Dessert and then dinner.

I had to stay at school until later than usual (how dare they make me put off my biking workout jk I REALLY love my job) but it threw my whole schedule off.

Of course, I didn’t sacrifice one second of my workout because the lack of time but instead sacrificed my hygiene and the fact that my house looks like we have 3 toddlers living with us.

I ended up doing 2 hours and 5 minutes of riding the good ol’ spin bike today and certain parts (I think you know what I mean) are kind of hurting.  30 minutes in the morning and 95 minutes after school.  I know that sounds incredibly boring but I am going to do whatever it takes to keep my endurance up even if that means wasting my life away on the bike thinking of random things like the places in my house that I can hide and scare Billy when he walks by.  Be prepared Billy muhahaha.

It was sweatistic, endorphimazing and I felt like the good ol’ Janae again.

After the gym I headed on up to Costco to get the goods.  I ran out last night and almost had a heart attack figuring out when I would be able to fit a Costco run in for the absolute necessities.  A day without broccoli and spinach…….that is just not right.

Photo 2

I had a girls date with Jenn and Sarah and decided that reapplying makeup and taking a few minutes to look presentable would be a special birthday treat for them (both of their bdays were on St. Patty’s Day).  I didn’t have time to eat dinner and decided that dessert was going to come first tonight. WIn-win in my book.

IMG 4929

I got the usual but replaced 10 oz of candy with strawberries but I couldn’t skip the white chocolate chips and gummy bears.  Yes, I am their number one costumer.   You can spend your money on Starbucks and I will spend mine on my fro-yo needs:)

IMG 4930

Jenn hooked me up with FREE taco coupons to Rubio’s which is right next to Yogurtland.  I had the shrimp taco and got Billy a steak taco.  It hit the spot.

IMG 4932

I am thinking this is going to be common on the blog.  Dessert before dinner works well.  I would rather be too full for dinner foods than dessert (remember, do not take my advice seriously, yes I was a health major but I am crazy and sometimes my brain does not work correctly and I end up thinking it is a good idea to eat more sugar than a 12 year old on Halloween night).


Billy is working on an English paper about health effects of diet drinks if you would like to participate in a 4 question survey that would be awesome, CLICK HERE.


Do you ever eat dessert before dinner?

-Billy’s dad first introduced me to this idea when Billy and I first started dating and I knew at that moment that I was meant to be a member of their family.

Does riding the bike hurt your you know what?

-Um, yep but it is worth it for the endorphins:)

What food place (other than the grocery store) do you spend the most money?

-Yogurtland and Cafe Rio…….the only two places in the world that I truly need to be happy.

What is going to make your WEDNESDAY amazing?

-Starting the day with a 6 a.m. spin class and I have the salad packed for lunch.  It puts my normal family serving size bowl salad to shame.

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I just burst out laughing reading about your plans to hide and scare Billy! My mom used to do that to us as kids all the time. I'm going to try it on Mike now!

I'm excited for Wednesday because Mike isn't sick anymore and he's staying home from poker night to hang out with me and watch tons of episodes of Modern Family! Does that mean I'm lame?


Wednesday will be amazing because I will fill it with water jogging (fun stuff) and whipping myself into a personal trainer frenzy thanks to Iron Man.
Lets see, extra food money gets spend at El Grand Taco. They don't speak english so I trust them completely? I just hope the health department does too.


Yay for the bike ride! I'm glad you were able to get your endorphins! :)
I ate a bunch of girl scout cookies before dinner last night. They were calling my name!
I had to ride for 3 months last year when my legs were fractured and boy did my you-know-what hurt but it was worth it bc I was able to come back to running strong!
I spend a lot of money at Chipotle and Jimmy Johns. I could eat at those places every day!
My wednesday will be amazing because my best friend from college is coming into town today!


You're such a fun read in the morning. I hope your day is wonderful, Janae. : )


What a fabulous Tuesday you had! I really need to look into getting a bike trainer!

I have never had too much pain after long hours on the bike, but I am quite certain I do not ride it as hard core as you do, I also make myself stand up every 15-20 minutes just to break it up and resituate.

