Cautious Confidence (what we should have going into a race) and Thursday Things.

Our Thursday morning looked like this below.  Picture taken by my sister.  A few years ago a picture that my sister took of me running was in the Women’s Running Magazine (she took it with her phone) so since then she likes to call herself a ‘published photographer’.  She has quite the skills:)

My sister and I talked while she stretched in front of my treadmill and for the second half of my run I watched the latest episode of This Is Us (the next episode is not until March 7th?!?!).  I don’t know if I can finish the episode because I can guess what is going to happen.

My sister did the Jacobs Ladder for her cardio yesterday… this thing kills me.  Have you tried it?  If not, find one at the gym and give it a whirl.

IMG 0377

Super fun to leave the gym sweaty and head back into this nice little environment.  Wet gym clothes in the snow = misery.

IMG 0378

At least it is quite beautiful.

IMG 0411

Did some errands with the kids and our life was changed once they could take off their own seat belt once we arrive at our destinations.

IMG 0372

Beretta is thoroughly enjoying the snowball fights outside with Knox.

IMG 0368

I tried a new flavor of baì… Puna Coconut Pineapple and it is delicious just like all of the other flavors.

IMG 0405

For our family night (aka the same stuff we do a lot of nights each week… just add a lesson and some songs from their primary at church to the mix) we first went out to a large play place.

IMG 0413

And hung out there for a few minutes.

IMG 0416

Before hitting up Cafe Rio (I feel as though I crave this salad 90% of my life) and then going home to have a lesson about serving other people:)

IMG 0394

Brooke felt like going in for the kiss, Knox wasn’t so sure about it.

IMG 0398

Also, this is Brooke’s mischievous face.  I know she is up to something when I see it.

IMG 0408

I need to start recording their car conversations… they are pretty hilarious.

IMG 0431

I might be doing a race this weekend and I might not.  It’s confusing, I know:)  There is a chance that I might have to do a race in March instead of this week.  Either way…  I’ll keep you updated of course and get to use the training (ehhh tempos and intervals, I’m looking at you;) I’ve built up over the last few months either tomorrow or in just a few more weekends!

One of my favorite things to read before a race is this section from Hansons Half Marathon Method.  The best thing you can do before a race is to stay calm and to have ‘cautious confidence.’

Cautious = because you need to remember that races are hard, the hills are there and you are going to have spots along the way where you are going to hurt.

Confidence =  “Training doesn’t lie.”  Take time to think about what you have done over the last few months to prepare for this race. You have put in the hard work and you are ready to rock your race.

The combination is perfect because being cautious ensures you don’t go out way too fast when the gun goes off but being confident brings a smile and calmness that will help you avoid worry/anxiety over your race.

Going into your next race, remember this Cautious Confidence!

As race day approaches I also like to remember that the race is the celebration of all of the hard work that has gone into preparing yourself for race day.  The early mornings, the tempos that wiped you out, the speed intervals where every muscle in your body told you to quit but you didn’t… the race is the celebration of you doing all of those hard things to get there!

IMG 0419


What do you do before a race to mentally prepare yourself to be ready?

Besides the treadmill… what other cardio machines have you ever used?

What meal from a restaurant do you crave the most?

Two things you are looking forward to this weekend?

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I am constantly craving a good taco or burrito bowl (ummm is 8am too early to be thinking about Chipotle?!?!).

This weekend I am looking forward to going to a basketball game with Adam and also putting up some new house stuff we got this week. My long run is also a fartlek this weekend which I think will be fun (as long as it’s not too hot out)! :D If you decide to race this weekend I hope you are blessed with great weather!


Kristina, it is NEVER to early to be thinking about Chipotle. :)


All of my races so far have been 5ks, so I haven’t really needed to mentally prepare. But now I’m trying something longer and I’m nervous as heck. We’ll see. I don’t know how to mentally prepare, tbh.
My fave restaurant meal is fettuccine alfredo. I don’t know how to make it myself and it’s terribly unhealthy, so I only eat it once or twice a year.


I like the “cautious confidence” thing. I’ll have to remember that. To help myself mentally before a race, I don’t think or talk about the race all week leading up to it. Otherwise, I’ll give myself anxiety. Then, the morning of the race, I just try to trust the training I’ve had and go out there and do what I can.

