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HELLO ALL!!! I missed you so much!! For some reason the pictures in the previous three posts did not work but don’t worry I fixed that first thing when we got home (even before showering, wiping the dust off of me so that it wouldn’t get all over the couch or brushing my teeth for the first time in who knows how long……that is how you know I love you).

We ended up coming home a day early because mother nature got fiesty.

This photo was pre-sand blowing EVERYWHERE at 90 mph.  I even got a bloody nose from breathing in so much sand.  There was no escaping it.  We even built our own bomb shelter but that didn’t do a thing.  At about 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning we crawled into our Neighbors truck (they had an RV and were sleeping in there) and slept through the storm.  Sunday night was supposed to be even worse so we came home early.

Photo 2

That’s okay though because I don’t think it is humanly possible for humans to have any more fun that we had so I guess we were meant to go home early.

Sorry, for the lame iphone pics but we decided that it would probably be a good idea to put the DSLR away because the sand was getting in every nook and craney.

Let’s talk about the highlights of the trip.

No, this is not a picture of a homeless bald 8 year old that we picked up along the way, this is just me enjoying the sunshine, water and wind blowing in my face on our neighbors speed boat.

Photo 4

And another one, just for good measures.  I think I won the world record for the most hair horns at one time.

Photo 1

For lunch yesterday our neighbors took us to an awesome restaurant that took about an hour on a boat to get to……did I mention that Lake Powell is the most ginormous lake you will ever see.

We (including the BIL and SIL) actually ended up hanging out with our neighbors more than the group that we came with because A. they were awesomesauce and quite hilarious.  B.  they had the coolest toys and loved sharing them with us poor Provians.  C.  I don’t know, but they were just really fun.  D.  We really didn’t know the group we came with so it was no big deal.

I may see future meeting up at Powell with our ‘neighbors’ in the future.


I got a chicken sandwich with sauted mushrooms and guac (under the chicken).  It sounds like a weird combo but it was heavenly.  I couldn’t pass up the french fries.  When your mind and body both say yes, than you must go for it.

Another highlight from the trip (besides Billy’s sexy sandy toes) was that he tried selling me the rock collection that he put together while in the sand.  I fell for it and gave him ten bucks, he told me that in twenty years they will be worth at least 100 grand.  Just trying to make good investments.

Photo 3

Third highlight, (Don’t worry he thinks it’s funny to) Billy was using the last of the spray on sunscreen and didn’t notice that it was just spraying out little blops of suncreen resulting in sweet sunburn circles on his side.  Unconditional love.

IMG 6357

Today will be spent getting the sand out of my ear lobes, 54 loads of laundry and some time with the mamacita.  Hope you are having an amazing Memorial Day!!!


Any fun tan line/sunscreen mishaps or stories?

-When I was 8 I took the sunscreen and just put my hands directly on my face and didn’t rub it in, resulting in two handprints on my cheeks.

What is the craziest mother nature situation you have ever been in?

-The sand storm of Powell 2011.  It was crazy….the sand pelted you, I couldn’t even walk in the direction of the wind and it wouldn’t stop for HOURS!!

What are your Memorial Day plans!??!?!

-Besides the above mentioned items we are going to roast our s’mores that we never had a chance to do while in Powell.  I love that that is going to be the highlight of my day.

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craziest mother nature situation… hmm… Either when I went camping a few years ago and the wind was so bad (we were on a point at the lake) that we ended up leaving our stuff and driving home for the night because we weren't sure we were going to make it (okay, so we might have overreacted, but it was scary out there in the dark!)… Or last summer here in Korea when a bad storm system was moving through the pacific and I was trying to walk our dog Alan before it hit, and the wind and rain started all at once and I swear Alan got lifted off the ground! LOL


This looks like a blast! So glad your pictures are working again. : )


My dad once wore a straw sun hat and got little dots of sunburn through the holes. Hilarious!