After the grocery bills, the bulk of my $$ goes to races/running clothes/shoes/etc. I am also getting back into the bad habit of buying regular clothes again, that is taking its toll too!

Wednesday = track for me, always fun!


Nope I never eat dessert first.

No prb in that area, do you have bike shorts??

Today? Uh.. not sure still working on that. I'll be swimming laps then on my bike soon.


Paninis is a sports bar by our house, great wings and cheap beer :) I should own about half of that establishment by now LOL.

As for the lady bits hurting, my wife had a lot of issues with that. Get a different seat :) Do you spin at the gym or do you have a bike at home? We have our road bikes on trainers and finally found a seat that works for her.

I had issues too, found the right seat for me and no more pain :)

Spinning is awesome, total adrenaline rush!

Great job!


Today I'm running some hills outside…and I'm actually quite excited for it! Costa Vida steals all my money. yes, steals.


Dessert before dinner – every once in a while.
Hurting lady parts from spin – more than once. One time I had the bright idea to wear booty shorts (I get so dang hot). Needless to say by the time I was done I was chaffed and hoping I hadn't contracted any STDs.
Most food $ spent outside of grocery stores – sadly Sonic. Not on food though, they just have the best bevys.


every time i have been to yogurtland it has been right before I should probably be eating lunch or dinner…I always think it will end up just being my meal…ummm no. it just becomes dessert first but i LOVE it.

lately all my money goes to yogurtland. i have not really eaten out besides that but I LOVE rubio's…so delicious!

have a good day!!


Dessert should ALWAYS be before dinner!


Dessert before dinner is a norm in my household. Starbucks gets way too much of my paycheck. And one of my girlfriends was obsessed with biking for a long stretch of time and then had chronic bladder infections which her doc said most likely was due to the biking. Long story short, it wasn't pleasant for her and she no longer bikes.


– Hey now, I am trying to catch up and your posting more ;-)

– well, first are your fitted to your bike, second, are you wearing padded bike shorts? You have to develop what is called Bikers Butt, where you get use to sitting on the saddle, its takes time in the saddle, I still get sore even with all the time I put on it.


YES IT DOES HURT my who know what!! esp if i were riding for a long as you did!!! oh i LOVE dessert before dinner.. or how about dinner for dessert and then more dessert?!


Good morning Janae :)

On occasion I eat dessert before dinner, but my only issue is, I usually get too full then for dinner :)

Holy heck, YES the bike hurts me there. But when I was recovering from my hip tear, heck, I wanted any form of endorphin.

Hmm.. well we don't eat out often, so honestly it's prob the local pizza place because when we host friends here every weekend, they always need their pizza.

My Wednesday started amazingly because I had a great workout, followed by an amazing incline walk beside my hubby on the treadmill :)


you go, girl! that's a looong time to spend on a bike.. no wonder you're hurting!

my sister advised me to avoid spinning for that reason. ;)

AND.. in honor of hump day, I've done two things for you:

1. I voted for your blog at womens health
2. I took Billy's survey

yoooou're welcome! :)


My fiance eats dessert before dinner a lot… we've gotten some very strange looks in restaurants when they bring out his ice cream along with my appetizer. I think it's partially so he doesn't have to share because he knows I can't eat dessert first!


Oh my gosh- I always have that problem with spinning- 'those parts' hurt- lol! That is actually why I stopped because I was just in so much pain- yikes! But, you are a ROCKSTAR for cycling for that long!!! I know they make more comfy seats, but you might feel kind of weird just popping (oops- just typed pooping first- hahahah!) on your own bike seat when you get to the gym ;)
That fro yo looks soooo good- can't wait for lent to be over so that I can dive head first into a big bowl of it!!
I did Billy's survey- GOOD LUCK to him with his paper!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!! xoxoxo


I bow down to 2 hours on a bike. I have sympathy pains just thinking about it!

I am trying to think where we spend the most cash and it's a toughie because we just try to spread the love. Now that the local soft-serve ice cream shop is open for the season, that may change!

