Friday Favorites and a Winner!

And the winner of theSporty Girl Jewelry giveaway is………

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I promise I didn’t rig it because she had such an amazing tangent….. I think it was meant to be:)  EMAIL ME @ [email protected]

Time for a few of my favorite things!!!

-Billy is not only my husband but also kind of my parent.  He takes care of all of the responsible things and makes sure to give me my vitamins everyday with a glass of water.  He knows I will forget and he also has to make sure I don’t choke on them, not that that has happened before.

IMG 5726

Yes, that is a jelly bean mixed in, it is my reward for taking my vitamins and to help get the gross taste out of my mouth.

-Watching the Royal Wedding at the gym while elipticallying.  Every tv was turned to the wedding and I wasn’t the only one crying on an elliptical while watching.

-Wearing Billy’s sweatshirt all day long.  I don’t know why I like wearing his clothes so much better?!?!

Photo on 2011 04 29 at 14 53

-Yeah, I am still not even sure what these are even made of but they are delicious and I can’t get enough, thanks bro.

IMG 5712

-My veggie soup lasted me all week for lunch and for most of Billy’s lunches.  Now I can use the money we saved on some new yoga pants right Billy?

IMG 5698

-We are going for Tepanyaki (the chef’s cook your food right in front of you, do cool tricks and toss shrimp in your mouth) for dinner tonight….it is my sis-in-laws bday celebration!!!

Which reminds me of one of my favorite Office Episodes- A Benihana Christmas.



Are you good at remembering to take your vitamins?

-Nope, I need to work on it big time.

Have you ever been to a Benihana/Tepanyaki type restaurant?

-Entertainment and delicious food for the price of one…..done and done.

What are some of your Friday Favorites?

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I wear my bf's clothes all the time, there's something that just makes them THAT much better! :)

I'm not good with my vitamins either, terrible actually…oops.

Friday favorites – I get to relax alllll weekend!! yay!


Nope, I'm horrible at remembering my vitamins! What do you take? I think I need to start taking something to help my achy joints and boost my energy!


i love wearing boys clothes. especially when they smell of the boy…and not in a gross way!

YAY the office. well not really yay because i was misty eyed watching last night. but hilarity.

and no i'm really bad at taking my vitamins. i should get better about that…


I am getting better at taking my vitamins…but I do EVEN better when they come in gummy form :)

LOVE benihanas and so jealous you get to go to one of those places for dinner. and that soup looks delicious!

some favorites are GYM CLASSES!! never thought I would say that but you convinced me! LOVE them. and the number of times I got to see you this week was pretty fabulous :)


WOOPS! just reminding me to take my vitamins! clearly im NOT good at remembering… its everyday- thats hard to keep track! congrats to da winner! HOLY CRAP o;ver 500 entries? u are a star!


I have sour gummy vitamins they are like sour patch kids so I never forget but I have to keep myself from eating more than the recommended amount :) hehe

Right now I'm loving fruity gums like in the I-chew-a-whole-pack-in-one-day kind of loving it


I love hibachi grill places, especially when the chefs throw grilled veggies or shrimp to catch in your mouth! It's so much yummy food & entertainment too.
Friday Favorite: an awesome run for being really tired, and a girl's dinner date soon!


I love taking my vitamins because they are like candy – gummy multi-vitamins, lemon fish oil supplement and berry glucosamine :)
We went to a Tepanyaki restaurant on our honeymoon cruise and loved it! The chefs are so entertaining!


Never take my vitamins. I should seriously find someone to hand them to me like Billy does for you! Being vegan I have to take a few different supplements so it's not good for me to forget!

I've been to a Teppanyaki restaurant once when I was in Florida. I think it was called Kobe. Even though I don't eat most of the food, the show was worth it!

Friday Favourites: date night!!! AND making a playlist for my second spin class that I'm teaching on Sunday! BAM!


I used to be terrible at taking vitamins. I recently bought some in powdered form from GNC. Now I just add a scoop to my normal protein shake (or drink it like choco almond milk). It's way easier for me for whatever reason.


What kind of vitamins do you take? I need to start, I'm not a big dairy person so I probably have the bones of an eighty year old woman.


My friday favorite: I WON, I WON, I WON! \o/ HA! (sorry, I'm a little overexcited here). :)


I watched Michael leave the office last night. So sad ):


Friday favorites…pizza night here in ny!

Been to a place like that a few times…my kids get so frieked out by the fire volcano they make.

Didn't see the wedding was at work…i'm sure they will play again!


Ok, glad I was not the only one crying…couldn't help myself. My son made fun of me.

Husbands who are also parents are a good thing!


OH, have a fun at dinner tonight! How are you feeling about Michael Scott exiting The Office? :(

Billy's pic makes me laugh! What a good hubby! This is a great reminder for me–I even ordered glucosamine and I have forgot to take that!!

I have been catching up on THE WEDDING but have yet to see the whole thing–Kate is gorgeous isn't she!

You are sooo adorable in Billy's hoodie!


I am so bad about remembering to take my vitamins too. I have ended up just putting them in my pocket to take to work with me so I don't forget.

I watched the Royal Wedding while working out today as well! I worked out a lot longer than I had anticipated because I just wanted to keep watching!


