Sweaty Foreheads and More Race Photos:)

PS I was just teasing my bro in the last post….I said he turned 49 but really he turned 37…..he looks really young for his age!!

I did a killer pump class this morning and guess what……there was sweat on my forehead.  Sure, I have gotten some pretty good workouts in the pool recently, but I never actually feel the sweat because it just gets lost into the pool water (that is gross).  This morning I was able to have those glorious beads of sweat coming out of my pores without making my femur have to do any work.  Success in my book.

Before you know it I will be out making painfully miserable looking faces again as I am running:)

DSC 4231


Let’s take a look at our next group of race photos.  Seriously, these are motivating me to take everything super EASY with my leg so that I can get out there and race again asap.  I refuse to try and keep up my cardiovascular fitness if it means that will slow down my recovery.

The GORGEOUS CATIE sent in a picture of her FIRST EVER 1/2 marathon at the 13.1 New York from just a few weekends ago!! She did it under two hours wahoooooo!!!




The BEAUTIFUL MONICA @runeatrepeat sent in a picture of her right before the Disney World Marathon last year.  “It was 19 degrees and I’m wearing a Good Will sweatshirt cut up the middle – I meant to throw it after I warmed up, but that never happened! I still don’t think I have full use of my left hand from being frozen that day..”

Before marathon

I want to do the Disney World Marathon so so bad!! Billy?!?! What do you think……wanna fork out another 1/6 of my yearly salary on races and travel.


The AMAZING Cory @fastcory.com sent in this amazing jumping photo that was taken at the finish line of the St. George Half Marathon.

Finish Line

I think if I tried to do that I would probably crack my other femur.


I just had to post all of the PRETTIEST LINDSAY’S @ cottercrunch photo’s and some of her PRO-TRIATHLETE HUBBY JAMES’ pictures too!

Race pic

Girl, give me your leg muscles right now.

Finish line HH

Finish line CW


She is the greatest chef ever and knows how to fuel two world class athletes (herself and James:)!!


What was your FIRST race?  (Congrats again Catie!!!)

-A half-marathon a few years ago with my aunt in the Provo canyon.  It was all down hill and I didn’t race again for a few years because I was sore after and thought to myself when I finished, “I think I am going to die right now, I could never do double that distance.”  Ha ha jokes on me….now I CRAVE that distance.

Do you wear sunglasses while you run?  What accessories do you wear while running?

-I haven’t but I think I need to invest asap!!!  I have to have a headband or 45 bobbi pins, my garmin and ipod of course!

And for the random question of the day….Do you chew gum?  If yes, what flavor?

-I LOVE trident watermelon twist the mostest right now….why not feel like you are chewing candy all day long?!?!

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thanks for sharing the race pics! they are so fun to look at :)

My first race was a 5k I think in college put on by one of the sororities.

When i run I feel like I have so much stuff I have to prepare…sunglasses, chapstick, energy stuff, garmin, ipod, etc etc etc. hahaha.

Favorite gum is stride sweet peppermint :)

I hope I see you soon fabulous girl!


First race was a HM a few weeks ago. I did a 1.43 which was good because I had to run at granny pacesince I had the WORST stitch!

I don't chew gum, I have braces so that kinda kills them (I have been told)

I don't wear sunglasses, they make me look like a bug! I always carry a spare hairtie when I run. I also take off my bling when I run, so I don't really have any accesories.

You are going to eb back and rocking the runs again soon!


My first race was SLC half marathon–so fun (i PRed at 1:48 too!!) I love gum–my fav is orbit sweet mint.

And I always run with gum in mouth, shoes on my feet, and hair pulled back!!


My first race was a 5K on 1/1/11. I've since run 2 more.

I do wear my sunny g's when I run, but they tend to fog up, which is super annoying. I also wear a sweaty band or a hat and my Garmin.

I like Orbit gum a lot, but I never have any on me because my dogs will ransack my bags for that stuff and Xylitol can kill them. My dogs are not brilliant.


Sooo my computer crashed and I bought a mac this morning! What do you use to blog? Do you use ecto or do you blog in blogger?


First ever race was a 10k hosted by Nike about 6 years ago. That's what got me hooked and has kept me pushing for longer distances!