My Wednesday will be amazing because I started the day off with exercise, it's my lightest day at work and I have plans to coerce my husband into taking me out to dinner :)


I love dessert before dinner! Who says you need to conform to society's order of things!

Uhm, YES. I have more problems with it hurting that area than any other area. Actually, I have that problem more on the stationary bikes, and less on my road bike–which has a womens-specific seat that seems to help a bit more:).

New recipes and a speed workout are going to make my Wednesday awesome! I am currently eating a new "power breakfast" recipe (of greek yogurt, oats, ground flax seed, cinnamon, berries, and slivered almonds–made the night before and let set in the fridge over night). I also am going to make some pumpkin gnocchi tonight–SO excited!

PS I took the survey!:)


I rode bikes with my brother yesterday for only about 30 minutes and I AM HURTING IN THOSE PARTS too…like ow. It feels like someone punched me over and over. Haha TMI? Oops. LOVE YOU!


Yep – biking hurts. Stinks, but I do it anyway for cross-training! And yes, dessert before — or in place of — dinner has/does happen. :)


YESSSSS! The first time I took a spin class I was SO SORE the next day! Biking DEFINITELY hurts my you know what, I don't go to spin often but I wish I DID! I'm excited to fill out Billy's soda-pop questionnaire since I recently quit diet drinks.

ALSO I often eat dessert before dinner- this is because I work at a seafood restaurant and there is a rita's italian ice next door.. i am always eating it then going home and eating dinner. oooooops sorry mom :D


When I was having issues with a tendon in my foot I couldn't stand up during spin class – I was not prepared for how painful it was to sit in a bike saddle for a full hour! Hopefully it got my bits prepared for mountain biking this spring!

I plan on spending my morning baking desserts…yum! (yes, I have a job, just not until 3pm today!)


SO there's this girl at work who is really short, like maybe 4'11 or something, and tiny, too. Anyway, There was this one cabinet in the wait station that used to have a soda machine on top, so all the bags of soda were underneath. Well, we got a new soda machine, so the cabinet was completely empty (it's now filled with glasses, but that's beside the point). So one slow day at work everyone must have been hyped up on sugar and excited to think of stupid things they could do to pass the time, because somehow someone got the idea that the girl should hide in the cabinet and jump out and scare unsuspecting people. One of the other waitresses would lure someone over to the area and she would jump out at them. One of the people was the front desk manager/partial owner, and it was QUITE hilarious.


I sure do eat dessert first – like tonight! :) It will probably be replacing my supper, but hey, oh well!

Um…yes, and yes! I think I have one of the most uncomfortable bike seats in the world.



I think dessert should always come first, but I rarely remember to do it. I spend tons of money at Mexican restaurants, it's an addiction and I can't stop.


I think eating a cupcake before and after dinner is just fine… Some days you just need a good sugar rush.

All my money goes to Starbucks… and Sushi. I've been getting better about Starbucks. I really only go on the weekends now.

What makes my Wednesday amazing: I have a DVD workout date with Jillian Michaels and it's almost Friday!! Which means one day closer to my trip to Las Vegas!!!!!


Did the survey for your Billy!

Love Rubios!! GREAT JOB ON THE BIKE!! Your discipline impresses the heck out of me!! WOW!! So, happy to hear that you'll be running soon!! :)

Yes, sometimes I'll be a "baddy" (my 3y/o's terms!) and skip din-din and eat dessert instead!! I know I'm setting a great example when I do that!! NOT!! :)

Too much $$ on Starbucks. But, I've been better!

Wednesday workout 7-8 miles of speed on treddy.

Janae, you have such a beautiful smile!! You light up a room!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!! :)


i eat dessert before dinner all the time. like last night. my bf's dad is a chef and sent him these amazing pretzel pecan chocolate caramel nut clusters but he doesn't like to eat them. his loss. my win. what dinner?

too much time on the bike definitely=sore you know what. I was suffering from my lunchtime ride yesterday. I need super duper padded shorts to survive this tri season.

