Taking BOB out for a test drive.

After Billy man got home from school we took the Bob out for a walk around the block to test out his skills.  

DSC 7662

The verdict:  it is actually easier to run/jog/walk with the stroller than without it, that is how awesome it is.  Brooke felt like a queen in her little stroller throne.  

Dinner was a tortilla with 7 layer bean dip topped with spinach, ground beef, chips and 1 cup salsa after the picture.  

DSC 7670

Dessert was an incredible chocolate mousse pie thing that Bang’s Friend brought over the other day for me.   Every night should end with a slice of this.

DSC 7646

While we are on the topic of sugar, let’s talk about Girl Scout Cookies.  My MIL brought us up the good stuff when she came to visit this last weekend and it was the best thing she could have brought.

DSC 7455

While searching for images of Girl Scout Cookies I came across this picture and I am making it my mission in life to eat these no matter what it takes.

Girl scouts1

I was hoping that we could have a debate about which Girl Scout Cookie is the best. (PS Feb. 8th is National Girl Scout Cookie Day)

Girlscout Cookies

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?  

-Samoas are the best kind without a question.  

Are you going to get GS cookies this year?  Do you normally?

Do you eat spinach or romaine more often?

Do you go on walks very often?

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I love Tag-A-Longs. They are so so good. I will probably eat a few because I am a nurse and they always show up at work around this time of year. I love spinach salads. Romaine is just ‘meh:-) I enjoy running more than walking but I do try to take our dog out for a walk a few times a week. Brook looks super happy in the BOB. We have had ours for 2.5 years now and my daughter still rides comfy every time. Enjoy!


Samoas are hands down the best!


Where are those Girl Scout sundaes from?! I NEED ONE!

Thin Mints are definitely the best, especially when you put them in the freezer & eat them a few hours later!


Tagalongs complete me.


You are absolutely precious & I love reading your blog :) But, for the love of all that is holy & grammatical, it is Bangs, not Bang’s. I’m an English teacher & this makes my eye twitch every time you write it that way. Help a tired girl out :)




She looks so happy!!!


So I know you just got the BOB but do you think you will use it solely for running?? Or will it become your everyday stroller as well. I’m having a baby in eune and I just don’t know if I should register for the Ironman or the Revolution! I’d love any opinions and feedback!


Hey!!! I think I will be using it for an everyday stroller!! It is so awesome!!!


Alicia, I love my Bob, use it ALL THE TIME. I would definitely suggest you get a Bob, but also think about getting a snap and go for whatever brand infant seat you get. It’s super light, and is just a frame, so you pick up the infant carrier and snap into stroller and you’re done. That’s what we did, had the snap and go for running into the grocery story, etc, and then the Bob for longer trip outside. Just my opinion, and the snap and go is not too expensive like $75 or something, we used ours for about 16 months (but I had a really small kid), at a little over 2 he’s only 25 pounds, soaking wet.


Thin Mints are legal crack.



whoa – that is a lot of Girl Scout cookies – here in Canada-land we only have two kinds!




I love thin mints and caramel delites!


love, love your new stroller!! major hubby points for Billy!!! :) :) he did gooood! so sweet. :)

Brooke looks very happy in her stroller. Janae you’re glowing. You look so happy & that makes me smile. Your “bangs” friend seems like such a sweetheart. I love that she takes care of you. :) xo


Can’t wait for my cookies to come samoas and thin mints are my weakness. Bob strollers are by far the best. i have a double and my youngest ones are 3 and 5. I have Been thinking about listing it on Craig’s list but I just can’t let it go yet.


Samoas or thin mints crumbled over ice cream… So good!


Your tortilla w. 7-layer bean dip looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to give it a try!

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