My sister is running her FIRST FULL MARATHON this weekend, so I’m really looking forward to going out there and cheering for her. She’s always at all of my races, so it will be nice to have the roles reversed and encourage her. I’m also going to run the last few miles with her, so I’m excited about that and for her to finish it!


I rather new to reading your blog and love it! We have a local restaurant that serves the best fish tacos. I always go in thinking I’ll try something new and leave satisfied that I ate the fish tacos…again!

Sadly, I cannot treadmill run. I end up injured almost every time. Overstriding I think? It makes training challenging in Northern MI, but I’ve embraced the winter running and have come to love it. So, on days I cannot run I use the elliptical and do HIIT cardio. Any tips for correcting form on a treadmill?


I don’t think I have made it through one This Is Us episode yet without crying. That show and Parenthood got me every time. But I love them so, so much.

I’ve only done one real race before (and I really didn’t want to do it to be honest!), and I just kept telling myself that there was really no other option than to be in the moment. I couldn’t make it end right then, I couldn’t (well didn’t want to) quit right in the middle, and my body was fine. Just repeating that I am fine and this is how it is right now helped a lot!

I am a big fan of the rower for cardio. Lately I tend to gravitate toward upper body exercises, and I love that the rower gets my heart rate up and works my back, too!

Two things I am looking forward to this weekend are meeting one of my best friend’s babies for the first time (she was born on Monday!) and having a family dinner on Sunday night with my ENTIRE family because all of my sisters will be home from college.

Have a great weekend!! <3


I always remember that it’s just a run – if it doesn’t go as well as planned, it’s not the end of the world, there will be others. I guess for me the most important thing it just to enjoy it – it takes some of the pressure off that way :)

I love wagamamas at the moment and it’s always been my go to after a half marathon so I am super excited to go there after my full marathon – I also reckon that means I get to have double the amount of dumplings and double the amount of pudding :)

I’m seeing all my girlfriends tomorrow which I’m super excited about it and then on Sunday I’ve got my first ever 20 miles so I’m really excited about that – I’m just hoping I can make it all the way round! My best friend comes back from SA on Sunday too so I get to see her which will be super nice!


A Cafe Rio just opened by my house! I immediately thought of you when I drove by it and I can’t wait to try it out!


I was quickly corrected by a coworker – it’s not a Cafe Rio :-( It’s a Cafe Rio Wraps (not the same)


Before races, I have a plan and remind myself over and over again “execute”. My plan is generally loose- for faster, shorter races, it is “find a bus buddy” and run with them, changing buddies along the way if necessary. For longer races it is “keep your feet under you”- if I feel like I am reaching too much to run with a pack, or too slow where my legs are chopping, I adjust to get my legs under me. If I think of splits, all I do is focus on all the workouts I went conservatively and never hit race pace, or all the times I fell on my face in my training/other races. If I think organically, it gives me the freedom to breathe into my “gamer” spirit.

Any other cardio I have done has either been swimming or pick-up basketball. The latter makes me smile, the former…I bribe myself with pancakes.

Hope everything works out for your race- either way, whatever you do will be great for your long-term running and happiness. Who can lose with that W?!


I just started training for my first full marathon a couple weeks ago. I am excited and nervous. I wonder if you have favorite running book you’d like to recommend to first timers? I have a training plan in place, but am looking for motivation and confidence. I just read “How Bad Do You Want It?” by Matt Firtzgerald.


Good luck this weekend!

Things I do to mentally prepare for a race:
-Make sure all my stuff is laid out the night before so I don’t forget anything
-Make sure I get really good sleep 2-3 nights before the race so even if I don’t sleep well the night before, it won’t be a big deal
-Say a prayer and ask for some extra blessings for my legs, knees, ankles, and feet :)

Two things I’m looking forward to most this weekend:
-My first ever friend from childhood is getting married!! Heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow!
-NOT going on a super long run. Hit 59 miles last week and giving myself a cut back weekend!


the snow looks beautiful! I haven’t been in snow for a year now. I’m looking forward to it next year ;) I always drive the route before a race for some confidence and comfort. I always want pizza! I’m looking forward to volunteering at the kids activity group and sleeping in this weekend !


That pink rainbow shirt on Brooke is absolutely adorable. Wow – she looks wonderful in pink…doesn’t hurt that her hair is also epic!

I crave subs. Like Subway deli meat subs. I know, I’m super gross.
This weekend I’m looking forward to some great family bonding time. The way our week plays out, I don’t see my husband very much Wednesday and Thursday, so once Friday comes around, everyone in the family is ready for some togetherness.

