Friday Facts + Favorites!!

I have some facts that need to be discussed today…

My personal distance record for running while pushing a jogging stroller is 15 miles… Beck and I are looking to break that record this spring/summer.  

IMG 5362

Beck refuses to let us feed him anymore and will only eat if he is feeding himself.

IMG 2181

3 pm is when my body tells me that it is time to go to bed and that strong desire to sleep lasts for about 30 minutes… this occurs every single day of my life.  

IMG 2214

My sister is currently turning this big blue room into a mudroom and also a pantry… I’ll show you the afters soon!

Screen Shot 2022 01 27 at 5 23 11 PM

We will be taking those training wheels off soon.

IMG 2225

Brooke is better than I am at mountain biking which means she has taken over mountain biking with Andrew.

IMG 9273

Each of my babies has hated the feeling of grass on their skin… Beck just crawled around with his feet up.

IMG 2409

I teared up when Brooke sat in the chair for the first time at the hair salon instead of the little cars to get her hair cut.  

IMG 2085

Cross country season is coming up for my kids at their school and it actually gets to happen this year!  I’ll be coaching and so a lot of my free time these days will be getting it all organized.  I am so excited. 

IMG 3142

My mom is an incredible artist, this is her most recent project!

Resized 20220131 111740


Just a few things this week as far as favorites go!

*RUNNERS CLUB SWEATSHIRT.  I’m all about wearing items that show off my love for running ha.  

IMG 2413

*I copied everyone with the ziplock bag storage organizer… kind of pricey but I figure I’ll use it forever and it makes this drawer look so much better.

IMG 2594

*This reminder from one of my old posts about the good and bad patches during a run…

Screen Shot 2022 01 27 at 4 28 27 PM


Ever hit that time in the afternoon when you feel like you need to just hide in a dark room for a bit?  What time is it usually for you?

Have any fun weekend plans?

Have any clothes/bumper stickers/items that show you are a runner?

What is your workout today?

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Love that The Parent Trap is on during her haircut! I hope she has seen the classic!
I have been resisting buying another Sarah Marie Design sweatshirt. They are just so cute/clever/cozy!


Oh my word, that is hilarious about Beck holding up his feet!

Did your sister have any knowledge of construction before she undertook all these home renovations? I am inspired, but I even hate painting a wall, so I don’t think carpentry life is for me;-).

Yep, every day around 1-2, I want to take a nap!

I had a full body strength workout and a tabata ride, which was a bust! I am not sure if I am still jet-lagged, the instruction was bad or a mix of both. There were barely any cues of when to start work (or if there was, I missed them). Instead of 8 work sections, there was only 4 per set. I was bummed because I LOVE tabata classes, but I was barely sweating by the end. I wanted to do another class, but there was no time before the kids got up. Oh well.

No fun plans–I get to run errands and shop with all the kids;-) My husband is on night shift this weekend and needs it quiet so he can sleep. I try to make these weekends as much fun as I can, but getting us all the door while being quiet is almost impossible. Once we are out, the fun can begin!

Happy Friday Janae!


Aaawww… The cars at the kid’s haircut place… I haven’t seen or thought of those in so long!
I am one of those people with the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on the back of my car. I also have a runner sweatshirt that my sister-in-law got for both of us. It’s cute and super cozy.
I can’t wait to see your sister’s latest reno!! What was that room used as before?
This weekend I’m running the Surf City half marathon ( we do this half every year). I’m not sure how it will go, and I’m not running with a goal… With that flu bug that went through our house in January, my training got a little derailed, and mentally I just haven’t wanted to “race”. So I may even ditch the watch and just enjoy running in Huntington Beach on a beautiful day.
Yay for cross country with the kids!! That will be so fun!
Today is my son’s birthday! He’s 21!?!?! How did that happen? I just wish we could be with him. But we sent some goodies out to him, and I know he’s going to have a fun weekend.
Have a great Friday!


I love that sweatshirt. Did you get small or medium.?


So happy they get to do cross country this year! And you are going to be an amazing coach!!

Rest day today because running both days this weekend! Tomorrow is ice cream for breakfast day, so running with friends and going to a local creamery for breakfast after. Then Sunday I’m doing a 5 mile race!


I’m lucky if my daughter stays in the stroller for a walk around the block. I can’t imagine a 15+mile run.
going to a Pilates class today!
I have a sweatshirt from the NYC marathon, but no other non-running clothes that talk about the sport.


a down the world is against me day…..may have to hit a gym for some support and a positive atmosphere
my license plate holder says that my other car is a pair of running shoes
more and snow again today, no desire to get outside yet…..maybe later


Wow, your mom truly is an amazing artist! I really love it!


Hi Janae! I used to feel like I needed a nap at lunch (and sometimes I’d take it) but this got fixed after I started taking iron! I was only borderline deficient according to the doctors metrics but runners need more ferritin than normal. So now I tell everyone about iron because it really helped me so much.
Have a great day!


They are very cute.


My twin sister and I also used to absolutely hate the feeling of grass! My parents would lay a blanket in the middle of the yard and we would just stay put while they gardened or sat outside (we were always supervised :)) and they would know when we were moving around because we’d cry/crawl back on the blanket as soon as we felt the grass!


Beck holding his feet up is too cute! How cool that you the cross country coach at your kids’ school; I can’t wait to hear more about that. Today’s workout is a short guided run from Runkeeper along with some strength ( I love Move Nourish Love on Youtube for my strength workouts). I have a bunch of running t-shirts and sweatshirts that show that I am a runner. Happy Friday!


Yes to the 3pm fatigue. Every single day! I thought there was something wrong with me so it’s nice to know I’m not alone! I often have a 13 minute power nap. I find 13 minutes to be my sweet spot, even though I would LOVE to nap for 2 hours, 13 minutes gets me through.

Workout of the day, hiking the local mountain with a friend. Night shift tonight, and all weekend so a nap will definitely be happening pre that!

Hope your weekend is a good one.

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