Memorial Day Thus Far.


30 minutes weights (scratch that….actually it was 30 minutes of standing in the weights area catching up with my sister because I hadn’t seen her in three whole days, I know it is tragic.)

45 minutes elliptical.  I am excited because the femurs felt fine, the real test comes in the morning when I first stand up.

30 minutes swimming.  It scares me how much I am liking it.

I went back to my parents house so I could start on our sand encrusted laundry and I stole my mom’s nice shampoo and showered and got ready. Nothing like camping to make you appreciate showering.  Maybe this camping trip was some sort of intervention for me to make me enjoy getting ready.

Then it was snack time with my little patriotic niece.  We ate oranges, they are SO good right now!

IMG 6358

The little one doesn’t talk much yet and so she just has to bring out what she wants to eat.  Syrup= feed me waffles right this second in baby language.

IMG 6359

Even though she doesn’t talk yet, she knows that when I come around with the camera, she needs to pose with her food.  I promise I didn’t even tell her to do this.  I see some competition in the future for family food blogger.

IMG 6363

My mom had to go to Cafe Rio to get some gift cards and so magically I said I would join her.  The whole way there I kept holding my stomach and making moaning sounds like my stomach was eating itself alive.  I think she got the hint that I wanted a salad.  PS this is what I call my poodle hair with a side of ginormous forehead.

IMG 6368

I like to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses.  When my mom said no to the guac in her soup I quickly told them that she just wanted it on the side.  Double the guac makes me double happy.

IMG 6365

I think the lady in the back really wanted to be in the picture with my mom or she just thought we looked so awesome to be friends with and she just wanted to come hang out.


Do you exercise on holiday’s?

-YEP!!! I think it is the best way to start the day. B-dawg and I even went for an EARLY morning run on Christmas.

Any bbq’s/special Memorial Day dinners?

-We are going to have steak and s’mores:)

What do you top your waffles with?

-Strawberries and whipped cream is my FAVORITE!!!

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You are looking so gorgeous girlie!!! Love that you got lunch out of your mom – we think alike!!

I always exercise on holidays – I set out for a run at 6 this morning!


ugh I would have loved to exercise today.. but we flew in from Florida at 9, and it was almost 100 in Philadelphia. I began to sweat the second I walked outside. PLus my gym was closed :(


I agree with Chelsey – you look beautiful girlie! Yes…I exercise on holiday too. I'm totally addicted!


yeah for clean hair. and nice shampoo! i had an awesome workout today janae … seriously. thanks for asking. no plans here. just surfing the net, boys are playing wii .. maybe i'll feed my family some dinner eventually. or not. :)


You're so good with the running.. I did not today. I don't think I'll run tomorrow either. I'm gonna wait til I get my Garmin on Wednesday and then run. :)

Your hair looks great btw! And I agree with you on waffle topping.


hahaha you've trained your niece well!

Do you exercise on holiday's?
Sure do! I love working on on holidays because I can go super early since I don't have to go to work!

Any bbq's/special Memorial Day dinners?
nope–laying low tonight!

What do you top your waffles with?
blueberry compote or chocolate chips


I would completely steal someone's unwanted gaucamole too. I love that stuff. Too bad everyone in my family loves that stuff. It is always fight to the death for the last bite.


I usually exercise on holidays!
That salad looks seriously amazing! I need to find a Cafe Rio! :D


I ran this morning at the crack of dawn so I could have the full day to have fun. Too bad it was still a humidity level of 93% out when I ran. Gross.

We had brunch at my inlaws and then went to the movies today! Glorious!


Hahahahaha that photo-bomber in the background of your mom's picture totally cracked me up!

Happy memorial day! Looks like you're having a blast :)


I exercise on Holidays all the time! Gotta earn my lunch or dinner, right?!

I LOVE you poodle hair and big forehead look. I think I might with for biggest forehead though. It takes up at least a third of my face, but I'm cool with it. Clearly we were meant to be forehead BFFs.

No Memorial Day in Canada…boo. Dinner was simple! Just a lot of fruits and veggies for me. The sun makes me want to eat easy and fresh food that involves no cooking whatsoever!

Waffles with anything rock my socks.


your niece is for sure an aspiring food blogger! she seems like a foodie already! :)


I definitely got my exercise on during the holiday weekend! I was kind of surprised at how many people were at the gym too. Crazy, right?

We had an ongoing buffet of bread, taco soup, and chocolate cake for the weekend. YUM.

I am super boring, and just like butter and syrup on my waffles! Lame, I know.


I am not a consistent exerciser on the holidays. I wish I could say I was, but it all depends how motivated I'm feeling especially since most holidays the gym is closed.