No sunglasses for me. Usually just a headband to keep the hair horns back, my ipod and Garmin.

I like minty gums! Excel Polar Ice is probably my fave.

Good job on the workout! You'll be back and faster than ever in no time!


My first race was a 5 k a little more than a year ago. Since then I've done 5 halves, one other 5 k, and two 10 ks.

Can't stand sunglasses- visor or hat, iPod, and Garmin.


Awesome race pictures, especially the jumping one! So cool!
My first race was a 5K when I was 13. I became addicted quickly and signed up for a 10K and a half marathon with my mom later that year.


I'm a gum-a-holic. Sometimes a pack a day chewer. I'm often in people's personal space with work and don't want to be breathing my garlic dragon breath on them…

I love how you post other bloggers on your site. You are one of my favs and really do a great thing for the community :)


First race – Texas Half Marathon on 1-1-11. Definitely addicting.
I want to wear sunglasses when I run but sweat + oil slick = sliding down my face. If you find a pair that don't slip please post about them.
I only chew minty gum – can't stand fruity flavors.


Those pics are great! Thanks to all who are sharing their photos…it is fun to see :)
1st race was the Philly Zoo Run in 1989, I think it was a 10K.
Sunglasses are a 'yes' in the daytime…and are my only "need" accessories.


My first race was a 5k in college. I don't run with much actually…no music, no sunglasses. I need something though this summer..hat or glasses.
I go through gum phases…sometimes minty, sometimes fruity. I don't really mind!


My first race was a 5K in San Diego and I placed in my age group (with 24:xx…which I think says more about the field than about my speed. Ha!). Anyways it rocked. Then I ran a half and swore I'd never do it again. Then I ran a full…and swore I was sticking to half's. Fast forward five years…full #2 is next week. Ha! Joke's on me.

I love my sunglasses…could not run in San Diego without them.

I only chew mint gum…and almost never b/c I am one of those annoying people who snaps her gum. Drives my husband nuts. Oops!


i have never had a best first race. but my last one was the best one. :) hell yeah for oakland and 3 minute pr!!! woot woot!

and i wear visors when i run, always. when i do long runs, then i wear sunglasses, a camelbak and ipod. and garmin. otherwise, it's just the ipod. and clothes of course.

and i don't chew gum. makes me look pregnant. ew.


Oh! Yup! I've got the best sunglasses ever!! Costa Del Mars. Expensive but well, well worth every dime! I wear them everywhere, including when I race!

My first race was a 5K called the Midsummer Nights Run. I was 200 lbs and ran it in 39 minutes. I came back and ran a 5K the next year in 27 min, down to 160 lbs! Running changed my life :)


Love the race photos! No sunglasses – almost always my pink hat, though. I used to chew sugar-free gum all the time! Rarely ever anymore. It's bad for your teeth and tummy. :)


oh too fun! I want to jump as high as cory! I also want to plan a race in UTAH! Or at least convince he hubs to race there. Congrats on a sweat, yea!!! Feels good, eh? You should go to hot yoga. thats my sanity when I cannot do cardio.
Virtual hug!


I am a gum addict!


That jumping picture is incredible! I would fall into a heap on the timing mat. Lol. And lindsey's legs are AMAZING!!!

my first race was the Provo july 4th 5k many years ago.

Running must haves are my garmin, ipod, head band and fuel belt for longs.

I'm not a huge gum chew-er… makes my jaw hurt and i get a headache :(


Technically, my first "race" was a 12-miler for March of Dimes, when I was 7. I walked with my mom, aunts, and grandma, and to this day they still talk about how they can't believe I made it through the whole thing :). The first one I ran was a 5K, in college.


Love the race pictures!

My first road race(I'm not counting high school track races) was a 5k while I was 6 months preggo, I finished in 26 minutes and change.

I wore sunglasses for my first half, but not my second. I have mixed feelings about wearing them, I really don't like it, but I also really don't like the sun in my eyes..whats a girl to do?! lol


My first race was, I think, my town's turkey trot back in the day.

That jumping picture is awesome! I want to try it, but I'm willing to bet my legs would give out on the landing at the end of the race.