YAY looks like fun!!! (mamarunsbarefoot)


Yay! Glad you recovered your pictures! Wow that sand storm, that's intense. Poor Billster and the sun circles, but I gotta say… pretty funny! Glad you had a BLAST!!!


I have an awesomely hilarious/embarrassing sunscreen story. Two years ago, Mike and I went to Nantucket for a week with my sister and her boyfriend. Both Mike and I are super pale and burn really easily. At one point, Mike had been sitting in a weird position for a while and when he got up he realized that he'd burned his stomach in a crazy pattern that made it look like he had a crazy sixpack. So from a distance he looked super jacked, but up close it just looked painful. Needless to say, he wore a t-shirt for the rest of the trip lol.


my computer ate my comment. sorry if two post.

I sunburned my ass once. I put sunscreen on the fronts and backs of my legs, but didn't go far enough onto my butt/hips. So I had these inch wides stripes of burn next to my bathing suit. It hurt every time I sat down!


hahha to the sunburn! ouch! I have had awful awful burns, but not from sunscreen mishaps, just not putting it on at all. the mountain in the picture of you on the boat are insanely gorgeous! Utah is so pretty!!! glad you had a blast!


Haha, handprints on your cheeks… I hope you got a picture of that! I actually just got a sunburn yesterday on my patio… I was sitting in a chair with my legs together, but stretched out and now I have a thick red stripe down the top of each shin, ughhhhh!


I have really fair skin, so I've had LOTS of sunscreen mishaps. The worst was when I missed a strip along the top of my forehead that burned HORRIBLY, while the rest of my face was white as a sheet.

I had a similar windy beach situation, so I can understand. Getting pelted is no fun!

Hanging out at my in-laws bbq'ing and lounging by the pool today. Can't wait!

Glad you had a fun time before the weather turned!


My Lake Powell story? My gandparents took me out on this boat cruise type thing on Lake Powell when I was 12 years old. One hour into the ride, I got my period. I spent the rest of the ride in the bathroom freaking out. That lake was so beautiful, I'm just bummed I missed most of it.

On the other hand, you're adventure seemed to be pretty spectacular! High five on Billy's rock collection!


I don't really "do" Mother Nature so I don't have any crazy stories to share. :)
Memorial Day will be a day to chill. I haven't done "nothing" in awhile. We may go down to our club's pool and eat some bbq and hang with friends.


I'm glad the pictures are working! Today I plan on grocery shopping and sitting on my butt with my dog. :)

Once, when really big bug eyed sunglasses were in, I went to a baseball game without suncreen on my face. Cut to tan lines halfway down my cheeks and on my forehead. It was embarrassing!


I am so glad you are back!!! Looks like Powell was amazing. :)

Just wait til you come boating with my family. We are WAY cooler than the loaded neighbor peeps! :P


My Memorial Day plans? Working. Yay….

Craziest mother nature situation was all the rain we got here a few weeks ago! I've never seen so much rain in my life, and I really never want to again!

And sunscreen, yeah, I just don't use it… which has resulted in some serious burns…


Yay for pictures… and you.. being back! Sounds like fun, minus the craziness lol!


So glad to see your pictures again!! I hate weird tan lines! I always get a line across my nose from my sunglasses!


Hahaha I should try that handprint tan! How long did it take to even out???

I've never been in a sandstorm, but it sounds brutal…

I'm looking forward to a day of good food!S'mores sounds perfect, but I don't know if I can handle a fire in our 90+ temps.


Your posts are always so hilarious! Christina (The Athletarian) had a funny tan line story a week or so ago… crazy how we think we are being safe!
I've been blog stalking and as a Canadian, didn't have a long weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours :)


when I was little (like, 3), I got into the sunscreen and put it all over the sweatsuit I was wearing! when my mom asked me what I was doing, I told her I didn't want to get sunburnt. No idea what I was thinking!