Taking vitamins is one thing I am AWESOME SAUCE at! I take a lot and I am good at remembering it.

Royal wedding, did not watch but I went online to look at pics and I posted pics of the craziest hats on my blog today..some are scary!!

think of me Sunday: going for half marathon #2 in OC at 6 am!!!!


I'm actually the parent in our family, I give Mike his vitamins (and Bungee hers!). I always remember mine :)

That's awesome that you stretched dinner for so long! I want to do that!

I did NOT watch the wedding, but I did end up googling it like crazy as soon as I got to work!

I've been to a benihana-type place. SO much fun!

Have a great Friday!!


Love you in the guy hoodie! Have a great time at dinner… sounds very fun :)
I am pretty good about vitamins… got in the habit while pregnant.

Faves for this Friday: the weather! It's spectacular here… well, a little windy but I'm not running today so that's okay ;-) My breakfast of brown rice, goat cheese and fried egg all chopped up together… sounds kind of gross, but it isn't to me :) My adorable daughter was in a school show today and was awesome! My other adorable daughter was very cooperative in her backpack while I watched the show. yay!


I'm really, really good at taking my vitamins, because I eat gummy vitamins and vanilla calcium chews and I LOVE them!
I like teppanaki style places, but I'd rather have sushi if we're going Japanese!
Friday fave–had my longest run EVER–15 miles!


I steal my husband's sweatshirts all.the.time. It's the cool thing to do. ;)

And going back to a previous post…I LOVE the fact that you watch Scrubs! Jay got my watching it and it's one of the few shows (along with Modern Family) that actually gets me to laugh out loud.

On another side note…I can't get Jay to go with me for yogurt (he thinks it's a waste of money…GASP) so I think you should come and visit for like, a week, so we can get some for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Just sayin'. :)


I love vitamins. I can swallow at least 7 in one gulp of water. Are you impressed? But the question is, does one person really need 7 vitamins? I have no idea. But I take them. It looks like you take three. What vitamins do you take? Do you take a multivitamin? Oh no, have you already answered these questions? I hate being the annoying girl who asks repeated questions.

Ask the Duplex


I'm pretty sure a bf/husband's clothes are made with material 100% softer and comfier than anything made for women!

And I love hibachi! I've never heard of Tepanyaki, but I'm pretty sure it's the same thing… or at least close enough.

And I'm terrible with the vits… probably haven't remembered to take one since last year.


I hate taking my vitamins. I started eating my kids' gummy vitamins instead! I remember to eat those because it's like candy!

I love Japanese tepan-yaki. My favorite here in Clovis is called Japanese Kitchen. I was just there for my anniversary dinner on Wednesday. I can't get enough of that place.


My hubby used to serve me my meds and vitamins, but then I whined too much one night and he stopped!! So whatever you do, don't whine :) I am still trying to convince him that if he gives them to me I won't whine anymore :)


I love that episode of The Office :)! I have been to a restaurant like that several's fun when you're with a bunch of people (preferably people that you know)!


I can never remember to take vitamins. I've always been terrible at keeping up with any sort of routine. Kinda like how my daily yoga practice has randomly disappeared! lol


I take my vitamins right before I brush my teeth so I never forget. Gotta get in a rhythm you know? :)
Love Benihana type restaurants!


I always remember to take my vitamins because they are "adult" gummi vitamins! I actually think of them as dessert, so I rarely skip a day!!!

I love that episode of the office…haha


I'm pretty good at taking my vitamins… they are all gummies. Or chewable. So they all taste good. I'm almost out of calcium chewables so i need to make a Costco run.

Super jealous you went to Tepanyaki! We love that place. So yummy.

Friday favs… watching vampire diaries while running and catching up the royal wedding all day at work. ;)


I CAN COMMENT AGAIN!! Blogger has been hating me for a few days and not letting me comment on any Blogger blogs, but I can now!! Basically, all you missed was me wanting to say a thousand times that I love you, that's it really! :P

I DID THE SAME!! I watched the Royal Wedding whilst on the treadmill at the gym (*cue tears!*) and that was DEFINITELY a Friday Fave!! :D

Love you and have a great weekend friend:)


I went to a local pub at 4 AM to eat breakfast and watch the wedding. It was glorious! Loved loved loved the music. Then I went back in the afternoon for lunch with my friends.

My Friday favorite was having Bud over to finish watching the first 6 episodes of the last season of Weeds. And snuggling on the couch.


I am terribleeee at taking vitamins! My problem is I can't eat right when I wake up and have to wait till I get to work. Then I'm so busy at work that I forget!

also, your veggie soup looks delish!!!!!!! I've been eyeing a crock pot so I can make veggie deliciousness too!


Boooo do another giveaway?!? I am so good at taking my vitamins, I take them RIGHT before bed so I never forget. Slash those are my favorite. restaurants. ever. I spend way too much time at Hibatchi restaurants but they are so good!


Wedding – I was in the locker room cleaning up when they got ready to kiss… we're all standing around waiting for it, and I looked down for a split second to pick up my water bottle – and missed the kiss!! I had to laugh at my timing. I've since seen it replayed several times. :)

I hate taking my vitamins. I have them by my computer at work so I don't forget.


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