Post-race workouts and festivities

Today’s workout was a walk with a yawning baby.  I probably won’t run for 3-4 days because why risk it?  I haven’t ran fast for a LONG time and there is no point to get back into running too quickly after the race so that my body can fully recover.  Walks and the elliptical will be my friends until I run again.  

IMG 4790

I forgot to tell you about the rest of Sunday and heaven forbid I don’t document every second of my life.  My mom would probably be sad because now that we are moved away this is how she keeps track of everything we do. 

Our day involved a lot of napping.   You know how after a race you are all hyped up on endorphins and forget to stretch and then you spend the rest of the day napping…. my calves are teaching me a very important lesson today.

IMG 4778

Refueling is quite possibly one of the best parts of racing.  My friend made THE BEST HUMMUS I have ever had.  The reason I loved it so much was because the flavor was VERY strong.  I can’t do hummus that doesn’t have a strong flavor.  Here is the recipe from ALL RECIPES:

Screen Shot 2012 10 08 at 8 59 50 AM


IMG 4779

My other friend had an incredible spread ready for us.  

IMG 4780

I am convinced that she is directly related to Martha Stewart.  Who knows how to make awesome homemade popover rolls that taste like airy heaven?

IMG 4781

Everything was incredible and I absolutely loved the chicken and broccoli casserole over brown rice.  I spy awesome purple pants in the background and I wish they were mine.

IMG 4782

The boys were all in heaven because they couldn’t choose between watching football or baseball and so they set up two tvs so that they could watch both.

IMG 4783

The girls were in heaven because we had pie and

IMG 4784

crazy good cherry cobbler.

IMG 4785

Better believe I had both.  PS the pie is so runny because the kid that brought it insisted on microwaving each piece until it was nearly boiling because he said that is the best way to eat it and I think he was right after I got over the initial burning my tastebuds off part.

IMG 4787

We decided to go to Santa Cruz and San Francisco today so I will have an overwhelming amount of pictures in the next post.  Hope your Monday is going awesome!


What was the last dessert you had?

What was the last non-running workout that you did?  I would love some fun ideas!

What are your feeling about hummus?  Favorite flavor?  Brand?  Do you make it yourself?

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Those popovers look delicious!

The last dessert I had was homemade cinnamon rolls. I love them more than most anything else! Even if they do take 5 billion years to make. I always get so impatient that I have to start eating the dough or I feel like I am going to die.

Congratulations on your speedy quick race! I don’t think I will ever be able to run a race that fast, let alone right after having a baby!!!! Your next couple days off running are definitely justified.


Mmmmm that food looks divine!
I really would LOVE a piece of that pie…although I don’t know about burning my taste buds off ;)


I seriously love everything about this post! From the overload of pink cuteness on Brooke (love that hood in the stroller!) To the AMAZING food, napping and now San Fran- one of my fave cities to visit! You must get clam chowder in a bread bowl down in Fisherman’s Wharf- so delicious!

last dessert I had would be a brownie with m&m’s baked inside.

I do a lot of fast,long walks with my SUPER active dogs.. also have been doing some elliptical intervals to substitute running. Glad you’re being smart and taking it easy :)

I like hummus- sometimes I’m not a fan of the plain kind.. right now I’m digging the TJ’S tomato basil one.


Your post race feast looks amazing :)


Good job on the race yesterday! You are incredible!

The last dessert I had was last night – Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie ice cream. I ate the whole thing (4 servings) in 1 sitting. Oops. Non-running work out? I don’t get much of those. I do play indoor soccer and walk my dog a lot though! Roasted red pepper hummus all the way, but if I had the choice I would like some guacamole! Can’t wait to see the pics from San Fran!


We made some crazy good hot chocolate last night—it was probably the heavy whipping cream in it…

I’m bad at cross-training so I’d love ideas as well.

I’ve only tried hummus once and wasn’t a fan…I should probably give it another chance.


I passed out on the couch too. And the hammock. and the tub. :) My body is aching! Looks like you had a yummy feast post race!

Love hummus! Absolutely necessary in my house to dip pretty much anything in.

Last dessert I had was. . . . carrot cake from Costco. Not a fan. :( Ooooh, suggestions. Burnt Almond Cake from Peter’s Bakery in Alum Rock. It’s a must have!

Cycling was the last non running workotu I had. Before that was yoga and swimming :)

Glad to hear I’m not the only one taking a running break. Yoga tonight. Swim or cycle tomorrow and then maybe an ellipitcal on Wednes.