Looks like fun! I have a 'lack of enough sunscreen story!' I went on a cruise when I was 12 and we went on a catamaran (?) to a smaller island. It was about 2 hours and I fell asleep on the netting over the water. Lo and behold, 2 hours later I had sun poisoning… it was so painful! I had to go to the ship doc, take benadryl & remain covered for the remainder of the cruise. Which was 4 days. Owwie.


Um if you read my post from a couple of days ago you will see my funny tan line story. I wore cropped pants last weekend and the sun decided to come out full-force and burnt my ankles. I have since had permanent pink socks which have now turned light brown. It looks awful and I can't wear shorts or dresses without looking like a complete idiot!


When I was in Australia I did a poor job of putting sunscreen on, and since the sun is so much different there, it gave me terrible sun blotches where I missed the sunscreen. Right on my chest. There was no hiding that!


Welcome back! We live in AZ & hubby takes the youth group to Lake Powell every year! Awesome!

Lack of sunscreen mishap – back in my fake bake days made the mistake of going two days in a row. This resulted in the worste burn of my life & having to get sun damage moles removed from my chest :(

Worse storm experience! Lived in Ft. Lauderdale during hurricane Katrina – all the while my baby daughter was burning up of a fever w/ NO Dr.'s open :( Ended up driving North to Orlando during the eye of the storm & took her to the hospital. 105 fever & UTI :( Horrible experience.

Mem day plans. Run tempe town lake CHECK :) Hang w/ the fam- in session :) :)


oh I've been caught in a sandstorm. Its crazy! Glad you had a great time, sand and all. Enjoy your holiday and hug lots of people. We celebrate freedom today!


I was stuck in a crazy wind storm once, which I still swear was a tornado! I was wokring an event at a golf course when it hit, and it picked up flower pots that were easily 50lbs and tossed them into the glass railing on the deck and then ripped the railing off too! I hid in the bathoom until it was over! Thankfully nobody was hurt!

Being in Canada, no long weekend for us – but we had one last weekend and it was rainy so it was a movie day for us!


When I was a lifeguard 100 years ago we used to take turns putting sunscreen on each other's backs. I guess I couldn't find anyone to do my back one day, so I used my hand to reach as far as I could and forgot about it. That resulted in a hand print shape on my back with a nasty sunburn for the rest. Ouch!


I am so glad we got to see your pics, I thought something was wrong with my computer lol. It looks like you had so much fun!! My Memorial Day started out great with a 5 mile run for cancer!! Enjoy the rest of your day :)


glad you had fun! Powell is always a blast: )

can;t wait to go see a movie with the fam!


looks like a fun weekend!


Haha that sunburn is pretty funny…I'm glad Billy was alright with it :)
One time my step-sister did a terrible job of putting block on my step-dad's back and he ended up a few smears and splattered parts that were white, and red everywhere else. We laugh about it now


I'm on vacation in Durango, CO right now! That seems sort of close to Utah, right?
We are having a ferocious WIND here today too, it must be all over the region!


the summer vacation glow is written all over your face.
keep enjoying!


My sunburn story: Last year in college, I had to paint my face for this dance competition that my sorority did which was outside. We had painted our faces like Braveheart, so I had this "design" on my face where the paint had been. Not attractive!


Sand storm would not be fun, but at least you had a great time otherwise.

One time I put lotion on my shins and missed the middle :( I looked like a skunk for awhile


Sunburn story…My mom made sure to get all of my sisters and I all lathered up, but forgot to put some on her legs. She put her one hand (which she had been using to lather us up) on her leg and laid in the sun for a while. Her legs got SO sunburnt except for this perfect hand print! It was priceless!

Sand ruins camping trips. UGH. We went to Moab on a camping trip, and the wind was blowing the entire time, sand everywhere. It was SO bad.


I burn like no other, so I'm always sporting the SPF 85, minimum, and I'm a pro at getting it all in everywhere. So if anybody needs lessons… I'm your girl!

Today we had a hot dog bar! A few types of hot dogs (beef, pork…) and every topping ever. I'll post something about it tomorrow. Tonight I'm too full to think about food.

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