Good luck this weekend if you do your race…if not, hold those good luck wishes until March.


The only way out of my anxiety hole is logic — so I have to sit somewhere by myself and logically talk myself out of a freak out. I am prone to panic before a race, so going through and saying things like, “you’ve trained for this!” and “you won’t die!” really help calm me down.

I’ve used bikes and rowers — I love the concept 2 rower. It kicks my butt in a good way!

I crave a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle with extra guac!

Two things for this weekend (1) rest and (2) spending time with my #1 man!


My parents recently got an elliptical. So I’ve used that a few times. Do you think it translates to running at all or just a different motion entirely? Also, Kids able to master their own seat belt = game changer! Congratulations.


I probably crave sushi from specific restaurants the most lately! And my salad at the cheesecake factory :)


I really love the elliptical! I love that it is a non-impact machine, so if I am having a knee issue, or my hip joints are feeling achey, the elliptical still allows me to get in some miles and cardio without putting stress and impact on my achey parts ;)
Before races, I like to picture the race course in my mind. I am currently getting ready for the LA Marathon, which I have run twice before, so on my long runs, I try to remember what I’ll be seeing at that mile on race day. I tell myself, “this is where that really cool dragon gate is in China town.” Or, “this is that big, long hill with those amazing Chinese drummers! Their beat will carry you up to the top!” Plus, while I’m thinking of the course, and trying to remember where that mile is and what I’ll be seeing, it is a great distraction! Before I know it, 6 miles have flown by! :)
We have a great little sushi place in our town that I dream about all the time! I swear I could eat there every day!
This weekend my sister-in-law and family are coming over, yay! I am really looking forward to spending time with them! We’re all going to a laser tag place for a big family laser tag war! It should be super fun! Then on Sunday morning, I am actually looking forward to my 20 mile run! :)
Happy Friday everyone!!


It’s funny because that’s the attitude I intuitively adopt before a race. I don’t like to waste my energies feeling nervous, so I just surrender. I surrender to my fears, which curiously helps me to let them go. Then I’ll start racing feeling quite calmed.

I use a lot of spinning and elliptical trainers for my cross training days. Not a huge fan, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I think Pizza is what I crave the most. I like Italian style pizza and there’s a local place here in Miami called Pummarola which is where I go ALL THE TIME to get it:)

This weekend I’m looking forward to running, do some shopping, and spending time with my boyfriend. Three things instead of two.


These days I prepare for races by having my brunch menu items selected in my head so I won’t hold the group up when we go for brunch after the race :)
I haven’t all out raced in a few years but I used to just prepare by thinking of my mini goals during race. First 5k check in of a half etc etc.
I am craving brick oven pizza. Hope I can convince the boyfriend to take me out Sunday eve for some.
I’m looking forward to going to his 11 year old’a gymnastics meet. She has a new floor routine to the Ghostbusters theme song! I’m also looking forward to my 6 mile run tomorrow. It’s my first long run of the year.


Brooke and knox look so sweet together :) This weekend I’m looking forward to hiking and hopefully going to my favorite smoothie place – it’s supposed to be 65 and sunny here tomorrow, woohoo!


Why do you not know if you’re running your race tomorrow? You should probably decide…since it’s tomorrow. :) Which race is it? You’ve never said.


I know a lot of people are really into this is us. I want to watch a few episodes when I have time.

I just go use the elliptical to cross train frequently. To be honest, I don’t hate other cardio machines.


For a long time I avoided the elliptical. Haha I had a bad experience on one in university and I avoided it til last year. I have to admit that I kind of like it now. It’s not nearly as bad as I remembered it to be.

There’s a little hole in the wall place in the next neighborhood over that makes the most delicious Indian food. Every few months I get a craving for it and order some. It usually takes awhile for them to put together the orders but it’s so worth it.


Pizza. Does that count as a restaurant meal? Haha. But it’s definitely my favorite thing to get when eating out. Basic and delicious.


I tell myself to trust in my training, that I’m not going to win the race but I am going to finish it – one way or the other. I feel like that takes pressure off me but doesn’t allow me to blow it off. (and I’m not doubting myself, I know what my times are and I’m okay with that. I run for me not to set a world record).

