Why those dang hip flexors are so important for our running and Tuesday Tangents!

The Bachelor ended last week.  That means that our Monday nights are wide open and so Muncher Cruncher, her sis and I decided to do something somewhat productive and hit up a late yoga class.  

IMG 7402

First, I could not believe how many people were at this gym so late at night.  We left at about 10:30 pm and the place was PACKED.  People were just coming in to start their workout as we were leaving.  At night the only workout I am really able to do is yoga and even then I am 80% asleep for the entire class.

It has been forever since I had been to this particular gym and this new little addition of a water bottle filler upper made me extremely happy.  How have I lived without this in my life?  

IMG 7395

I’ll admit it.  Yoga really isn’t my favorite.  It is a lot more fun with friends there but I guess I just really like running and running is why I go to yoga.  My hip flexors get tight (especially as my mileage and speedwork increases) and they always feel a million times better after some yoga. 

Screen Shot 2015 03 16 at 11 58 39 PM

Three things cause hip flexor issues—>  repetitive use (ummm running), weak glutes and sitting down a lot.  The hip flexor is used with every stride that you take, it is what raises your thigh forward and brings your hip forward when you are running…  It is extremely important for runners!  Pain, tightness or weakness in this area can really hold your running back and it can cause you to overcompensate in other areas which = injury.  

To prevent hip flexor injuries four things are important:

1.  Stretch—>  why I go to yoga.  My favorite stretches for the hip flexor are HERE and HERE!


2.  Strengthen the glutes.  Awesome moves to strengthen the glutes and hip flexors HERE and HERE!

3.  Try not to sit too much:) Get up, stretch and move around if you have a desk job.

4.  Gradually increase your speed and distance.  Anytime you bump up your mileage and/or speed you increase your chances of getting injured so take your time, running isn’t going anywhere. Make sure you are taking enough time to recover in between hard workouts.  “Over-training causes micro-trauma to the muscle because the athlete is doing too much and not getting adequate rest between training sessions.   The micro-traumas accumulate and eventually result in muscle strain and pain.”  (Source) We don’t want that to happen.

Take care of those hip flexors, you are going to need them!

Enough about our hip flexors, dinner was a winner.  I bought a big thing of steaks at Costco a few weeks ago and individually wrapped them and stuck them in the freezer.  I cook one up at a time and it hits the spot.  I also roasted some butternut squash (drizzled it in olive oil and a little bit of brown sugar) at 450 degrees until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (I want to say it was like 25 minutes).  

IMG 7382

I don’t know if you have noticed this but we take holidays pretty seriously over here.  

Every holiday includes sugar cookie making and decorating together.  She is very precise with her sprinkle placement.

IMG 7390

Just in case you want to eat the best sugar cookies ever…  Get this boxed mix from Williams-Sonoma right this second. You will thank me after you take just one bite.  

IMG 7391

We have also been getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day this last week by munching on Lucky Charms.  

IMG 7223

Just two tangents for today.

1. Holding my new nephew while we were out on a walk for a few miles made me very baby hungry.  

IMG 7221

2.  Just some deer watching.  

IMG 2844


Are you wearing green today?

How many people do you usually cook for each night?

-Me and the Brookers = 2. 

Have you ever been a late night worker outer?

Perks at your gym?  What gym do you go to?

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I’ve been really into yoga for a few months now (all home practice) and it seriously feels amazing to be flexible after years of running with minimal stretching. I can’t work out at night! I’m asleep by 10 usually and up at 5:30 for running or yoga :)


I usually cook for two – my husband and I. I usually try to make enough that we will have leftovers for lunch the next day though.

I used to get off work at 10pm and did my runs when after work. It was pretty late. I don’t really prefer it, but working out late never really prevented me from falling right to sleep either, so it wasn’t too bad, it got the job done!