I think I like exercising on holidays even more so than regular days for some reason…it makes me appreciate the day more if that makes sense?? Maybe its just me :) Love your blog by the way!


i always exercise on holidays…except when i'm snowed in! we had burgers, coleslaw, corn casserole, watermelon, and smores! annnnnd i love fruit and brownsugar on my waffles.


Your hair looks really nice in the top photo! I like to run on holidays because I feel like I can pig out more at dinner :)


My hubby and I spent an hour and a half of our Memorial Day at the gym! :)


lol I love that pic of your niece, that's an evil look she's giving!! I did an 8k race with my fam today, so fun! We also had a bbq w my fam and the bfs fam that included food, bubbles, squirt gun fights, and ladder ball! fav waffle topping pb and greek yogurt…and fruit. I like a lot on my waffles lol


GREAT news that the femur is feeling better and coming along!!

yup, i always workout on holidays, a nice perk is that if i go to the gym it's usually not so crowded. :)

and on my waffles, i'm all about swimming in syrup and powdered sugar! :)


I love exercising on holidays! Hubs and I ran a sunrise 8 miler on Christmas morning—an amazing way to start the day!
We had an awesome BBQ dinner tonight with new friends–burgers and sausages and all the sides, yum!
Waffles with peanut butter and coconut–will change your world!


Ahh..I missed your face. Is that weird? I'm a kid. I like pictures with my stories but yours are top notch.

Anyways, don't be scared of swimming! It will come in handy one your beat your marathon goal and decide to do triathalons and then Iron Men..Women, whatever.
I see it coming (Im psyhic just saying.)
Question maybe we all are wanting to know — do you feel anxiety when you go on a travel/vacay and there was no "exercise" outlet in the form of a treadmill, pool or spin bike? Would you have gone for a run if you were well enough? Was there one a time where that would have sent you over the edge but now it's cool?
Food/material for thought/blog.


I definitely still exercise on holidays. It's even better to get exercise in when there's no work/class!

Waffle + ice cream all the way!! Maybe some strawberries if I'm feeling fancy ;)

LOL your little niece looks like she wants to kill you in that picture. If she's going to start up a blog, I think you'd have some fierce competition.


If a little one came at me with a bottle of syrup I would take it as a sign that they wanted to chug some maple syrup with me! Reason #27598 why I shouldn't reproduce.


yes, there is so much more time to exercise on holidays!!! Plus my boyfriend decided he didn't want to go to the gym so I went by myself and he stayed home and cooked steak, roasted veggies and opened a bottle of wine. my kind of holiday:)

how is your hair holding up with all that swimming? I swear the only reason I don't like it/do it that much is because it dries out my hair/makes it smell like chlorine alllll the time, especially when I go running and I start to sweat, the chlorine smell starts leaking out somehow…weird I know!


Girl, this femur thing is a blessing in disguise, you're going to be such a super-star swimmer and you're going to kick even more butt at tri's one day.

Your hair is so shimmery and pretty today!


My parents and I run a turkey trot every thanksgiving. It makes eating the rest of the day so much better. :-)

I love putting bananas and peanut butter on top of my waffles!


ahhh! what a fun day! love it! and love waffles! and cafe rio…favorite waffle toppings are powdered sugar, bananas, syrup. yum.


that pic of your niece is hilarious! I usually always exercise on the holidays because it makes me feel good, and I'm usually doing a lot of driving/eating/spending time with fam. It's fun to get the family to do a christmas or thanksgiving 5k. Justins chocolate hazelnut butter. That's what I top everything with.


I love the lady photo bombing the pic of your mom. Maybe she saw the guac on the side and wanted in on the action ;)


Ha ha the woman behind you mum! You have such a sweet family :)


I love working out on holidays! This past thanksgiving I ran my first 5k! and then proceeded to stuff endless amounts of food down my mouth :)


I've been following your blog (silently) for awhile and finally decided to break the comment barrier to say I'm so happy to hear that you're really on the mend! Your blog was one of the few that inspired me to start my own :)


Girl, I want to check out Cafe Rio!! They don't have on close by us but, there is one about 45 mins. away from me…sounds like it's worth the drive!! :)

waffles – I love apple-cinnamon topping!!

Yes, sweat is the best way to start the day!!


I try to workout on holidays but yesterday was too HOT and our gym was closed, I'm off to the gym now actually!!

waffles… I don't eat them much but when I do I just like a little margarine & syrup!


I drove through Utah for the first time in my life this weekend. Some friends and I did Bolder Boulder 10k and, long story short, decided to hit San Diego and Vegas before the race. Anyway, LOVED UTAH! In fact, we are planning to do a race in Utah next Memorial Day weekend. Its so beautiful!

Also, when we stopped for the night in Grand Junction, CO, we needed to eat. We saw Cafe Rio (which we don't have in Florida), and my friend was like "hungryrunnergirl loves that place, we should eat dinner there." So we did. Is it weird that you come up in strangers conversations about deciding where to eat?

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