Make hummus myself and my recipe is almost identical to the one you posted. I could eat that stuff for dinner. So good.

Last night I had pumpkin bars, frozen Reese’s ice cream sandwiches, smores krispy treats, cake batter chex mix & butterscotch /chocolate chip cookies. Little tastes of it all. I swear I gain 10lbs just walking into my parents house.

I did Turbo kick for the first time since I had started marathon training. I was super excited to be back. And you would have been so proud of the sweat in my eyes.

Whoever is wearing those purple pants (love) has toothpicks for legs.

Have so much fun spending time with your little fam. Already saw the picnic at the beach pics and I couldn’t be more jealous!


Nice feast! Congrats again on your race! I love Sabra’s roasted pine nut hummus. :)


My last dessert was the most amazing fresh, bakery gluten-free lemon cupcake on the planet. I swear, it was like enjoying a little piece of heaven. Sigh. Pure bliss!
I’m right with you on the re-fueling. Yesterday, I ended up biking for over an hour and a half plus running a little over 12.5 miles (and still had another 40min bike and an eight-hour shift ahead of me …) — I couldn’t decide whether I wanted pasta or a waffle with extra syrup at dinner time. So I had both. :)
LOVING the look of the cherry cobbler by the way. Mmm.


I want to make my own hummus! I need to get me a food processor.

Last non running workout was spin class! I love how non impact it is yet it burns so many calories!


Oh please oh please, I must have the recipes for that casserole and those rolls. :) Congratulations on your first race back!!!


Brownies. With PB chips! YUM.
Bike is my non-running workout these days. Not sure it is helping my quad/it band though.
I like hummus. But would never go to the trouble of making it from scratch. Any kind of garlic is good with me!

The Kidless Kronicles


I ran my first marathon yesterday and I’m not sure how long I should take off from running… A week? I think I’ll base it when I feel like I can run because right now even though my head wants to run, my legs can’t even go down stairs like a normal person!


I was talking to my Grandma on the phone last night and she mentioned a race happening in town that morning…and I knew it was the San Jose RnR half from your blog! (My Grandma lives in Los Gatos on the San Jose border; I was born in San Jose but live in London now. I was telling my Grandma about your blog and how fun it is seeing you mention places I recognize…such as Campbell the other day)

As for non running workouts, I went BMF (British Military Fitness) tonight and wore a red bib (middle level) for the first time ever. Too bad my arms are completely smashed now from the number of press-ups, burpess and bastardos (burpees with a press-up) we did! :-/


I love Trader Joe’s Hummus, nope never tried making it, last dessert was pumpkin spice whoopie pies. So so good. You have nice friends and Brooke yawning is just too cute.


I have those Paris plates!! And I have purple pants too! Yay! :) Trader Joe’s has some delicious hummus, but I do prefer my mom’s homemade hummus. SO GOOD.


Yay for going to San Francisco!! Can’t wait to see what you did. I love San Francisco. I think we’ll probably go there for xmas again this year. Can’t get enough of that city!

All of the food looks SOOO good! You have some very domestically talented friends there. Those are always good to have around! :)


Congrats on an AMAZING race! It looks like you did the post-race right- sleeping and good eating!!
I made puffed wheat squares today and must have eaten at least a quarter of the pan!
My knee has been bugging me so I haven’t ran for a couple weeks. I went cyclocross biking today on the trails and had a blast!


Way to work it in the race! You are truly an inspiration!

Hummus is my favorite food by far!Sabra’s is my preferred brand, but Trader Joe’s makes an creamy cilantro and jalapeno hummus that is AMAZING- if you’re into a little kick.

…and now I want pie!


Love that first photo of little Brooke yawning! Too stinkin cute! Some of my favorite non running workouts include circuit workouts (I make them up or find some great ones on Pinterest!) or Pilates (I find videos on Blogilates or YouTube)…. They both kick my booty every time!


I’m picky about hummus too. I;m a hummus snob and don’t even bother buying it in the store anymore becuase the kind you get from authentic lebanese places is so darn much better!

Yay for being smart about not risking injury!


Mmm I do love a good hummus, but I have to say that I love dessert way more. The last one I had was a slice of buttery plum cake that my mom makes around the holidays… Thank goodness for Thanksgiving :D


Smore’s ice cream from Edy’s… SOooo delicious!!


Last dessert I had-ice cream with homemade apple crisp. YUMM!