I like the rower, this elliptical that goes side to side rather than back and forth (we need to use different muscles), bike, and versa climber (on occasion). I really like to take dance classes for cardio, too.

I crave grilled fish tacos, I will order them almost anytime they are on a menu. I often order fish. My other favorite is coal oven pizza.


I’ve tried to get into the elliptical machine when I was injured a couple years ago, but never liked it that much. I would like to get into biking too, I know it’s a great way to cross train!

My #1 meal I crave from a restaurant is Bien Trucha’s fish tacos. They are so decadent and delicious, topped with red cabbage with this delicious chipotle (?) sauce. SO GOOD. I pretty much crave them every day.


good luck this weekend.

i’ve never seen a jacob’s ladder at a regular gym, but in LA they have a class based on that machine! like a room of them like spin studio style!


We don’t have a Jacob’s ladder at my gym, but I have started using the stair machine. That’s new to me. It makes me feel a bit klutzy though when I can’t step in rhythm! That’s why you can’t beat the bike at the gym – there’s no tripping on that one! haha The stair machine does leave me pretty sweaty so I feel like it’s a good workout.
Good luck on your race (if it happens!)!!


I always remind myself before a race (and during a hard training session) that I am SOOO lucky/blessed to be healthy enough to run! That I am stronger than I give my body credit for (16 hours of natural child labour was way longer and painful than any of my races haha) and that in the grand scheme of things, I am there because I love running. Nothing else really matters.


We don’t have Cafe Rio but we do have Costa Vida! I crave their salads and their cilantro lime dressing all the time!

This training season has been hard with wet/icy weather. I normally run 3-4x/wk but have only managed weekends and filling in the rest of the week with a 30min boot camp class. It’s been so fun to change up the same run routine I’ve been doing the last 13yrs or so. Everyone says I’m running strong but the true test will come on race day.

2 things for the weekend:
1. I’m looking forward to my last long run tomorrow before my marathon next weekend in Napa.
2. Ironing out the rest of our trip to London/Paris that we are taking the day after the marathon.


I have tried the elliptical, stepper, stair master, and bike. Right now I can’t run because of my knee so I just go easy on the elliptical. The meal I probably crave most from a restaurant (well it is not really a meal) but Aladdin’s hummus and pita with their hot sauce. Crave it all the time. PS: Brooke and Knox are just too adorable!


Two phrases I think about at the start line…

‘The water is in the well’ meaning; you’ve done all the training, trust it.
Then, (and I think it was PreFontaines coach that said); ‘Be like a horse…just run’


Looking forward to our IKEA trip this weekend! We are finally decorating our house. As far as race prep goes, I’m definitely a pep talk and visualizing person. I think of the finish, how it will feel, how I will look like, the crowd, etc. It helps me really focus and calm down. It worked for my first marathon!


Before a race I remind myself that my body has done that distance before (half-marathon) and that it is capable, and then I tell myself to just ENJOY the race. I’m usually still nervous, but those thoughts always help :)

To cross train I use the stair climber a lot–nothing makes me sweat more or get my heart rate up faster. I haven’t used a row machine for years, but I’d like to try it again. Jacob’s Ladder seems intense!

I crave spicy curry and fresh spring rolls (with mint) from my fav Thai place.

This weekend I’m looking forward to going to basketball games for my niece and a nephew, and to grooming my eyebrows (those things get out of control fast–ha!).


Brooke’s hair is goals!!! Good luck if you do end up doing the race!


I hope your sister signs emails, greeting cards and the like as ‘published photographer’ If not, she needs to start.

Our gym doesn’t have jacobs ladder, so if I walk into a gym that DOES, all plans change and I get on that thing. I love them!

I crave the steak salad from 180 tacos a lot (probably because the dressing for that salad is everything!) I also crave massaman curry. It warms my belly.

That mischievous face of Brooke’s is too adorable to mean she is going to do something naughty.

I hope whatever you do decide to do this weekend works out for ya!


We had a family friend with us while we were putting our two kids in their car seat the other day. She laughed and said, “Things get a lot better when they become ‘self-loaders!'”


My gym has a Jacob’s ladder and I do it occasionally. 15 minutes kicks my butt! The one in your gym looks like it’s vertical, mine is on an incline, not sure which would be harder.
I use the rower and stepmill everyday for cardio. Dropped my phone while on the stepmill yesterday and it fell right inside the machine! Had to get the maintance man to get it out.

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