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Sentence per picture.

There is not a snack in the world better than this one: Hi-Chews come in second place especially when eaten while drooling over 400 outfits that I need from the J. Crew catalogue. Why are backpacks and helmets 5 trillion times cuter on kids compared to adults? Hooked on turkey bacon and jam is a … Continue Reading

THE TRUTH OF RUNNING and my ultrasound;)

Nothing like wearing donuts on your head for your workout.   I feel kind of bad because I am sure I made anyone at the gym that saw my headband crave donuts and want to quit their workout and drive straight to the local donut shop to get the best carbs in the world.   … Continue Reading

Life goal accomplished.

I am proud to say that I have longer arms than an adult female Orangutan.  Life goal accomplished.   We took Brooke up to SLC to go to the Hogle Zoo and I think she kind of liked it.   This age could not get any more fun.   While we were up north for … Continue Reading