Saturday’s Workout

Hola! Welcome to the new and improved detailed workout page.  I want to have a place that I can talk a little bit more about my workouts.   I could talk about workouts all day long and this way I don’t have to bore the people that don’t want to read about my rambling on and on about workouts.

The sis and I got to the gym and jumped on the elliptical to warm up for fifteen minutes.

Then it was time for spin central….my last class booooooo!!! Although, I was offered some classes in the fall at the gym on University Parkway that I will be doing! It will be nice to have a break from teaching for the summer and we are going to Cali for two months so it actually works out well that I don’t have to find subs.

Screen shot 2011 06 04 at 5 30 07 PM

After class we jumped on the treadmill and I did 1 mile with a ginormous smile while listening to Taking Back Sunday walked half a mile and did another mile (both at a 9 minute-mile pace).

My sister went to the bathroom and knew that I was supposed to be done but I couldn’t help myself and tried to sneak in a little more because I was feeling perfect.  She nearly tackled me and I now have to run only when she is with me so that I don’t go overboard and re-injure myself!

Finished up with:

15 push-ups (I know, don’t be too jealous).

Tricep Dips on a bench

Bicep Curls


For this page the question will always be the same:)  What was your workout!?!?!? (I think it will be a great resource if people are looking for new ideas, moves, variety etc plus it is a chance for you to brag about your bombdiggity self and your accomplishments!!!)

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So excited about this section! I love hearing about your workouts and I am using your training program from a couple months back that you posted for St. George! Thanks so much, you’re awesome!


It’s great that you’ve condensed your workouts into one page!


Love the new look and layout of your blog!
My hubby is out of town for the weekend, so I was homebound for my workout today…I have been doing Jillian’s 6 wk 6 pk DVD for 3 weeks, so I started my morning off with that – kicks my abs every time! ;)
Since the hubby is gone, no running today :( Too hot to take the kids out for a bike ride/run (we live in Houston and it was 90 at 8 this morning). Went to the pool instead :)


ArtCity 5k!! Boo-yah! 25:00… not a PR, but still dang proud! :)


Am I missing something or do you sing a song called Pitbull? Anyway,I love your playlists so much! My spin instructor plays oldies.


Love that you are running!

Ran the Dirty Dash 5K in the AM, the Piglet Plunge 1 mile with my boy in the afternoon, and finished the evening with a lovely 3 miler at 10PM. Took it nice and easy today and it was fabulous!

Run the Dirty Dash in September- it’s SO.MUCH.FUN.


YAYYY! I can get on your blog now! woo hoo! Love this new page idea…I am definitely going to be reading and stealing workouts from here all the time. Today is a rest day but yesterday I got in 8 miles + a 3 mile hike on the River trail. It was a perfect saturday :)


I live in Cali!! Where at are you guys going? I live near Sacramento.

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