Beck joined me for ‘strength for runners 15 minute class’ on the Peloton app.

IMG 9167

(Shoes, leggings, shirt, socks)

I ran 10 miles with friends on the trails with 1600 ft of climbing!  When we turned a corner I saw a guy standing on the trail and I said, ‘I sure hope you aren’t looking at a mountain lion’ and it turns out that he was looking at a mountain lion up higher on the mountain… my heart rate went to 500 bpm.  Luckily, I was with a big group of people and it was pretty far away.

Screen Shot 2022 01 08 at 11 15 50 AM

I tried a cereal combo that just did not work.  Life + Reese’s Puffs.  I always mix my cereals but learned an important lesson that you need to only mix cereals that have a similar sogginess rate… The Puffs stay crunchy for a while, Life loses any crunch within seconds and while soggy cereal doesn’t bug me, I just need both cereals to be a similar texture when I am eating them together.

IMG 0576

Beck started being very into his little cars and loves to take a few with him everywhere he goes!

IMG 9092

We went on a little date together.

IMG 0748

Andrew has been wearing his In-n-Out socks often… I bought them for him for Christmas:)

IMG 0574

My parents had us over for this amazing raspberry cream cheese pie from Kneaders.

IMG 9632

I watched Forrest Gump for the first time… I think I was the last person on the planet to watch it.

IMG 0752

My older nieces (the ones from St. George were there too) REALLY included Brooke in all of the dancing at my niece’s brithday party and it made her feel like a million bucks.  It was the best thing for me to see.

IMG 1167

I signed up for the Buffalo 25k!  I’m not so much focusing on speed for this one but just making it to my farthest distance since 2019 (the course is a bit longer than 25k… 16.59 miles and 1,921 ft of climbing according to Andrew’s garmin in 2019).  Time to get training!  This race director’s emails are always so funny:

Screen Shot 2022 01 02 at 11 06 13 AM

We booked our first trip just the two of us that is ‘non-work & non-taking kids to their other parents’ house’ since our honeymoon!  The kids will be going to stay at Andrew’s parents’ house and they are just as excited as we are!

IMG 0758

Brooke started her indoor soccer league!

IMG 1195


Fellow cereal mixers, what is your favorite combo?  Crunchy, soggy or it doesnt matter to you with your cereal?

What is the next race that you are signed up for?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Is there a movie that you haven’t seen that pretty much everyone else has?

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I have never seen Titanic!


No WAY! Are you interested in changing this or not so much?


Wow! You must have had so many epiphany’s with movie quotes that you have heard your entire life. I haven’t seen Gone With the wind. *shrug*
Which trail shoes have you been using recently?


Hahaha I really did… especially because friends would say ‘Jaaaaaannnnnnnnnaaaaaaaeeeeee’ to me in high school ha. So I have just been wearing my cliftons and novablast but I just ordered the Hokas speed goat and I cannot wait to try them out. What do you use?


I just signed up for my first half marathon in the summer! It’s a trail race at a local ski hill, which I am excited about!


This sounds amazing!! Will you please keep me updated with your training, sounds like an amazing race! Happy Monday, Mikaela!


The highlight of my weekend was getting together with one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in weeks because of the holidays. It was so nice to catch up about everything.

Since I know there’s some bakers at your house, I had to share the cookie recipe I made yesterday for coffee cake cookies. So good and easy!! Here’s the recipe:


SO happy you were able to get together with one of your best friends… I bet that felt so good. Ummm the pictures of those just made me DROOL. I need that in my life asap! Thanks for sharing and I hope your day is a wonderful one!


That’s my favorite movie! I have watched it hundreds of times. I even made running in Monument Valley a bucket list and fulfilled that in October 2021, hahaha!


No joke, we added running in Monument Valley on our list of things to do asap because of the movie. It seriously was amazing. Way to go doing that last Octboer. I hope your day is a wonderful one! Thanks Lisa!


Mixing cereals is CrAzY!!! I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a snack, and mix it into ice cream though. And I love to mix PB O’s with raisins and some chocolate chips. I think it’s like trail mix but there’s not much that’s healthy about it so I don’t think I can call it that haha!