I have a treadmill, elliptical, TRX and weight equipment in my house so I don’t belong to a gym anymore. I like how I feel when I do yoga, but I don’t do it much because it just isn’t my favorite either. I have really tight hip flexors though. Desk job + running lots of miles = tight hip flexors!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Back when I had a gym membership, my husband and I would usually work out at 9 p.m. The gym was almost always empty.

As for wearing green today, my daughter is dressing way more festive than I am. She’s 8 weeks old tomorrow! She’s celebrating her first St. Patty’s day in style!


My left hip flexor is my only on-going issue, which probably suggests weakness and an imbalance. I’ve really been working on it for the last few weeks. I do really wish that I didn’t work in an office. It always feels the worst after sitting at my desk all day, even if I get up and move around at least once per hour!

I have been to the gym late before! Once I went at midnight. That was back when I was a beginning runner and I thought if I missed even one easy 4-miler it would mean I wouldn’t be ready on race day! haha


This reminded me that I need to get some yoga in soon, it’s been a fee weeks since I’ve done it! Pigeon pose is my favorite for stretching hips.

I never work out at night, I’m definitely a morning runner. the most exercise I get in after dinner time is walking my dog and I’m usually in bed by 10.

I cook for two—my husband and I—although I think Charlie (our dog) wants me to cook for three so he can eat people food each night!


I am very familiar with tight hip flexors. I sit all day at work and if I don’t move around and stretch throughout the day I can really feel it. I’m not a big fan of yoga either, but it does a great job at stretching hip flexors and hamstrings (because my hamstrings get tight from sitting all day too).


My son will wear enough green for the both of us. I seem to end up staying in my workout clothes all day and I don’t have any green ones.

I cook for 2 – me and my son. Every once and a while, his dad is here, so sometimes 3.

I alway workout in the morning, but I’m trying to get into the habit of doing something after my son goes to bed at 8:00…walk on the treadmill, rowing machine, core or a bit of extra weights.

I go to GOLDS GYM 6 days a week and a city rec center on Sundays. No perks for me at either.


I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT! I’m not wearing a dot of green today. I’m going to blame it on packing for vacation. And if someone pinches me I’ll just bite them back.

I usually cook for 2, either me and my boyfriend or me and my roommate :) Last night was gourmet mac and cheese (Annie’s…from a box). Quite the chef over here.

I could never work out that late, 1) because it’s past my 10pm bedtime and 2) working out at night sort of amps me up for a few hours. If I start my run later than 6 or so I find I have a hard time falling asleep that night.

My gym is part of a hotel so it’s pretty swanky. My favorite part is they have fruit out in the morning. Plus they put fruit in their water every morning. Apples & cinnamon sticks is by far the best…even though it sounds weird.


It’s funny you port this! I had thought my hip flexors were a big issue for me and I realized it was my psoas muscle you. It’s funny how all of the muscles are linked together and one tight muscle really hurts the others!


I’m not wearing green right now, but I have my favorite green running shorts laid out for tonight’s speed work!

I do not like to workout at night – sometimes it’s a struggle after work! I feel like I run much better in the morning or early afternoon.

I’ve been having some hip issues lately and the pigeon stretch is for sure my favorite to really stretch out the hip flexors.


I have on a pink top with a floral pattern. There are some green leaves. That’s all the green I got!
I cook for just me mostly but Thursday evenings when my boyfriend comes over I try and cook for both of us. :)


I’m all about the morning workout. I used to go to a yoga class that started at 8:30pm. I have no clue how I did that since I’m usually in bed by 9:30 these days- ha!


I went to the gym for a 6AM class and wore green, and I’m wearing green at work now!

I’ve always preferred working out at night, but I also kind of like working out in the morning and getting it over (6AM spin classes are the best!)

I live in a Jewish community, so I go to the Jewish Community Center (even though I’m not)! It’s a really nice gym, and in the locker rooms we have a hottub, sauna, steam room, free coffee/water/bagels and $1 chair massages. It’s an awesome gym, and since my employer is a big sponsor, I get half priced membership!


I have issues with my hip flexors too! It helps when I do certain stretches, but I don’t do them as often as I should.