No sunglasses when I run, I have a feeling I'd get annoyed with them and throw them away mid race.


That picture of the guy jumping at the finish line is CRAZY! I LOVE IT!


My first race was a 5k when I was really young, like middle school young and then was track in high school, but as an adult my first real race was a mtn bike race called the Tidewater Challenge and it was tough and grueling and it made me addicted to racing. I wear glasses even when its cloudy because I run so fast it makes my eyes water….JOKE……but my eyes still water, even when I walk. I am addicted to gum and I only chew orbit.


I did a couple 5K's in high school and my first 2 years of college. This past fall I did my first half & immediately knew I was hooked.
My next half is on may 7th! & I WILL be doing the 26.2 in 2012. I can't wait! :)

… I"m actually debating robbing a bank and doing Disney. You should talk to BIlly… ;-)


Aside from high school, my first (and so far last) race was a half marathon put on by Bass Pro Shops. I was going to do a full on the 30th, but couldn't get in enough training, so now I'm scheduled for a 10k on May 14 and looking for a full.

Can't stand sunglasses while running. The sweat and the feeling of them on my face drive me insane. I really need to "splurge" on a good headband, though. Always need my Garmin and my road ID, and sometimes use my iPod. Oh, and I carry my cell.

And I chew gum like mad. I can seriously go through a pack a day if I'm bored. And I can't stand chewing it when it looses its flavor, so I toss it out a lot. Love Trident layers strawberry!


Janae!! Love love love your positivity! It will only be a matter of short time until you can post some more killer race photos of YOU!

I had my first race a few weeks ago and as you know, I totally surprised myself with how well I did! I had no idea how fast I was…!! It felt awesome and I can't wait to hit the pavement again for the Baltimore half marathon in OCtober. My first half! :)

I'm obsessed with Sweet Mint Orbit gum. Please buy it now. It tastes like pure mint chocolate chip ice cream. I'm not even kidding. Ice cream in my mouth ALL DAY LONNNNNNNG!! Yummmmmmmmy


Um Lisa can't you give you her legs because she already gave them to me. I should get one of the beautiful photos of me dressed for the arctic in my half while everyone else is wearing short shorts. ha.


My first race was a Susan G. Komen 5K. Great cause, but the most disorganized bunch of nonsense ever. I thought 3 miles was impossible. :)

I would like to get a good pair of polarized sunglasses that don't bounce when running. I usually wear a headband and ponytail, Road ID, Garmin and 50% of the time my mp3 player.


If you think it's gross to sweat in the pool, just fyi, most competitive swimmers pee in the pool.


first race Susan G Komen race for the Cure 2010 (I sent you a race pic of that I think or maybe my first half)

sunglasses yes, Ipod and a hat

Gum: yes even when I run sometimes.


my first race? 7th grade track. the 800 i think. :) well, if you want to be technical i won a 5k walk when i was about 5…my dad pulled me in the wagon. i got a piano trophy..it was fun :)

sunglasses- yes, do invest. i got mine on the cheap at tarjay. :) and garmin/watch, ipod, 2 hair ties, 4 bobby pins, and 1 headband. gotta keep my layers outta my face!

gum: rarely. when i do it's whatever kind i got for free at cvs. right now i think it's key lime pie. i'm iffy on it.


hahaha. that picture of you is great! you def need to submit that in my giveaway :)

I need to try wearing sunglasses during races.

My first race was the Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon in Tampa, FL a couple years ago. Nice flat course on the water :)


My first race was last Sunday – a 5K. I loved it!

I wear sunglasses if it's sunny, but that's not been too much of a problem in the northwest lately. :-)

I love gum – I like any fruit flavor. Not as much of a fan of mint/cinnamon/spearmint/etc


I was catching up on a few blogs, and can I say I am SO jealous your sis just goat lambs? I'm a little obsessed with goats (just blogged about them yesterday!).

And speaking of races, I need to go sign up for a 5k or something, to showcase the long miles I'm putting in now!


I'm running my first ever race – a 5K – on June 5! Soooooo excited but soooooo nervous.

I always wear sunglasses when I run, there is no need to subject the world to my zombieness. I also need a hair tie – one of those that's designed to stay put, normal ones fall out – a headband/a billion bobby pins and my iPod.

