Silentish Saturday!!

Andrew and the kids met me at the end of my run at a bakery… best way to finish up a run.

2.5 mile w/u, 4 mile tempo (6:29 average) + 10 x 200m (.12 miles) with 1 minute recoveries to work on increasing my leg turnover and working on my form because my form was a strugggggggggle during my tempo.  11.37 miles @ 7:13 average.

It was hard and I know this is comical to most runners out there but it was 64 degrees and that felt like a sauna to me (hahah and yes, Knox thinks that is coat weather).

IMG 3129

This is how Brooke used to eat her donuts and now this is how Skye eats her donuts.

IMG 3144

PS anyone else having ALL of the allergies right now?

IMG 3133

He is back to himself again!

IMG 3153

Park day walks with Skye’s best friend that she talks about all day long.

IMG 3159

IMG 3158


IMG 3164

Off to soccer for Andrew.

IMG 3161

I love not having to get out 4 layers and gloves for every run.

IMG 3177

Bet told me about her run club and I need to start this same idea here too…

IMG 3165

Happy weekend running.  Here’s to some extra time with your recovery (legs up against the wall feels so good), refueling and relaxing.

IMG 3182


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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I love that ice creamery and donuteries run club idea! My friends and I always plan our Saturday long runs to end at a bakery or coffee shop.

I had to skip my run with friends today because I pulled a muscle ? my sister is a physical therapist and reminded me that this is why strength is important for runners. We need to keep our muscles strong to support our running!

Instead I’m trying to be thankful for a slow morning of sleeping in, making breakfast and doing some self-care. Plus homework hahah. Hope you have a great Saturday!


HEY Mariah! I need to come on a run with you and your friends:)
I am seriously so sorry about your pulled muscle. Will you please keep me updated on your recovery… I’m thinking about you and I hope you have a great Saturday too!


That running top with the multi-colored lines is too cute! Do you mind sharing where it’s from?

Off for my long run and think I’ll be ending it at a bakery too. It’s just the most efficient way to weekend :)

Have a lovely weekend, Janae!


Hey Nora! Yes for sure, here is the link:

It makes me so happy to hear you are ending your long run at the bakery too… enjoy! And efficient haha YES! You too friend!


That tank is cute! What kind?


Isn’t it fun?! I loved wearing it today! Here is the link and I hope you have a beautiful day!


10.5 miles with rain showers starting around 7.5. My average pace was 8:45!!!!!!! It felt so easy!
I’m hoping to buy some romaine lettuce seeds and get those started today. I couldn’t find romaine seedlings and I want romaine since I know everyone will eat it. I bought some yesterday but can’t find them. I’m glad Beck is feeling better. I hate it when my kids are sick. It makes me so sad.
Enjoy your weekend!


LEE. WAY TO GO! You are amazing and I hope the rain felt good, you rocked it. I hope the romaine growing goes awesome, teach me your ways. Thank you friend and I hope you ride that runner’s high all day!


I have to wear a tank in 40° weather or I’m too hot by mile 2! You aren’t alone!


I was totally laughing at Knox wearing a jacket and the rest of you in shorts… Ha ha. But how awesome that they all met you at the end for donuts!
I love the ice cream and donut run club idea. That definitely would be a motivator for a few of my friends. I’ve said this before, and I know I’m weird, but I’m just not a huge donut or ice cream fan ?. I would run for coffee though!
The wild mustard is in full bloom, thankfully almost done, but that drives my allergies bonkers! It’s so pretty, butan it can be tough on my eyes.
Today will be a longer run, then finishing some stuff I tried to get done during the week. Tomorrow will be spent with family, yay!
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day ?


It really is so funny to me how we all perceive temperatures so differently! I totally forgive you for not loving donuts or ice cream ha… but I really hope you get a coffee run asap! I hope that your eyes are doing okay today, mine are itching like nuts. WAY TO GO on the longer run tomorrow and Happy Mother’s Day to you, Wendy! Enjoy all of the time together celebrating YOU!


Hi Janae! I’m off to do my long run with the friends I met last week. After that is my good friends baby shower. And who knows after that! The weekend is still young.
Have an awesome weekend!!


The new friends that you joined in with last week… oh this makes me so happy! Enjoy the baby shower and everything else. Thanks Amy!


Going for a Mother’s Day hike. That’s my favorite thing to do for Mother’s Day and bday and them go get ice cream out!
Tell me about that tank in your pic of laid out clothes! I want something different than my plain colored shirts


I told Andrew I want to do a hike for Mother’s Day too! Have the best time and enjoy that ice cream. Happy Mother’s Day Mary!
Isn’t it so cute!? I’m trying to be more fun with my clothes! I love it! It is shorter than my normal workout clothes but I’m actually like that too.


Cute running tank!

My three things:
1. I had my strength session at the gym (even though I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO) and wound up crushing it.
2. I went to hot yoga.
3. After all that, I had my treat meal (a burger and exactly 2 onion rings from my side order of onion rings) and the most ginormous cinnamon roll that had a scoop of edible cookie dough on top of it. It was so disgusting and gross and glorious and amazing and I ate the whole thing. No shame. Treat meals are entirely mine to determine, and they’ve become one of my favorite rituals on the weekend!


Okay I need that type of running group in Philly!

Alright 3 things for this weekend (because I’m annoying like that ;) did about a 2 hour hike with my dog and gal pal already, going to sit outside and read now since it’s sunny and not raining like it said and then tomorrow I’m trying a new to me french style bakery!


Mother’s Day here in Nz so had coffee in bed to start the day, then church and now my grandmother, Aunty, mum and dad and sister and brother in law are coming over for lunch so a nice family afternoon. And hopefully will fit in a nap somewhere ?

Happy Mother’s Day to you!


Today was my “off” day of the week, normally
It’s Sunday however my friend and I are running tomorrow in honor of doing our favorite thing on Mother’s Day ( Happy
MOther’s day!). My mother in law flew in and we are preparing to go on a week long camping trip to the Outer Banks with our 5 children, my sil/bil and their 2 kids, and we bought our 16 year old her first car today, which makes me worry on another entire level.


Not sure if this is a silly question, but what do you do with your watch when you switch from tempo miles to doing intervals? Did you stop and put in 10×0.12?


Hey Ashley! I don’t program workouts into my watch anymore and I just use the lap button! So once my tempo was done (my watch automatically laps each mile so after four miles) then I would just lap it each time I hit .12 miles on my watch and then recover and lap it again when I would start. Does that make sense? I wish I could show you in person! I hope you are having a great day!


Those donuts look so delicious! What bakery did you get them from? Always looking for something good!

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