Silentish Saturday!

(Shoes, shorts, tank, bra)

I got home from my 6.4 mile run and then Brooke wanted to go trail running.

We did a mile together and I managed to get us lost for a bit…

But we made it back safely.

We blogged together while Andrew mountain biked.

She was so happy we forgot her swimsuit so we could get her a new Paw Patrol one at Walmart.

Cereal right after the pool hit the spot.

Double-digit run in the heat with some fartleks… this should be interesting.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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I am working this weekend. It’s always interesting since there is only one dietitian to cover our entire hospital.
It makes for an exhausting day so hopefully I’m not doing two other things today.


OH WOW. Good luck, Molly! I hope it all goes so well and that you get some breaks thrown in there too.


Swim meet for my girls, pool run and strength and then family dinner with my sister and her kids who are leaving to go back home tomorrow!

At our swim meet today they moved my 11 yr old up an age group since they needed someone for a relay. She swam her group, had to get up and line up for the next age group. I wasn’t sure how it would go especially since the other girls are 14 and she is not big. Not to mention her sister was swimming in the same heat with her relay!! Well she absolutely rocked it. I had to convince my husband it was actually her in the water.


1. Hair cut and color
2. Bingo at the Bingo Tent with cousins (40 year tradition)
3. Backyard party with work friends


Hide in my house and read instead of #2 and/or #3. #1 is non-negotiable.

Not one redeeming piece of exercise in the whole day.


I LOVE the day I get my hair cut and colored, enjoy. The Bingo Tent and party sound amazing but so does reading at home:) Let me know what you choose. Happy weekend, Belle!


Having a slow morning watering plants and sitting on patio waiting for my youngest to get home from friends, family birthday party and redoing our budget again cause of fuel prices.


Slow mornings are the absolute best. Enjoy and fuel prices are shocking to me right now. I hope your day is a gorgeous one, Courtney!


Looks like you all are enjoying St. George, as always 😊
More pool time for us again, but then probably doing some fun things with my sister and her family.
Have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully your long run in the heat was not too bad!


I am just so happy you are in Vegas celebrating! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy the time with your sister and her family. Thanks Wendy and I am going to eat some cake today to celebrate you!


woke up stupid early today to take part in a spin to raise $$$ for our children’s hospital… now, lots of coffee.
a good time to plan next week, and because it’s my turn, dinner will be my choice this evening, oh, and mapping out tomorrow’s run club route……and lots and lots of naps?….and for some reason want to figure out what the tune electric slide is all about?


Good for you to get up and go to that spin class to raise money for the children’s hospital. Enjoy the coffee and planning! I hope you get some high-quality naps too


Hi Janae! We got a cat!!! Her name is Fennel and she was our neighbor’s cat and she is so sweet. So we’ve been busy with that.
Today I am going to my friend’s wedding! Me and friends are going to get our hair done together it’s going to be fun! Then tomorrow my husband and I are going on a weeklong road trip!
Happy weekend!


I’m having a slow morning and then have a major unpacking/organizing project ahead of me. I just moved into a new apartment and I’m pretty sure I would rather do ANYTHING other than unpack. Moving is my ultimate nightmare. But hopefully it will get done today!

Hope you have a great day in St. George! I love that little city. I have a question for you, are you still cutting down on dairy intake/to what extent? I noticed ice cream was giving me a stomach ache (I think you mentioned that a few weeks ago?) so I started buying almond milk, dairy-free ice cream and have cut back on a cheese a little and it seems to be helping! I miss milk on my cereal though (your picture reminded me to ask you about this haha and also buy cinnamon toast crunch!). Are you eating cows milk/cheese or still trying to stick to dairy-free alternatives? If so, any product recommendations?

Thank you!! Have the best day :)


Ahhhhh, how fun to get to run with Brooke! I am excited to trail run with my kids some day.

We went midsummer festival in the mountains yesterday and had the best soft pretzel of my life!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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