I love gum! I really like bubblemint.


I had to finally comment because you've been making me laugh for a few weeks now. Thanks!

I used to chew gum constantly, even in my sleep. I would fall asleep with gum in my mouth every night and it was always still there when I woke up. My husband is a scaredypants and worried that I would choke, so when I was expecting our baby I stopped that habit in exchange for him selling his motorcycle. Sacrifices!

I love reading about and seeing race pics. Thanks for the inspiration tonight!


I like classic bubble gum flavoured bubblegum :)


Great race pics! I wear sunglasses and sometimes a tennis visor if it is really sunny as I find the heat hard to deal with. Or normal glasses (and a baseball hat in the rain in an attempt to keep my glasses dry- does not normally work that well!)
My first race was a 5k charity race- I followed a plan that began with 1 min run, and I was so pleased to run the whole way (as I had only got up to 15 min run, walk 1 min, 15 min run in my training). :)


Love the photos!! Haha I got free running sunglasses at the London Marathon expo a few days ago, and I can't WAIT to test them out haha!! :D

And YAY for the sweat!! Pump was my LIFESAVER when I was injured and needed a good sweat!! Are you allowed to do yoga? Hot yoga wa another injury fave:) You are such an inspiration to me!! I DID harm my recovery by trying to maintain my CV fitness- my shin didn't like the constant ellipticalling, but I didn't listen…anyway I love your positivity and kick-butt attitude, and you'll be back out there an EVEN BETTER AND STRONGER runner than you were before, though that's hard to imagine:)


My first race was a 5k benefitting my daughter's school. I was PTA prez and a group of rents approached me with the idea…that was what got me to start running. I didnt want to be the water girl or holding the megaphone at the end. LOL. No sunglasses but they sure would come in handy. RE photos above. Your friend Lindsey has some awesome leg muscles!


Wow. I just realized I haven't chewed gum in ages. I used to chomp on it all the time!


My first race was a 5K. It was in December, and freezing and raining.


Cory WINS! That is the best. picture. EVER.


Love the race pics!!!!

My first race was a 5k for lung cancer. It was awesome and I raised $ for a great cause!!

I wear sunglasses pretty much on every outdoor run. I do it mostly because I don't like getting dirt in my eyes and obviously also for sun purposes.

I do chew gum. Various flavors. I can't chew too much though or my jaw will hurt.


I just got the Nike racer sunglasses in black and I looove them! Although Portland needs to build its relationship with the sun a bit more, come on its April and I've only seen it like twice this year.

My first race was the Nike Human Race 10K in August of 2008. Actually I just did a post on how I started running if you want to check it out? I would super love it if you did. Since I know so much about your running life!



I would give anything to have a figure like Lindsay: she is, without a doubt, absolutely stunning. I think if if someone asked me to draw my idea of female perfection it would be her.

My first race was a 5k race for life that I didn't train for in the slightest, so didn't really enjoy the experience. It wasn't until running a 10k three years ago that I started to train properly and caught the racing bug.



Thanks for posting my race pic Janae!!!

My first race was a 5K in 2008? I think.. I can't remember! haha

Though the sunglasses I wore in my photo aren't meant for running I just love them! haha That was the second time I've run with sunglasses on and they don't bounce or move which is great! My boyfriend hates them because they're so big… oh well! :-)

I don't chew gum that much, mostly after lunch.. like right now as I type this~


These are great photos! I love Lindsay too! She's awesome just like you!

My fist race was the Portland marathon–ignorance is bliss right?! :)


Hahaha I seriously could not believe your brother was 49 after yesterday's post! I was like in shock!


My first marathon was the Vermont City Marathon, picked because it was sponsored by Ben & Jerry's and had free all you can eat ice cream after the race! Then the line for ice cream didn't move fast enough for my taste, and you could only get ONE scoop each time you went through the line… so I went to Friendly's and bought my own 5 scoop sundae :)

I run with a Garmin 405 (and heart rate monitor, though I never actually look at it so it's kind of pointless), and my cell phone with music and a backup GPS (CardioTrainer). Oh, and I LOVE AirDrives headphones since they let you listen to music while still hearing everything around you perfectly.


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