I found a goldmine.  It is called Seedling and Brooke is just as excited about it as I am.  I am constantly on the lookout for activities and toys for Brooke that will help her to learn, grow and use her creativity- Seedling offers imaginative toys and activities that does just that.   To make it even better they have a huge selection to choose from (over 350 different products) and they deliver them right to your door!

I think she thought it was Christmas morning all over again when she opened up the box of activity kits last week!

IMG 0557

I am pretty sure she awarded me with Mother of the Year because of these fun projects. 

IMG 0577

Life has been kind of crazy lately between training, traveling and all of the other usual things going on over here but Seedling made it extremely easy for us to have fun projects to do together at home.  

We started off with the Build your own Kaleidoscope, Jar of Beads and Mini Collage projects.  They offer so many different options of activities to do that I would never even think of doing.  I can’t wait to keep exploring and trying out more of them!

Fun fact—>  not only is the packaging adorable but Seedling uses recycled and recyclable materials in product design and packaging where possible.  

IMG 0561

Seedling is all about providing activities that help kids to think creatively, ask questions and learn new skills all while having fun and spending time with their family.  I found out quickly that these kits and activities most definitely do all of those things!

IMG 0605

Turns out that that Brooke is quite the jewelry maker.  

IMG 0673

Our second project was building a kaleidoscope together.  One thing that I noticed with what we received from Seedling was that all of the materials were very high quality.  Everything was durable, colorful and ready to be put together!  I loved having all of the materials that we needed right at our fingertips with easy to follow directions.  The kits are gender neutral and they are perfect for any occasion!

IMG 0678

The kaleidoscope was quite the success and we both learned a thing or two with this one:)  

IMG 0689

Brooke seems to really value her toys from Seedling.  She talks about the things that she has made from these kits over the last week way more than she does about her other toys.  She wants to take her kaleidoscope and necklaces that she has made pretty much everywhere.  I think this is because she feels extremely proud of her work.  I think that at even a very young age kids are able to recognize the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes along with creating and working on a project vs just receiving a toy that is finished and ready to play to go.  

I think that with Seedling, kids are given the opportunity to add in their own creative touch to their toys which gives them a huge sense of satisfaction!  

IMG 0703

I love that you can shop by age on Seedling.  It makes it easier to figure out what toys and projects will be the perfect fit for the kiddos that you are shopping for.  They offer such a huge variety of interests for kids to explore like drawing, gardening, sewing, science, painting, model building and imaginative play!  

IMG 0711

Some serious concentration went into the collage making.  

IMG 0726

And now we have her work of art (we ended up making a bunch of collages) all over our refirgerator.  

Yep, the Kaleidoscope is not leaving that hand of hers.  

IMG 0735

I love Seedling’s philosophy behind every product that they offer—>  “To help fuel imaginations and open new paths to discovery.  Kids are intended to use their own initiative at every stage of the activity- from the materials that they’ll use to the ways they’ll play with it.  Once they start, there’s no end to the possibilities young minds can come up with!”

Screen Shot 2015 04 22 at 4 33 06 PM


Seedling also offers a Pocket Money Collection, with price points $1-$15, this range includes high quality, affordable toys, games, and novelty items.

I can’t think of a better gift than Seedling projects for any of the kids that you have in your life.  It is something that allows them to engage in hands-on projects that are fun and creative.  They will LOVE it!  I am thinking that round 2 of Seedling projects will be used as rewards for potty training:)

****Get 25% off by using the discount code SeedlingRunner at checkout.  Go HERE to get started!

Sponsored by Seedling! Thanks for supporting me and the Brookers and our amazing sponsors!

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Very cool for kids! Why didn’t they have these things around when we were growing up? Kids these days are so lucky.


Seriously… all we had were pogs and beanie babies ha! Have an awesome weekend Megan:)


How fun! I’m betting that my nieces and nephews would love something like this, especially for times when they can’t get outside to play!


LOL, I love the first Kaleidoscope picture with the railing in the back. Brooke looks so serious. It’s adorable.


My kids would love this! All 3 of them live for craft projects. Very cool that you can shop by age, also great for ease of buying gifts!


This is so cute! Wish they had this when my kids were smaller.


Cute! I may have to order some of these for the summer when the boys are out of daycare! The kaleidoscope would be a winner in my house as well!


LOk at that bun on top of her head, already like momma.
And interesting.! Never heard of it


The kids I babysit use Seedling! It’s a lot of fun :)


That is awesome Stephanie!!! Have a fabulous day:)


This is awesome! Love it!


Omg that pic of Brooke outside with the kaleidoscope … I can’t.

Happy Friday to you and Brooke!


Just ordered the Kaleidoscope activity kit for my 4 year old grandson. Thanks for sharing this company with us. I have a feeling they will be getting a lot of my money as the kids grow.


YAY!!! I hope he loves it as much as Brooke does. Have a fabulous day Johanna!


Pretty cool. I’m always so happy when the kids do things that DON’T involve holding technology.


Adorable pics! The activities all look like so much fun!


How cute!! If I had kids I would totally use this! This would be great for teachers too if they made kits for a classroom full of kids.


Ummm I wish I was little so I could purchase this. Kinda jealous of Brooke!


This looks like so much fun!!! I remember bracelet making books when my sister and I were little kids :-) I’m going to look into this for my daughter. She’s the same age as Brooke!


This looks really fun, I bet she loves that kaleidoscope! Enjoy your rest time with Brooke!



Have you seen this yet? It cracked me up & made me think if you since you just ran Boston!


Okay. This is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Hilarious. Have an awesome weekend Amber!


My kiddos would love this!! I will definitely check it out!! Thanks so much for sharing. I am always looking for new activities – and birthday gifts too! We go to a lot of birthday parties…
Have a wonderful Friday and I hope you are enjoying the break from running! :)


I think I will look in to this for my son…. although a boy, he loves to be crafty too! Always so pleased when he makes something himself…. thanks for the idea!!! Looks fun!!!!! :)


What an awesome service!!


I went to the website and am a little confused, do you have a monthly membership where they send Brooke a box every month? Or do you order it for her?

My Mr. 7’s birthday is next Monday, even though I have his gifts I was thinking I could hold some for Christmas.

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