is sooo true and that is making me craving one of those big time. You are right, those are so my next treat.


I want VIP treatment. So nice.


That’s so cool that the Brooks store has necessities on hand for running emergencies.

Your Cafe Rio breakfast looks amazing!

I am 100% in love with my new Glycerins, and I think I have loved every Westin I have ever stayed in.


Monday Matters – Go Hawks!!

Mizuno wave inspire…in bigbird yellow, of course!

There was a hotel in Romania that we stayed at for a few days…it was newly built, so the electricity went out all the time, but it was still really nice!

Strawberries and goat cheese…sounds weird, totally delicious. I love the sweet/salty combination. You should try it!!!


Monday matters = 2 pm massage appointment makes it hard to carry on for the rest of the day (good thing I work from home).

I wear Saucony Guide 7 (will get the 8 when I need a new pair). I had been told to try Brooks so I tried the Ravenna and the Guide 8 (one on each foot) and I preferred Saucony so I am gonna stick w/ that. Changing actually makes me nervous…


My Monday matters = a cranky baby and a nice long walk and making it back to the car RIGHT before diwnpour.

Looks like you had tons of fun in Seattle!!


Did you eat at the Dragonfish Cafe? That is my husband and I’s favorite breakfast spot in downtown Seattle – we usually stay at the Camlin and walk over there in the mornings. The honey walnut butter that come with the french toast is awesome.

I wear Brooks Ravennas, but I just bought a pair of Cascadias this weekend for trail running. I can’t wait to try them out. We will be in Seattle in August and I will have to check out the Brooks store. Seattle is one of my favorite places in the world…


We didn’t try that place but I am adding it on my must-do list for next year:) That butter sounds incredible. Oh, you will LOVE the Cascadias. They are incredible. Enjoy your trip in August and tell me all about it Becki!


Wow, Brooks Headquarters sounds like an amazing place! Just one more reason to visit the west coast I guess!


I am loving the new Auroral line. My Brooks Glycerin 12 are about toast, so I see a new pair in the near future.

One of the coolest hotels I have stayed at was the Edgewater in Seattle. It was so beautiful and literally over the water. Every night we watched the sunset and listened to the sounds of the boats and sea.

I’m going to be up in Seattle for the 4th of July and am seriously considering making a pit stop at Brooks!


It sounds like you had such a good time there! I would love to go visit the Brooks store. That’s really awesome they have all the sweet stuff you can use during a run. Glad you had a great time outside of racing Janae!


I love your sunglasses. What brand are they???


Thank you!!! All of the info and links for them are in this post:

Have a fabulous day!


Thanks for the info! P.S. Love your work. Have a great day.


I’m loving my Nike Pegasus. They’ve been my shoe for the past two years and I wouldn’t change a thing! :) Best hotel I’ve ever stayed at was the Ritz in Philadelphia… it made me feel super posh :) Afternoon snack of homemade date balls :)


Sounds like such a fun weekend! I’ve never been to Seattle before but definitely plan to check it out soon!

Monday Matters – My flight to Indianapolis was cancelled and I’m the happiest little clam in the sea :) Love when I get to stay home in Chicago!

The dark chocolate pb Kind Bars are the bomb. My afternoon snack was the dark chocolate sea salt flavor … Delish!


The Brooks store seems SO cool. I wish one of our running stores out here in Boston did that too. Or maybe they do and I just don’t know about it :)

Your trip looked so fun. It makes me want to get out and explore Seattle ASAP.


That crosswalk is amazing! The store looks like so fun – as well as your whole weekend, what a wonderful experience!

I’ve been running in the Brooks Ghost 7 for about a year now and I can’t wait to try the 8’s. I love the heritage collection – saw some on another blog with a really neat color pattern.


I’m running in the Brooks Pure Cadence 4s right now and love them (rotating two pairs).
Monday Matters: I have to take out my wisdom teeth :( ALL of them! :( :( :( :(
And I realized today (after seeing the estimated cost of treatment) that I should have been a dentist


I want every Heritage shoe! I’ll have to check them out!

Let’s see – today was a day off, so I really didn’t do a whole lot other than read and watch “Parks and Rec”! I just started it all on Netflix like two months ago and I’m binging HARD. I love it.

I’m running in Pure Connect 4’s and INOV-8’s, and really I like them both. I mostly use the Pure’s for long runs and the 8’s for shorter things.

Hmm. Probably the one from our lay over in Hong Kong when I was in 5th grade. I don’t remember what it was called, but I remember walking into the most grand hotel I’ve ever seen! It was shiny and beautiful.

I actually didn’t have a snack today! I didn’t even realize that haha.


Monday Matters: I love reading at the pool and was so thankful to do so today. I also love naps and am thankful I got to do that, too. It was a nice Monday. :)

I started wearing the Saucony Kinvaras a few months ago and LOVE them. They are perfect for my feet!

My afternoon snack was carrots and hummus. And Wheat Thins, of course.


I would love to do a Ride the Duck!


I think all cafe rios should serve breakfast because that looks and sounds amazing and now I want one….and a donut. I need an eating intervention #foodismydrug


We will just go to the Cafe Rio in the airport before our girls trip.


Monday Matters- ran my first solo trail race this weekend. Not sure how you are still so crazy fast on trails. These climb were no joke! Ran the triathlon on Saturday then went back Sunday for their 7@7am Trail Race.
Trying to find my new sneaker love. I have work the Mizuno Elixir and they discontinued them last year and I have been searching ever since.

Also-the code is no longer valid for those shoes. :(


I’ve never been to seattle…looks so amazing! I think that Brooks running store looks super cool, they have all the supplies you need just in case?! Genius!!! :)And the Auroral…adorable!


so cool that the brooks store will help out any runners who forget something!


Sounds like an awesome store!! Now I’m sad I don’t live in Seattle for one more reason.


I NEED to go to that Brooks store. It looks like heaven.


Have you tried the salted caramel KIND bars? Divine!


-I am currently running ( and in love with ) ON running shoes!! LOVE.
-I stayed at a hotel in Chicago one time with heavenly beds…I don’t remember the name of the hotel but I remember those beds :)
-Mid after noon snack is usually GF pretzels :) yum.


I have waited at the stoplight by that crosswalk so many times and never even noticed the footprints! Next time I will pay better attention!


oh my gosh, that is so cool that the brooks store will bail you out of a running emergency with those supplies! that fact alone increases my brand love.


Afternoon snack is popcorn! Coolest hotel was the Couples Tower Isle Resort in Jamaica, absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you had a great trip!


Love the Brooks tour!


I live in Seattle and had no idea the Brooks headquarters were here. (I’m a very very amateur runner and just started this year, so it’s not a huge surprise.) Top Pot is AMAZING! Now I’m hungry. :)

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