My Wed is going to be awesome because I'm going on a date to my favorite Mediterranean place which means endless baskets of fluffy pita bread. i wish it were dinner time NOW.


Dessert before dinner ROCKS! I love it!! It's very rare though!!

I filled out the soda survey. Good luck on your paper, Billy!

I have that problem when I ride the bike for too long too. owww!!

Hmm probably this little mexican place near us. Sooo good!!

My Wednesday will be amazing because I am going to make it amazing!! I will be doing some nice, easy miles after work for my cutback week. Then tonight I will finish up the packing because my spouse's bday is tomorrow and we're moving Friday!!


That is a lot of time on the spin bike! I can imagine it would get uncomfortable after a while. Hmmm – besides Whole Foods, it's really hard to say where I spend my money on food. I guess sushi restaurants since that's pretty much our favorite thing to eat when dining out. My Wednesday is great because Billy and I are painting and then I have lululemon run group tonight!


If snacking on cookies before dinner counts then I do dessert before dinner all the time!!

I did the survey :)

The first time I did spin my roommate did it with me and we both woke up the next morning and felt like we'd been violated! I'm used to it now though.


My wednesday has been amazing because its my little sister's birthday! :D
Glad you got in a great workout! And dessert is always better before dinner!


I introduced the boy to my lovely (=ugly) padded biking shorts last night. He immediately wanted me to put them on. Boys are dumb. They're so ugly, but help OH SO MUCH. Although my little bits are still sore after a mondo long ride. Uff da.


Do you ever eat dessert before dinner? DUH! I love dessert. I made browned butter choc chip cookies on Sunday and I've been eating them non-stop!

Does riding the bike hurt your you know what? Yep! In college when I cycled a lot, I used a gel seat thing.

What food place (other than the grocery store) do you spend the most money?
hmmm, I live in a city so possibly the local bars that are w/in walking distance of my house.

What is going to make your WEDNESDAY amazing?
Nothing too excited, but I'm looking forward to an amazing lunch and a kickball game after work :)


I would love to eat dessert beofre dinner, but I would fill up on dessert and never eat dinner. That's how I gained 15 lbs. No more of that for me (plus I wan't working out at the time).


Biking actually doesn't but now that you mention it I'm kind of surprised to realize it! I spend way too much money at coffee shops when I need to get out of my room!


the bike is just so worth it! But it kills!! haha!!

wednesday is amazing because it's HUMP DAY! (;

Have a good one!


i'm a huge fan of dessert before dinner. i think you should have dessert several times throughout the day! i wish we had a yogurtland near us! there aren't any good fro you places nearby :(

today is amazing bc i woke up early and did a speed workout (not the full one that was planned, but better than nothing bc i've been sick for a while), got my hair cut, and am only working a half day … then its an afternoon and evening of fun with my bf! we're going to see a matinee and going to my hometown for the best subs ever! i can't wait!!

happy wednesday!


Hey Girl HAAAYYYY! I love reading your blog right now (um, not that I didn't like reading it before or anything). But like you, I am also preparing for Boston, and now have an injury. My SI joint is going crazy on me. So now its bike, swim, PT, ice, heat, cry, pray, repeat. I'm worried about losing muscle endurance way more than "cardio endurance" and its seriously so hard to be optimistic. My doc and PT said I should totally be able to make it to the finish line, but PR…probably not. Thanks for posting everything you've been doing. It's so nice to feel like someone else is experiencing the same problems…physically and emotionally. Keep up the good work! Let's Crush Boston!


I have to tell you – I went to my neighborhood high school last night for a Zumba class – and we were walking out and saw all the pictures of the teachers – and lo and behold there's Janae! I was telling my two neighbors about you and how I aspire to be like you. And now that I know where you work and that it's less than a half a mile from my house…LOL – you best watch out!

Just kidding – I'm not a stalker (well I am a blog stalker) and I work full time during school hours – you have nothing to worry about.


Yep, my lady bits were not happy with my decision to take up spinning at first. Now they don't mind so much. (Although I think TWO HOURS would probably change their mind!)