I was just reading a few of your posts at once and saw something about activating glutes. There is a 10 minute class on Peloton that I LOVE for this. I’ve been doing it before some of my rides and will before my runs when I start up again. But it’s strength: barre: Hannah Corbin and it’s the one where she’s wearing a red lace looking sports bra.

Ok, so I visited SLC a few years ago and my husband and I went to a canyon to run/hike a trail there. The entire time I was sure I’d see a mountain lion and kept feeling almost creepy that there must be one around and I just didn’t see it. Like it was watching me. I’m sure growing up there people are accustomed to being aware but now I’m curious because I know you run with others but also by yourself. Since the news isn’t flooded with attacks I know they must not pose as much of a danger as I was afraid of while I was there. What do people do when they are alone to stay safe? And is it dangerous to run those trails with dogs? And do they venture into neighborhoods or do they stay far away from homes? I think I need an entire post educating me about mountain lions!


I must try mixing my cinnamon toast crunch into ice cream… that sounds amazing. WHAT?! How have i never tried this, I will do it next. THANK YOU! I am very glad that you didn’t see a mountain lion while in SLC! That’s what my friends say… it’s rare we see them but they always see us when we are up in the mountains! A few of my friends aren’t afraid at all… and they run alone on them or with a dog! I have just learned that I only want to run with others in the mountains, I’m too freaked out. But I have never heard of any attacks around here and every now and then they will come in the neighborhoods but very rare. I need to put together a post on that, great idea! I hope you are having a beautiful day and that you come back to SLC again soon!


Can’t believe you had not watched Forrest Gump, how did you like it? It’s one of my favorites movies. I watch it everytime is on!!!


I couldn’t either! I absolutley loved it and I cried a few times… I want to watch it again! Hope your day is a great one, Ely!


I have never tried mixing cereal! I never even though of doing that to be honest haha. I’m not a big cereal eater in general because I can’t stand sogginess but I love anything sweet like Resees Puffs :)

My next race is the Hot Chocolate 15k in Charlotte! Not sure if you’ve done one before but it seems like your type of race- at the finish you get a mug and there’s all kinds of hot chocolate bars and fondue. I don’t know if I’m more excited to race or enjoy all the chocolate :)


Hahah I am a weirdo for mixing my cereal… it is so strange. I hope you get Resees Puffs soon! I seriously want to come do that race with you, sounds amazing. Fondue at the end of a race= heaven. Send me a pic after. Have a beautiful day, Gretchen!


Ohhhh-upcoming vacation! Where are you and Andrew going?

I haven’t seen Titanic. Somehow, it just never appealed to me. What did you think of Forrest Gump? (I did see that one–but somehow it never really appealed to me either…)

I love that her older cousins included Brooke in dancing and play!

Great things that happened this weekend:
1. I got a massage on Saturday. Through my instructor friends network, I found a massage therapist who specializes in getting the kinks out for people who are personal trainers/group fitness instructors/yoga teachers/etc. She has a really good rate for that demographic of clients, too. I was so happy and my lower back felt so good afterwards!
2. My RPM class on Sunday morning was amazing–the room was pretty full, and I had some newbies in my class TRYING SO HARD. I love when people try something new and they really try from start to finish instead of letting themselves feel defeated when it gets challenging. One of the newbies came up to me after class glowing and told me how amazing my coaching cues were and what great energy I have on the bike.
3. I decluttered the cabinet under the bathroom sink–or, at least, my half of it. It’s just had stuff tossed in there that never gets used. I reached a point where I couldn’t find the things I would legit need that I would store under the sink. Organizing that space felt amazing.
4. Tom left yesterday for a mini road trip to Indianapolis with a few of his college friends–they’re going to the National Championships for college football. I’m happy he spent the money and went, because he needs time with his friends AND this is really like a once in a lifetime opportunity. ALSO, this means that I got to spend all of yesterday alone and I get to just have some hardcore “me time” until tomorrow evening when he gets back. I love him, and I love our marriage, more than I can say, but I am also a VERY independent person. And there are times where I really miss the quiet and some of the small rituals and routines I had when I was single and living alone. Our time together means everything to me, but having small scraps of time and space where I can return to some of the things that make me “me” also matter. And I like being able to roast mushrooms and make the kind of meal I would love to eat every single day without having to ask Tom if he’s down with that for dinner, or without hearing him say “eew mushrooms…blech…” And, well, sometimes it’s nice to just sleep in the middle of the bed. ;) (But I will be so happy when he is back tomorrow and I know I will hug that man HARD when he walks in the door…)