I prefer working out in the morning, but there was a period of time when I worked out at 8 or 9 at night! I couldn’t do that now, but it worked in my early 20s!


I’m wearing a green necklace today! I also have some St. Patty’s Day socks I’ll be donning later. :)

Those sugar cookies y’all made look so delicious. I’m a sugar cookie addict. But gluten-free things make me nervous that they won’t taste good. Do they still taste like normal sugar cookies?

I’m not good at working out at night at all. I once ran a 25K that started at midnight, and it did a number on my stomach. I definitely like to stick to my morning workout routines. I would rather sleep at night.


Geez I didn’t know people went to the gym that late.I would be falling asleep too. Lol
and I’m not wearing green yet.! But you just reminded me, and I’m gonna try to now. Lol

Oh and I don’t go to the gym. I’ve thought about it, but has never really been my thing.

Awe, baby snuggles.! So so precious


I am not wearing green today so I am anticipating some for of pinching will be in order for me. I have to dress business casual and none of my fancier clothes have green. My gym gets packed in the evenings/night too. It’s a total bar scene though so I try not to go.


roasted butternut squash is the best!


London and I are both wearing green!

I cool for him and I at night.

Yes, but I prefer mornings!! Sometimes it is tough but easier once you adapt to a routine.

No gym for me :(


My eyes are green so I always cheat and use that as my green lol. I cook dinner for 4 5 including me) very hungry people. I do late workout more times than I’d like to count or mention and I don’t do the gym bi both of my in-laws do ( they live right next door) and they have a fancy name for it…they say they are going to the “spa” to work out. Lol so now even our kids will say “grandpas at the spa this morning”.


Ha! Meant to say I cook for 4 (5 including me) not 45!


100% first thing in the morning-er work-er out-er. When I get home from work my sweat pants and the couch call SO loudly to me.

Holidays are very serious business. My favorite color is green so this holiday is like asking everyone to wear my favorite color. Basically.



Sometimes I go to the gym at 6:00 after work, but I don’t think that counts.

My gym has those water bottle stations too. I would say the perk is that my gym has a location near my house & a location near my workplace, so it’s really convenient. Plus, unlimited classes.


I am definitely wearing some green today :)

I cook for 5 of us.

If I work out at night, I cannot sleep.


I took a ballet class once and on my gosh, ny turnout muscles are SORE SORE SORE the next day! Who knew that ballet would make me, someone who does HIIT, sore?!


I have never been able to work out in the evening. Who am I kidding – even by 9 am I find it too late for a workout! lol…I cook for myself and my son but lately he tells me he doesn’t want what I am making and he would like to order in. lol


We have those filtered water stations at my work and it makes it SO convenient to fill up my water bottle throughout the day. I love that the water is cold, but not too cold. That’s great that gym has the stations, too!


Green: yes! I even wore green for my track workout.
I cook for two: me and my husband
Late night workouts: nope! I love running first thing in the morning.
I have a private gym 5 minutes from my house and it’s heaven…no waiting for equipment ever!


My gym also has one of those water bottle filler uppers! They’re great!


Yes – wearing green….actually wearing a very old dress that used to be way too tight, now it is way too loose – yay me.

When I cook (I hate to cook) – it is for 4 (hub and 2 young’uns)

My gym has no perks, lol. it is a Crossfit box and it is small – but we love it!

Late night workouts: these past few months for Crossfit, yes, although still prefer to run in the mornings. My typical gym time is at 6:30 in the evenings (class lasts about 1-1 1/2 hours


I am going to try and remember to wear my green hoodie today. Lots of luck for this next year! I cook for myself, but bake for an army. ;) I have been to soooo many gyms, but I really haven’t been to one with many perks. I think the most was Planet Fitness (free tanning).


I know the importance of hip flexors. I pulled my right one playing soccer before I started training for my first ever half, and it took me months to find the right strengthening exercise.


I like to vary the times of day that I work out. I normally prefer mornings but I have been switching it up lately!