That sounds like a fun day–napping is the bomb diggity. And Brooke has figured that out, yes?! :)


I loveee hummus. I’ve been eating a lot of roasted garlic Sabra lately. Last dessert I had was a cappuchino torte…so rich and delicious!!


I keep trying to like hummus but just can’t seem to wrap my taste buds around it…might be a texture thing. Maybe I should give your recipe a try.

Love the pic of Billy and Brooke napping, she’s getting so big:)

Sorry but my non-running workouts are mainly spinning and stepmill (like you) so no great ideas for ya. Before I was pregnant I often did high intensity circuit training- weighted burpees, bench hops, stair sprints, squat and lunge jumps mixed with weights and body weight exercises. Loved it and the time would fly by but all the jumping around now, makes me a bit nauseous. Let me know if you want to try it:)

Enjoy your refuel and relax day:)


Last dessert was a few pieces of dark chocolate Toblerone.

Went to a 90 minute yoga session this morning that was amazing- cross training with yoga has been the best decision ever.

I LOVE hummus!! I like to make my own but we can never eat it fast enough, between the two of us, so I typically buy it. I love Trader Joe’s hummus and recently began to buy Cedar’s at Whole Foods and really liked their garlic and chive as well as their artichoke spinach.


Those rolls are called Yorkshire pudding it is an English traditional Sunday dinner food!! They are amazing. My family is from England and my mom makes those all the time!


Ooooohhhh all of your refueling food looks awesome!!


wow! what a spread! look delicious!


I was JUST at a wedding in Santa Cruz all weekend. We just missed each other, but I cannot wait to see your photos!


When I make hummus, I do two things:
1. I cook the beans myself, then soak and skim off the husks.
2. Then I roast the beans a little in the oven for better flavor and thicker hummus. I don’t like runny hummus.
My family is Armenian so we make some darn good hummus!


We just spent the day boogie boarding and playing in the ocean.
It was a killer workout and I’m exhausted.
My kids were on the beach for 7 hours!! No joke, they look like little zombies right now. Early bedtime for all!!


Having a major sweet tooth attack after looking at your dessert pics :)


I hope you had fun in SF today!


Okay, so I used to live in the Bay Area and if you make the trip to SF, you GOTTA continue north and go to SOL FOOD (in San Rafael, North Bay) – it is hands down the best restaurant/food in the ENTIRE world!!! I promise you will not regret it!!!


Went to Maggiano’s for dinner tonight and had a toasted pound cake with ice scream, chocolate sauce, and carmalized bananas for dessert. It was unbelievable!!! My last non running workout was riding my bike around Chicago to cheer on the marathoners, but I also love jumping rope!


I think you should come BACK to San Fran this weekend! I will be there for my first marathon, the Nike Women’s and to meet you in person would be icing on the cake! (hmmm… now I want cake…) Hope you had a fabulous day and CONGRATS on rockin’ your race!


I got purple pants at Old Navy! I also have red. And pink. And mint green. I might be a little obsessed with colored jeans.

Brooke is the cutest and every time I see a picture of her I want to snuggle her so bad!!!


I had one bite of frosted brownie tonight. And I think I only wanted that bite because I was forced to make the brownies for the rest of the family and couldn’t resist.

Does chasing four kids around the pumpkin patch for three hours count as a workout?…

Hummus is yummus! Yep, so good it deserves its own word!


Last dessert I had- red velvet with vanilla frosting instead of cream cheese….AMAZING! Random fun fact: popover rolls are referred to as “yorkshire puddings” in the UK!


I love post race eating!!! However I do not have friends like yours who make all that delicious food for the occasion. Ha ha. Hmm… I just polished off a huge bowl of homemade ice cream at 11:30 at night. Go me.


That pasta dish looks so good! Have you tried yoga? I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, and it’s actually a really tough workout!


You guys have already made some seriously awesome friends since moving!

My last dessert was banana bread, but now that sounds so boring after seeing that cherry pie.


I am a cold pie eater… I love it straight out of the fridge! Ha my fiance has been watching the games by flipping channels, he would be so jealous for the 2-TV set up.


Circuit workouts are always fun! And they fly by. Especially if you’re watching tv or listening to music :D Pinterest, obviously, has many circuit workouts and I’m really loving Peanut Butter Fingers circuit workouts.


haha related to martha stewart…not even close! your ice cream was the best part of all. my tastebuds are still burnt from dustin’s pie!!

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