I think I would hurt a bit too after 2 hours of spinning! Totally worth the fun & endorphins though.
Today is a run + possible spin class day, then checking out a possible apartment for next year!


If there is dessert laying on the counter before dinner.. I will grab some to try before dinner. I can't just let it sit there!

Can you please send me some of that frozen yogurt?! It looks SO good :)

I lol'd when you mentioned about scarying Billy.. I do that to my husband too.. and got him really good last night lol.


Yay for dessert!! And for keeping your endurance up! You're going to rock Boston!!


Well last night there were some Twizzlers, so…..

Yep. I need to invest in a padded seat and some bike shorts.

Well I've been going to $tarbucks 3-5 times a week lately…though today I made my own coffee, so yay for my wallet.

I went on my first run in forever (like years) this morning! It was pretty wimpy, but at least I did actually run for some of it.


Bike riding definitely hurts the nether regions sometimes… can you imagine what it feels like for guys?!


Your commitment to your endurance training is OUTSTANDING!!! I am so inspired! Yes, it hurts the lady bits! Is your spin class jam packed btw? i would guess participants LOVE their instructor mucho mucho!!

Wednesday=one more day with Coach b4 the team leaves for Cal. Savoring time with him!


I totally get the same stuff from Costco! Those are necessities.


I am definitely guilty of eating dessert before dinner!! Hey I'm not a kid anymore, I do what I want! Spinning kills my lady bits, it scares me to do it!!!


I love having dessert before dinner. I actually do think this is more healthy because if it is a really good dessert I eat less of it and then less dinner. I have had a big meal and like the options for dessert I will still grab some even though I am full. Who passes up a good dessert? I have also been known to go for seconds. Thus eating dessert first actually helps me!

Ever go to a restaurant and ask to see the dessert menu before ordering off of the dinner one?


I constantly eat dessert… it doesn't even have to be with a meal lol ;) like sometimes i'll have vanilla or mint chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast ;)


Woah over 2 hours of spin?! You are one gorgeous spin BEAST Janae:) I STARTED MY WEDNESDAY WITH MY FIRST EVER EARLY-MORNING SPIN CLASS!! I have NEVER woken up at 5.30am to workout before, and I thought I would fall asleep straight afterwards but I was SO ENERGISED and it was so SWEATY AND AWESOME. It was YOU who inspired me to go in the first place, and I totally LOVE you for it!! I am SO making this a regular Wednesday workout!! :D

And yes, although my heart thanked me for it, my 'special area' did not. I think padded cycling shorts are in order! :P


I love your blog… I found it last night! Anyways I love dessert before dinner, dessert is my favorite "meal" of the day hah. I am trying to get better about this! Oh and I know what your going through I run in college and I run 60 plus miles a week, and a month ago I had to do the whole crosstraining thing… not fun!!


My kids LOVE it when we do dessert before dinner! But they love it even MORE when we do dessert FOR dinner!


Yes biking does get sore! But normally after a few rides it goes away (or you get used to it!!)
I wish we had yoghurtland in the UK- always looks so yummy!


Rubios has like the nicest workers ever! We went there and they spent like 8 mins with me talking about ingredients in their food and what I could get with my soy & lactose intolerance, until we found something tasty I could eat! And they were totally sweet about it and not bugged at all!

You better believe I called and told the manager how awesome his employees were! I am such a dork. :)


hahaha I used to hide in my apartment and scare my roommate when she'd come home. She thought I was nuts! And yes, the spin bike definitelyyyyyy kills! I always joke about bringing a pillow to sit on {or getting padded shorts because that's what normal people do right?}


brians family is huge on dessert… my family- not so much.. we have dessert almost after every single meal.. which isnt something im used to… well wasnt until 9 years ago!


I can't make it through a spinning class because the seat hurts my bits so badly! I've heard I can get a special seat or padded shorts to alleviate that, but I'm too lazy to have looked into it.

The problem with dessert before dinner is that I still want dessert after dinner. This is because I am a sugar addict.


Diet soda is the devil.

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