I have GOT to start doing more yoga. I’m always so happy after I do go! I can’t work out late at night… if it doesn’t happen first thing in the morning, it’s game over :) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I wore a green top to my barre class this morning (remembered last minute!)


Wow, crazy that the gym was so busy at 10:30pm! I was sleeping at that time :) I work out in the early AM – or it’s never going to get done. I only own one green shirt, but I didn’t wear it. So went with green underwear, which totally still counts.
We have the same exact water filler at my office! I get excited to see the count go up each time I use it.
Thanks for the info on hip flexors. Very important topic!


Woah deer in the backyard!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Those cookies look yummy!


people were JUST getting to the gym at 1030?! oh man. that is not for me, haha. the biggest perk of my current gym is that it’s FREE!! Our apartment complex doesn’t have a gym so they partnered with a gym down the road so we get free access there :) it’s not fancy but hey, free is good!


Thanks for the hip flexor information – I really need to focus on those more.

No green today -got distracted by the construction project going on in my condo and forgot!
I would much rather work out in the early morning or mid day. My latest class right now ends at 7:30 pm. I could do later if I had to but the excuses start bubbling up the later it gets.
Cooking is just for one, unless I invite a friend over.
Gym perks – all the personal attention I get from the instructors, etc. I work out at a smaller Equinox in between my home and office. I do travel a lot for work, so I know how fortunate I am that my home gym is not crazy crowded like in some other cities.


I’ve got my green on because I did NOT want to get pinched.

My mind is blown that people are able to work out that late!

I go through phases where I love yoga, and you’re right – it’s because it stretches me in a way that nothing else does. Hurts so goood.


I have been switching it up, I like to either work out early in the morning or after work. So late night is usually like 5-6:30, I like to go to bed at 8:30-9:00 so it’s pretty late for me:).

I cook for two as well, but my fiance eats like he is feeding two so it might as well be three!


You’re timing is impeccable! My PT had along talk with me about strengthening my hip flexor and glute on right side. It’s weak from a femur injury 15 yrs ago and I neber had therapy for it. No one ever even suggested it. She’s confident my foot and ankle issues are because of it. I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates exercises to strengthen it.


Happy St Patty’s day! Today is a special day in our family–it’s my husband’s grandparents 64th wedding anniversary!


I have that same water dispenser at my work! And it’s less than 10 feet from my desk. Love it!


I get my two step kids 50% of the time and I have my three kids about 90% of the time and the blended family baby 100% of the time. So between Andrew and I and our kids, I often end up cooking for eight. I really like the steak idea! Costco is so much cheaper so individually freezing them makes sense. I love running at night. I’d rather run at midnight than at 5am.


Great info on the hip flexor–thanks. I’ve been trying to work on that and tight hamstrings to improve my lower back.

-I just did my nails (fingers and toes) Loki style: dark green with a black/gold accent nail. Woot! :)
-I cook for 6 and love it most of the time. :)
-Back in the day I would do late night work outs and the gym was crawling with singles and I would entertain myself by watching the “not really working out guys” hitting on the “intensely working out girls.”
-I just started taking Barre classes at a local dance studio (you need to try it!) and the perk for me is that it’s all moms and everyone is really supportive, especially the teacher.

Happy day to you and Brooke!


You better believe I have my green on today!

Your steak dinner looks delicious! Do you grill them or cook it on the stove? I’m clueless with cooking steaks, but I should make them sometimes…my husband would love me for it. ;)

I’m definitely NOT a late worker outer… I would be wide awake for hours afterward and never be able to fall asleep.


omg I wish I’d had lucky charms for breakfast – what an awesome idea! And I love those water bottle filler things – I’ve seen them in a few airports!


Lately I have been making it a huge priority to stretch my hip flexors after every run and before bed, and it has definitely made a huge difference in my level of soreness before/during/after running!

