A Challenge for My Mom & Curly

I started drinking almond milk back in March when I had that fun little parasite and my doctor told me to stay away from dairy for a few weeks.  I was hooked and I still use Silk Vanilla Almondmilk daily (especially in my morning protein shakes).

DSC 0479

Two very important people in my life have not discovered this goodness yet so I had them take the Silk Almondmilk Taste Challenge.  My mom is not picky about food but she is very picky about her drinks and so that is why she has never ventured out to try almond milk until today.  Curly is pretty picky too (unless it has chocolate in it… she is not picky at all about anything with chocolate in it) so I was interested to see what she thought.  

DSC 0481

I first made them a peach smoothie with the almond milk and they both gave a big thumbs up.  

DSC 0475

And then the real test came when I gave my mom a bowl of cereal with it…  she was skeptical at first.

It passed the test and she said she that we just now need to convert my dad so they can both drink it at home all of the time.  Both my mom and Curly loved the taste!

DSC 0484

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