I hope you have a GREAT day out there!!!! :)


I LOVED Forrest Gump!! I want to watch it again now:) Your weekend sounds like it was perfect! You deserved that massage and that massage therapist sounds amazing! Your RPM class is so lucky to have you! You are inspiring me to declutter my house a bit. I am so happy for Tom! I hope he has a blast and enjoy every second of your me-time! Everyone needs that especially independent people! Enjoy making something delicious tonight! Thanks Stephanie, you too!


your #4 is exactly what gives me such anxiety about getting married haha! i’ve been single FOREVER (i’m 38) and while i love him, i’ve gotten so accustomed to my life and every single thing in it just for me. so that made me smile and will cherish the alone days. and this lonnnngggg engagement ;)


I was recently physically forced to watch Forest Gump, so that’s off the bucket list…I have never watched Beaches?
a good running weekend, finally added to my mileage this weekend, I usually need that out of comfort zone to get me into longer distances….have a half marathon in May, a full in August and in October……Triathlon maybe at some time, but haven’t picked one yet, and instructing clinics will have me busy for the rest, I think, my life……


Awesome job on your weekend running! You have a great year up ahead of you. I have never seen beaches either! Thanks Warren, have a great day!


I’ve never mixed my cereals, but now I want to try it. Any suggestions for a Raisin Bran combo?

I’m running my first marathon this Sunday. Rock n Roll AZ.


Libbie, I am SO SO excited for you! Will you please let me know how it goes? Trust your training… time to go celebrate all of your hard work! I have mixed Frosted Mini Wheats with Raisin Bran and I love that… but I have weird taste buds haha. Let me know what you think! Have a great day and happy tapering!


Hi Janae! So much exciting stuff this weekend!!! I’m happy for you to go on a date trip!! I just realized that’s so important to role model for your kids.
Excited for your 25k! Is it your first at the distance? I love when I automatically PR ;).
Happy Monday!


I haven’t seen Air Force One or The Godfather…. I’m sure there’s many more, but those are the ones I get the biggest ‘gasps’ on when I say I’ve never seen them haha

INDOOR SOCCER! I was maybe 13 when my parents discovered there was an indoor league nearby (I had done 1 year of outdoor competitive soccer and loved it) and let me tell you… for whatever reason, I loved indoor so much more! And I’m an outdoorsy gal. I think it was being able to use the surrounding walls to rebound the ball off of. Fun stuff!

Next race: a 5k this weekend. Still taking races easy as my knee is still technically healing. hard not to let my legs fly at 5ks, but enjoying the journey back for sure:)


Mixing cereal is the best thing ever! I love to mix Honey Bunches of Oats with something bland like Rice Checks. I think I’d mix it with Life, too. Cornflakes/frosted flakes or cinnamon toast crunch in ice cream is so good. We had that at a place in Seattle once and it was a very aha moment.

The Pac Crest trail scares the heck out of me for mountain lions. There’s always a sighting on various sections in Oregon. creeps me out.
Highlight of my weekend was getting the first cross country ski in for the season. Hoping for more snow to be able to go again (we ski in our town so it’s a 3 minute drive to the tracks).
Have you ever watched Rhett and Link on YouTube? They have a “will it” series. You should do a cereal “will it mix” video!


I can’t think of any cereals that I mix together but I like to mix Greek vanilla yogurt, peanut butter and some type of cereal together (usually Honey Nut Cheerios or Chocolate Chex).

I loved Forest Gump. I hope you enjoyed it. I had to wear ankle braces back around the time the movie came out and my brother would yell “Run Erika Run”. I feel like I should watch The Princess Bride but I haven’t made the time to do so yet.

My highlight was having a full day at home on Saturday with absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. Those days don’t happen very much any more!

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