I’ve done a few late night workouts and while they were okay, I’m so used to morning workouts that it felt like my day should have been starting instead of ending, so I was all awake and messed up. Yoga would be perfect to unwind, though. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Green is my favorite color so I am definitely wearing it today:-)
I generally cook for 3 people. Sometimes we all eat together and sometimes I get my daughter something early so my husband and I can have a date-type dinner at home after she goes to bed.
I go to a big family fitness center affiliated with our local hospital. The best perks are the kids programs! I don’t know how I would be able to fit all my workouts in if it weren’t for them. Depending on time/day I can sign my daughter into a kid’s workout room (with a trainer and mini strength and cardio equipment!), the gym for games, the pool with a lifeguard (and waterslide!) or a kid’s yoga class.


bright green dress and purple cardigan and pumps today. :)
The latest I would go to the gym was 8:30-9:30 for a boot camp class that my friend taught. He doesn’t teach it anymore so now I am back to strictly 5am and yes, I am asleep by 9pm almost every night. LOL


I don’t go to a regula gym so no real perks but I have been on my treadmill late before trying to hit step goals. I’m a wimp about late nights I think 7pm crossfit is nuts. I want to be in bed early!

I’m not dressed yet but I will wear a green shirt to a mayoral debate I’m heading to today. Why not :)

My goal is to cook dinner more. My husband and I are super busy so I usually cook once on the weekend and we eat those meals all week.


I don’t know how people go to the gym so late, but I guess if you work late, are a night owl, or prefer to skip the crowds, it makes sense. The latest I ever work out is at 6:30 p.m., which is a time-slot in which I teach a lot of group fitness classes at 24 Hour Fitness. And YES, yoga is important. I go once a week, and I too, have a love-hate relationship with it!


I have big issues with my hip flexors. Mine would be from sitting all the time at work. I’m actually heading to yoga now, I love how much better I feel after it. Relaxed, but also energized.


Of course I’m wearing green today! I don’t want to get pinched! ;)

I usually cook for 0.5 people… which means I half way “cook” for myself. I’m not a big fan of cooking!

And, I tend to be late worker outer. I love my new gym because: 1) 24/7, 2) tanning is included, 3) I can bring a guest, and 4) unlimited use of hydro-massage beds.


Of course wearing green today! We only have my husband & me to cook for each night. I have never been a late night anything. I am up at the crack of dawn for my workouts. When Rick and I are out driving at night and people are working out, I say “how can they do that”? And Rick always says “I am sure that is exactly what they say when they see you out at 5 am”. True. I guess the biggest “perks” of my rec center is the really nice lap pool (I swim 2x per week), a leisure pool w/ a lazy river (good for walking/running when rehabbing back into outside running) and the indoor track since I will never step on a treadmill.


I used to have a job that had me work weird hours so I would find myself working out at the gym and doing groceries at really late hours. It was cool at the time, but I could never do it now – too old for that! LOL

A few years ago I had built enough of a gym in my basement that I was able to give up my gym membership. I love the money and time I save, but I do miss the social part of it!


I am wearing a green tshirt today! It’s actually the only green shirt a wear because green is really not my color. I forgot that I had it but luckily found it after digging around in my drawers this morning. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


Are you wearing green today? No. Neither are my kids. I totally forgot. Mom fail!!!

I can workout late at night, but NOT early in the morning. I have zero energy until at least 9 am.

We have the exact same water bottle filler at my office, it’s pure genius!!!!


Happy St. Patty’s day!! I’m an Irish girl and definitely wearing green today!

I work until 9 pm and go running with my dog around 10 or 11 every night. Good thing I’m a night-owl! I love the quiet and darkness and we run into deer every single night!

Your nephew is soooo adorable.


I am wearing green even though the real celebrations here in Chicago were on Saturday. The river was dyed green and there were hoards of people everywhere! I definitely don’t want to get pinched though, so green it is!


Ohhh. I love running at night. It’s so peaceful. Even if it’s on the treadmill. It’s pretty amazing. My favorite.

No green. Borrowed beads we had for decorations at my work. use what you’ve got…

I’m Celiac and am totally going for that cookie mix. Looks amazing.


That water fountain at the gym is awesome! What a good idea!! I usually cook for 2- my hubs and myself, but now that our baby is eating food we eat, too, it’s more like 2.5 ;) And it’s so much fun!



I forgot to mention I love that Pigeon pose hip flexor stretch and the other day someone showed me how to do it on a box jump or table or anything that is about mid thigh height. It’s the exact same except your not on the floor, your bent leg is laying flat on the box. It really helps me to stay centered and not roll to one side or the other – I love it!


I used to work out in the evening during high school, but my stomach is generally pretty upset at night now-a-days, so I have to do less strenuous workouts if I am going to workout in the evenings. Your nephew is adorable and looking at his baby pictures is also making me baby hungry!


oh my goodness those sugar cookies look amazing!! love that she takes her decorating so serious!

i cannot even imagine doing a late night work out, i think it would keep me up forever!


Oh, I am GF those cookies look good.

I am wearing a green shirt with my last name and a shamrock. My husband is Irish, I am not.

I do yoga at night but even that I want over by 9 pm!


I should only cook for 2 since its just my hubs and I but I grew up with 2 older siblings and my parents so I learned to cook for a family of 5!!!!! Needles to say we ALWAYS have left overs!!!!!!!!
I NEED to find that gluten free sugar cookie mix!!!! Its made with cup 4 cup flour and that is one of the BEST GF flours!!! Thanks for sharing!


Wearing green today – yes!
I cook for 5 people almost every night! :)
Late night workouts, no – but late afternoon and early evening, yes! Especially since I am not running. When I am running, I usually run in the morning.
I wasn’t a gym person, but the last couple of months I have been. I swim at our YMCA, or our local college – beautiful pools and the only ones that have pools deep enough for running. The pools at the gym are only lap pools.
Have a terrific day!!


I only cook for two, and not that often. Normally I cook two or three meals and we live off of that for the week.

I work out at Planet Fitness which is a no-frill gym, although they do give out Tootsie Rolls on way out of the gym. I work out extra hard for those little non-chocolate pieces.


The rec center I go to got those drinking fountains last year. I love them. It is so quick and then I don’t feel like I am standing there filling up my bottle for 10 min while everyone waits.

I haven’t changed out of my work out clothes yet ( it isn’t bed time yet, after all) and I don’t own any green workout clothes. So nope. Yikes.

I have occasionally worked out at night. But usually then I can’t sleep and it is all I can think about all day. How I still need to work out. So I would much rather get it done first thing in the morning.

Those deer in the backyard!! That is seriously so awesome.

My hip flexors are always tight. Always. Especially my right one. I always stretch them and try to foam roll them. But foam rolling them is difficult and is always guaranteed to look inappropriate;).


I painted my nails green over the weekend by mistake. Apparently it has ‘saved me from getting pinched’, which is a comment that is never NOT awkward to get at work.

I looove the new pool at my gym with 10 lap lanes. It’s beeeeautiful. The rest is crap, but it is a YMCA so I can go to the other (farther) location and they have an AWESOME workout class schedule. Daily BodyPump, Cycle, RPM and BodyFlow. I just recently realized I can go to both and it makes me so happy.


I am NEVER a late-night worker outer unless it’s a family strength training session at home (including a toddler). “Late night” is like 8 pm for me because I am always passed out by 10 pm :)

This was the perfect post to read today! I have been having some hip pain on my left side over the last couple days and I think it’s a hip flexor thing for me again. Usually my hips don’t bother me when I stretch and roll out regularly, but pregnancy always changes the game. Now I’m not sure if I am just slacking on my stretching or if my hips are loosening to prep for birth in a couple months. Either way – I need to do some of those stretches you shared! Just finished icing my hip with a pack of frozen veggies and that helped a little :)


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Ireland!
Yes! Lots of green today, including a St Pat’s mask which kind of made it hard to run.

I can never run in the evenings. I’m just a morning girl.

We used to have deer coming into our back garden in our old house. I’d call the kids to come and have and look. The kids would run out and scare them away, I think they thought I just imagined them.

When will I ever learn I need to stretch?


I actually don’t belong to a gym, which has been a huge pain in half training over the winter! I’ve decided that if I want to run another half, it will have to be either right after XC, in June, or I will have to join a gym ;)


*I wore a green long sleeve shirt under my scrubs. My daughter wore a “lucky to be me” t-shirt to daycare:)
*I cook for 3. Husband, me, and daughter
*I use to go to the gym at around 8-9 pm. But for the last couple years I’ve changed and go at 5am! :)
*I go to a local gym (not a chain) its nice and not busy at 5!! LOL Plus I’m helping out a small business, which is a plus in my book!


Wore my shamrock scrub top with green scrub!

I cook for 5 and am very staunch about having main dish + sides. My kids are total carnivores and I am not so we usually have a variety of sides and variances based off one meal!

Rarely do I go to a gym, and the ones here are not open at night…but I’ve been to the gym at night and although peaceful, I find it hard to get out and go that late. Yoga or pilates or a night swim would be my top choice for sure!

I have to say, I almost gagged when I saw Brooke’s straw bowl. I have a huge issue with cereal milk and my kids always taunt me by drinking it in front of me. I cover my eyes. For reals.


Yum! Thanks for the suggestion of gluten free vanilla sugar cookies!! A dream for a celiac gal like myself! I’m most certainly wearing green today!


I was wearing green earlier today, but then I changed. No one pinched me though, so that’s good :)

I usually cook for 2 – me and my boyfriend.

My basement is my gym, I’d say location is its biggest perk! I don’t usually work out after dinner time. I’m not an early morning or a late night exerciser.


Half the week it’s just the two of us, and half the week we also have the kids, so 2 or 4 depending on the night. But we also do a lot of leftover planning.

I am hoping that by April it’s light enough in the morning that I can work on getting up and running before work. I leave at 7:15 so it’s tricky, but I have so much going on these days that I’m having trouble fitting it all in. And I hope it will help me get to bed earlier. Wish me luck!

We don’t have any chain gyms around here luckily. I wouldn’t even pay for the gym except I have to in order to play tennis, as it’s also the tennis club. So although I’m not a treadmill runner, I try to take advantage of classes as well to make it more worth it. Also there is an outdoor pool in the summer.


Yes, I am wearing green, but only by chance (it was on top). I did wear my 2012 St Pats race swag shirt for my run today if that counts too.
Cooking at my house is for 4 if we’re all home, but it’s usually me missing as I work mostly nights.
I love the late night gym workouts, followed by hot tub with only background lighting.
My current gym is Old Town in Bay City, MI. It’s a 24/7 place that leaves the hot tub and sauna on.
Might try the cookies for a post race night treat on the 29th following my first marathon. You are so right on flexors. My left iliopsoas is beat up, and now it’s getting to my knee and foot. Rest starting on the 30th.


Have you ever done hot yoga? It is so exhausting. I just started doing it to get more flexible, specifically for my hip flexors!
I got to 24 hour fitness, but the latest I have ever been there until is about 8:30!


wearing green today?
I forgot to wear green for the day but put in a green shirt and socks for the evening.

How many people do you usually cook for each night?
3: me, 2 yr old son, and hubby

Have you ever been a late night worker outer?
NEVER. I am not even a mid-day worker outer!

Perks at your gym? What gym do you go to?
Towels, relaxation area with lounge chairs and TV, saunas, steam room.
I wish it had a swimsuit dryer!


Forgot to say which gym: Orange Fitness in Sofia, Bulgaria


I love that picture of you and your nephew. I am completely asleep by 10:30 I can’t imagine going to work out at that time.

I currently don’t go to a gym, I need to check out the one that my company will pay for, but I have to find out how much it will cost for my Mr. 7.


I accidentally wore green yesterday which was a happy coincidence!


I should probably model for that water bottle company.

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